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Jenkins Bitter, Says He’s Gone

Cullen Jenkins

We've probably seen the last of Cullen Jenkins.

As far as he’s concerned, [intlink id=”163″ type=”category”]Cullen Jenkins[/intlink]’ career with the Green Bay Packers is over.

He’s a little bitter about it too.

The Packers did not use their franchise or transition tags — the deadline to use them was Thursday — and the team hasn’t approached Jenkins about a new contract.

“I’m 99 percent sure something won’t happen,” Jenkins said. “Not at this point. You get to a point where you want to go where you feel you’re wanted.

“The way everything came down, it’s just time for a new start.”

Okay, Cullen, if that’s how you want to go out…

Jenkins is easily the Packers most attractive free agent, coming off a season where he recorded seven sacks, but there’s a downside to re-signing him.

His previous deal averaged $4 million a season and he’s going to want a raise. On the open market, he’ll probably get it, too. You have to look no further than the New York Giants overpaying defensive end Chris Canty with a six-year, $42 million deal two years ago to know Jenkins is looking for around $7 million per season.

From a business perspective, it makes no sense for the Packers to pay that much. Jenkins is 30 and maybe has two good seasons left before his skills start to decline. Plus, there are questions about his durability — he’s missed 17 games because of injury over the last three seasons.

The Packers also have other options. [intlink id=”1337″ type=”category”]Howard Green[/intlink], who was picked up off waivers during the season, is now the primary early-down, run-stuffer at defensive end. [intlink id=”1042″ type=”category”]C.J. Wilson[/intlink] played well as a rookie and will only improve. [intlink id=”1033″ type=”category”]Mike Neal[/intlink], a 2010 second-round pick, is returning from an injury and has something to prove.

The writing is on the wall. It’s too bad Jenkins has to be butt hurt about it.

Something tells me he’s not the kind of guy to take out an ad in the local papers thanking the organization and fans like [intlink id=”175″ type=”category”]Aaron Kampman[/intlink] and [intlink id=”153″ type=”category”]Al Harris[/intlink] did when they left town.

Seems more like the kind of guy who will whine, complain and hold a grudge against the organization that made him who he is as a professional football player.

That’s unfortunate.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. FrozenFanatic84 February 25, 2011

    Thanks for everything Cullen! You were a great player for a number of years in GB…but it is time to move on if you are expecting an Albert Haynesworth type payday! You won a Super Bowl championship no need to be bitter!

  2. Bill February 25, 2011

    “I only make $4 million a year, wha, wha, boo, hoo,…..” – Good riddance!

  3. gbpfan420 February 25, 2011

    it sucks but the best thing for cullen is to go get paid while he can and the best thing for the pack is to not drop all that coin on him.

  4. gopackgo February 25, 2011

    Over the past 3 years I have been lucky enough to talk with Cullen on numerous occasions. He is definitely not “the kind of guy who will whine, complain and hold a grudge..” He is likely upset, understandably so. Unfortunate that he will probably not be re-signed, but really unfortunate that he is being judged.

  5. Madcity Packer Fan February 25, 2011

    How did you get to talk to him? Are you a member of the media? Work for the Packers?

  6. iltarion February 25, 2011

    I am not judging Cullen. He is a Super Bowl Champion. As such, no reason for bitterness. True, maybe he’d feel better if we at least offered him a contract. On the other hand, maybe not. If we offered him 4 years, $25 million, he’d probably be even more bitter, saying we don’t appreciate him and low-balled him. So, the best thing for both parties is to part ways. He has one big contract left in him. He should go out and get his $40+ million. The Packers on the other hand shouldn’t throw $40 million at a 30 year old DE who misses around 4 games a year due to injury.

    1. jeremy February 26, 2011

      My thoughts exactly.

  7. gopackgo February 25, 2011

    I worked at a place he frequented. Really nice and funny guy! I agree that it’s not a good move for the Packers to re-sign him. Not saying he’s not bitter, just saying that assuming he’s a certain “kind of guy” based on this one thing he said is unfortunate.

  8. El Tigre February 25, 2011

    In a perfect world the pack would sign him

  9. Randy R February 26, 2011

    If he didnt miss so many games, i’d say sign him, but with injury history, it’s not ted’s style. I’m hoping Jolly comes back and his head is right, he’s a talent

  10. Taryn February 26, 2011

    With so many DL guys going in the 1st rd,demand for him will be low and he may come back after feeling the humbling of not commanding the money he thinks.TT has played this hand perfectly and will play another winner concerning Jolly.

  11. Gary February 27, 2011

    Love the guy, free agent if I remember, worked his way up, signed a nice contract at the time, couldn’t stay on the field due to injury, played when it counted, won a Super Bowl, now over 30 years old. Thompson won’t overpay with 2 many younger guy’s move in up. Somebody will over spend, probably the Bears or Vikqueens!