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Packers Fans Aren’t Most Loyal In NFL

Packers fans

We may look dumb, but loyalty isn't a question.


That’s the first thing that came to mind when I heard this. Green Bay Packers fans are ranked as the fourth-most loyal fans in the NFL, in the latest Brand Keys Sports Loyalty Index.

In order, New England Patriots fans, [intlink id=”386″ type=”category”]Pittsburgh Steelers[/intlink] fans and [intlink id=”196″ type=”category”]Indianapolis Colts [/intlink] fans are considered more loyal than Packers fans. [intlink id=”69″ type=”category”]New York Jets[/intlink] fans came in fifth.

The Sports Loyalty Engagement Index gives an apples-to-apples comparison of the intensity with which fans support the home team vs. the corresponding values for the fans of the other teams in the market.

That’s a pretty vague explanation. I sent an email to Brand Keys asking how they compile the rankings, but they haven’t replied.

This isn’t to suggest fans of the teams ranked ahead of Green Bay aren’t loyal. They are, and for the most part, knowledgeable, but do they have a season ticket waiting list of 83,000? Have they sold out every game since 1960? Who owns those teams?

I don’t know. Maybe a bunch of you turned into Vikings fans after the Packers won the Super Bowl, last month.

(Via Larry Brown Sports)

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Anita March 22, 2011

    COLTS? HAHAHAHAHA. I live here. Half these people are BEARS fans. Loyal, my butt.

  2. FrozenFanatic84 March 22, 2011

    Hahaha cheatriots fans must just love cheaters! Most of them are bandwagoners anyway or women that love them just because of Tammy Brandy’s so called good looks! Give me a break! Packers fans have been, are, and always will be the most knowledgeable, loyal, and loving fans in all of sports!

  3. Packerfan2008 March 22, 2011

    Ya what a crock of shit. Colts Pats and steelers? really? I can understand steelers to a degree but not colts and def not patriots. almost all Pats fans are just band wagoners who hop on when they are doing good and get off when they suck, and then hope to the next good team. once brady goes pats will be shit and have no fans. Colts, really? same thing. just fans when they are good. I even have a friend that lives in indianapolis. he was a colts fan while they were good and once they lost a playoff game, he has rooted against them ever since. so yeah. bullshit. im calling shenanigans. Packers and steelers are definitely 1 and 2. I’d even go out on a limb and say jag fans are number 3. cause they have been so bad for so long and your still supporting them with no other favorite team, you are a true fan. I wonder if this is why my 3 most hated teams are Pats, steelers and colts? conincidence? I think not.

  4. jeremy March 22, 2011

    Sounds like Glad Handing to me.

  5. Nick Larson March 22, 2011

    steelers fans are very loyal but nobody beat packer fans.

  6. iltarion March 22, 2011

    I am curious at to how they measure “intensity”. With dollar signs? Packer fans sit through the coldest games on metal seats. How can you get more intense than that?

  7. cactus jack March 22, 2011

    probably from all them retard favre fans going purple in 09-10…..

  8. DoubleDave March 22, 2011

    I come from a family whose priorities are 1. God 2. Family 3. The Packers. I’m sure many of you are in same situation. If I don’t root for the Packers I get disowned by my grandfather, uncles, and immediate family. What other team can say that about their fans?

  9. Boston March 22, 2011

    Listen, as a Boston resident I can tell you that this study must be hilariously poorly done. Pats fans I would put in the bottom 5 of the league, EASILY.

    They are horrible, horrible bandwagoners. They know NOTHING about their team, or football in general.

    Their gameday fanhood is atrocious, I went to the Packers/Pats game last year and the ref made a call that was complicated, but FOR THE PATRIOTS and they all booed because they didn’t understand it. Hysterical.

    Most of them magically appeared in 2001. If you ask the average Pats fan to name ten players on the team I guarantee they won’t get past Brady and Welker.

    I’m appalled by this study, Pats fans are so motherfucking terrible they have no business being above us (or the Steelers, who have pretty legit fans too).

  10. Vijay March 22, 2011

    Brand Keys is a New York based firm (circa 1984). Any biases there?

  11. Bill S March 22, 2011

    I have a good friend who grew up in Maine and thus is geographically forced to watch and root for the Patriots. He talked about their loyalty all the time. I countered. One summer he visited, right after the Pack won the 1997 Super Bowl, and saw a news report, “3 killed in a tornado in Western Wisconsin, but our top story – day 2 of Packers training camp.” “You win,” he muttered, and that was before I went into the players riding kids’ bikes and the crowds watching training camp.

  12. Madcity Packer Fan March 22, 2011

    That waiting list is a little longer than 83,000. I am 85,111th in line and this was a couple months ago. It might have grown a little since then. I know some people that love they’re team but we are extremely loyal! I am not sure there is any other teams in the NFL with such a real fan base than ours.

  13. Madcity Packer Fan March 23, 2011


    I am curious at to how they measure “intensity”. With dollar signs? Packer fans sit through the coldest games on metal seats. How can you get more intense than that?

    The combination of sitting on that cold aluminum seat and the blast of cold air to the face at Lambeau makes it very cold. I recommend a snow suit stuffed with warming bags.

  14. J.R. Augustine March 23, 2011

    One question… How long is the season ticket waiting list for the Pats, Steelers, Colts, and Jets?

  15. J.R. Augustine March 23, 2011

    I’ll bet all those teams put together don’t have the same waiting list as Packer fans.

  16. Jdog March 23, 2011

    Does this poll consider Packer fans before or after the deadwood jumped ship with Favre?

  17. Cactus Jack March 24, 2011

    in 06, we get shut out 34-0 by the patriots…our fans didn’t leave.

    in the playoffs, brett favre meltsdown and throws a billion interceptions…our fans didn’t leave.

    in 2010, The Patriots blow out the bengals in wk1, the patriot’s fans leave at halftime….wk2 tom brady calls out his own fanbase…

  18. Boston March 24, 2011

    I’m posting again just because I can’t stress enough how terrible Pats fans are. Easily in the bottom 10 of the league.

  19. nurseratchett March 25, 2011



    Pack fans tailgait in blizzards, keep the stadium to capacity until the end of every game with a fuck you to the wind chill, and no team could ever have the waiting list for season seats such is that in Green Bay.

    GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. DevilDon March 26, 2011

    Fans come in all sizes, shapes and ages. I watched this team through the 70’s and 80’s so nobody can ever question my loyalty.
    You could question whether they’d ever see another Super Bowl they were that bad for years. I know the Packers have had alot of success, but they’ve also had alot of really hard times. Pittsburgh fans seem to want to forget that franchise was around for a long time, they just concentrate on the present, Packers fans don’t have that problem, we remember it all, the glory, the greatness.
    Packers fans are the best with visiting fans, because we understand.
    The only franchise I’d even consider close is Pittsburgh, but it’s obvious the best fan base in the world is Packer fans.

  21. Doodler April 2, 2011

    I believe that this study was biased…fact is that Packer fans travel better than any other NFL fan base…including the well traveled Steeler nation…that was proven in the superbowl this year…more Packer fans showed..although it was close..I dont care what the haters think, I know the facts and the nation does too…some just choose to ignore it

  22. Ben Jammin September 1, 2011

    Are all of you high? What about the Browns? THEE most loyal fan base in ANY sport. Try going through 46 years of not winning a championship and see how loyal you are to your team. Yeah, none of you can actually understand it unless you are a Browns fan. Also, having to deal with having your team shipped away to another city? B**** please.

  23. David grenier September 10, 2011

    As a Steelers fan in Patriots country, I have to concur that most Pats fans are bandwagoners. The Red Sox are the only team around here that has any real loyalty. Growing up everyone were fans of the New York teams, or not football fans. It’s only in 2001 that suddenly the Pats became a thing. Everyone forgot about basketball in the 90s and first half of the 2000s until the Celts got good again. Everyone forgot hockey until this year. Folks here just jump on the bandwagon of whatever team is winning.

    When I lived in Pittsburgh in the 90s football was religion, and everyone was a Steelers fan, even the types of folks who normally don’t like sports. Green Bay is my second favorite team (and I’m not going to complain about the Superbowl, you guys played awesome and beat us fair and square) because the fan bases of both teams are so similar. You go to any sports bar on any Sunday anywhere in the country and I will gaurantee you will see someone sporting black-and-gold or green-and-yellow. I can’t say the same for the Pats, Colts, or Jets… and I certainly don’t see it being that way in ten years if all of those teams have a string of bad seasons.

    That being said, my guess is this report is really a marketing report talking about fan density in a specific media market. That’s not really the same as loyalty, and doesn’t measure the true fan base of teams like Pittsburgh and Green Bay (and maybe, ugh, Dallas) that are truly national.