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News Flash: Packers Have Shitty Offensive Line

No need to block this guy.

We told you the Green Bay Packers have a below-average offensive line and it wasn’t anymore apparent than their atrocious performance against the Detroit Lions, on Sunday.

Offensive line coach James Campen went as far as publicly stating that every member of the offensive line had a “losing performance” against the Lions.

“It really stings you more when you’re not fundamentally sound, and you allow that to happen because your own individual technique is not where it should be. To get physically beat in some of those instances is embarrassing,” Campen said.

The numbers are ugly.

The Packers gave up four sacks and eight quarterback hits. The running game netted 66 yards. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the team’s leading rusher with 25 yards and he didn’t even play two full quarters.

Brandon Jackson averaged 2.7 yards per carry. James Starks averaged 1.3. Dmitri Nance averaged 2.0.

That’s terrible, but it gets worse.

All of this happened against the Lions, who own the 22nd-ranked rushing defense in the NFL. Their defense is ranked 19th overall and did nothing out of the ordinary against the Packers.

The Lions rarely blitzed and played most of the game in their base defense, meaning the Packers were neither confused nor outmatched.

They just got beat.



And that’s how you lose to the Detroit Lions.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Nathan Jahnke December 14, 2010

    I would definitely agree that the line is below average and performed terribly against the Lions. However I would like to say that Josh Sitton is one of the best offensive linemen in the game. Although he was also below average in this game, he was still a lot better than the rest of the line.

    1. Monty December 14, 2010

      Agreed. Sitton is playing at a Pro Bowl level, overall.

  2. Kevin December 14, 2010

    I like how people know nothing about Oline but like to comment on it. I’ve heard many people talk about Josh Sitton being a pro bowl guard. Which he is but no1 understands the Oline. People just repeat what they here.

    1. Jurgens December 15, 2010

      It doesn’t take an offensive lineman guru expert to see that this
      unit fails to open holes and protect the QB.

  3. lebowski December 14, 2010

    What do we need to know about the Oline, Kevin? How about, don’t get knocked on your ass all game? It doesn’t take a great football mind to see these guys are a weak group that can’t run block if their lives depended on it.

  4. Drew December 14, 2010

    Somebody teach me about the Oline and I’ll be happy to explain the differences between ‘here’ and ‘hear’

  5. big t December 14, 2010

    can’t run block?? How do you know that when we never run the damn ball?

  6. AZ Pack December 15, 2010

    Fire James Campen… Every year we have issues with the Oline. Last year we couldn’t pass block. Now, we can’t run block. We lost a playoff game last year because of a sack/ interception that the oline should have picked up. It’s not the players on the line, its the oline coach.

  7. Vijay December 15, 2010

    The Pack are still in need of a young, stud LT. The only O-line players who have earned or maintained the right to start are Sitton and Wells and 50/50 on Cliffy. Bulaga and Clifton seem to play horribly in the same games and Bulaga does not appear to have the speed or the moxy (technique) to handle either tackle positions at the NFL level.
    How do we fix this debacle? We have to draft a LT, again, in the first round or trade/sign a solid veteran. Bulaga should play LG, which is likely his more natural position. Lang will hold down the RT next season and Sitton and Wells stay put.

  8. Madcity Packer Fan December 15, 2010

    McCarthy just said Rodgers will not Practice all week and he will make the call if he is going to play or not on Saturday for Sundays match up in New England.

  9. ay hombre December 15, 2010

    He ain’t playing…no chance. Nor should he. It is what it is and that’s all that it is.

  10. jeremy December 15, 2010

    I’d bet on Rodgers sitting. The way the Patriots are playing no one is going to beat them in Gillette anyway.