Vikings Want Ponder To Start Day One

Christian Ponder

This is the Vikings' savior.

It case you couldn’t hear the groans coming from the west, the [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink] selected Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder with the No. 12 overall pick in the [intlink id=”1476″ type=”category”]2011 NFL Draft[/intlink].

Some might say the pick was a reach, and I’d be one of those people, but the Vikings were desperate for a young quarterback and quarterbacks were quickly disappearing at that point in the draft. Gone were Cam Newton (No. 1), Jake Locker (No. 8) and Blaine Gabbert (No. 10).

So, the Vikings, being the band of idiots that they are, grabbed Ponder, despite him almost universally being ranked as a second-round talent, at best — Ponder was the lowest-rated first-rounder on’s board.

Now, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, who may have taken the shit-for-brains baton from former coach [intlink id=”66″ type=”category”]Brad Childress[/intlink], says he wants Ponder to start in week one.

“Ideally, I’d like for him to be ready to go when we play San Diego (on Sept. 11),” Frazier said.

“That would be the ideal situation — we’ve got our Matt Ryan, we’ve got our (Joe) Flacco, we’ve got our (Mark) Sanchez right here.”

All three quarterbacks Frazier mentioned started in week one of their rookie seasons. All three of those quarterbacks were also highly-touted first-round prospects, not desperation picks.

Looks like this will be another fun season watching the Green Bay Packers kick the Minnesota Vikings around like the good-for-nothing assholes they are.

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  1. Ancient Pistol

    Just to clarify, Flacco was the 4th ranked QB and considered a 2nd rounder when he was selected by the Ravens in the 18th slot of the first round. He was just as much of a reach as Ponder was.

  2. Football Fan

    I work hard at keeping things in perspective and respecting rival teams and their fans. With postings like this it really makes it difficult when you show not only your stupidity but your general lack of character. I am sure the Packers don’t want you being their poster child.

  3. bonehead

    LOL. If you are so sure Ponder suck, why this much talk about him. After all, you should be happy right. But your post suggests you are worried packers getting their ass kicked by the “lowest-rated first-rounder”. lmao

  4. Wisconsin sucks

    Get your facts staight before u start making up crap clearly an opinionated peice. I like how people make these accusations and then when the player does good the people are nowhere to be found.

  5. Duncan

    Really? This is a bad article. Maybe you should do some research before you attempt to write next.

    If you remember, Matt Ryan was considered a solid pick, but not a sure fire thing coming out of college. Mark Sanchez to this day doesn’t have an outstanding skill set, but is continuing to grow each year. And Flacco, projected to go second to third round, tall, with a gun and a huge project. You talk about these guys like they were all the next Peyton Manning! Give me a break!

    Why don’t you give Ponder a chance before you rip on him. He has the brains of Ryan, the under-whelming arm of Sanchez, and the competitiveness of Flacco. Oh wait, you’re a Packer fan, It all makes sense now.

    • Asimov

      If you didn’t notice, the comparison was made by Frazier, who is talking about his 4th-off-the-board QB as the next perennial playoff appearing QB, who likely would have been available in the 2nd round at the Vikings pick, which would have allowed them to pick up another potential blue-chipper.

      Calm down.

  6. Gary

    Trust me, this guy is a china doll who will get injured by the 4th week of the season and be on IR for the rest of the year. Bet on it!

  7. dwolfe

    SO THIS IS WHERE THE PACKERS CLASS COMES FROM. SO CLASSY.Typical Fudge Packer all ass and no class.

    • Mike R

      I agree that it’s pretty early to start ripping a guy, only time will tell. That being said, I can only assume you are a Vikings fan. First of all, your team is a joke. You guys are the Cubs of the NFL. Never able to win the big game, and you have the world’s biggest douche bag fans. Except they have actually won a championship. You guys have zero, and the closest you have gotten in the last decade you had to do with our washed up ex-QB. Not only are Vikings fans douche bags, but they also suck in general. Why is it that every year your have games that are at risk of being blacked-out? I know why, cause your fans suck. Why is it that your team is in serious jeopardy of leaving Minnesota? I know why, your fans sucks and they won’t support a new stadium. How big are the Twin Cities? Green Bay is 150,000 and sells out every game and has a 60,000+ waiting list for season tickets. Also, I can only assume if you have time to be poking around on your team’s rivals websites, you probably don’t have a job either. Shut the hell up, go back to your purple pride website, and I will thoroughly enjoy watching you guys not win a championship for the next 50 years.

      • dwolfe

        Mike R…. seems as though as my post rely hit a soft spot with you. Probably not the soft brown spot you were hoping for though I’m sure. Sensitive little Fudge Packers didn’t mean to hurt your feelings…. now go eat some rotten cheese and Fudge Pack your Aaron Rodgers doll and everything will be fine. No actually I like Aaron Rodgers go Fudge Pack your Mike McCarthy doll and shut the hell up. :)

      • Your championships mean nothing. Your team name is Packers and it doesn’t get any more queer than that. Since Curly “Faggot” Lambeau, your tema has been supported by nothing but queers.

  8. Shay

    Ponder was the most NFL ready QB in the draft. The only reason he was rated a second round QB by the draft “experts” was because of past injuries. The Vikings were criticized for passing Brady Quinn for the “injury prone” Adrian Peterson. He will be the best QB of this draft class and maybe the Vikings 3rd rookie of the year in 5 years. The Redskins or dolphins were going to pick him just 4 picks down from the vikings anyway.

  9. Doug

    Ha…I love it. The writing is what makes this site great. Can’t wait to watch another season in Minnesota go down in flames.

  10. dwolfe

    Mike R…. seems as though as my post rely hit a soft spot with you. Probably not the soft brown spot you were hoping for though I’m sure. Sensitive little Fudge Packers didn’t mean to hurt your feelings…. now go eat some rotten cheese and Fudge Pack your Aaron Rodgers doll and everything will be fine. No actually I like Aaron Rodgers go Fudge Pack your Mike McCarthy doll and shut the hell up. :)

    • Mike R

      Good response. What are you 12? Looks looks like you have no real response for the obvious facts I pointed out about your shitty organization and even shittier fans. What the hell is the point of trying to argue with a complete dumbass who can only think of different ways to make gay jokes and say fudge packer? Somehow I knew that would be your response.

      • Mike R

        One more thing, if you somehow are over the age of 18 and not still in highschool, please do society a favor and shoot yourself.

        • Wisconsin is a piece of shit. Minnesota is a great state and the Vikings do have a championship prior to Superbowls. You were lucky to win last year so now you think your team is so great. Packers kiss so much ass in the league while the fans take it up the ass. You should expect the gay jokes, “Packers”. So put on your gay little yellow helmet and watch the fudgepackers with your gay buddies.

  11. Cheese King

    hahahah I hope he starts!!!!! More picks for the Green Bay Secondary in Week 7!!!!!!

  12. Time Capsule

    I’m going to save this article and then when Ponder becomes a Super Bowl MVP I’m going to re-post it for you.

  13. AZ Pack

    Time Capsule,

    I’m going to save this article and then when Ponder rides the bench for the rest of his career, I’ll repost it. Can’t wait to see the Claymaker rip his head off.

  14. packersdomination

    This post was sweet, and this site is funnier than all the other packer blogs. Got hooked right after I read “Vikings Shit Hole Collapses.” Incredible.

  15. iltarion

    The word today is that the Vikings are still looking to trade for a has-been like McNabb. Mysteriously, there is also a rumor that they made an offer for Kevin Kolb. Since Kolb is still pre-prime, that would not evoke a lot of confidence in Ponder.

    If the Vikings start Ponder all year, they will finish last in the division, again. You can count on that. Draft-wise he is no comparison to Matt Ryan. He is also a poor comparison with Flacco and Sanchez, who were both viewed as high potential projects when drafted. However, if Ponder can turn out to be as good as any of those 3, that would be fine with the Packers. That would still leave the Vikings with a QB far inferior to A-Rodge.

    Viking fans never cease to amaze me. If there was a nuclear holocaust, all there would be left would be cockroaches and Viking fans. What can you say.

  16. Vijay

    Wow, the arrogance and ignorance of the Viking fan…truly something to marvel at. Our franchise, Green Bay, has a rich history filled with legendary coaches, players, fan base and a mecca for a stadium. What do the Vikes have? Oh yeah, a leaky roof and a ‘Chad Pennington’-esque rookie QB with two other dudes as backups…Oh, we’re so scared.

    By the way, what were the scores from last year’s Packer v Viking matchups? Yeah, I thought so…bend over and take it from Ragnar like the good fans that you really are!!!

  17. Vijay

    Oh yeah, I did I forget to mention our 13 World Championships or 4 Super Bowl wins? Look at the list below Vikings’ beotches! Your team does not appear on ‘the list’…

    Most World Championships:
    Green Bay Packers, 13
    Chicago Bears, 9
    New York Giants, 7
    Pittsburgh Steelers, 6
    Dallas Cowboys, 5
    San Francisco 49ers, 5
    Washington Redskins, 5
    Cleveland Browns, 4
    Detroit Lions, 4
    Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts, 4

  18. FrozenFanatic84

    Funny how so many Vikings fans are so quick to defend Ponder…I would be willing to bet my life savings that if anyone of them had the authority to make the call on who to draft at #12 not a damn one of them would have selected Ponder for their QB of the future! Vikings fans just have to face facts…the Packers, Lions, and Bears are going to be stomping all over them for years to come because they stupidly decided to mortgage their future on Benedict Favre instead of aquiring a young franchise QB years ago ala Rodgers, Stafford, and Cutler…

  19. Madcity Packer Fan

    Wow it took these Queeny fans a long to time to find this blog. Why should be display any class towards a team that most (or all) Packers fans loath. You shithead always talk up a big game but the simple truth is you have nothing to back it up. Our team has 4 Superbowl trophies and 9 League Championships. Maybe all you Queeny fans should just pick another team and stop wasting our time,

  20. Pack Morris

    I actually didn’t think Joe Webb looked too bad. Raw, I should say. Another reason this lockout isn’t exactly a horrible thing for the Packers.

  21. steve

    wow!! make it a little more obvious that you are a packer fan. articles like this don’t work when you write from the perspective of a fan. that is why this article sucks and you suck. if i remember right, the packers and vikings have split the series over the past 3 seasons. Each team has 3 wins and 3 loses. I don’t think that would be considered “kicking the vikings around like good for nothing assholes.” also, stop making assumptions about ponder when he hasn’t even thrown a pass yet. it’s so easy to get caught up in what all the analysts say but they have been plenty wrong before.

  22. John F

    Next time, before this shi_bag writer spews another shi_ story, he needs to get his facts straight. Then, next time the readers will take him seriously.

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