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Revis and the Jets provide a tough match-up for the Packers.

The New York Jets will have their best defender, cornerback Darrelle Revis, back at full strength for their match-up with the Green Bay Packers, this Sunday — something that isn’t good news for the team’s passing attack.

The Jets are coming off a bye and Revis says he’s 100 percent for the first time since he injured his hamstring in week two. Revis missed the next two games.

“I’m ready to go, I’ll be there Sunday,” Revis said. “We did everything we could this week, this week helped out for me to stay here and get all the treatment I need to get so I’m ready to go. I’m 100 percent.”

Revis played the past two weeks, but was clearly bothered by the injury. He has only seven tackles and no interceptions, this season, after finishing as the runner up to Charles Woodson for the defensive player of the year, last season.

The Packers passing attack could be in trouble with Revis likely matching up with Greg Jennings. Revis, who has shut down some of the league’s best receivers, could severely limit Jennings’ production.

Meanwhile, Donald Driver is battling a quad injury that limited his playing time and effectiveness in the Packers’ victory over Minnesota. Driver’s team-record consecutive games with a reception streak was snapped in the game.

The Jets second cornerback, Antonio Cromartie, has 17 tackles and two interceptions on the year and seems to have regained the form that made him an All Pro with San Diego in 2007.

When you add it all up, the Packers will need more production from their tight ends, receivers James Jones and Jordy Nelson, and probably running back Brandon Jackson in the passing game, than they’ve got through the first seven games of the season.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. chitter October 26, 2010

    We’re 6 point underdog. When’s the last time you saw that?

    1. Jeremy October 26, 2010

      Quite a while ago.

      But the Packers barely beat a 2-5 team last week. The teams they have beat are a combined 7-18.They lost to every .500 or better team they’ve faced this season. And they are likely starting a street free agent and a 7th round rookie at the DE positions against maybe the best OL in football this week. Seeing as the Jets get ~3 for playing at home, I wouldn’t be surprised if Vegas raises that to 8-9 before Saturday.

      1. Nick K October 26, 2010

        I dont know if you pay attention to football, but the Eagels are above .500.

        1. jeremy October 26, 2010

          Thanks for pointing that out, they did beat one. Actually I do pay attention, enough to remember you telling us all that Morgan Burnett sucked and wasn’t going to cut it as a safety. I guess we both make mistakes.

  2. Vijay October 26, 2010

    The Packers will get their asses kicked in this weekend. This game will reveal the distance between a decent NFC team and a quality AFC opponent. Mark it down!
    Jets 31- Packers 17

    1. Buddy October 27, 2010

      O.K. Miss Fucking Cleo, where did you find the tarot cards? In your vagina? The Pack is going to have an interception fest on rubber arm Sanchez. Oh wait, I forgot he is so talented at handing off the football. Mabe he can out “hand off” Rodgers! The only thing he will be handing off is a win to Green Bay via multiple interceptions. The Jets can’t run on Green Bay’s sturdy run defense and they have no passing game.
      Suck it New York dick holes!

      Green Bay 28 New York 10

  3. Madcity Packer Fan October 26, 2010

    I disagree I think the Packers are going to give the Jets a good challenge. It will be a close win for us. They maybe decent right now but they are still the fucking and records don’t mean shit in this league.

  4. Taryn October 26, 2010

    With Harris and Bigby coming back(they better) this week,we can handle the passing game of the Jets.The OL and their run game is more the challenge but,Shon green is not AP and Raji and Pickett and whoever can do enough so Matthews and Jones can get the QB rushed and frazzled.

    1. Jeremy October 26, 2010

      Let’s hope Pickett can even play…

  5. iltarion October 26, 2010

    The Eagles are 4-3 and all 3 games the Packers lost were by either a last second FG or a FG in OT. Minnesota is 2-4, BTW. The Packers have led in every game and arguably should have won every game, even with all their injuries.

    I believe the Packers match up well against the Jets because the Jets are a run first offense, which is the Packers’ strength. Also, the Jets have great corners, but the Packers like to spread it around rather than relying on 1 or 2 WRs, so it hurts the Packers less than other teams.

    The key factors here though are the Packer injuries and the extra week of preparation for the Jets. Give the Pack Jenkins, Pickett and Finley for this game, and I’d like the Pack by 4. Without Jenkins, possibly without Pickett, and with no Finley, the Packers are missing 2 run stuffers and an offensive weapon that the Jets couldn’t match up with. Add that to the extra week of preparation and I’d give the Jets -8.

    I think the Packers’ goal for this game should be to keep A-Rodge healthy. With Dallas being a smaller task now, a 5-4 record into the bye week will leave the Packers in a decent position. After the bye, Harris, Bigby, Jenkins, Pickett and even Starks should all be ready to go. CM3 should be closer to 100%. And the Packers typically finish strong. Add to that a division that can be won by a 10-6 record, and I think the Pack can afford a loss to the Jets as long as they get no more injuries.