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Super Bowl XLV

Game over.

It’s taken a little longer than normal to return to reality.

The feeling that the Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV champions is still a bit surreal.

Sunday night we celebrated. In my case, a little too long.

Yesterday’s hangover was brutal. It was also the best hangover I’ve ever had.

Hell, I might still be hungover, but these are heady times, my friends.

A team that was beat up and often disappointing went and did something they weren’t supposed to, but we somehow knew they would do.

There’s no reason for anyone to talk about Brett Favre again. There’s no reason for Aaron Rodgers not to be called elite. There’s no reason not to like Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy.

In fact, McCarthy will have a street in Green Bay named after him, now.

On that note, we return you to regularly-scheduled programming.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PackerFanInFL February 8, 2011

    Looks like jeff irncidick will never get to come back to packers now..as Ted Thompson is here to stay…ahahahahahaha..enjoy that groucho marx lookalike nutsack you have in Min

  2. AZPack February 8, 2011

    Go Pack Go! All of you TT and MM haters, suck it! They proved you wrong this year.

  3. Ryan February 8, 2011


    Go Pack Go! All of you TT and MM haters, suck it! They proved you wrong this year.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! (And I’ve been saying it all year!)

    GO PACK!

  4. nurseratchett February 8, 2011

    The hangovers abound! I know I’m still hungover….food hang over, beer/shots hangover….what a great fucking game.


  5. Madcity Packer Fan February 8, 2011

    It took me yesterday and today to recover from Sunday!

  6. Killa February 8, 2011

    I talked alot of shit this year about TT and MM. I for one was the biggest hater of both.
    I now will have to grab some seasoning salt and eat my words.
    I hate that I was wrong but I love the Packers enough to admit I was wrong about these two individuals.
    MM called what I think is the best game he’s called all year. He knew when was good to throw and when they NEEDED to run. It’s not his fault Nelson and Jones didnt bring their hands to the game.
    I do want to state right now weather or not I agree with these two do, I will not publicly criticize them ever again. They have been right and I was wrong. They mad the state of Wisconsin Champions again. Go Pack Go SB Champs.
    Had to wait for my season long hang over/drunkeness to wear off to admit that.
    Your welcome.
    And you suck it.