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2011 NFC Championship game Aaron Rodgers Chicago Bears

Peppers Fined For Hit On Rodgers

Cheap fuck.

Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers was fined $10,000 by the NFL for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship game.

The hit occurred at the 11:20 mark in the fourth quarter and it drew a personal foul penalty. It also looked cheap as fuck, but Rodgers didn’t seem to take issue with it after the game and Peppers appeared to apologize on the next play.

There has been some speculation Rodgers may have suffered his third concussion of the season on the play, but Rodgers has deflected that as nonsense.

“Not too much to talk about,” Rodgers said. “I didn’t have a concussion. I want to dispel that rumor. No concussion. I was fine. Yeah. Helmets are designed to prevent concussions, I think.”

Rodgers switched to a specially-designed helmet after suffering his second concussion at Detroit. He’s credited that with protecting him on the Peppers’ hit.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Rob January 27, 2011

    Peppers isn’t known to be a dirty player, so I don’t think it was intentional. But it did rightfully draw a personal foul penalty and a fine. I can understand why some people are upset about the late hit QB penalties, but there’s just no reason to hit guy with your helmet.

  2. iltarion January 27, 2011

    I imagine Peppers’ clean reputation was the main reason for the small size of the fine, but 10G is an awfully small price to pay for an attempted kill shot on a QB. If I was a Pittsburgh defender, I would be taking this as a green light to take whatever shot I want.

  3. jeremy January 27, 2011

    Boy I bet a $10,000 fine is really going to make that scumbag James Harrison think twice about taking a cheap shot a Rodgers during the Super Bowl. Might as well be $5.

    Hopefully Scott Wells lets Harrison know that were will be payback for cheap shots.

  4. DevilDon January 27, 2011

    Reputation otherwise, what would you people think if I punched my co-worker?
    Since I’ve not done it before, it’s only a minor infraction?
    It’s a violent game, I get that, but no way you can review it and not see it for what it was: a shot at his head.
    Oh, what if I went up to my co-worker at lunch and apologized? That guy might be Aaron Rodgers and accept my apology, but still, I threw it. No matter which way you slice it, this has rekindled the rivalry, and marks Peppers as an ass-pipe.

  5. ay hombre January 27, 2011

    This is a fucking disgrace. Fuck you Roger Goodell you self-serving, self-aggrandizing, useless motherfucker!

    I think with the fucking sheer lunacy of this decision and you helming the ship, the fans of the NFL can be certain that we’ll be looking at a lockout this coming year.

    Fucking appalling. You want to eliminate headshots? Give the referee the option to eject that person for the remainder of that game and have a panel review and determine whether further punishment is necessary beyond that.

    If you’re going to hit these guys in the wallet for 10k, Roger….you’re a fucking idiot and it does announce open season on Rodgers in the Super Bowl. Fuck a killshot to the head might run you 25k…but if you win the Super Bowl you get paid like 40k more.

    I’m going to be cursing your name further when the Steelers primary gameplan is to intentionally injure our quarterback.

    Fuck you Roger Goodell.

  6. ay hombre January 27, 2011

    Oh and by the way…this is not the first time Peppers has been fined…for hitting Rodgers.



  7. Ryan January 27, 2011

    I was also disappointed by the decision.

    However, more disappointing to me was the fact that Peppers had the audacity to bitch to the referee about the call. He no question led with his helmet and it looked to me like it was completely intentional for him to Aaron’s head. Equally disgusting was Rod Marinelli’s rant on the sideline in which national television caught him having a complete swear word laced fit. I don’t mind coaches swearing and I blame television for showing it; however, this was so blatant a penalty that it was incredulous that someone could argue it.

    I was screaming for Peppers to get ejected although that only happens when someone throws a punch or gets excessive personal foul penalties.

    1. Jurgens January 27, 2011

      Not just peppers, the whole team. Urlacher was out of his mind after the play. It was embarrassing. Props to Peppers for apologizing, but the Bears looked like clowns complaining about a blatant helmet to helmet.

  8. Chi-Town Rick January 27, 2011

    Hey guys, I just thought I would stop back at this site a share something with you all. I am from Chicago and a Bears fan. I spent the better part of all last weak on this site ( wich I stumbled on at work ) talking a bunch of shit and causing trouble. Not because I have no life and nothing better to do wich is what a lot of you suggested, but because I love the Bears, and very much so enjoy acting like a prick. All joking aside let me get serious for a second. I came to a very sad realization the Monday after our defeat, no no no now don’t go thinking I am about to admit that the Packers are a better team. You just happend to be THE better team on THAT day. What I realized was you guys were correct in accusing us as being horrible fans. We love our teams when they are winning and the turn on them like rabid dogs when they lose. A perfect example is the amount of so called die hard fans that crawled out of their holes when our Blackhawks took the Stanley cup last year. More importantly we turned on Jay Cutler who really deserves better from his city. When you really look at it he has nothing to be ashamed of and his “toughness” need not EVER be questioned. Clearly our o=line is complete shit resulting in absolutly no protection for him also resulting in him being sacked something like 57 times this season and suffering a cuncusion because of it. I spite of all that how many games did he actually not play in??? Thats right only one he only missed one freakin game. Secondly the man has type 1 diabetes people, that means injurys affect him differantly, they take longer to heal, and the are more painful. I also am quite sure that he is limited on the type of drugs and medication he can take because of the diabetes so taking some drugs and getting back out there is probably not as easy for him. Lastly he tore his fuckin MCL I don’t care who you are thats fuckin painful, I would love to see any of us set up in the pocket and make a good throw with 300 pound linemen bearing down on you wanting to drive you to the ground on a leg that you cannot plant on with an o-line you have no faith in. I love my Bears and I support Cutler 100% and I think the guy had one fuckin hell of a season even with his shitty line. Thats all, flame me if you will but I have said my peace. Now please do me a favor and go to the Superbowl and make that rapist Roethlisberger suffer will you?

    1. Glen January 28, 2011

      Please help me out on this but didnt Earl Dotson play the Super Bowl with a torn MCL and all he did was add a knee brace?? But hey you can’t questions Janet’s toughness he will be the starting quarterback on Chicago’s LFL team and will still get sacked a couple of hundered times.

    2. doesnt matter January 28, 2011

      Chi-town Rick, I just feel the need to point out that he sprained his left MCL, ESPN mentioned this fact 100 times and everyone on the Dan Patrick show mentioned it, NFL network mentioned it 100 times as well.
      the problem everyone had with cry-baby-cutler was that he sat on the sidelines and cried, didn’t even think about helping Caleb Hanie. he stared at the ground pouting, that’s why people question him.
      if he would of maned up, and became a cheerleader on the sideline, rooted for his team mates and helped the young quarter back study photos and help him with what reads to take; coverages, check downs, hot routes, Caleb took literally zero snaps all week, cry-baby at least could of helped a little. I’ll just shut up.

  9. iltarion January 27, 2011

    As I said in a more appropriate thread, questioning Cutler’s toughness is laughable. The guy takes as many shots as any QB in the league and missed one game this year due to a concussion. Cutler limping on one leg against that pass rush would have been complete idiocy. I would more question why he was playing so horribly even before getting injured. Dude was terrible from the get-go.

    1. jeremy January 27, 2011

      The Packers knocked the second string QB out of the game to with a shoulder injury. Culter was a sitting duck. Other teams have the luxury a facing CMIII, I’ve never seen him take a cheap shot at a QB.

  10. Buddy January 27, 2011

    Instead of a fine they should take a Police battering ram to Peppers skull.

  11. Tyko Steamboat January 27, 2011

    The PACKERS own the bears!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. The most important possiable game in the two teams’ history!!!

  12. nurseratchett January 28, 2011

    Shopping yesterday wearing my favorite Green Bay coat, I was followed around a store by an EMPLOYEE who happens to be a Bears fan. His harrassment started about how ugly my coat was, how the Bears should have won, all the usual bullshit, and ended with “Peppers should have gotten a reward for that hit, not a fine. Next season Peppers will take your pussy quarterback out for his career.”

    My pussy QB? Really? Needless to say, I ripped this little prick a brand new vagina. (I for one didn’t question Cutler’s toughness, but his heart.)

    Bears fans are delusional and their team a bunch of delusional lucky pricks. We played like SHIT the second half, and you couldn’t even catch us. The truth is, if Chicago had to play anyone but 7-9 Seahawks their first playoff game, they would’ve been out BEFORE the NFC championship. The eagles would have beat them, the falcons would have CREAMED them.

    What the hell was my point? Oh yeah……

    Peppers should have had a bigger fine.