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Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers checks in at No. 6.

Seven Green Bay Packers made CBSSports.com senior writer Pete Prisco’s top 100 NFL players of 2011 list.

The top-ranked Packer should come as no surprise. QB Aaron Rodgers came in at No. 6 overall — behind Texans wideout Andre Johnson, Raiders cornerback Nmandi Asomugha, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware and (puke) quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, who tied for the top spot.

Pretty ridiculous that Rodgers isn’t the top-ranked QB in my opinion after the numbers he put up last season and his Super Bowl win, but I digress.

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is ranked No. 8, while cornerback Tramon Williams beat out teammate Charles Woodson for the No. 30 spot. Woodson came in at No. 33.

In the bottom 50, nose tackle B.J. Raji was No. 71, wideout Greg Jennings was No. 80 and guard Josh Sitton was No. 90.

A good showing by Green Bay, especially considering how the rest of the NFC North fared. The Minnesota Vikings had four players in the top 100 and the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions just two each.

I think we all know what this means.

1. That the Packers are pretty damn talented.

2. The rest of the NFC North is not.

3. That it should be relatively easy to cream their asses, provided there is a 2011 season, and win the division.


Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.



  1. Jon_in_wi April 20, 2011

    RE: The last statement of the article.”.3. That it should be relatively easy to cream their asses, provided there is a 2011 season, and repeat as division champs.”

    How can the Packers repeat as divison champions when the Bears won the division last year? ?

    Bears won the divison.. the Packers won the war!

  2. Shmoseph April 20, 2011

    I’m as big of a Packers fan as they come, but I noticed you wrote in your 3rd point that it will be easy to repeat as division champs this year. Even though we won the superbowl, we did not win the NFC North last season. I hate the Bears too, but we can’t claim credit for things we did not accomplish! Go Packers!

  3. Sarah April 20, 2011

    Yup. Thanks guys. I changed that to say NFC divisional champs rather than NFC North.

  4. Ben April 20, 2011

    It’s ridiculous that Rodgers is not the top rated QB. This is a list of the 2011 players which means that past seasons shouldn’t count towards this poll. Therefore, Manning, as great as he is, and Brady, as overrated as he is, should have been at least the third and fourth QB’s. Although, Jay Cutler went further than Manning, but he shouldn’t even be on the list.

  5. Gary April 20, 2011

    WTF, who cares, as SB champs the team as a whole is rated number 1, until someone knocks them off it doesn’t really what some dumbass reporters opinions are!

  6. iltarion April 20, 2011

    Prisco’s yearly list is a indecipherable mix of career accomplishments versus current day ability. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that A-Rodge is the best QB in the game right now, but Brady and Manning are still 1 and 2 due to career accomplishments.

    Prisco has a habit of overrating speed and young players. He also has a crush for Andre Johnson, who I would argue drops too many balls to be considered the best WR in football.

    The only Packer I see slighted is Greg Jennings, who proved in the Super Bowl he is a big time player and way better than #80 in the NFL, ranked behind guys like Hakeem Nicks. No, really.
    Greg Jennings is a Top 5 WR in this league, right now, and he is easily a Top 50 overall player.

  7. Boston April 21, 2011

    Yeah Rodgers should have been #1. Like someone said, we’re not talking about career achievements, we’re talking about right now. Rodgers is clearly the best player in the league at the moment.

    Although I could stomach Brady above him, the numbers he put up were absurd (36tds and 4ints? how is that possible?), even if he couldn’t get it done in the playoffs.

  8. james zink May 9, 2011

    Manning and Brady are the best HANDSDOWN!!! Just because Aaron Rodgers wins a title doesn’t make him great by any means. Trent differ won a title for god sakes. If you don’t give it to Brady and Manning who gets it…..( pause to ponder).Yeah rodgers is good, but he’s got time to leave his mark on the NFL . Well see who the real great is in Indianapolis. Go Colts !

  9. jorge May 28, 2011

    Eight you left out number 99 Chad Clifton