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Sit down old man!

Oh, those poor Minnesota Vikings.

They’ve become the NFL’s freak show.

Not only does their team, at 3-6, suck, but no one likes head coach Brad Childress, quarterback Brett Favre is now recognized more for sending photos of his cock to Jenn Sterger than anything he’s doing on the football field, and the team’s early-season trade for receiver Randy Moss completely backfired and the team released him.

All in all, things are looking pretty sweet from over here in Green Bay.

So what happened to this mighty team that was supposed to tear through the league, this season?

The Vikings’ seventh-ranked defense is still statistically one of the best in the NFL. Running back Adrian Peterson is still a bull, rushing for 908 yards, seven touchdowns and 4.6 yards per carry.

The problems on offense for the Vikings can pretty much be laid at the feet of The Lord Favre. His Highness had chucked a league-leading 16 interceptions and has lost five fumbles. In short, the guy kind of looks old.

Oh, wait. He is.

Favre’s fortunes haven’t been helped much by the Vikings’ offensive line. The unit has given up 18 sacks on the season and 51 QB hits. That’s a lot of time for a guy who’s 85 to be laying on the ground.

It also doesn’t help that the Vikings have no real receiving threat outside of Percy Harvin.

Harvin leads the team with 44 receptions and 583 yards.

The team’s second-leading receiver?

Adrian Peterson.

To say the Vikings miss Sidney Rice, who hasn’t played a game this season due to injury, is an understatement.

Rice had 83 catches for 1,312 yards last season and opened things up for players like Harvin and tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, who scored 11 times last season. Shiancoe has only hit pay dirt twice this season.

The cast of Bernard Berrian, Greg Lewis, and Greg Camirillo have done next to nothing. Combined, they have 41 receptions.

On defense, a lot of people like to point to the Vikings poor secondary play, but the unit is ranked a respectable ninth in pass defense. The real problem has been the pass rush.

The team is 24th in the league in sacks, with 14, after leading the league in the category last season.

Defensive end Jared Allen started the season slowly. He now has 5.5 sacks, but was a complete non-factor the first time the Vikings played the Packers and has been a similar non-threat in other games, as well. Ray Edwards, who starts opposite Allen, has 3.5 sacks.

No one else on the team has more than one sack. The Vikings defensive deficiencies can clearly be traced to the fact that they simply aren’t getting to the quarterback.

And so, it looks like Favre will ride off into the sunset a loser, Childress will probably get canned and Vikings will become one of the biggest disappointments in the league, while still being a complete soap opera for the rest of the year.

If you hear the sound of laughter, Minnesota, it’s coming from Green Bay.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Curt November 17, 2010

    Well, you kind of said it all. Of course if Favre has 0 running threats in the endzone, we’re going to suck. Not Favres fault. Childress should have been gone after dismissing Moss! I love my home team, but this just isn’t the season. Green bay should still be careful if they want a win. Grandpa Favre always has his tricks, and GB isnt in home territory this time.

  2. ay hombre November 17, 2010

    I don’t like the timing of this post at all. The Vikings will be a happy bunch if they can get a split.

  3. Abe Frohman November 17, 2010

    Allen had what 14 1/2 sacks last year? How many were against the Packers? LIke 9? That leaves him 5 1/2 against the rest of the league not named Darren Colledge or Allen Barbre. Other than against us, he didn’t do much last year, either. Now with Cliffy and Bulaga playing well, I don’t expect much out of him.

    Yes, this game has trap written all over it. This is their Super Bowl. Favre can retire happy knowing he stuck it to TT one more time if they win. I said as much in a different post. I’m concerned, but also confident that we’re the better team. The better team doesn’t always win, though….

  4. iltarion November 17, 2010

    You all worry too much. The Pack doesn’t have to win this game. This is all gravy. This is a must win for the Vikings. Their season is over, for real, if they lose. If the Pack loses they likely finish 11-5 or 10-6 and win the division. The Vikings get to have hope for one more week, which will end in Washington or Philadelphia later on when they collect their 7th loss.

    On the other hand, if the Pack wins, they end the Vikes’ season, sweep Brent, sending him into retirement with something to remember us by, stay on top the division, and basically give us all a reason to get more shit-faced than usual (like Hank Williams Jr. once sang, don’t give us a reason).

    So, certainly I’m pulling big time for the win, and I think the Pack should win because they are the better team. But, I see it as an opportunity for greatness with little risk.

  5. Cade Lawson November 18, 2010

    Yeah the timing of this post seems off… If and that’s a big “IF” the vikings beat the packers expect a flood of vikings comments that we WOULD deserve after talking smack before the sweep.

  6. mike r November 18, 2010

    Coulnd’t agree more with the lack of timing. Probably could have waited a week. Even though Favre and the Vikings look like shit this year, Favre still has the potential of pulling something out of his ass. No matter how good we are, and how bad the Vikings are, it is always tough to win in that piece of shit building they call a stadium.

    1. jeremy November 18, 2010

      McMahon is not one to wait until after the fact to talk shit. I’ve known him for years, he’s a presumptuous MF, and that’s why most of us read this site.

  7. Buddy November 18, 2010

    Fuck the Viqueen’s I hope they all eat bad food Saturday night and shit all up inside thier white and bitch-purple pants. They’ll look like Miley Cyrus after touring with Tommy Lee.

    I’m not hoping that we not just beat them, but to humiliate them. I can’t stand know it all shit for brains Queens fans with thier 5th grade reading level. I hope they take thier shitty franchise to L.A. and leave Minnesota fans with nothing but a worthless Basketball team and choke artist Hockey and Baseball teams. So Go Pack, Fucking Go! and beat the living shit out of those wastes of human souls, but if we don’t we’ll still finish better than them and still have had 3 more Super Bowl wins than they do. So how does that shit sandwitch taste Viqueen Fucks! I hope the aftertaste lasts forever.

  8. Dukie November 19, 2010

    WOW Wisconsin fans are some of the coolest people in the world. Great command of the English language, civil, and they lay great cheese farts too. Anyway we could annex Wisconsin and all the dairy fairies to Canada in exchange for Toronto?

    1. Steffen November 19, 2010

      Congratulations. You certainly took command of the English language with that post. And by ‘took command’ I mean ‘took a dump upon’.

  9. iltarion November 19, 2010

    Toronto? Hahaha… talk about fairies. You hit the jackpot.