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Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers' recent play has put him in the MVP conversation.

It would be a lot easier to make this argument if the Green Bay Packers had beaten the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, but it’s nonetheless time Aaron Rodgers entered the MVP conversation.

Rodgers has been nothing short of spectacular over the Packers’ last three games.

In fact, he’s carried a Packers offense that has little-to-no running game, has been without it’s biggest receiving threat (Jermichael Finley) for most of the season and has been plagued by inconsistency from the remaining receivers.

Despite all of that, Rodgers has carried the Packers to a 7-4 record.

On Sunday, Rodgers went 26-of-35 for 344 yards and one touchdown and ran for a team-high 51 yards and another touchdown. Most impressive was the strike he threw to Jordy Nelson on fourth down in the corner of the end zone with 56 seconds remaining.

That play was typical of Rodgers’ overall play of late. After some inconsistency earlier in the year, Rodgers has regained the precision and timing that made him so successful last season. He’s not only finding open receivers, but he’s throwing frozen ropes again.

Over the last three games, Rodgers doesn’t have a completion percentage lower than 71 percent. He doesn’t have a rating lower than 114.5. His lowest yardage total is 289.

Of course, three games doesn’t make a season. So, let’s compare Rodgers’ season stats with those players in the MVP conversation.

Like Rodgers, the players with the best shot are quarterbacks carrying their teams.

Philadelphia’s Michael Vick has been a popular choice, thus far, but he’s only played in eight games.

Peyton Manning is always a popular choice, but the Colts have slumped to 6-5 and Manning looked terrible in Sunday night’s loss to San Diego.

The Chargers’ Philip Rivers, like Rodgers, is winning without much of a running game and with a receiving corp that’s been decimated by injuries.

Drew Brees is carrying a team with no running game in New Orleans.

Tom Brady is perhaps the top candidate, leading a 9-2 team.

Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Rate Rush Yds Rush TD
Rodgers 240 369 65.0 2,945 8.0 20 9 97.4 245 4
Brady 236 356 66.3 2,703 7.6 23 4 105.8 14 1
Rivers 249 376 66.2 3,362 8.9 23 9 104.9 39 0
Brees 313 456 68.6 3,321 7.3 23 15 92.7 -8 0
Vick 149 235 63.4 1,941 8.3 13 1 106.0 419 5
Manning 317 486 65.2 3,344 6.9 22 11 90.8 -6 0

In addition to stats, a lot of other factors will go into determining the MVP — team record, how important the player is to the team, supporting cast, signature wins and signature plays, to name several.

If I were handicapping the race at this point, Brady would be the favorite.

He’s carrying a team with a terrible defense — the Patriots are 31st in the NFL. He has a nondescript supporting cast — Brady’s biggest offensive weapon, Randy Moss, was traded after four weeks, which has only increased his importance. The Patriots are likely to finish with one of the best records in the league and they already have signature wins over Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and San Diego.

Rivers would be second. While the Chargers are only 6-5, Rivers has played most of the year without his top receivers. Vincent Jackson has played in only one game, Antonio Gates has missed two games and Malcom Floyd has missed three, yet the Chargers are ranked first in total offense. Assuming the Chargers stay hot, Rivers will remain in the conversation.

Next, Rodgers, for the reasons we stated above. The Packers’ victories over Philadelphia and the New York Jets are beginning to look more impressive as the season goes on, as well.

Right now, Brees loses points for his high interception total, Manning loses points for the Colts’ disappointing record and Vick loses points for only playing eight games.

This could all change by the time the season ends, but at this point, Aaron Rodgers deserves consideration for NFL MVP.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. average fan November 30, 2010

    he’s got my vote… unfortunately, it looks like a lot of people are leaning towards the guy who tortured dogs…

    1. Jurgens November 30, 2010

      No way. If he completes the season at the same level, maybe.

  2. Abe Frohman November 30, 2010

    Whether Rodgers wins it or not does not dismiss him from the conversation. It’s simply awesome to have a QB playing at his level that takes care of the football. Now if we’d only support him with things like oh, I don’t know – a running game! Adequate special teams would be nice, too.

    I ate crow when Jackson was improving from below average to okay. Now it’s time to look at Starks or Nance for our first and second down backs. BJ simply doesn’t get it done.

    1. jeremy November 30, 2010

      Starks and Nance aren’t likely to do anything either with a D-lineman in their face immediately after the handoff.

      1. Abe Frohman November 30, 2010

        agreed….but the line isn’t the entire problem. Jackson still wants to dance around. He needs to hit the hole, if it exists, and take what’s there, or bounce it outside. He’s not fast enough or decisive enough to do the latter.

        the play calling needs to change to suit his strengths. how about a toss play from an offset I? That would give him a better chance to get the edge. Or a delayed hand off to let the running lanes open up.

      2. Jurgens November 30, 2010

        Agreed. Colledge and Wells have been getting a free pass

  3. Taryn November 30, 2010

    I’m all for Rodgers getting MVP honors but,he will never get serious consideration until MM stops blowing games and losing the ones that Rodgers in essence sets up for a win.Those are the games(4 so far by 3 points) that puts an MVP over the top.

  4. GER November 30, 2010

    I’m a die hard A Rodge fan and he is a damn good QB, but he yet has a clutch win. Our defense has clutch wins, but you cant honestly say that Rodgers gets it done in the end. I hope it just takes a little more time. I can’t say Rodgers deserves that award more than Rivers.

    1. Jurgens November 30, 2010

      Dude, that last drive against the Falcons was as CLUTCH as it gets. 90 yard drive, culminating with a laser accurate TD pass on 4th down with 56 seconds left? Under pressure. So what else does he have to do to be clutch in the end of a game? Set himself on fire? Play the 4th quarter blindfolded? Play without pads and a helmet?

      Or is he supposed to play special teams and defense?

      And if shitty defense/special teams aren’t an excuse for losses, why do the Packers have a better record than Rivers and San Diego.

      Uh? Eh? Oh.

  5. iltarion November 30, 2010

    I would say leading a 90 yard drive and throwing the tying TD on 4th and 10 is getting it “done in the end.” The fact that the special teams then gave up the game had nothing to do with him.

  6. Nick November 30, 2010

    Didn’t he fumble the ball on the 1 yard line? Or, was that a bad dream?

  7. Nick November 30, 2010

    And, sorry, but the guy who “tortured dogs” spent two and half years in a federal pound you in the ass prison. I think he paid his dues.

    Meanwhile, you got guys like Will Smith (not that Will Smith) from the Saints arrested this week for choking out his wife and pulling her down the street by her hair. Guess how much time he is going to spend in jail. None. Guess how long he will be suspended. Not at all.

    What the hell is wrong with this world if Mike V has to spend almost 3 years in jail for killing dogs and the guy who beats his wife gets nothing.

  8. Buddy November 30, 2010

    Nick, why don’t you pound Michael Vick in the ass. You fuck face! If you have a problem with A-Rod your barking up the wrong fucking tree. So shut the fuck up, go fuck Vick in the ass and kill dogs while you beat your sister for cheating on you with your uncle. Fucking Rodgers Hater!

  9. iltarion November 30, 2010

    There are few things I detest more than a man that hits his wife, but I always take domestic abuse stories with a grain of salt. It is typically the woman’s story that you end up hearing. God knows what she was putting him through to get him to react like that. I am not excusing his actions. I’m just saying…

    Now, I hate dogs, but a guy that can electrocute, drown, or repeatedly beat a dog against the ground until it is dead is a seriously messed up individual. Plus, being stupid enough to run an interstate dog-fighting ring is a federal crime. Choking your wife is not.

    Anyway, Vick is the Comeback Player of the Year, not the MVP. The MVP right now is Tom Brady. Team record has everything to do with it. If the Packers won the rest of their games, A-Rodge MIGHT win it.

  10. Nick December 1, 2010


    What a bright and articulate response. I would respond, but I know your only 14 years old and probably have spent most of the day masturbating in your parent’s basement. Good Luck with that, and I can understand your apparent frustrations. And, for the record, I love Rogers. He is the third best quarterback in packer history, and has the potential to take over the top two spots. A couple playoff wins this year and he is well on his way.

  11. Nick December 1, 2010

    I think you missed my point. You should be punished more for hitting your wife than killing a couple dogs. Dog fighting was completely legal until almost 1980 and was sanctioned and promoted during the colonial period. I know it’s a federal crime now, that’s the problem. The only reason it’s a federal crime is because of liberal ass senators like Robert Byrd, who spent all their time worrying about dogs instead of people. Not only that, look at the NFL’s reaction. They turn the other way with respect to domestic abuse or killing people in drunken driving accidents, but dog fighting is no no number 1. Shameful hypocrisy.

    And, frankly, “god knows what she was putting him through to get him to react like that” is lame excuse for hitting a lady man.

    1. Buddy December 1, 2010

      Sorry, you sounded like a ViQueens fan up in your tower looking down on everyone with a comment about Rodgers fumbling the ball followed up with how Mike Vick is deserving of the MVP and needs a break. Last time I checked this is “Total Packers” so choose your words wisely, or you will get your little feelings hurt. Nobody on this website cares about Vick or some piece of trash that beats his wife. Let’s talk about the Packers and all the passing yards and touchdowns that Rodgers makes happen. Let’s not dwell on the few mistakes that he’s made. Let’s see, who’s the biggest dirtbag? A guy that fumbled in the endzone on week 12 in 2010, or a guy who runs a dog fighting ring. Remember Nick “TOTAL PACKERS” Sound good? And again sorry for inconveniencing you with my 14 year old potty mouth, my mommy put me on time out to make your feelings all better.

  12. Nick December 2, 2010


    My feelings could never be hurt by such an ineloquent and uneducated post. Frankly, you’re an embarrassment to all packer fans. If you can’t use your words like a big boy to defendant your position you should stick to AOL chat rooms.

    And, to use words in your vocabulary, you’re a dumbass, read the post; it’s about MVP candidates. Vick and Rogers are MVP candidates, hence the discussion. Or, are you so obstinate that Rogers wins the MVP because this is “TOTAL PACKERS.” If so, another reason you’re an embarrassment.