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The Terrible Towel vs. The Titletown Towel

Titletown TowelOne my idiot friends who’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fan alerted me to the controversy surrounding the newly-released Titletown Towel.

Why is there controversy? Well, Steelers fans feel ripped off because, you know, THEY WAVE TOWELS AT THE GAME, GODDAMMIT!

That’s right, Steelers fans wave towels at the games because they don’t know how to cheer otherwise. So, someone had to design the Terrible Towel, which is basically just a yellow hand towel with a Steelers logo and the words “Terrible Towel” on it, so all those uneducated, unemployed steel workers knew what to do when their team scored.

Wave a towel! Yeah! Woooooooooooo!

Good fucking work.

Anyway, so the Packers released the Titletown Towel this week, which is, you guessed it, a green and white hand towel with a Packers logo and the words “Titletown Towel” on it.

Presumably, the same people who wear cheese on their head will be buying these.

At first, I thought maybe my idiot friend had a point — some company from Wisconsin ripped off the Terrible Towel idea for the Titletown Towel.

Then I found out they’re made by the same company — McArthur Towel & Sports, headquartered in where else?

Baraboo, Wisconsin.

At least all this fervent idiocy is helping the Wisconsin economy.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Killa January 29, 2011

    Monty, have you forgotten? These “Title Towels” have been around since at least the NFC Championship game against the Panthers in 1997. I remember because I still have one hanging in the garage from then. This ain’t something new.

  2. packer fan January 29, 2011

    Also from the Super Bowl win over the pats.

  3. LOLOLOL January 29, 2011

    Steelers have had them since 75. Not like I care. Eff the Sealers

  4. Laurene Harrison January 29, 2011

    now thats funny, packers fans are too stupid to understand the tradition and 6 super bowls that accompany that yellow towel. It shows the love for our steelers and total unity in the steeler nations. so go ahead and try to copy it but all you will be using it for is the wipe your tears at the end of the game.

    1. Buddy January 30, 2011

      I don’t think “Stupid” is the word. More like “Don’t give a fuck” We don’t need a vagina towel to cheer our team.

      Steelers fans are too ghetto and stupid to understand the tradition of being vocal and screaming “GO Pack GO!” With 12 world Championships and 3 Superbowl Wins. Go wipe the sand out of your vagina’s you towel waving pieces of shit.

      1. Scott February 1, 2011

        Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. All you need to do is say thank you and go about your day. This from a city who is confused as to the origin of their own team. Isn’t your team named for the meat “Packers”? But you call yourself cheese heads. A little confusing. Do you want some wine with that cheese you baby?

        1. ty February 20, 2011

          dont hate on our traditiong pussy. cheese heads have nothing to do with ACME packing company. 2 different concepts to much for your dumbass steelers head to understand?

      2. Jo February 2, 2011

        Buddy…I’m sure your mother is very proud of your mouth….

    2. Chris January 31, 2011

      What? Did you forget that the Packers set the standard for tradition in the NFL. Superbowl I and II, The ice Bowl, all the championships before the name Superbowl was labeled to the NFL Championship, Superbowl XXXI. We will see who is wiping their tears Sunday. I love how you Steeler fans run your mouth. Just like the Bears fans were doing.

  5. average fan January 29, 2011


    Monty, have you forgotten? These “Title Towels” have been around since at least the NFC Championship game against the Panthers in 1997. I remember because I still have one hanging in the garage from then. This ain’t something new.

    i have one as well

  6. DevilDon January 29, 2011

    Let’s hope their fans show up wearing brake rotors or some other hunk of steel on their heads.

  7. Madcity Packer Fan January 29, 2011

    They should buy a seat for a steel beem and see if they can get it to cheer.

  8. Daaaave January 29, 2011

    good strategy. The green and white title towels will blend nicely with the yellow terribles to make a stadium full of nothing but Packer color scheme. Unless they make black terrible towels too, but I’ve never seen those.

    1. STEELER February 3, 2011

      Why, yes…they DO make black Terrible Towels. I own 4 of them.

      1. ty February 20, 2011

        cool and u also just lost the superbowl. go cry somewhere else

  9. TONY FELL January 29, 2011

    There are black ones and now you’ve just started the Curse of the Terrible Towel! ENOUGH SAID!

    1. Buddy January 30, 2011

      Is the curse of the terrible towel losing your job at the factory and going back on wellfare because you’re too busy trying to come up with something whitty to say on a Packer blog. I am truly sorry for you’re ignorance.

  10. Mike January 29, 2011

    Talk shit all you want. The Steelers fans travel better than any other fans in sports. Wave your green towels and wear your cheese but the facts are the facts. Steeler nation is worldwide. Case closed.

    1. Buddy January 30, 2011

      What are you, a lawyer? Case closed, really? Are you that that narrow minded and clueless to think that the Steelers fans are the only ones who travel well? You clearly have no clue who the Green Bay Packers are. We have a just as deep if not deeper fan base as you morans. We are not known by waving towels either, it comes vocally with a “Go Pack Go!” for your information. We don’t need a stupid towel to make our presence known unlike you pussies. Why don’t you take your towel and wipe the sand out of your vagina (Mike)<—Pussy then dissapear.

    2. ty February 20, 2011

      yeah because your team is a bandwagon team. i actually traveled from AZ to Lambeau Field to watch the Packers murder the Giants this season. Quit making up excuses and admit defeat. 31-25 we won!

  11. ADAM January 30, 2011


    good strategy. The green and white title towels will blend nicely with the yellow terribles to make a stadium full of nothing but Packer color scheme. Unless they make black terrible towels too, but I’ve never seen those.

    i cant wait to see that

    i heard that the steelers had 250 thousand “terrible towels” on order to start being made after they won the AFC so very good call pittsburg buy local

  12. VersusTheMoose January 30, 2011

    The Steelers ripped off the Winnipeg Jets towels. STFU and play the game.

  13. Get A Grip January 30, 2011

    Apparently Steelers fans don’t watch any games other than their own since towels are waved by many teams other than the Steelers.

    The Steelers purchase these towels from this company in Wisconsin most likely because no company in the Pittsburgh area can figure out how to make them at a low enough price for the Steelers to sell them and still have money to give to charity.

    Why can’t we all just get along?

  14. Buddy January 30, 2011

    The “Terrible” towel? Oh I get it, that is how Steelers fans are going to describe how thier team will play at the Superbowl.

    Ben Ruthlessbeater= Terrible
    Ratard Mentalhall= Terrible
    Whines Ward= Terrible
    Troy Plowamanooh= Terrible
    William Gay= Queer and Terrible

    So wave your terrible towel for your terrible team and beat your wives while wearing a Ben Ruthlessbeater jersey you factory working losers.

    1. Scott February 1, 2011

      Ben – more Super Bowls than Brett & Rogers together
      Troy – more Super Bowls & DEF Player of the Year awards than the whole Matthews family
      Gay – you can have him

      1. ty February 20, 2011

        hey the only thing that matters is the scoreboard after the 4 quarters. and i believe it said 31-25 Packers win so no one cares about your opinion

    2. Justin February 2, 2011

      Wow Buddy. Your the loser!!!!

  15. Jackie January 30, 2011

    This is funny. Just as I was reading this and watching the “Black and Gold” special on the local news, they actually are doing a story about our Terrible Towel being made in Wisconsin….cute!

    As for your disparaging of this most recognizable sports symbol….I can’t wait until you see all the black and gold in the stands while straining your eyes to spot any trace of green and moldy cheese.

    I’ve yet to see a “cheesehead” or “title towel” (Super Lame name btw)….in space on a shuttle mission, in the cockpit of a fighter jet in midair, on Mt. Everest, at the Great Wall of China and the list goes on.

    The sound of Steelers Fans in Dallas will be deafening…while GB fans will be merely a whimper as they prepare to head home in their 20-person van with their cheesehead tail between their legs.
    Mark. My. Words.

    1. Buddy January 30, 2011

      Do you actually believe your own shit. Does your retarded brain not understand that Green Bay is not just another expansion team. They started in 1919 moran. I’ve met fans from England, Canada etc. The fan base for the Packers is enormous. By having the most Superbowl wins doesn’t mean you are gathering more true fans. In fact all that means is you are gathering more fair weather fans. My sister in law moved to Texas from Wisconsin and married a guy from Pittsburgh. She then decided to become a Steelers fan because they won the Superbowl. She doesn’t even know who the running back is for the Steelers. So good luck with your fair weather fan base, maybe a towel will be good for you assholes because we are going to need something to wipe the feces up in Dallas after we beat the living shit out of you towel waving fuck heads.

      1. ty February 20, 2011

        AMEN buddy agree with you all the way

  16. Buddy January 30, 2011

    In August 2008, ESPN.com ranked the Packers as having the second-best fans in the NFL. The team initially finished tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers (who finished ahead of the Packers) as having the best fans, but the tie was broken by ESPN’s own John Clayton, a Pittsburgh native.

    The Packers’ fan base is famously dedicated: regardless of the team’s performance, every Packers game at Lambeau Field has been sold out since 1960.

    In August 2008, ESPN.com ranked the Steelers’ fans as the best in the NFL, citing their “unbelievable” sellout streak of 299 consecutive games. The team gained a large fan base nationally based on its success in the 1970s

    So if these assholes did’nt win they would have no fan base. Fair weather losers. John Clayton can sit and spin.

  17. mike roeder February 1, 2011

    Shopko totally messed up on this one – out after only half a day!!!!

  18. John Pasterik February 3, 2011

    People have to remember one thing, there is no money made by the Steelers for the Terrible Towel. Myron Cope gave the rights to the Terrible Towel to the Allegheny Valley School, one of the largest care providers for mentally challenged people in Pennsylvania. Cope’s own son was one of those students. So, Green Bay is just stealing the idea to make money. Pittsburgh’s Terrible Towel, around for over 20 years longer than Green Bay’s imitation, actually stands for something. So, yeah, the Saints fans battle the Bengals fans over their Who Dat and Who Dey, so why wouldn’t the Steelers fans defend the idea of the Terrible Towel? I guess that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and everyone wants to be like the Steelers and this just proves it.

  19. CC February 3, 2011

    1. I’m going to parrot John Pasterik, just to be clear: proceeds from the purchase of the Terrible Towel benefit children. I don’t care where your loyalties are, you can’t talk smack about that.

    2. Pittsburgh’s economy is dynamic and is no longer comprised exclusively in manufacturing but instead: robotics, medicine, and technology among others. So all of those ‘unemployed factory workers’ many of you have chosen to berate simply don’t exist.

    3. I’m obviously from Pittsburgh, but will refrain from saying anything negative about the people of Wisconsin, because I know some fantastic individuals who are from or have ties to the state.


  20. jesus February 3, 2011

    Ben Roethlisberger is going to win yet another superbowl. Then rape the whole city of greenbay and clean it up with yinz stupid ass rip off of a towel, then get away with it, all while rubbing his balls on the vince lombardi trophey. Then roger goodell is going to rename it the Ben Roethlisberger trophey. Seriosly greenbay, cant yinz just stick with your gay ass cheese hats. fudgepackers.

  21. IronCityIntimidator February 9, 2011

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery – every team wants to be the ultimate Champions like the STEELERS! But copying our towel for profit when ours all goes to a charity is a bit low.. We freakin should have had our players jump into the stand each time we scored… I hope we get you aholes again next year as we are going to kick some [email protected]@!!!! And jump into the stands after each score – The Heinz Leap – LOL! – you dicks! Here we go STEELERS! Here we GO!

  22. IronCityIntimidator February 9, 2011

    Oh, and BTW – related to fan bases that travel well. We had about 8 Packers fan come into our Steelers hangout at 3 pm on Super Bowl Sunday wanting to decorate the place – HA! Imagine the surprise they had when the place was already PACKED with 120+ Steelers FAN, draped in black n gold, and Steelers songs blaring. They actually parked right in front of the place to unload decorations???? Of course they turned around and left!! Funny thing is – we have been going to this place game in game out (win or lose) for 3 years and NEVER have EVER seen a Packer fan there. Closet fan Base – LOL!!!! You get into the Super Bowl and GB fans are coming out of the woodwork!! LOL!! You can only wish to be a fan base like Steelers Nations!!! Here WE GO Steelers Here WE GO!!! Steelers Nation – The REAL America’s Team!! Oh, and the word around my hometown was all 7 Sports bars were all PACKED with Steelers faithful – with a spinkle of Cheeseheads…

  23. Jeff February 17, 2011

    I love how you mock the towel as stupid and the. Defend the Packer’s right to use such a stupid idea … all in the same post. Well done! LOL

  24. Terrible Towels February 17, 2011

    If nothing else it is nice that a portion of the money made from the Terrible Towels goes to a good charity.

  25. Packers won, so shut up February 25, 2011

    if Green Bay’s nickname is “TitleTown”, and thier towels say “TitleTown”, does that mean Pittsburgh is TerribleTown?

  26. John September 9, 2011

    Thanks for your witty insight, I guess since they stole the title from pittsburgh, they had to steal the towel. Green bay didnt win or fight for that championship, pittsburgh lost to themselves. So you say pittsburgh fans only know how to cheer when theyre waving a towel, well then why the hell do green bay fans do it now with a cheap rip off? they got lucky on 3 road wins and barely made the playoffs. they didnt deserve to be there, douche bag.

  27. Cameron June 14, 2012

    Packers fans have cheeseheads, why do we need to copy the steelers? stupid. terrible towel is a pittsburgh thing, end of discussion.