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Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers didn't practice on Wednesday.

For those of you worried about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his availability for this weekend’s game, continue to be worried.

Rodgers did not practice on Wednesday, while he continues to recover from his second concussion of the season.

Although the move wasn’t unexpected, it casts further doubt over whether Rodgers will be available to play this weekend, when the Packers face the New England Patriots.

“He did not participate in any of the meetings, game-planning meetings and so forth. The plan for Aaron is he will not practice throughout the week and will go through the protocol involving every player that has a concussion,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “There is a slim-to-none chance that he will practice on Friday and the decision medically will be made on Aaron Rodgers on Saturday. That’s the plan in place, talking with the doctors and the rest of the medical staff this morning.”

In his absence, Matt Flynn took the majority of the snaps at quarterback. Graham Harrell, who is on the Packers’ practice squad, also received some work and could be activated for this week’s game, if Rodgers can’t go.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Doug December 15, 2010

    Fuck us.

  2. ay hombre December 15, 2010

    Give Aaron some DVD’s of Giants games and send him to the couch to relax.

  3. Boston December 15, 2010

    Check out McCarthy’s press conference today. Slim to no chance he’s cleared before Saturday, and he’s not allowed to do film study or meetings either.

    I’m going to the game so this is disappointing to me personally, but the smart move here is to have Flynn go.

  4. Bogmon December 15, 2010

    and there is the Cherry on top the shit sundae of a season.

    Flynn might do okay against lower tier teams, but I have no faith in him taking down the Patriots in their house.

    Those friggin’ missed field goals sting even worse now!!!!

    1. Jurgens December 16, 2010

      Wouldn’t you consider the Lions a lower tier team. had he played OK, we would have won. Flynn is not ready for this.

  5. Vijay December 15, 2010

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  6. Richard December 15, 2010

    At least he can retire with the best career QB rating in NFL history. I knew that arrogant championship belt celebration represented something other than his middle-of-the-road Win-Loss record.

  7. Johnny Appleseed December 15, 2010

    Although this game is still big, it isn’t as important as the last 2. Get Rodgers healthy for the Giants and Bears, and hope we get a little help from the Jets, Vikings, etc.

  8. iltarion December 15, 2010

    The Bears won’t lose to the Vikings. The Vikings are horseshit, even more so than the Bears. Once the Bears win that game the division is theirs. The match up in the last week won’t matter. In fact, the Packers probably catch a break and the Bears don’t even play their starters all game in that match up.

    It is pretty shitty to think that we handed this division to a mediocre at best Bears team, but that is the reality after our loss to D-troi.

    So, the only way the Packers can make the playoffs now is to beat the Giants and hope Tampa Bay loses two more games or that the Packers have the tie-breaker on them. Someone needs to go over the tie-breakers to see where we stand with Tampa right now. I have a feeling we might have the edge on them thanks to our point differential, IF the tie-breakers go that far down the list.

  9. iltarion December 15, 2010

    I just went thru the tie-breakers myself. If Tampa beats D-troi this weekend, they own the tie-breakers against the Pack. Therefore, the Pack only makes the playoffs if Tampa loses 2 of the last 3 or to D-troi. Both options aren’t exactly likely.

  10. Richard December 15, 2010

    What a Super Bowl Contender!!!

  11. jeremy December 15, 2010

    At least it’s against the Patriots and not for one of the games they actually have a chance to win.

  12. ay hombre December 15, 2010

    It’s a pretty sick feeling to think we have to wait until next year to get a crack at the playoffs, but that’s what it sure looks like. Injuries hurt us but poor coaching killed us in all those close losses.

    I’d say we’re even money to make the playoffs next year, too. With MM in charge we’ll piss 2-3 close games away every year.

  13. Cade Lawson December 15, 2010

    On any given sunday a hero can be born and a giant may fall.. I have faith in Flynn.

  14. Madcity Packer Fan December 16, 2010


    What a Super Bowl Contender!!!

    No Real Packer has said we were going to the Superbowl this year Dick. That was the media.

  15. 12meninthehuddle December 16, 2010

    I had a sinking feeling about this season when we lost Finlay. And yes, if we don’t make it to the playoffs then it sucks, but from a glass half full approach, at least we stuck it to the Vikings, TWICE, got 2 coaches fired, proved that the Jet’s were not all they were hyped to be and…..that’s it, i got nothing else.

  16. Richard December 16, 2010

    No Real Packer has said we were going to the Superbowl this year Dick. That was the media.

    What a relief. I guess that means Mike and Ted are in no danger of losing their jobs even with mediocre performances year after year. I guess that also means that barring another cakewalk schedule like they had in 2008, GB won’t play in a playoff game for a few seasons at least.

  17. Nick December 16, 2010

    This just in, Aaron Rodgers suffered a 3rd concussion last night when he laid his head on his pillow. This was not even a hard hit. This really sucks.

    The more I read about this the more it pisses me off. Sorry to say, but just suck it up and play AR. This game is the season.

    Do you think its even possible to set up a team that is more dependant upon the QB than this one? Thanks TT for f-ing this team again.

  18. iltarion December 16, 2010

    2007 was the “cakewalk schedule” you are erroneously referring to. You would think if you are going to make an erroneous reference, you could at least get the year right. It isn’t like it was 20 years ago.

    Anyone talking shit can put money on the Packers not making the playoffs next year. I’d gladly take that bet. This is easily the best team in this division. No one can control massive injuries and horrific luck like the Pack has seen this year. Shit happens, and it ALL happened this year.

    The MM and TT haters can take the train and jump some other bandwagon. Packer Nation doesn’t need you. Even if the Packers lose out, neither are going anywhere. Nor should they. TT has assembled a young team that was picked by multiple national media sources to go to the Super Bowl, before the injuries hit. And MM is a meathead, but he also took over a 4-12 team and has had 1 losing season in 5 years. And whether I like the guy or not, the last thing a successful organization does is change coaches every five years. That is a formula for shithood.

  19. Richard December 16, 2010

    Actually, I was referring to 2009. My mistake.

  20. Nick December 16, 2010

    TT has not assembled shit. Look at his record. His system dosen’t work. 2 playoff appearances in 6 seasons. The only sucessful season at the hands of BF.

    2005: 4-12 record
    2006: 8-8 record
    2007: 13-3 record
    Won Divisional Playoffs (Seahawks) (42-20)
    Lost NFC Championship (Giants) (23-20) OT 2008: 6-10 record
    2009: 11-5 record
    Lost Wild Card Playoffs
    2010: 8-8? record

  21. Nick December 16, 2010

    Ok. It was 2 of 5, but whatever.

    This is a guy who “assembling something” His name was Ron Wolff

    1993: 9-7
    Lost Divisional Playoffs (Cowboys) (27-17)
    1994: 9-7
    Won Wild Card Playoffs (Lions) (16-12)
    Lost Divisional Playoffs (Cowboys) (35-9)
    1995: 11-5
    Won Wild Card Playoffs (Falcons) (37-20)
    Won Divisional Playoffs (49ers) (27-17)
    Lost NFC Championship (Cowboys) (38-27) Brett Favre (NFL MVP)
    1996: 13-3
    Won Divisional Playoffs (49ers) (35-14)
    Won NFC Championship (Panthers) (30-13)
    Won Super Bowl XXXI (12) (Patriots) (35-21) Brett Favre (NFL MVP)
    Desmond Howard (Super Bowl MVP)
    1997: 13-3
    Won Divisional Playoffs (Buccaneers) (21-7)
    Won NFC Championship (49ers) (23-10)
    Lost Super Bowl XXXII (Broncos) (31-24)[l] Brett Favre (NFL MVP)[m] [1]
    1998: 11-5 0
    Lost Wild Card Playoffs (49ers) (30-27) Reggie White (NFL DPOY) [1
    1999: 8-8 0
    2000: 9-7 0
    2001 12-4
    Won Wild Card Playoffs (49ers) (25-15)
    Lost Divisional Playoffs (Rams) (45-17)

  22. Richard December 16, 2010

    ..and the only season these overrated buffoons made the playoffs without #4, they played the 2nd softest schedule in the league.