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Colin Cowherd

Wow! Who knew?!

I’ve never had an issue with ESPN Radio and television personality Colin Cowherd until recently, but that’s mostly because I stopped listening to anything he had to say several years ago.

Back then, I often listened to his morning radio show and I sometimes found him insightful and always felt he called it as he saw it, which I respected. Then his ego began to inflate and his bluster became a little bit too much to handle, so I tuned out.

I’ve since been informed that he seems to have some sort of vendetta out for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Basically, it boiled down to the fact Cowherd didn’t feel Rodgers deserved all the praise he received because he hadn’t won a playoff game. That’s fine, but Cowherd has gone as far as saying he’d take a guy like New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez over Rodgers because Sanchez has won a playoff game.

That, of course, is the talk of a fool — someone who’s just saying something to be controversial, which I have little respect for.

Well, Rodgers won his first playoff game, last Sunday, so I guess now Cowherd will have to figure out some other reason to bag on him. What did Cowherd have to say about the win?

I don’t know and I don’t care. Cowherd’s opinion doesn’t matter.

Colin Cowherd is the new Skip Bayless — someone who talks just to hear his own voice and disagrees just to be contrarian.

Fuck Colin Cowherd.

I won’t bore you by going on further, mostly because someone already said everything that needs to be said. On Monday, The Big Lead published an open letter to Colin Cowherd from Packers fan Ryan Cortes.

My favorite part is this.

All season, you’ve said not only hasn’t Rodgers ever won a playoff game, but that you’d rather have Mark Sanchez and Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan. Next week, Rodgers gets to play your beloved Matt Ryan.

And so, Colin, to you, I say:

Matt Ryan? Matty Ice? Mr. 19-1 at home? No playoff wins. Win a playoff game.

That’s the grand finale.

Do yourself a favor and read the full article.

Oh, and Colin Cowherd, piss off you ignorant cunt.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. John Rehor January 13, 2011

    Perfectly stated. Thank you.

  2. Anita January 13, 2011

    Yet ESPN Milwaukee continues to carry his show. What would REALLY shut his ass up is if he was shut out of the Wisconsin market and his words weren’t being heard by the people that he’s trying best to tweak for reaction.

    He’s a piece of shit. ESPN Milwaukee should go local programming for the two hours that Cowherd is on the air. To add insult to injury, they DON’T broadcast Scott Van Pelt’s show and Van Pelt took Cowherd to the woodshed on Monday about his anti-Packer rhetoric.

  3. PackerMash January 13, 2011

    Well said. One of the other issues I see is that, like so many other on-air personalities who go to work for ESPN, if they show any promise, ESPN spreads them way too thin. The result? People like Cowherd, who used to actually pay more attention to what was going on, do more of his own research, write his own talking points, now relies upon staff to feed them ideas (ideas that will generate some degree of discourse on the airwaves). Think about it: Cowherd used to do a radio show when he first got there. That was it. Now he does a radio show, a TV show (and he goes on the road more too for ESPN). He’s just more diluted.

  4. GER January 13, 2011

    He’s just a shock jock. I never thought Colin believed his own comments, he just said them to be controversial. He says it himself, it’s all about the paycheck. I quit listening to his show a while ago.

  5. iltarion January 13, 2011

    Jim Rome and Scott Van Pelt both love Aaron Rodgers, so I guess you can’t complain too much about one blowhard. Cowshit is probably just trying to be different.

    Years ago I couldn’t even listen to the Dan Patrick show anymore. He always said controversial shit just to get people riled up. You knew damn well that he probably actually believed in less than half of what he said. Now, that kind of journalism is EVERYWHERE. Online writers are the worst. They get paid partially off of how many clicks they get. So, they’ll write anything to get clicks, even complete bullshit.

    I have to shout this shit from the cheapseats, but QBs don’t win games. Teams do.

  6. Abe Frohman January 13, 2011

    People are entitled to their opinions, no matter how wrong they may be. Cowpie is a maroon and you’ve done exactly the right thing – turn him off.

    I agree with Iltarion 100% (but am unsure if he’s taking a shot at Monty).

  7. Jurgens January 13, 2011

    A couple days ago Cowherd was asked who he’d rather build a team around. Matt Ryan or Aaron Rodgers. I don’t have the transcript so I am paraphrasing like a motherfucker – but in essence, this is what he said in about five minutes of rambling:

    He would take Matt Ryan in a heartbeat. Why? Because Aaron Rodgers lost in the playoffs last year and everyone blamed his defense which is just a weak excuse. Matt Ryan has had a great season even though his defense isn’t that great this year. Aaron Rodgers has had a great year this year but only because his defense is so good and he has so many weapons on offense (like Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley?)


  8. RaeCarruthSaysHello January 13, 2011

    I’m confused. I’ve been listening to Cowherd during Jim Rome commercials for many years and often hear him clowning on the Packers and their fans. But today, this morning, a caller asked him who he would rather have, Rodgers or Sanchez. He said Rodgers for sure. WHAT?!? Flip Flop. He went on to rank Sanchez as his number 13 QB in league and Rodgers as his number 7.
    So who’s 1-6?
    1. Brady
    2. Manning
    3. Rapeburger
    4. Rivers?
    5. Cutler?
    6. WTF?
    Cowherd has become an elitist prick.

  9. iltarion January 13, 2011

    Matt Ryan is asked to do one tenth of what A-Rodge is EXPECTED to do. He is a nice player, but he is no A-Rodge. He does throw a great dump off to the fullback though.

    Anyone who would rate Cutler above A-Rodge apparently has been raped by Cutler and liked it. That is my only theory regarding that.

  10. Nick January 13, 2011

    Look, I like AR a lot, and I don’t listen to Colin Cowherd, but if he was of the opinion that you don’t just get to be considered a great QB, you have to earn it with consistant playoff wins, he is right. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t have been in the AZ playoff game last year without AR, but he did lose the game.

    This year, AR again put us in a great position to win, but again almost cost us the game with the fumble, and then couldn’t sustain a drive to keep the eagles from getting the ball back. The difference this year is the defense stepped up and won this thing.

    The GB defense won this playoff game. Hands down.

    To be a great QB, you have to be able to win playoff games yourself, when it counts. Has AR done this, no; Can he do it, yes; will he do it, I hope this is the year.

    1. Buddy January 13, 2011

      The big reason the Pack didn’t sustain a clock eating drive is because of conservative shitty play calling

      1. ri January 13, 2011

        Nick – AR is certainly NOT the reason we lost that AZ game. It is a team sport for a reason and with the numbers, and more importantly, POINTS that he put on the board he played very well.

        Buddy – Amen brother. It was AR’s playing that nearly lost us the Philly game, it was MM’s conservative plan. When we take the lead in ATL, we need to take more shots and throw more passes and put those bastards away!

      2. nurseratchett January 14, 2011

        EXACTLY. MM goes into “ohshit” mode too often in close games…

    2. Lumpy Gravy January 13, 2011

      One can only discuss the concept of a quarterback winning a game to so great an extent. Quarterbacks certainly have and will continue to, on occasion, play the part of principle engineer in orchestrating a game-winning drive, be it for a score or simply to run out the clock. However, it just doesn’t make any sense to say the following: “… he (Aaron Rodgers) did lose the [Arizona wildcard] game.” Just as someone who subscribes to this view can place blame on Rodgers’ fumble in OT, someone else can say with equal ease (and legitimacy) that overtime wouldn’t have been an issue had the defense not allowed nearly (or maybe over) 500 yards of offense, five passing touchdowns and 45 points in regulation.

      Similarly, you claim that Rodgers “almost cost us the game” after fumbling; and again, a legitimate response to this claim is that the situation for a fumble may not even have happened had a wide-open James Jones caught the gorgeous, certain touchdown pass before halftime.

      It’s not completely unreasonable to place somewhat greater levels of praise/blame on quarterbacks following particular cases of wins/losses, but the extent to which most folks like to take this concept leaps clean across the (rather wide) border between reasonable and outlandish.

  11. iltarion January 13, 2011

    Troy Aikman is in the Hall of Fame. He won consistently in the playoffs and 3 Super Bowls.

    Actually, he didn’t win shit. His effin team did. I don’t remember a single Dallas playoff game where AIKMAN won the game himself. Take away one of the best offensive lines in football history and Emmitt Smith, and Aikman doesn’t win shit. It is no coincidence that once the Dallas line deteriorated that Aikman’s career was short-lived.

    I’m not saying Aikman wasn’t a great QB, because he was a very good QB. What I am saying is he relied on his running game and his defense to win football games. Dallas never won shit on the strength of his arm alone.

    Dan Marino struggled to win consistently in the playoffs. Is Jeff Hostetler a better QB? That is all a bunch of bullshit. Once again, teams win football games, not QBs.

  12. Tyko Steamboat January 13, 2011

    I love the PACK as much as i do life…i also like Cowherd…today, (1/13/2010) he actually stroked the PACK and said many nice things…he will be the 1st to tell you he has an ego, Bears fans have more to hate bout him than GB fans. GPG

    1. nurseratchett January 14, 2011

      He also stroked the pack when he had a guest on the other day; can’t remember who…trent dilfer maybe? I pissed and moaned about cowshit before the playoff win, and still invite colon cowshit to kiss my green & gold ass.

  13. Nick January 14, 2011

    Look, I agree the play calling was crap. I agree that the defense played like shit in the AZ game. And, yes, collectively, teams do win football games, not QB’s. But QB’s are held to a higher standard. But, that is not what this is about. And, it not about some philosophical bullshit “One can only discuss the concept of a quarterback winning a game without discussing”, I don’t know, who won the freaking coin toss? This is about whether AR is a “great” QB.

    In my book, performance, of any QB, is defined by how he finishes a game in the clutch. To some extent, I don’t care what your stats are, what your qb rating is, how many yards you have, how many INT’s or TD’s you have. Can you do what your team needs in the final minutes when the game is on the line. This makes a good QB a great one. AR is without a doubt a good QB. But is he a great one? To me, you earn the right to be called a great QB. I just don’t hand it out like many on this site have.

    And, there is, as much as it pains me to say it, a legitimate question as to whether AR can perform in the playoffs when the game is on the line. To me this is the only thing left for him to prove. With this, I believe he is a great QB. Without it, guys like Colin Cowherd have a point. I hope AR proves this to us all on Saturday.

    Kill that dirty bird.

  14. Nick January 14, 2011

    Troy Aikman only proves the point. Yes, he is in the Hall of Fame becuase he won consistently in the playoffs and won 3 Super Bowls. But ask yourself this question? Is he a great QB? Is he in your top 10?

    My answer, no and no.

  15. Maxtheguy January 14, 2011

    You need to fuck off. Idiot.
    1. Matt Ryan- 3rd season, 0 playoff wins, 1 playoff start (during his fucking rookie season)
    2. Aaron what’s-his-name got his fucking win because of defense and the run game actually
    decided to be good.
    3. Your precious Aaron Rodgers puts up stats yet lacks in the winning stats. If he was that good then he would be playing the falcons at green bay’s as-old-as my great grandma stadium.
    4. Playoff wins don’t matter here. Aaron Rodgers won his 1st playoff game in his 3rd- yes 3rd season as a starter, and the talent was already there. MEANWHILE Matt Ryan was given the falcons back in 08- a garbage team and INSTANTLY took them to the playoffs

    Aaron is helped by his receiving core

    Finally this is a biased article. So I ain’t gonna bore you with the nuemorus flaws. God. You’re immature. How old are you? Idiot

    1. Maxthegayisanidiot January 19, 2011

      You are beyond idiotic, Maxthegay! Lambeau Field underwent a $295 million renovation a few years back. Next to Dallas Stadium, Lambeau Field is the most state-of-the-art facility in the entire NFL. Also, if the Packers had played the Falcons at Lambeau, then the score may have been 70-21. Instead, they went to Atlanta and ran the scared Pidgeons out of their own building. Way to go Matty “melted” Ice! That 19-1 home record really matters now!

  16. Taryn January 15, 2011

    Excuses,reasons,finger pointing or whatever else that can be used to cover up for ANY player on a team is the way of FANATIC FAN.
    Cowherd is right and wrong depending on one’s place on the fence.
    Until the QB is taken down off the perch of ROYALTY,he will and always will be the guy who is blamed,cheered,praised,burned from both sides equally.
    Wins and Rings define a QB in the end,all the stat crap is just that,as the last question in any debate about QBs is and will be,”How many RINGS do you have”?

  17. kenny January 17, 2011

    Probably the most consistently funny, insightful radio personality yet. Lighten up guys, he provokes thought, and isn’t that supposed to be a good thing? And by the way, it’s a game, it’s not life and death.

  18. B January 17, 2011

    This morning he was nothing but disgusting. So disgusting he made my ears bleed. Not only did he not make a point about Aaron Rodgers’ epic performance, but he decided to rip on the fan base. According to him GB fans have “no self-esteem”. Matt Ryan is now 0-2 in the playoffs and shows that he can’t be trusted to bring his team up to speed in a shootout. GB will further prove CC wrong when Rodgers plays and whoops Sanchez in the superbowl. More proof as to why Colin Cowherd takes it in the pooper.

  19. Edward J. Cunningham January 23, 2011

    I heard Cowherd is now claiming that beating the Bears will not be enough for Aaron Rodgers to be a great quarterback—now he has to win a Super Bowl. The perfect response was written by Avinash Kunnath:


    “Yes, for Rodgers to elevate himself to the level of legends like Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Eli Manning, he must win it all to get himself away from the peons like Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton and Warren Moon.”