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So, Now Sterger May Go Public

Jenn Sterger

Gotta clear her name.

You’d think the NFL would have brought this whole Brett Favre cock texting thing to a conclusion by now.

Nope. The league seems content to let it drag on as long as possible. They may as well just let it drag on through the end of the season, so they won’t have to take any action at all against their golden boy, Favre.

While the NFL is dicking around, the tart at the center of it all, Jenn Sterger, has decided she just might go public with all the information she supplied to the league.

Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, believes she “provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment” — and adds, “No matter what happens Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public … if the NFL doesn’t clear her name.”

That’s swell. We always knew the league would be reluctant to do anything to Favre. He’s good for ratings and therefore, good for the NFL’s pockets.

What I don’t quite understand are the legal remedies Sterger has and how going public is one of those. Sterger hasn’t been accused of anything, so her name really doesn’t have to be cleared, as far as I know. Going public, then, would only serve one purpose — embarrass Favre.

It seems like that threat is again being used to try to pry some hush money out of the old cockslinger.

Good luck with that.

What’s unfortunate in this whole thing, is the league doesn’t seem to have a serious interest in doing anything if there was indeed some impropriety committed.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ay hombre December 7, 2010

    I think the league and Brett’s people know this is a tough case to prove for Sterger. All the recorded messages, pictures, and anything else she might have does not alone prove harassment.

    In order for her to have been harassed, she had to tell him to stop at some point. If her response after the first cock pic was, “Look motherfucker…I’m telling you this is not cool and you need to stop right now,” AND Sterger has evidence of this, then she has a case.

    But I’m guessing the Favre camp knows this was not the case and that she never told him to stop. She may have thrown her phone when she received the first cock pic, but deep down she was flattered and maybe even fucked him.

    You can send cock pics all day to a co-worker if she encourages the first pic and then doesn’t condemn it after sending her some more.

    She has no case and Brett will and company will correctly hold their ground right along with the NFL.

  2. Nick K December 7, 2010

    FUck it. Let him keep playiing and getting the shit beat out of him every week. If hes going to have the streak broken I’d rather it be some 300 pound dude breaking his neck instead of some 100 pound chick trying to fuck him over. And when I say 100 pound chick I mean the commissioner.

  3. jeremy December 7, 2010

    “They may as well just let it drag on through the end of the season, so they won’t have to take any action at all against their golden boy, Favre.”

    I’m pretty sure that’s the plan…

  4. Tim December 7, 2010

    Speaking of the NFL not doing shit to enforce their own rules – did the Williams duo ever have to sit any games for the PED issue?

  5. iltarion December 7, 2010

    So, if I send a co-worker naked pictures of myself and she doesn’t respond for me to stop, I’m not harassing her? Hahaha… get real. Try that once and see how long you still have your job.

    If she has the pictures and texts to show it was him, then the impetus is on him to prove she welcomed or asked for the pictures. She doesn’t have to do shit other than say- “No, the pictures and advances were unwanted.”

    We aren’t talking about a court of law here or even a civil court where a mere preponderance of the evidence is enough. We are talking about an employer who sure as hell doesn’t want the negative publicity of a sexual harassment case. If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, and believe me, more and more men do, I think you’ll find your employer extremely sensitive to the complaints of the woman and not so interested in respecting the worth of your “word” against hers.

    The smart thing to do is to save the woman’s texts the same as she saved yours. Of course, Brent wouldn’t have done that since he is a married man, and unless you are Tiger Woods, you aren’t stupid or arrogant enough to leave shit in your phone that your wife can find, as she most assuredly will because after all, that is what WIVES DO.

    So what is probably drawing this out is that there are other people out there, namely within the Jets organization and friends of Sterger, who also know something about what went down. In fact, at least one of Sterger’s friends has already said that Sterger didn’t have a problem with the pictures and has pictures of other athletes as well.

    So, 1) the NFL would prefer to let Brent retire without doing shit. If he is no longer an employee, then he is no longer their responsibility.

    And 2) they don’t want to hit Brent with some punishment and then have him counter with some bimbo who can testify to a mutual relationship between him and Sterger.

  6. ay hombre December 7, 2010

    If she has the pictures and texts to show it was him, then the impetus is on him to prove she welcomed or asked for the pictures. She doesn’t have to do shit other than say- “No, the pictures and advances were unwanted.”

    What? Are you serious? Innocent until proven guilty mean anything to you? All the burden is on her.

    If he sent pic #1 and they continued to have a dialogue like it was no big deal, then apparently she wasn’t offended that much. I’m not condoning or saying what he did was right, but after all this time has passed one must question whether Brett’s advances were UNWANTED sexual advances which is what the definition of harassment is.

    What is unwanted advances? Did he know clearly that it was unwanted? Did she report it at the time? Why not? Was she traumatized or was she laughing and joking about it?

    All relevant to Sterger proving her case. Brett don’t need to prove shit.

  7. iltarion December 8, 2010

    Again, read my post. This is not a court of law. The requirement of innocent until proven guilty does not apply. In fact, recent laws passed in most states put the burden of proof on the defendant in sexual harassment and discrimination cases. Most people are probably unaware of that, but it is the truth.

    But again, that doesn’t really matter because this isn’t a court of law. In even a civil court, all you need is a “preponderance of evidence,” which certainly would seem to lean towards her since I am unaware of ANY evidence provided by Brent, other than his word.

    This isn’t even a civil court, but I imagine the NFL is keeping a possible civil case in mind. After all, Sterger can sue the NFL if they do nothing, and Brent can sue the NFL if they do too much without cause. Therefore, they want to make sure they are on the right side of the ledger and have a defensible position. They also want to make sure they are following their CBA, of course.

    But regardless, they definitely don’t have to worry about any “innocent until proven guilty” bull shit. Was Ben Roethlesberger of the 4 games suspension ever PROVEN GUILTY of anything? No. Was Pacman Jones? No. Roger Goodell has made it clear that the NFL can and will suspend you regardless of actual conviction.

    Besides his celebrity, Brent and all NFLers are lucky they are protected by their union and the CBA. Believe me, if it was you or me, assuming you aren’t union, we would be fired. The fact that it might have been mutual would mean nothing unless we could prove it. Employers aren’t going to mess with that shit.

    I’m not trying to argue this, just pointing out the facts as I see them. Personally, I don’t doubt for a moment that the photos weren’t a big hoot for Sterger when she got them, which is exactly why she shared them with friends, who later on would go on to sell them to Deadspin. Do I think he harassed her or should be punished for it 2 years later? No. I just take personal satisfaction out of the train wreck, same as most of us. And anyone STUPID enough to send photos of their junk to a female co-worker is just looking to get punk’d later on. So, reap the shit you sow.

    1. jeremy December 9, 2010

      If you read the NFL Personal Conduct Code Brett could be punished for just about any conduct the NFL see’s as reflecting poorly on the League. Farmer spiting on the sidewalk could net an NFL player a fine.