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Nick Collins

Super Bowl champions once again!

In a fitting end to a season marked by adversity, the Green Bay Packers overcame another spate of injuries to key players and outlasted the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 to win Super Bowl XLV and bring the Lombardi trophy home.

It was an amazing game from the start.

The Packers dominated the first half, scoring two times in 24 seconds off Steelers turnovers to take a 21-10 lead at the half. Ben Roethlisberger looked lost and the Steelers defense was on its heels most of the time as Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers sliced through defenders and tossed two of his three touchdowns to Jordy Nelson (stud of the game) and Greg Jennings.

Green Bay’s defense also came up big with two picks of Roethlisberger, one returned for a touchdown by Nick Collins.

But Pittsburgh didn’t back down, and barreled back starting at the end of the second quarter with a Roethlisberger touchdown pass to Hines Ward.

Rashard Mendenhall then scored on a drive dominated by rushing plays early in the second half to put Pittsburgh within 4. Green Bay roared back, despite a few dropped passes and big penalties, going up by 11 again when Rodgers connected with Jennings for the second time after a Mendenhall fumble.

Another Roethlisberger touchdown and a ballsy two-point conversion again pulled the Steelers to within 3.

Rodgers then made arguably the play of the game with a 31-yard toss to Jennings on 3rd-and-10 to keep the Packers’ drive alive and set up a field goal, putting Green Bay up by 6 with less than two minutes remaining.

Needing to go 87 yards with one timeout left, the Steelers couldn’t make it across midfield. The Packers took over and celebrations on the Green Bay sideline began.

Rodgers was magnificent, going 24-of-39 for 304 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions for a 111.5 percent passer rating. The running game was spotty, but got the job done when yardage was needed.

The defense? Stellar yet again despite the loss of leader Charles Woodson to a broken collarbone. The tackling was incredible. No one could break away most of the game, and Clay Matthews forced a key Mendenhall fumble in the third quarter with another one of his trademark, bruising hits.

Yes, passes were dropped. Yes, penalties were committed. And no, they weren’t perfect.

But this was a season marked by overcoming adversity, and it’s only fitting that the Packers won their first Super Bowl title in 14 years doing the same on Sunday.

What a great effort. Congratulations, guys.


Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.



  1. Ryan February 6, 2011

    Holy Crap! Go Pack Go! I’ve already started the drinking! Super Bowl Champions!

  2. Andy February 6, 2011

    We finally did it(:

  3. jeremy February 6, 2011

    The Packers sent greatest message of all to the haters and trolls.

    “We are Super Bowl Champions!”

    1. Pip February 6, 2011

      Well said! Great times, enjoy everyone. Nobody can take this from the Packers and their fans hell yeah!!!

  4. Joe February 6, 2011


    this fucking rules!!! SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!

  5. VersusTheMoose February 6, 2011

    Rodgers is a legend. Great day to be a Packer fan.

  6. Glen February 6, 2011

    This rocks, i cannot wait to have fun with the mouth breathing bears fans tomorrow, if i can drag my hungover ass into work tomorrow. Go Pack Go

  7. Jeff February 6, 2011

    Congrats to the World Champion Packers! Driver and Woodson finally get their much deserved rings.

  8. Kozak February 6, 2011

    I have a nice piece of Cheese with a green and yellow ribbon for all the Steelers fans who gave me shit at work…

  9. PackerFanInFL February 6, 2011

    Fucking awesome, Collins pick 6…and Jennings first TD (he got clocked) an a-rodges calm confidence (and excellent play)

    The greatest season as a packer fan I have ever witnessed…I’m proud to be from WI

  10. nurseratchett February 6, 2011

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO PACK GO!!!


  11. Randomacity February 6, 2011

    Amazing game, too bad the Black Eyed Peas was one of the worst SB halftime shows ever. Should have lip synced it. GO PACK GO!!!!!

  12. Packerfan2008 February 6, 2011

    Eat shit cowherd!

  13. Maxtheguy February 6, 2011

    Ok. As a neutral cowboys fan lemme tell y’all this: y’all didn’t tackle very well. Ur welcome for the correction

    1. Sarah February 6, 2011


      Ok. As a neutral cowboys fan lemme tell y’all this: y’all didn’t tackle very well. Ur welcome for the correction

      Yeah I’m not sure what the hell you’re talking about.

    2. buddy February 6, 2011

      You have no right to speak so shut you face before it gets rearanged.

    3. PackerFanInFL February 7, 2011

      yah either did your shit team weren’t you out of it by week 6

  14. Randomacity February 6, 2011

    are you kidding max? i can’t even recall a missed tackle! did you even watch the game?!

  15. WhatUSaid February 6, 2011

    oh yeah. Champs baby. It’s been too damn long.
    tippin back some crown n coke.

    Life is beautiful ATM.

    “We cut Big Ben’s beard off!”

  16. El Tigre February 6, 2011

    Did Troy Palumalu play?

  17. Nick February 6, 2011

    I’m going to take a guess and say Monty was too drunk to write the article

  18. brooksnelson87 February 6, 2011

    Been waiting fourteen years for this! #’s 80 and 21 made this team tough enough to win even with them on the sidelines. Nobody deserves it more.

    Rodgers came through. VersusTheMoose said it all: he’s a legend. Nothin’ Cowherder or anyone else can do about that now.

  19. Madcity Packer Fan February 7, 2011


    Ok. As a neutral cowboys fan lemme tell y’all this: y’all didn’t tackle very well. Ur welcome for the correction

    Max you have no right to be critical of our team, Go away. SUPERBOWL XLV CHAMPION PACKERS! (not Cowboys!)

    1. Kozak February 7, 2011

      Get Cowboys coach fired. Check
      Get Vikings coach fired. Check
      Win Halas trophy in Chicago. Check
      Win Lombardi Trophy in Jerry Jones Shit house. Check

      Did some loser Cowboy fan say something? I missed?

  20. iltarion February 7, 2011


    SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!! How sweet it is!

    Game was a microcosm of the season in many regards. Key was the MVP, one Aaron EFFIN Rodgers!! Too fricking good!! Guys were dropping passes, and he’d come back and throw missiles right back in their guts! Amazing performance!

  21. jeff ircink February 7, 2011

    Hey Total Packers Fuckers!!!

    Congratulations to your team for a fine season. Well deserved. You fought through the injury bug and came out on top. Unbelieveable. :)

    1. Jurgens February 7, 2011

      Ha! Jeff Ircink ladies and gentlemen! Thanks dude.

    2. PackerFanInFL February 7, 2011

      Well, well, well look what the cat dragged in Jeff ircadick ex-packer fan turned viking fan. Unlike some I don’t accept your congratulation, you are a sad piece of shit that road favre’s nuts and used it as an excuse to run it down the throats of fine packer fans in wisconsin…we don’t want your ‘congrats’. You deserved that broken down adultrest ex-packer QB turned viking just ike you deserve your new team (the vikings) and coach (forgot his name).

      Enjoy watching Joe Webb blossom into a mediocre QB..of all the shit you spread on this site you couldn’t have been more wrong..and funny how you tucked your tail and hauled ass out of here the second your vikings turned to shit (back in september).

      Your a disgrace…BTW A-Rodge is 4-1 playoff w/superbowl win and MVP…the dick texter can’t say that..hahahahaha

      1. jeremy February 7, 2011

        Hey, at least he shows up to own it unlike that coward Matt.

      2. jeff ircink February 7, 2011

        then don’t accept it, dildo. didn’t ask you to. how quickly your demeanor turns. i guess those personal emails you sent to my Bleacher Report way back when that were all polite and mature were just a load of shit then, eh?

        shall i post them? the make nice talk emails???

        and if Lombardi were here to read your post, he’d call you a disgrace.

        1. PackerFanInFL February 8, 2011

          I didn’t fuck stick..I posted on bleacherreports website they are public record POST AWAY..blearcherreports emailed you…christ you are dumb.

          1. jeff ircink February 9, 2011

            no – ur dumber.

      3. jeff ircink February 7, 2011

        “tucked tail”? you and everyone else didn’t want non-packer fans posting here, i believe. should i look up the comments.

        what a loser. you sully the name of “packer fan”, you pig.

        1. PackerFanInFL February 8, 2011

          Actually I welcomed your posts…but you were not man enough to stick around once the ‘roof’ collapsed on your team.

          1. jeff ircink February 9, 2011

            haha. hey…let me repeat myself. YOU and everyone else repeatedly made it clear you didn’t want “trolls” on this site. so i didn’t come back. NOW that the Pack wins the SB you suddenly do a 180 and say i should’ve kept posting??? hindsight is 20/20. make up your mind. fine – my congratulations to the Packers goes out to everyone but you, PackerFanINFL. is that ok? do i have your blessing now????

            sore winner.

          2. PackerFanInFL February 9, 2011

            so you admit you hauled ass…lol

          3. jeff ircink February 9, 2011

            (in response to “so you admit you hauled ass…lol” – PackerFanINFL)

            must be a slow day in FL.

            yes…i hauled ass…i respected the wishes of the people/administrators of this board and left it. how many time/different ways do i have to say this?

            do you understand now, PackerFanINFL?

            “rub my face in it”. hmmm. in what? i don’t think (correct me if i’m wrong), that i ever said publicly – or on this blog – that Favre was better than AR, or that the Packers team isn’t talented or whatever you’re referring to. i’ve said my beef is with managment (still is) and i said that AR’s SB MVP doesn’t mean he’s a better QB than Favre ’cause Favre didn’t get it.

            you seem to be making more out of my congratulatory message than needs to be.

          4. PackerFanInFL February 9, 2011

            Look you vagina decliner, you are right you are irrelevant, and a complete fucking moron, you have issues with packers management even though they won a SB…you will like your new team better..as they will never win one..least in your lifetime (hopefully short).

            you can leave now

          5. jeff ircink February 9, 2011

            take a chill pill, PackerFanINFL. calm down.
            be nice…remember when you commented me at Bleacher Report:


            remember…when you reached out to me. fake. i am relevant. you will most certainly fade. fake.

          6. PackerFanInFL February 10, 2011

            “Sup Jeff :)” and “When are we going to get another piece of your writings? or are you gun shy now?”

            Thats your big secret…you motherfucking fool, I was playing you so you would write another shitty article so I could mock it, lucky for the reader of bleacherreport you ran out of material as the “dick texter” is no longer new worthy (unless your smoking gun).

            As I said before my point was to smear you fucking face into the shit…your a cocksucking viking fan…of course it was fake..no one gives a fuck about you here, so go back to haning that 4th place NFC North 2010 Pennant the vikings earned this year..you like your team is a disgrace.

          7. jeff ircink February 10, 2011

            ohhhhh…u were “playing with me” back then. i see….ok, Reggie. talk about ME having issues.

            “you can leave now”. so, first you wanted me off the board, then you bitched when i up and left, and now you’re saying “leave”.

            maybe it’s just me but you sound a lot like every women that i’ve known, are you sure “Reggie” really isn’t “Regina”?

            hahahaha…that was a good one, you have to admit.

          8. PackerFanInFL February 11, 2011

            god damn you are a disgrace..trying to plug your boring jokes. Ain’t you got a play to be working on? or that new book? or your next blockbuster film (actor my ass). Quit living in fantasy land man this ain’t disneyland!

          9. jeff ircink February 11, 2011

            ur a disgrace, PackerFanINFL. you can’t win gracefully – Lombardi is rolling in his grave. you should be ashamed, asswipe.

            actor my ass? ok. guess the film i shot in Los Angeles in the beginning of January was all a mirage in my mind, ape dick.

          10. jeff ircink February 11, 2011

            “plug my own jokes”? isn’t that what what you do everytime you post on her, ya fake.

            no – those weren’t jokes. scumweiner. I really think you’re a Regina and not a Reggie…..really.

          11. PackerFanInFL February 12, 2011

            gay porn doesn’t count faggot. of course that would explain why you like the vikings as that shit don’t fly in wisconsin.

          12. PackerFanInFL February 12, 2011

            “4 Cocks one grungy Asshole” a brett favre tribute starring Jeff ircink as the asshole.


          13. jeff ircink February 12, 2011

            you were the one who said that you were “playing with me”. read your comment, Regina. WHOOO! if it weren’t for you sorry comments, i’d leave happily! but YOU keep me bringing me back, PackerFanINFL. :)

          14. PackerFanInFL February 12, 2011

            Get your last words in you worthless hunk of fucking dog shit! I’m through with you..nothing left to discuss..you have been proven yourself to be a complete idiot! In football and in life ..really find a high building man..you would be popular in death then in the god awful miserable existence you live. I will always remind people in my posts here on retards like yourself.

            Your friend Reginald

            Blab away.

          15. jeff ircink February 12, 2011


            now you’re signing your comments to me, “your friend, Reginald”???? but we’re not friends (even though you emailed outside this site). we’re not.

            blab, blab, blab. that tall building you mentioned….you first.

          16. PackerFanInFL February 16, 2011

            Hook,Line & Sinker…yah I really meant ‘friends’ god you are stupid..really the vikings and you deserve each other

      4. jeff ircink February 7, 2011

        the SB MVP is one thing. whatever. when Rodgers gets 3 league MVPS than you’re comparing apples to apples, pig.

        1. PackerFanInFL February 8, 2011

          suppose then it will be “when rodgers texts his cock’ then we will talk.

          No more comparisons…Rodgers better..nuff said.

          1. jeff ircink February 9, 2011

            like i said, when AR gets 3 league MVPs, we can talk apples to apples. nuff said.

          2. PackerFanInFL February 9, 2011

            doesn’t matter anymore jeff your in the clear minority…I just wanted to rub your ugly face in the shit one more time you deserve it.

  22. AZ Pack February 7, 2011

    Way to Go Pack! Good for Aaron!

    The Bears STILL Suck!

  23. Bogmon February 7, 2011

    Nick Collins is now officially in the same class as Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu…

    Points for Superbowl XLV:

    Nick Collins: 6

    Troy Polamalu: 0

  24. Ryan February 7, 2011

    Really, your comment about tackling is dumb. The Packers did a great job tackling, what hurt them was when the Steelers were bouncing off-tackle and going around the end. Some of our guys got sucked into the middle and then were playing catch up.

    But really? Who cares; we are the SUPER BOWL Champions! McCarthy stayed aggressive throughout the game knowing that a four point lead (and then three) wouldn’t be good enough. He put the game on A-Rodg’s shoulders and he came through. (The complaint against MM for the lack of the run game is also invalid. The drops by the receivers and the short gains set up 3rd and must pass distances.)

    What a game, what a season, what a team. What a coaching job by MM and what a hell of a QB we have.

    GO. Pack. GO!

  25. Daaaave February 7, 2011

    Green and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and Yellow

  26. Daaaave February 7, 2011

    green and yellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and YellowGreen and Yellow

  27. Lambeau-Legend February 7, 2011

    This is for every person that doubted the Packers. This is for every Fan that stuck with the team thru thick and thin. This is for everybody that said you can’t win with injuries. This is for Colin Cowherd (lol). This is for C-Wood and Quickie (DD). This is for Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is for every believer. This is for every hater. This is for Ted Thompson and his unpopular (but proving to work) decision making. This is for Mike McCarthy. But, most importantly, this is for you Mr. Lombardi. Super Bowl XLV Champions! TitleTown Baby!!! This is one season of football I will tell my kids about…………

    1. iltarion February 7, 2011

      Legendary comment. Much props.

  28. Jimminy glick February 7, 2011

    Did anyone else notice early in the game during one of the hits on Rodgers it looked like one of the Steelers was grabbing the back of his neck? Like a claw to crush his neck…

  29. Cameron Ludwikoski February 7, 2011

    yes! just they begging of the dynasty!!!!!

  30. Buddy February 7, 2011

    Vindicated. If you are not a Packer fan you no longer have a right to say anything until next year. Not a fucking peep you assholes.

  31. Vijay February 7, 2011

    Great feedback everyone…I nearly cried, jumped into a pile of snow and crawled out of it with joy and a smile on my face. Loved this game, loved this team and love this QB…this is magical ya’ll!

    Congrats Green Bay Packers…Super Bowl Champs!!!

  32. ri February 7, 2011

    What a great way to finish the season! My son was born on Monday, so it was pretty exciting to know that at 6 days old, we had one of the youngest Packers fans in the Nation at home “watching” the Super Bowl! GO PACK – can’t wait to watch them live in Indy next year (obviously couldn’t go this year)…

  33. Andy February 7, 2011

    Holy shit. Go motherfucking Pack Go. I haven’t talked any shit all season to save my Packers from any bad football Karma, and now that it’s the offseason, it’s time for a shit STORM. To everyone who jumped on the Packers bandwagon preseason only to jump of midseason after all the injuries and losses to bad teams, fuck you! To all the people who steadfastly picked the Patriots, Jets, Steelers, Falcons, Bears, Eagles, or any other team that wasn’t the Packers in the playoffs to win the Super Bowl, fuck you too! We took the long, challenging road, and earned the shit out of this trophy. I love everything about this team (players, coaches, fans, ultimate level of class and character) and I always will, and I will definitely remember this season until I’m senile. The Pack are the best team in the NFL. End of story.

  34. nurseratchett February 8, 2011

    Returning to work this morning. I took Monday off as I predicted & was correct that my hangover would be disabling.

    I will be wearing my ear warmers at my desk to filter out all the shit the bears, vikings, and steelers, fans at work wanna talk.

    I can’t remember who said here or when, but I will be stealing a line from one of my fellow pack fan postings on this site for all the assholes that want to talk shit….

    KISS MY GREEN & GOLD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. Ainge February 8, 2011

    The trophy comes home finally. Hope it will stay a while now!

  36. danirishman February 8, 2011

    Go pack go!!! From a lifelong Packers fan in Belfast Ireland. Absolutely delighted with this season and it must definitely be considered one of the greatest victories ever!!

    Backing Aaron and co to repeat next year!!

  37. FrozenFanatic84 February 18, 2011

    In many ways it still feels like a dream! One day reality will set in and I will freak out with joy! Super Bowl Champs!!! Wooo-hooo!!!