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Vikings Get Moss For Third-Round Pick, Packers Keep Thumb In Ass

Randy Moss

Excited to see this again?

Well, that was easy enough.

In the span of 24 hours the Green Bay Packers watched the running back everyone said they needed get traded to Seattle for a fourth-round pick and the receiver they were too stubborn to acquire in 2007 get traded to their arch rival for a third-round pick, moving at least the perceived power center of the division back to Minnesota.

The Minnesota Vikings completed their trade for wide receiver Randy Moss by sending a third-round pick to the New England Patriots this morning. The Vikings were reportedly waiting to finalize a new contract with Moss, who is in the final year of his deal, before completing the trade. However, in the end, the team decided to make the move and worry about the contract later.

Moss will team with quarterback Brett Favre and running back Adrian Peterson to form what will presumably be a dynamic Vikings offense. Peterson has carried the bulk of the load for the Vikings, who are 1-2, on offense thus far. The Vikings passing game hasn’t clicked without injured receiver Sidney Rice.

Moss’ addition should change that and when Rice returns from the physically unable to perform list, which he can do after week six, the Vikings suddenly have one of the best receiver combos in the NFL.

While everyone is abuzz about the Vikings this morning, no one is too excited about the Packers, and with good reason. Without a solid running game, which the Packers haven’t had since Ryan Grant suffered a season-ending injury in week one, the Packers are no longer the Super Bowl favorite they were in the preseason.

In fact, the most complete teams reside in the AFC (Baltimore, New York and Pittsburgh) and the best of the NFC still appears to be New Orleans.

The Vikings have a tough schedule coming up the next four weeks — at New York Jets, Dallas, at Green Bay and at New England — that could either make or break their season, but they are much better prepared to face that slate today than they were yesterday.

While the Packers sitting around and doing nothing to improve their team is in no way surprising, it’s clear they’re no longer the class of the league or even the NFC. The next few weeks will prove if they can even be considered the class of the NFC North.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. John L October 6, 2010

    Wow- what a 24 hours. Once the dust settles it will remain to be seen if this actually works for the Vikes or causes their INT count to rise faster than Smoot’s junk on the Love Boat. They still have the same now tired looking o-line so we shall see.

  2. captain jack October 6, 2010

    wait, wait, wait…Does Randy Moss play right tackle/right guard/ or fill in at left tackle from time to time, or is he just a marquee wide receiver that’s overhyped(like batman and robin?)

  3. Pablo October 6, 2010

    Will Favre try to force it to Moss while under pressure, throwing INTs and frustrating Moss? Does a bear shit in the woods?

  4. CJ October 6, 2010

    What a COUP!!!! GO VIKES!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!

  5. Sarah October 6, 2010

    Our season is quickly going to shit.

  6. martinez October 6, 2010

    it’s a good thing that ted thompson and mike mcCarthy come from the wait and see tribe, if not we might’ve made a productive move for once

  7. Wendy October 6, 2010

    Let’s not over react on the impact of Brett finally getting his way on Moss or the Pack not getting Lynch. By all accounts, Lynch had issues on and off the field that may well have equated to him not being a fit for the team or community. Call me naive, but I believe that TT, who got Rodgers and Matthews, along with other gems knows what he is doing and what he has in the wings.

    Moss is no Finley or Driver or Jennings. He is another example of the fact that Favre is the boss of the Vikes and they are desperate to please BF and willing to do whatever it takes in a futile attempt to duplicate last year. If Lynch and Moss are so great, then why were they traded in the first place?

    Time will tell but I still put my money on the Pack, for years to come. The Vikes, after this year, will have a disgruntled Moss and a retired or maybe not retired Favre and still no Super Bowl win.

  8. bgt4iowa October 6, 2010

    If sex offender eyes had any balls, he would have cock-blocked the Moss to Vikings deal by offering a 3rd rounder for Moss. But who needs a big, tall, and fast WR….a WR of that ilk the Packers haven’t had since James Lofton. Imagine Jennings, Driver and Moss. I would have been happy with that 3 WR combination on every down in lieu of not having a running game and especially since sex offender eyes failed once again to improve the running game and the team by pulling the trigger on the Lynch trade.

  9. PackerFanInFL October 6, 2010

    “happy to see this again”

    What is this some sick attempt to make Korey Stringer Jerseys popular at Halloween again?

  10. NATE October 6, 2010

    Let’s not over react to the situation. Who cares that we didn’t get Marshawn Lynch? He’s not that good… Was he THIRD on buffalos depth chart behind CJ and Fred Taylor?? He wouldn’t do much to spark our run game. As for moss… I’m worried, but remember that favre still has to get the ball to moss. Tell Ted to get DeAngelo Williams! Now that would do something for our run game.

    Sarah, you’re what we call a fair weather fan.
    Pablo, I think your comment is the best one on here.

  11. Kal October 6, 2010

    I see everyone taking shots at the vikings line has anyone paid any attention our matadors recently? I Farve was still back there he’d be dead by now.

  12. iltarion October 6, 2010

    Ah, I am so concerned! The Vikes have become the PERCEIVED better team! OMG!

    Perceived by whom?

    The Vikes pass offense is now going to be sensational now that Moss is in the fold? I don’t buy it. I find it hilarious all these talking heads going on and on about how Minnie has no deep threat. HAHAHAHA!! Wasn’t that EXACTLY Bernard Berrian’s role in CHI? Bernard Berrian is faster than Rice. The only thing that made Rice a deep threat is that he is a big guy who can jump up for the ball. Yeah, so is Moss, but we will see how big of a difference this makes. I can easily see Brett chucking the ball up again and again hoping and praying Moss can bring them down. The combo of Moss and Brett could be great or it could be a disaster. We will see.

    Either way, on paper, many people picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl. On paper, and “perception”, doesn’t mean anything. Until we see the actual results on the field, NO ONE can say if this makes Minnie a better team than the Pack yet. The Pack is 3-1. The Vikes are 1-2. That is all that means anything at this point.

    We should find out a lot this weekend when a banged-up Pack plays at Washington and Minnie plays at the Jets. If the Pack is 4-1 on Tuesday, and Minnie is 1-3, we will see how much junk everyone is talking then.

  13. jeff ircink October 6, 2010

    wendy…i forgot…you know everything when it comes to how the Moss trade is going to affect the Vikings AND whether or not the Vikes can win the SB. LOL! SKOLLL!!!!

  14. DJ October 7, 2010

    You have to be a retard if you think this move doesnt help Minnie. Just ask any def coordinator they play coming up and they’ll tell you it completely changes EVERYTHING! Ballsy and pro active move to make their team better NOW…..which is why the title of this article is EXACTLY RIGHT!

    I am at a loss as to why we didnt ATLEAST take a look at or make a play for Larry Johnson or Lynch. Bring somebody in….hell, I dont care who…..Just Do Something. Anything! But to just stand there and say “we’re ok” is pretty pathetic. Especially when we all know how McCarthy’s nuts shrink when we have a lead and he shuts down Rodgers and religiously tries to burn clock….which always backfires regardless of who is at RB because its so predictable….and we let teams back into games ie Detroit & Chicago.

    But I get that. I am for burning clock too if it is effective. So then go get the pieces you need to MAKE THAT WORK, MORONS!! Look at damn near EVERY NFL team out there now. They all have atleast TWO RBs who can be featured where the talent difference isnt day & night. Just look in our division alone. AP & Gerhardt in Minnie. Best & Smith in Det. Forte and Taylor in Chicago. One goes down and it isnt half as catastrophic as Grant going down was to us. I like Jackson & Kuhn but they are what they are….and neither one of them is feature materiel. So we can bitch about them not getting anybody now….but the reality is that their thumb has been up their ass going on three seasons now. The quote should really be:

    “We’re OK with not winning the Super Bowl.”

  15. jeremy October 7, 2010

    I think the Moss acquisition has about a 50-50 shot of working out for the whole season in Minny. Vikings players are saying the same thing, It’s either going to be an A or an F. If Moss wasn’t getting along with the Patriots and Belichick I can not imagine him keeping his mouth shut under Brad Childress. I’ll be interested to see how this works out at the end off the season, after the honeymoon period has worn off.

    1. Scott November 1, 2010

      That was a short lived honeymoon

  16. Tim November 4, 2010

    Wow. You must be a fortuneteller.

  17. james November 21, 2010