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Look For Bishop To Get New Contract

Desmond Bishop

Bishop could be getting a big pay day.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop finally got his chance to start and he’s making the most of it.

Bishop has outperformed Nick Barnett, who he replaced in the starting lineup after Barnett’s season-ending wrist injury, by a wide margin.

So far this season, Bishop has 54 tackles, two sacks, a forced fumble, and an interception, which he returned for a touchdown.

It looks like that performance is going to net Bishop a contract extension, too.

“There’s been preliminary talks, and we’ve kept the lines of communication open,” Bishop’s agent, Blake Baratz, said. “It’s kind of an ever-changing landscape, but they’ve made it clear they want him back, and Desmond would like to be back. Each week is kind of an audition for him, and they probably feel more and more comfortable.”

The Packers have also made a contract offer to cornerback Tramon Williams, who is playing on a one-year deal. Defensive end Cullen Jenkins, whose contract expires after the season, has also been clamoring for a new deal, but it appears Bishop is now the Packers second priority, after Williams.

Complicating the situation is the lack of a collective bargaining agreement after March. Bishop made $460,000 last season and the current CBA says a player cannot get a raise greater than 30 percent.

In other words, if the Packers extend Bishop soon, expect him to receive a fairly substantial signing bonus and lower base salaries.

“I think the Packers really value me, and they’ve talked a little bit about keeping me here,” Bishop said. “Now we’ve just got to figure out all the nuts and bolts of it.”


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Vijay November 27, 2010

    Pay da man!

  2. Cody November 27, 2010

    I agree that the Pack should pay Bishop cause he’s been more than serviceable. However I think Jenkins has to be second priority after Tramon. Jenkins is one of the most under-appreciated guys on the team and without him the D-line would take a huge blow! Here’s to hoping they pay both of them.
    PS. Pull your head out of your ass NFL and get that new CBA rolling!

  3. Chuck November 27, 2010

    Jenkins is hurt a lot. Can’t remember a year he wasn’t hurt and missed game(s).

    Top corners like Tramon are hard to find.

    Next years D line without Jenkins-Neal, Raji, Pickett, CJ Wilson, maybe Green. Didn’t see a huge drop off there when Jenkins was out.

    1. Cody November 27, 2010

      Hurt a lot? That’s a laugh, he tore his pec in 2008 and missed 12 games but other than that he’s missed three other games in his 7 year career. Also it comes down to depth and leadership. There’s no reason to let go such a solid player like that of Jenkins ability. Of course you didn’t see a huge drop off when he was out cause he was out for only a week and the Pack were lucky enough that they picked up Green that week. He’s been playing with a club almost the entire year. Try to remember when the Pack actually had to start our future RT on that D line…I never wanna see that happen again. He’s a very underrated and integral part to the D and hope they sign him again.

  4. Chuck November 27, 2010

    16 games missed in 5 years. He also was a situational player for his first couple years. I suppose you were also avid about Corey Williams. Mike Neal in his limited amount of snaps looked adequate. I don’t see Cullen taking near the snaps he used to. You stretch when you use “start” for the RT. He came in on goaline defense. You said it yourself, he’s solid…the argument you put forward was Jenkins being a higher priority over Tramon. Get Real!

  5. Cody November 27, 2010

    No you idiot, I said Jenkins was a bigger priority over Bishop…if you read, I said Tramon trumps them both. And no I never cared for Williams, he was a big, lazy piece of shit. It seems some people agree with me even if you don’t.

  6. Chuck November 27, 2010

    Do you really think Bishop and Jenkins contracts will be comparable? Jenkins will require much more money than Bishop. Underarated players…he won’t be underrated when the $ talks.

    126 career tackles and 26 sacks. I like Cullen…but he is the the second or perhaps third best DL on our team. Pickett got Cullen’s money last year. Dom likes 320 pound starters, Cullen will be a situational player if kept. Mike Neal starts at DE next year.

  7. Cody November 27, 2010

    Yeah I see what you’re saying there, and I’ve definitely liked what I’ve seen out of Neal. I hope you’re right and all I can say is Go Pack…beat the shit out of those falcons!

  8. Chuck November 27, 2010

    I see your point also, Cullen is by far the best pass rushing DL on the roster, but can’t pay everyone.

    I can’t wait to see the pack play the falcons.