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No Challenge Because The Georgia Dome Sucks

Georgia Dome

The pinnacle of modern technology.

We were ready to chalk this one of up to another case of Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy being a moron. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

In the second quarter, the Falcons converted a fourth-and-3 when Matt Ryan passed to tight end Tony Gonzales for six yards. The replay showed that Gonzales appeared to be bobbling the ball on his way to the ground and that the nose hit the ground.

It was a clear situation for a challenge, considering the magnitude of the play, but McCarthy kept the red flag in his pocket.

The story the Packers tell is the TVs in the Georgia Dome were delayed longer than usual and no one was able to see the replay in time.

We know you’re a bunch of dumb rednecks down there in the dirty south, but really Atlanta?

Call the cable guy.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ay hombre November 29, 2010

    Piss poor excuse. On such a crucial play with so little time left in the half, a time out should have been called. Add to the fact the Falcons rushed up to the line in a hurry-up to snap the ball and someone on our side should have known something was up. I was waiting for a time out or challenge to be called.

    If you don’t want to waste the challenge then call time out and see if a challenge is warranted. A time out that late in the half was meaningless to us whether the pass was ruled complete or not.

    It’s just another case of MM and the entire Packers coaching staff not considering these situational things BEFORE they occur and therefore they fuck them up when it happens live.

    I stand by my previous post:

    Is it me or have the Packer’s coaching staff made massive glaring errors in all of our losses?
    1. Chicago Bears- McCarthy doesn’t allow the Bears to score an uncontested TD late in the game, all but assuring our offense will not get back on the field, and handing the game over to Chicago. After the game McCarthy suggests they considered letting them score but figured one of the most accurate short-range field goal and extra point kickers in history would miss. Feel free to help me out here…I feel like I’m overlooking other glaring errors.
    2. Washington Redskins- Aaron Rodgers throws two picks and is sacked 3 times in the 4th quarter and Overtime as Mike McCarthy refuses to run the ball. Brandon Jackson ends the game with a whopping 10 carries for an amazing 115 yards. Jackson gets a grand total of 1 carry in the 4th quarter and 1 carry in Overtime as Rodgers continued to struggle.
    3. Miami Dolphins- Frank Zombo, being inserted into the lineup for the first time this season doesn’t get proper coaching on a crucial 4th down punt in the 4th quarter and is called for lining up over the center. This blunder extends the drive for Miami and is a huge cause of the loss. After the game both Slocum and McCarthy refuse to accept responsibility, rather choosing to blame the officials for being picky. Why our player was even in the same zip code of that area remains to be seen.
    4. Atlanta….we all saw it.

    McCarthy will never lead this team to a championship. Period.

  2. ay hombre November 29, 2010

    Actually I think it was Robert Francois….not Zombo…whatever.

  3. iltarion November 29, 2010

    I am all for blaming the coaching staff if it is warranted. I don’t see it here.

    Did the coaches fail to tackle Mughelli on the 3rd and 19, letting him pick up 16 yards and setting up the fateful 4th and 3?

    Did the coaches fumble the ball at the goal line? Hard to blame the coaches for the play call when A-Rodge made the same call just a play earlier.

    Did the coaches allow Burner to walk untouched into the endzone on 4th and one?

    MM wasn’t perfect, but this was on the players.

  4. Cade Lawson November 29, 2010

    It’s easy for me to say now “WHY DIDN’T HE CHALLENGE!?!?! WHAT AN IDIOT!!” But If you were watching the game on fox like I was and you saw the replay before the snap that looked like a catch all the way. I would have said the coaching staff should have been more on that but if the tv’s were delayed which wouldn’t suprise me seeing the home record of the falcons you can’t blame them either. It’s one of those situations where the ball rolled in the opponents favor but I wouldn’t call for MM’s blood just yet.

  5. Buddy November 29, 2010

    Give us another shot at those fuck face dirty birds in post season. They can’t beat us twice. We’ve just got to stop that fat rap video ass running back of thiers. Duh Bears will falter and we will get another shot in the playoffs. Oh yeah and the guys up in the booth need to get streaming video on thier I phone to catch the replays.

  6. ay hombre November 29, 2010

    I guess the point I’m making is that if everything else stayed as it was, we still could have won the game had our coaches made proper decisions. Yeah ARodg fumbled and our D sucked it up in key spots with poor tackling and yeah our special teams coach sucks…but we could have still won had the head coach not brought us down further.

    This has always been my point. I know the players are accountable but you can’t give your opponents an edge like that.

  7. Matt November 29, 2010

    Shoulda called a timeout to give coaches a chance to be sure of the challenge before throwing the red flag.

  8. Flyboy7588 November 29, 2010

    A loss like this one really hurts. Clearly the Pack was the better team but still came home the loser. No fumble on the 1 yard line and the Pack wins this one.

  9. j2 November 29, 2010

    Do you really believe that the coaching staff see’s the replay at a slower rate, than we did on TV. If there is a delay just how long could it possibly be? The Falcon’s did not rush the next snap, Ryan was under center for 6 seconds. The staff made an organizational blunder, MM has made many mistakes managing timeouts and this is one of biggest.

  10. dnetter November 29, 2010

    The real morons here are those of you who think that from your couch you can out-coach those on the sidelines that actually have real expertise. This is an incredibly well-coached team that is likeyly headed deap into the play-offs with a bunch of 2nd and third stringers! It takes impressive coaching to get to where the Pack is now…and their still on the way up. Imagine next year with a full deck. Yeah for MM (can you say COY!) and TT -keep up the great work!

  11. iltarion November 29, 2010

    Actually, yes, they saw them at a slower rate, and you might think you saw them on time, but did you? Listen to the radio broadcast during the game once. You will notice it is ahead of the TV. That is because the TV feed, even what we see at home, is behind the live action. Therefore, hahaha, while you are screaming “challenge! challenge!” at home the next play might already be running in real time.

    Why is no one complaining about the 3rd and Goal where Gonzalez was rewarded a catch at the 1 foot line? That was no catch. There was no way he caught that ball. If that play is ruled incomplete, it is 4th down from the full 1 yard line, and it is very possible the Falcons kick a FG instead of going for it. I guess you guys didn’t catch that one. Then, you are no more infallible than MM is, and that is with all the replays.

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  13. Georgia the best March 2, 2011

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