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James Jones

Jones is probably on his way out.

Green Bay Packers receiver [intlink id=”204″ type=”category”]James Jones[/intlink] is likely to have some suitors once free agency begins, providing the new collective bargaining agreement allows him to become a free agent as expected.

Jones’ name has already been mentioned in Cleveland, where the Browns have one of the worst receiving corps in the league. In 2010, the Browns’ leading receivers were tight end Ben Watson (68 receptions) and running back Peyton Hillis (61).

Jones would immediately become the Browns’ No. 1 receiver, a role he’s known to relish.

The [intlink id=”86″ type=”category”]Cincinnati Bengals[/intlink] are also looking for help at receiver. The team isn’t planning on bringing back leading receiver Terrell Owens and there are reports they’d like to trade second-leading receiver Chad Ochocinco. That leaves the team with Jordan Shipley and a big hole.

Then there’s the [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink], where former Packers go to die. The Vikings top receiver, Sidney Rice, is in the same boat as Jones — likely to hit the open market. If Rice leaves, the Vikings have Percy Harvin and a giant hole to fill.

All three options would give Jones an opportunity to start and that probably looks more appealing than sitting around, waiting for [intlink id=”76″ type=”category”]Donald Driver[/intlink] to retire.

From the Packers’ perspective, losing Jones isn’t the end of the world. He’s shown a penchant for dropping balls and will probably get overpaid by a desperate team in free agency.

[intlink id=”22″ type=”category”]Jordy Nelson[/intlink] showed he’s capable of stepping into the No. 3 receiver role in the Super Bowl. The team would, however, need to add another receiver in the draft.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jones’ days with the Packers are coming to an end.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Joe February 14, 2011

    i wouldn’t be mad if he didn’t come back. He’s a good receiver but im fine with DD, nelson, and im sure TT will draft another good quality WR this year

  2. Mark February 14, 2011

    Brett Swain has shown he could be a capable No. 4 WR

    1. ay hombre February 14, 2011

      How exactly has he done that? If he makes one simple catch in the Super Bowl I don’t even question you, but what are you basing this on?

      He took a big step backwards in the Super Bowl and hasn’t proven anything. I don’t mean to sound like a hater because I had high hopes for Swain, but that drop in the Super Bowl pissed me off…as does any play where a player doesn’t behave according to the situation.

      It was a crucial, crucial, crucial 3rd down where he knew the coverage, knew the guy was close, and instead of securing the ball and waiting to get hit…he turned it up before he secured it. Fucking idiot. Know the situation. Catch the ball, secure it, take the hit, get a 1st down, and get your name on the stat sheet. Inexcusable. And that’s the final impression he leaves the entire team going into the offseason. It doesn’t fill me with much confidence.

      Same deal with James Jones…never knew the situation and never seemed to learn from mistakes (carrying the ball in the wrong hand, catching the fucking ball). In the Super Bowl final drive when he catches that back shoulder fade, he has to know to fall down to the inside of the field and keep the clock running. Cmon man! It’s the little things like that that kill a team. There was about 3 min 40 sec left when Jones stepped out and we could have ran off 40 more seconds.

      All that shit aside…I did a little research on Jones and learned that, like Donald Driver, he came from a rough and homeless upbringing. I didn’t really know that about him but I found his charity’s website and thought it was pretty cool. Even though the guy had the dropsies and I’m not sure he’ll ever get over that, he seems like a good guy and a good Packer.

      I guess because of his drops I’m hoping people won’t pay him too much of a premium and he decides to stay for another year or two to shed his rep as a dropper.

      So…whether you’re a fan and hope he stays or whether you’re glad to see him go, visit his website and make a donation today like I did.


  3. Cody February 14, 2011

    Ya know what I’d be happy with if indeed Jones left…drafting Titus Young, then TT would really be killing two birds with one stone. Replace Jones with a solid option giving him a year or two to develop while filling the void of a solid returner. I’ve seen him go anywhere from 10 to 73 in mock drafts which confuses me. I’d be pretty pumped if we’re able to snag him in the second round or so.

  4. El Tigre February 14, 2011

    Shit happens. He’s taking to long to develop as a for sure. Everytime Rodgers throws to him it’s a gamble.

  5. Boston February 14, 2011

    yeah i like the guy, and there’s obvious talent there, but I don’t want to overpay him. So long Jones, good luck wherever you end up.

    It’s too bad, because the receiving group we’ve got is obviously really, really close.

  6. iltarion February 14, 2011

    I have already spoke my peace on this. I am a James Jones fan. He’s a quality guy, and he and A-Rodge have always been close. He is practically a starter here because of the sets we run. However, if he goes somewhere else because of more money or more targets, then that is his choice. Is being a #1 at CLE or Cincy better than being #3 here? I doubt it. It would be a damn shame if he went to Minnie, and I had to hate on the guy. Not a bad idea for them, considering he has made a lot of plays against them.

    One way or the other, TT is overdue to draft a WR or two. I also love the idea of Titus Young, but knowing TT, it is more likely to be some guy from Moorehead State that I’ve never heard of before.

  7. Taryn February 15, 2011

    The question is can we repeat with an evidently aged and injury riddled DD,an unproven Swain,a Jennings who does dissapear at times,Nelson who plays his ass off but wll never be a #1 and JJ who is a 50/50 catcher and only plays the sideline.

    Answer NOT likely.

    DD is not even a #3 anymore,so it’s Jennings,Nelson and Jones and the problem is Jones’ mental state.He seriously believes he is a #1 and TT seriously knows he is not.TT has a salary for him and if JJ asks for ONE DOLLAR more he is GONE.

    Many fans are looking at OL and OLB as main arteries of the team to be fixed in the draft.i will agree with the OL,as we have enough depth(like it or not)at OLB for TT to feel secure going to camp.But even a blind person and TT and MM are not,know and have seen the very inconsistant play for a WR set supposed to be the best.

    Two WRs this draft and not only is JJ gone,but don’t get pissed when DD,depending on the CBA and when the season starts a camp DD isn’t part of it.Regrettfully,DD is at the time when he is more a liability than a help.If he stays,we will be watching him as a cheerleader more than a player.He can’t shake,bake or take a hit anymore.

    I love DD but won’t get caught up in the Love is Blind feeling and hurt the TEAM.
    JONES is what he is,a “wanna be”
    who doesn’t get what it takes “to be” and won’t.

    1. iltarion February 15, 2011

      Except about DD, I don’t totally disagree with you, but you are forgetting about Finley coming back. If Finley comes back, stays healthy, and has an All Pro season, and if Quarless makes a bigger impact, then you have two more pass receiving options right there that you didn’t have this season.

      You are also being overly harsh with DD. The man may not be a wideout anymore, but I think he still showed enough for us to believe he can still be an effective slot WR. Remember the play against San Fran? Pretty good for a guy who is “not even a #3 anymore”. The key with him is staying healthy. Can he? Don’t know, but I certainly wouldn’t expect him to play 18 games if it goes to that.

      Otherwise, I agree, we should draft a WR or two. Even if we resign Jones, we could use a shifty speed guy who is capable on returns. You know, the guy Sam Shields was supposed to be.

      1. DevilDon February 18, 2011

        My thinking is there are so many targets that receiver isn’t a big priority. Remember how far along Finley was from 1st year to 2nd? I think Quarless will make a good jump too. So you have Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Finley and Quarless. I think you can win with that group.
        I mean there is only one ball right? Plus…
        Add in an extra back besides Grant in Starks, it’s gonna be hard to spread it around. I would like to see OL help to keep the QB healthy so he can get it to these guys.