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Sterger Meets With NFL… Finally

Jenn Sterger

Hello, pussycat!

Hey, remember me? I’m Jenn Sterger, the chick that allegedly received inappropriate messages and cock shots from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

Sterger finally sat down with NFL officials after weeks of deliberating, stalling, hoping to get a financial settlement, working the story for publicity or whatever your take on the events are.

Sterger gave the league a substantial amount of information beyond what was initially reported in relation to Favre’s pursuit of her, according to the New York Post. The Post also suggests the meeting substantially increases the chance the league will pursue disciplinary action against Favre.

Sterger was accompanied at the three-hour meeting by her lawyer, Joseph Conway, and her manager, Phil Reese.

“We can confirm that a meeting took place with the NFL today and we cooperated fully by providing them with substantial materials in our possession,” Reese said.

“We now await the NFL’s decision.”

Asked if she had gone beyond merely confirming what was first reported about Favre’s ham-handed pursuit of Sterger, Reese said “yes,” adding that it was “a substantial amount beyond what had already been reported.” He would not elaborate.

Favre has admitted to leaving voice mails for Sterger, but denied sending photos of his dong.

He hasn’t complimented publicly on the situation. Neither has his wife, Deanna, who, the last we heard, was not supporting her husband.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ay hombre November 11, 2010

    Uh oh!

  2. average fan November 11, 2010

    What a wonderful way to end the vikings season… moss comes and goes, childress gets fired (hopefully after we beat them) and favre gets suspended for sexting… it’s like christmas

  3. PRPLxxPRYDE November 11, 2010

    Typical classless Packer fans. No respect for someone that gave you so many years. I can’t believe you all feel for this hoax. When the truth comes out you will all look stupid… oh wait you already do you with your cheeseheads. Eats some more brats losers. Are super bowl run starts this week against da Bears!

    1. jeremy November 11, 2010

      If it’s a hoax then how come Deanna has been silent?

    2. billyschwills November 12, 2010

      PRPL PRYDE…this must be some type of gay innuendo, but i will leave that alone for now.

      YES, Favre gave us many good years and we loved him then.

      What if your whore wife, whom you loved for many years, finally admitted to you that she has been taking black cocks daily on the side, swallowing boatloads of creampies, and then told you she was going to shack up with with your former best friend…then would you show “respect for someone that gave you so many years”?

      I can only speak for myself but i loved Favre, showed him tremendous respect, cried when he first retired, and then when he defected solely as a means to fuck the packers then i stopped liking him and showing any respect toward him, and furthermore, wish only the worst for him.

      This argument of yours is full of holes. A lot like your whore wife. Oh yeah, and your mother’s cunt is only good for two things: taking loads and shitting out retarded offspring.

      1. Abe Frohman November 12, 2010

        Priceless! You ROCK

        Personally, I love the convenient logic that Favre lovers have: you loved him once, you should therefore always love him – even if he plays for the enemy.

        What’s even better about all of this is that Chilly got an extension and a raise thanks to Favre. It’s going to cost Ziggy to get rid of him. Additionally, Favre managed a nice little raise for himself, too only to stink up the joint. This when Ziggy needs every penny to get a new stadium.

    3. Kyle November 12, 2010

      Typical classless Packer fans. (Sentence fragment; consider revising.) No respect for someone that gave you so many years. (Sentence fragment; consider revising.) I can’t believe you all feel fell for this hoax. When the truth comes out, (comma)you will all look stupid (use dash here)–oh, (comma)wait; with your cheeseheads you already do. (consider revising phrasing) EatsEat some more brats, (comma) losers. AreOur sSuper bBowl run starts this week against da Bears (will allow it due to accepted slang)!

    4. Ernest Tee November 12, 2010

      How many Benedict Arnold pictures do you have hanging on your wall assfuck?

  4. Cody November 11, 2010

    Hey chode choker aka Purple Pryde…here’s an idea: shut the fuck up! First go back to 1st grade and learn some grammar, there’s a difference between “are” and “our.” Secondly, pull those anal beads out of your ass and had them back to Favre. Thirdly “your” team is adorned in purple and your coach dresses in drag…you have zero reason to rip on any other team, let alone the packers. And finally, shut the fuck up…oh wait I already said that? Welp, your peanut sized incoherent brain probably needed me to say it twice for it to sink in, so cheers fuck face!

  5. Johnny5 November 11, 2010

    Monty, has Favre ever stated his feelings about the Packers? Does he hate them now? Will he go in the hall of fame as a Packer?

    1. Monty November 11, 2010

      A better question might be, do we care?
      And the answer would be, no.

  6. iltarion November 11, 2010

    Holy shit, a Viking fan, holy shit. A OT victory over one of the worst teams in football must have inspired one to stick their head out from whatever rock they’re hiding under. Based off the spelling and grammar, it is a 10 year old. I hope.

    Undoubtably the evidence she provided proves Brent sexted her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have bothered providing it. The only question left is were the texts unwanted? Or, does that even matter? Perhaps not. From other reports, the texts were not exactly received like harassment. However, that may not matter. It is possible that sexting in this manner is a violation of the NFL conduct policy regardless of whether she had a problem with them or not.

    1. jeremy November 11, 2010

      Conduct Detrimental to the League has a purposefully loose definition.

  7. Johnny5 November 11, 2010

    Not saying people have to care…. I was just curious.

  8. Doug November 11, 2010

    It’s a reasonable question.
    I think alot of people are interested to hear what Favre thinks of the Packers. I’m sure he’s made some inside comments regarding his thoughts of his old team.

    And whether or not he goes into the HOF as a Packer or another team would be a pretty damn big issue.

  9. iltarion November 11, 2010

    Brent will go into the HOF as a Packer. It is craziness to even consider anything else.

    I am about 99% sure I can tell you what he’d say right now. He’d spout the usual BS about how great the fans are and the organization and how he loved his time here. He seems completely incapable of grasping the fact that playing for our arch-rival is NOT an expression of love, that being fans of his for 16 years, it is far more painful for us to watch him play against us than it will ever be for Ted Thompson, who has only been around for the last 5 years. TT couldn’t give a shit less about the Vikings. Playing for them isn’t spitting in his face; it is spitting in OUR face.

    But no, he thinks for the great 16 years he gave us, we should support him no matter where he goes, who he plays for, and believe me, there are some here that still do. These people claim we won a Super Bowl and went to another because of Brett Favre. Maybe. I say that is an extremely one-sided look at it. I say Brett Favre never wins an MVP, a Super Bowl, has a HOF career or makes millions of dollars without GREEN BAY. Brett Favre was a drunk hick without Green Bay. He was 1 or 2 years from being cut. He OWES US just as much was we’ll ever owe him. That is the effin facts. Sorry.

    Super Bowls Brett has won without the #1 rated defense- 0.

    1. Abe Frohman November 12, 2010

      nevermind that we paid him about $98 MILLION for those services over the course of those 16 years. Perhaps double that in endorsements as well?

      If that were me, I’d have simply stayed retired out of respect for the fans.

    2. Ernest Tee November 12, 2010

      If he was do important to the SB win, why was Desmond Howard named the MVP of the game. Just saying.

  10. Madcity Packer Fan November 11, 2010

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha the Queens have no chance at a Superbowl run now that Favre is going to be in deep shit and everyone on the team hates the person who calls the plays. The only way we will take Favre back is if he gets down on his hands and knees, crawls to Green Bay and begs. No, probably not even then.

  11. Cody November 11, 2010

    Sorry, you guys don’t really have the right idea about the HOF…you don’t enter the HOF under a specific team, you enter as a player with statistics. The only way Favre would get honored as a Packer is if the organization decided to either retire his number, enter his name in the ring of fame, or both. It’s not like Favre has the choice of what team represents him in the HOF. It’ll be a bust of his head…possibly even a replica of his tiny pecker (sorry too far). But none of it really matters, I feel like most Packers fans, along with myself will forgive the douche for his treachery in a couple of years; that is if he stops being a royal fuck up. Please Favre, retire this year after you successfully represent a 7-9 team and go home.

  12. iltarion November 11, 2010

    That seems like such a minor point for such an intriguing conversation.

  13. Ernest Tee November 12, 2010

    On the plus side of his defecting to the Queens, it is their PR problem now, not the Packers. We stay clean, they look like the scumbags they are.lol

  14. Tim November 12, 2010

    you are wrong.
    When you go to the HOF you do go as a member of a particular team.
    And if you played for multiple teams you pick the team you enter the HOF for.

  15. Kozak November 12, 2010


    Typical classless Packer fans. No respect for someone that gave you so many years. I can’t believe you all feel for this hoax. When the truth comes out you will all look stupid… oh wait you already do you with your cheeseheads. Eats some more brats losers. Are super bowl run starts this week against da Bears!

    Another product of the those wonderful Minnesota schools. No doubt an English major at the U of M…..

  16. Tom B November 18, 2010

    P.R.P.L. : An acronym for Purple Rectal Plunge Lover xoxo

    Please come down to Wisconsin this weekend and bring your purple, yeast oozing, douche bag
    biotch with you too.. I have a brat for yo ho doggie!

    Oops never mind…will be having more fun bagging deer….