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Childress Won’t Be Fired; Favre Still A Girl

Childress will be terrorizing sidelines, and your children, for the rest of the season.

The Minnesota Vikings suck, which is really too bad.

The Vikings dropped to 3-6 after a 27-13 loss to the Chicago Bears, on Sunday. Afterward, the speculation about coach Brad Childress’ job continued.

However, owner Zygi Wilf said he had no plans to fire Childress, after the game.

As for the mighty quarterback, Brett Favre, threw out some more possible excuses for his crappy play. This time, Favre mentioned that his pussy shoulder hurts.

Favre’s stellar day included an 18-of-31 for 170 yards performance with three interceptions and one touchdown. Favre now has 16 interceptions to go with 10 touchdowns on the season. He’s also talked about ending his consecutive games streak because of an ankle injury, tendinitis in his elbow and now an ailing shoulder, which could be related to the surgery he had following the 2008 season.

All of the injuries are pretty convenient for Favre. A convenient excuse for his play. A convenient excuse if he were to get benched (or “end” his consecutive games streak). A convenient excuse if he decided to hang it up before the season is over.

And let’s be honest. With a loss to the Green Bay Packers this weekend, the Vikings’ season is, for all intents and purposes, over.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Abe Frohman November 15, 2010

    Ripping on Favre and Chilly is getting old – predominately because it’s become way too easy. While the VIkings suck and appear to have mailed it in against Chicago, they still HATE the Packers (which clearly illustrates their idiocy). I’m therefore concerned that we believe our own hype and play down to the level of our opponent. Favre will be motivated to kick our asses regardless of the rest of the season. This one smells like a trap game. The game plan should be to: hit him early, hit him hard, and hit him often.

  2. joe November 15, 2010

    Watching the “empire of purple” crumble with lord favre at the helm makes my heart smile.. was I the only one rooting for the bears yesterday?? i know… a crazy fucking thought but i was a little

  3. Jose Madre November 15, 2010

    Clay Matthews accumulates sacks almost as fast as he accumulates extracranial bone-growth.

    At least when his head becomes too lumpy for an NFL helmet, he’ll have his prior TV experience to fall back on:


  4. mike r November 15, 2010

    You were not the only one. I knew that really, it would be better for us if the Bears lost, and we were still in 1st, but I just love seeing Favre and Vikings suck. I still think we’re a better team than the Bears, and we’ll hold them off anyway. Ripping on Favre and Chilly’s dumb ass will never get old. Please, please, please keep it coming.

    1. jeremy November 16, 2010

      Here here. I hope they both come back next season.

  5. ay hombre November 16, 2010

    We must…MUST…sweep the Vikings. And as much as I hate the Vikings and Brett, a lot of his INT’s on the year have been the result of wide receiver bobbles, drops, losing their footing, etc. Only one of the three picks Brett threw this past weekend was his fault. His receivers slipped and fell.

    Let’s put the exclamation point on Brett’s career and use this game as a catalyst to prepare for a bitch of a schedule. We need this one.