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Packers Talking The Talk Despite Setbacks

Cullen Jenkins

Cullen Jenkins knows what's up.

Everyone is a little frustrated the Green Bay Packers can’t quite get over the hump, including the players, but while the Packers could have won every game they played this season, only two teams have gone through an NFL regular season undefeated.

There have been some close losses. There was the missed opportunity to make a statement to the rest of the league in Atlanta. The Packers are close, but not quite there. Everyone gets it.

The encouraging thing is no one is feeling sorry for themselves. In fact, quite the opposite.

Here’s a sampling from the Packers locker room on Thursday.

Here’s Ryan Pickett.

“This has probably been one of the greatest teams I’ve been on as far as just playing, and the closeness of the players around this locker room. There’s no doubt we can be better than what we’ve been.”

Here’s Aaron Rodgers.

“You don’t want to be remembered as just a good team, a team that made some plays and couldn’t take that next jump to being an elite football team. I saw something written about us this week that said we’re still just a good football team. Obviously that’s not something you want to be remembered as.”

Here’s Cullen Jenkins.

“It’s about learning how to finish, it’s been our biggest issue. Competing hasn’t been a problem. We’ve competed against every team we played. That’s a good sign to know that every game you’ve played in you know you have the ability to win it. We just have got to learn how to close them out.”

So, at least everyone knows what’s going on, but, as they say, talk is cheap.

The Packers will have to back it up down the stretch. After what are expected to be two wins against San Francisco and at Detroit, the Packers close at New England, New York Giants at home, and Chicago Bears at home.

We’ll know who these Packers are based on how they play in those final three games.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ay hombre December 3, 2010

    I mean quite honestly if we shit the bed and somehow lose to San Francisco, it’s entirely possible we don’t win another game this year. It’s entirely possible we could run the table as well, but seriously…if we don’t learn to win the close ones we could end up 7-9.

  2. ay hombre December 3, 2010

    Oh…and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the facts that our coaching staff will do everything in their power to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so nothing would surprise me at this point.

  3. Madcity PAcker Fan December 3, 2010

    Est. 1919 The Green Bay Packer…a group on Facebook…join if you like.

  4. iltarion December 3, 2010

    The Lions have Drew Stanton as their starting QB. Shaun Hill is out for the year and Matthew Stafford is doubtful to return this year. In other words, the Packers should crush the Lions. I don’t see that as much of a contest. The 49ers shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if the weather is poor, but the Packers should win this game.

    So, 9 wins is pretty much the least at this point. However, 9 wins will most likely not make the playoffs. Fortunately, as long as the Packers win these next two games, I feel very confident that they will win at least 1 of their last 3 games, and probably would predict they’ll win at least 2.

    There is the slight possibility that 10 wins might not make the playoffs, especially if the Packers lost to the Giants and to the Bears. All 3 possibilities are not that likely though.

    The Packers have lost 4 games by 3 points, all they could have won. Predicting they will lose the rest of their games would be irrational. Nothing is impossible, but still, there is no good reason to think this team will be worse than 9-7.