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Brett Favre

Favre's three picks sealed the Vikings fate.

The Green Bay Packers finally pulled out a close game and in doing so, ended the curse of Brett Favre, beating the Minnesota Vikings 28-24.

The Packers sit in a tie with the Chicago Bears atop the NFC North with the Chicago Bears at 4-3.

Although the Packers defense gave up plenty of yards — Favre threw for 212 and Adrian Peterson rushed for 131 — they came up with three interceptions and stopped the Vikings on fourth down on the Vikings final possession.

The Packers got just enough pressure on Favre to force the interceptions, one of which was returned 32 yards for a touchdown by Desmond Bishop. Defensive end Jarius Wynn recorded the only sack for the Packers, but Clay Matthews generated steady pressure all night, even though he was consistently double teamed.

Bishop, who also had eight tackles, played his second solid game and rookie C.J. Wilson, who filled in for the injured Ryan Pickett, was impressive. Wilson finished with eight tackles and was generally the Packers most active defensive linemen.

The defense also did a good job of taking away Randy Moss. Moss was held to three catches for 30 yards.

The Packers offensive line played a tremendous game, holding the Vikings sackless. Left tackle Chad Clifton handled Vikings defensive end Jared Allen with no help. Allen finished with only one tackle. A week after getting pushed around and looking like a rookie, right tackle Bryan Bulaga rebounded with a nice game.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t particularly sharp, throwing two interceptions in the red zone. He was, however, good enough to get the Favre monkey off his back, finishing with 295 yards and two scores. Rodgers was in sync with Greg Jennings all night. Jennings finished with six catches for 74 yards and a score. James Jones also had a big game with four receptions for 107 yards.

Unfortunately, Donald Driver was a non-factor and his team-record consecutive games with a reception streak came to an end. Driver was clearly bothered by the quad injury that’s been nagging him the past week.

The most important streak that was broken today was the losing streak against Minnesota and Favre, though. The Vikings are 2-4.

Skol Vikings!


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. iltarion October 24, 2010

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Brent limping and losing. It doesn’t get any better than this. All the Viking fans, your team is 2-4, how about them apples?

    1. jeremy October 24, 2010

      Soon to be 2-5 after a trip to Gillette Stadium.

      Right now there is no way the Packers are paying AJ Hawk 10 million to play ahead of Bishop next season.

  2. Lumpy Gravy October 24, 2010

    God, this win felt good. So proud of our team tonight.

  3. Jurgens October 24, 2010

    Also worth noting that aside from the interception that was pretty much dropped into his lap, Jared Allen was a complete non factor tonight.

    All week long I’ve heard Vikings fans trash talking about all of his sacks on us last year.

    Well here, we are almost midway through the season and Jared Allen has one sack.


    None tonight.

  4. WhatUSaid October 24, 2010


    Loved that.

    Did you see Claymaker tee off on Moss during that pick 6?

    1. RodgerDat October 25, 2010

      oh yeah, clay layed moss out when bishop was already 10 yds ahead. LOVED IT!

  5. Vijay October 24, 2010

    Where’s all of the Vikings comments now? Hum?? Though I do think that they got jobbed on that Shiancoe TD which was clearly a catch. Still, a win is a win…we’ll take it…GO PACK GO and thanks to Lord Favre for the memories at Lambeau.

  6. iltarion October 24, 2010

    No, that was the exact right call. The ball CAN touch the ground if the player already has possession, but the ground can’t aid in the catch. I don’t think there is much doubt that the ground clearly helped him catch that ball. Regardless, the refs also marked it 4th and 1 when Jennings was a yard past the 1st down marker. So, some good and bad breaks went both ways. The difference was clearly Brent’s picks. A pick six on the road is absolutely devastating. Brent is not the player he was last year. The guy is a beat up mess. He never really wanted to come back, and he was right. He should not have.

    Enough props can not be given to Clifton and Bulaga. They completely neutralized Allen and Edwards. In fact, they were so dominant, that it seemed like early in the game Allen and Edwards just stopped rushing and instead tried to bat down balls. Amazing because just 2 weeks ago, myself and nearly everyone else was saying Clifton should just retire. Wow.

    I say this every week, but GIVE JACKSON THE BALL!!! I just don’t get this CRAP. The guy runs for 11 yards, and then we pull him and put Kuhn in there. It is insanity. We finally give the guy the ball on the goal line, which I’ve been calling for all year, and he scores. Hey, get a clue, 4th and 1, give JACKSON THE BALL!!!! Run behind Sitton. It is that simple.

    Minnesota and Chicago… I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but your coaches are REALLY STUPID. They are so bad, that MM is somehow probably the best coach in the division. Cutler had a TD and Quarless didn’t. It is called THROW THE CHALLENGE FLAG.

    Tonight is a great effin night.

  7. Nick K October 25, 2010

    Wow, really? Not one Queen fan on here trying to defend the shit team they field. The real Brett Faver is finally showing. The Brett all Packer fans are use to seeing. Enjoy the season you purple faggots!
    Skol Fuck yourself!

  8. Nick K October 25, 2010

    Hey Queen fans, if you had Brett during his best season and his worst season that equals out to who gives a fuck you super bowl-less bitches. Also how does it feel knowing the best QB you have right now is your third string?
    Again SKOL FUCK OFF!!! LOL

  9. mike r October 25, 2010

    Not only did we beat Brett’s washed up ass and Vikings, we did it without several of our starters from the beginning of the season. Huge win! Not sure that we are going to be a real factor in the playoffs, but no doubt we are the best team in the North, even with all the injuries.

    Anyone catch Favre’s post game press conference? The grandpa as gotten really good an making excuses, saying he would have made better throws if his ankle wasn’t hurt. I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching Favre and the Vikings’ season continue to go down the drain.

    1. average fan October 25, 2010

      i watched the interview with favre after the game… he already made his excuse for next weeks loss to the pats by saying “i’m no spring chicken” “i don’t heal as quickly” “i would doubt seriously, next week, that will be completely healthy”

  10. PackerFanInFL October 25, 2010

    For a minute there I thought Brent thought he was playing the 2002 rams..but then he just dumped off to AP to prevent the inevitable.

    Oh yes I enjoy watching the Purple Peeter Texter sink into the bowels of NFL

  11. Abe Frohman October 25, 2010

    I became disgusted with all the smoke blown up Brett’s rear and felt it slighted Aaron Rodgers. I mean we keep hearing about what a warrior he is, how indestructible he is, but he simply doesn’t want to get hit any longer. I think Bishop’s pick 6 was the result of getting hit pretty hard a play or two earlier.

    I’m glad Rodgers got the monkey off his back. Kudos to him.

    Enough can’t be said for the play of guys like Tramon Williams and Sam Shields. They’ve been very quietly putting in a pretty solid season – even moreso with injuries to the dline and cm3 and the relative lack of pressure that goes along with that.

  12. Nick K October 25, 2010

    Not a peep form any purple peter eater fans anywhere. They even slithered there way out of the bar last night after 4th down. Come out, come out where ever you TROLL!!!

  13. Jurgens October 25, 2010

    Where is Matt Fox?

  14. Sarah October 25, 2010

    ::cues the Party of Five music::

  15. matt fox October 25, 2010

    I’m right here. Although, actually guys, you techinically still havent beaten Favre. The nfl admitted that they messed up calls that game, and that the Favre Visanthe TD actually shouldve stood. Seeing as that took away four points and the Vikings lost by four points, that wouldve actually made it a tie game. And if you account for the ghost pass interference call on Randy Moss, as well as the Rodgers TD to Quarless that shouldntve counted as it was dropped, you guys didnt actually win. So i mean, enjoy the win in the stats column, you definately needed it, butyou didnt actually win that game. You can tell yourselves you did all you want, but sorry bros.

    1. Kozak October 26, 2010

      Can you spell delusional? Actually, looking at your grammar and spelling, I guess the answer is no. So we most definitely will take the win in the real world, and leave the fantasy world to the
      Queens and their so called fans. Still the non champion bitches of the NFL except in their pointy little braided heads.

    2. Jurgens October 27, 2010

      So if you’re going to buy into that excuse I suppose that you’ll admit that we should have won in Arizona last year?

      How about the stack of calls and non calls the Vikings got Sunday night? The Nick Collins personal foul? The holding on Harvin’s kick return? The blatant inexcusable pass interference on Rodgers’ 2nd Interception? How about the illegal pick play/pass interference on Moss’ TD?

      Wake up Matt. You idiots are so self righteous and entitled it makes me sick. Had you guys won, do you think anyone would give a rats ass about those missed calls? Go fuck yourself.

      And last I checked it was Childress who announced that someone at the league office said they got the call wrong. Did the league issuee an official press release apologizing to the poor Vikings? Nope. But they sure as shit fined Childress 35k.

      Your precious team is falling apart at 2-4. The Packers beat Favre and they beat the shit out of him to boot. Deal with it.

    3. Buddy October 29, 2010

      A touchdown is worth 6 points not 4 you pea brain fuck!

  16. matt fox October 25, 2010

    P.S. beating Favre doesnt take away from the fact that you guys are run by a terrible human being and that you have all taken the place of Vikings fans as the shittiest fans in the NFL. so enjoy that too. We’ll see you guys again ina few weeks. Maybe you wont have to cheat to win this time?

    1. Buddy October 29, 2010

      You are a waste of a human soul Matt Fux! Packer fans forgot about the Arizona playoff game. You see, what we do is forget about the negative things and move on. You Queen fucks dredge shit up from several years ago to the present about how “they cheated” or “the refs were paid” Just admit that your team did not do enough to win the game. Admit that your team made too many mistakes. You fucking lost! Deal with it and move on,

      Then go fuck your sister while she eats a mayo sandwich and watches Jersey Shore!

  17. PackerFanInFL October 26, 2010

    That catch was clearly a trap keep making exuses asshole

  18. Nick K October 26, 2010

    Lets talk about missed calls. How about the walker interception where he stepped out of bounds and was the first to touch the ball after that? Thats not a pick is it? Or the Jennings first down catch that was miss spotted by 2 1/2 yards? Or the multiple facemasks on Clay Matthews that were not called? I think missed/ blown calls were about even.
    Skoal suck a dick Fox.