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It’s Official: Sterger Wants Money From Favre

It's a good thing he's rich, because his dick is tiny.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s familiar with money-grubbing whore behavior. Jenn Sterger is willing to accept a cash settlement from Brett Favre in lieu of talking to NFL officials about his cock texts.

Let’s pause for a moment to be serious, though, before anyone condemns Sterger. She was the target of unwanted sexual advances. The fact that she can potentially cash in on that is simply her prerogative, regardless of what you think about it.

Morality goes out the window when money, and apparently, Brett Favre, is involved.

This comes from the Pioneer Press’ Jeremy Fowler.

Jenn Sterger, the subject of the NFL’s investigation into Brett Favre’s behavior, would decline the league’s interview request if she and the Vikings quarterback reach a financial settlement that would prevent her from any potential legal action against Favre, the Pioneer Press has learned.

The settlement would include a confidentiality agreement between the two that would effectively stop the NFL, which does not have subpoena power, from speaking with her Sterger about Favre.

I hate to jump to conclusions, but I think this more or less proves Favre guilty in the court of public opinion. Of course, the guy is a marketable hero who just loves to play the game, so everyone will surely forget about Cockgate a week from now.

A childlike love for the game of football surely out rules any sort of scummy, self-serving behavior off the field.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Tim October 22, 2010

    No, this just PROVES it all the more, that Favre did it. She would not be able to make this demand if she didn’t have proof of it.

    Favre also has never once denied having done this, and he has been asked many time, refusing to answer. Any normal person who would have this happen to them, would be angry and would state that they did not do it.

    Funny so many making this lady out to be bad now, when its Favre who is the pervert.

  2. Taryn October 23, 2010

    As a woman,I’m pissed that he may get away with doing this.But,as we know with everything there is always another way to look at things.

    If Sterger was truly upset with whatever went on(pics, texts) waiting 2 years to bring it out has the smell of blackmail after an initial acceptance of the pics and texts and whatever else went on.

    Many crimes have a Statute of Limitations as to time allowed to attempt prosecution of an ALLEDGED CRIME but this is beyond any normal time frame.Holding sex pics and texts for 2 years before pressing charges is bullshit.

    Before any of you join the posse for my head on this,think a minute,how many have sent a sex orientated text or image to your girlfriend or boyfriend or whoever in fun,and 2 years later when you’re not involved anymore,they decide to press charges,since they found out money can be gotten from you.

    I’m not condoning what he did (alledged) but seriously,the odds are there was a relationship that went sour and she’s trying to collect,and if that is the case,put her ass in jail for blackmail.

    Favre is penalized for sending them,Sterger is penalized for waiting two years,off-setting penalties,there is no do over for either as your both wrong for what one did and what the other is trying to do.

    1. Jurgens October 23, 2010

      I don’t know Taryn. I know I’ve never sent anything like that.

      Also, I think it’s weird that you sort of dismiss the accusations as “alleged” and in the same sentence jump to the assumption that there was a relationship. The former has evidence.

      1. Taryn October 23, 2010

        The accusations are alledged until proven otherwise and the assumption of a relationship is based on the length of time from the pics and texts.

        I feel these pics and texts would need to be proven as a sexual harassment but first they need to prove there was no relationship and they were not sent in that manner.

    2. jeremy October 23, 2010

      Being a woman doesn’t give you special rights when judging Sterger. She was not Favre’s GF, and his alledged behavior fits the legal definition of sexual harrasment so she has a case to pursue.

      1. Taryn October 23, 2010

        You talk as if you KNOW they were never entwined in some manner and the KEY word and used by yourself is ALLEDGED.

        You have assumed I have taken special rights being a woman in judging Sterger,Just an allegation on your part.Where is and how can you prove that. You can’t,it’s opinion and conjecture and hearsay if taken from anothers opinion.

        1. jeremy October 24, 2010

          Your post starts with “As a woman”. Just in case you forgot.

  3. JCO October 23, 2010

    No reason to pay her off anyways. She already released all that she has.

    1. Jurgens October 23, 2010

      Actually, the NFL wants access to her phone and phone records.

  4. Vijay October 23, 2010

    anyone think that maybe, just maybe athletes are just grown up kids? why is this behavior surprising to anyone? is it wrong…sure. but will we ever know all the facts surrounding it…no.

    Move on to football and ‘let the league office’ handle this boring ass shit.

  5. chitter October 23, 2010

    Although it seems pretty obvious Brett sent the texts and pics, I do agree with Taryn on the point that that alone does not constitutes sexual harassment. It is very relevant the points Taryn makes and unless every text, phone call, liaison, encounter, etc. is uncovered, then I tend to believe there is no story here. One of the most common determinations about sexual harassment is this: Did she tell him to stop? She may not have asked for or liked or wanted the pictures, but did she ever tell him to stop sending them or did she allow him to send multiple pics? Maybe she didn’t like it and laughed it off, but it would seem to me that these were sent over time and if she never made it clear to him that she was not down with this and that he should stop sending pics, then he did not harass her. Period.

    She may have asked him for the dick pics. They may have had a relationship. The point is she may have encouraged this…we really don’t know and unless she vehemently told himto back off, then she was likely flattered and leading him on.

    Her asking for money 2 years later is bullshit.

  6. chitter October 23, 2010

    My relationship with Brett continues to perplex me. Just when I reach the point of begging to see him fail, I find myself defending and rooting for him. I went through it in the NFC Championship game last year too.

    Honestly none of these feelings came to the surface until I read that she was asking for money. Then I started thinking about it from the other side. I would go so far as to say this though…If Brett does pay her off then she’s got a lot more dirt…a lot more.

    Brett will certainly have high powered lawyers that will try and prove they had a relationship. If they did and his lawyers can prove it, then I expect they won’t settle and will roll the dice. If he pays her off then I’d say she has every single detail saved and was likely plotting this for a long time.

    The reason this story comes out now is because Sterger and her lawyers lose all their power once Brett retires. All of their power lies in the fact that the NFL can suspend him without having committed a crime and end his streak.

    It’s nothing but a shakedown and my money says she led him right where she wanted him to go and now she’s got the goods.

    He’ll pay her because she’s a money-grubbing whore…a smart one.

    1. Jurgens October 23, 2010

      What? Favre will try to prove that he had a relationship? Well, that would open a can worms with Deanna would it not?
      They’ll pay her off and thats that.

      That some of you are still calling for evidence (when there is a pile of it) yet making all sorts of other conclusions based on nothing is mind boggling.

      1. chitter October 23, 2010

        Deanna knows what’s going on, dodging questions just like her hubby. A relationship between Brett and Sterger takes sexual harassment off the table and in my opinion gets the NFL off Brett’s ass. Is Roger Goodell really going to suspend someone for cheating on his wife?

  7. iltarion October 23, 2010

    This is coming to the forefront now because someone got their hands on these texts and released them. People are acting like Jenn waited on this for 2 years and is now trying to capitalize. She says she never released the texts to Deadspin, and I believe her. Why would she? She is trying to make a career as a serious sports reporter, no longer known just for her sex appeal, and this is exactly the kind of publicity that she does NOT need, which is exactly why she is refusing to talk to the NFL. I have said from the get go that Jenn would prefer this all just went away.

    People are talking like Jenn is some destitute nobody, when she is a regular host of the Daily Line on Versus. She has a career going just fine right now, and the last thing she needs is the internet afire with “money-grubbing whore.” This ultimately will cost her more money than she’ll get in a settlement, which I’m sure is exactly why she IS asking for a settlement, fully aware of the career earnings this is likely to cost her.

    I can well imagine that having pictures on her phone of a famous athlete’s privates was something she wanted to share with friends. “Hey, look at this!” It would have been easy for any of these friends to save the pictures in their own phone. Then, a couple years later, Brent and the Vikes coming to NY to play the Jets, one of these friends, needing some extra money, because after all who doesn’t?, contacts a couple websites until she finds one with the balls (haha) to pay her for the photos and story. Bam! That’s how this whole thing started.

    Jenn is long gone, working for Versus, when the story hits. She wants nothing to do with it, knowing full well her image among sports fans already, instead wanting to be appreciated for her work instead of her body (good luck with that). She at first just stays quiet about it, hoping it will go away. However, it is too late for that now. With the internet flooded with posts comparing her to a prostitute, when she did NOTHING wrong other than share with some friends the pictures of Brent’s dong. (I mean, seriously, what woman wouldn’t immediately show those to their friends?) there can be little argument now that Jenn’s own image and career have not been affected. It seems completely justified that she might be looking for someone to pay, and preferably the owner of the dick in question.

    Since Brent was stupid enough to text a digital recording of his cock through a cell phone, which is tantamount to posting it on YouTube directly, Jenn now has his proverbial balls in a sling. Even if the relationship was consensual, she can now tell the NFL it wasn’t. If she did, it is sexual harrassment, period. The statute of limitations has no relevance, whatsoever. I can guarantee you that if me or chitter text pictures of our privates to a co-worker who is not asking for said pictures, we can start packing our cubicle into a box. If we are at the same job 2 years later and the same pictures surface, we are equally screwed. Since Brent is still an NFL employee, it is still sexual harassment, 2 years later, and he could expect suspension or SOME disciplinary action.

    Brent’s camp paying Jenn off suggests the texts DID occur. It does not prove whether the relationship was consensual or not. Unless Brent can prove Jenn texted or emailed him, he is at her mercy. Since Brent is a married man, that is highly unlikely. If he saved such things, his phone would probably be full of pictures, texts, and phone numbers from every other slut in the league.

    Sexual harassment or not, one thing I can virtually guarantee you is that no man sends a woman pictures of his cock unless he is currently having sex with that woman or plans to. So sexual harassment, maybe or maybe not, but adultery, certainly. Fortunately for Brent, Deanna has already evoked her faith in this case, and we all know that those strong in their faith are far less likely to divorce than those who are not. Since Brent is at the end of his career, unlike Tiger, a divorce would be disastrous. I wouldn’t even wish that on him, though it couldn’t happen to a better guy.

    1. chitter October 23, 2010

      Umm yeah. If any of that were true, she would simply let the story die. No one would give a shit about it 6 months from now and her reputation as a journalist wouldn’t be effected at all. Look at Erin Andrews for crying out loud! She was dealt a way shittier situation and yet it still eventually drifted in to the background, nearly disappearing. And that’s a woman who was shown naked in her hotel room!

      Oh poor Jenn Sterger! My heart aches for this very serious and respected journalist who likely never told Brett to back the fuck off because she was getting pissed.

      We’re both speculating but I think your angelic portrayal of Sterger is kinda funny.

    2. Cade Lawson October 23, 2010

      I’ve grown to like your qoutes but it baffles me as to why you keep calling Brett “Brent”.

  8. chitter October 23, 2010

    Oh poor Jenn Sterger! My heart aches for this very serious and respected journalist who likely never told Brett to “Back the fuck off because I am getting pissed.”

  9. Cade Lawson October 23, 2010

    Cade Lawson:

    I’ve grown to like your qoutes but it baffles me as to why you keep calling Brett “Brent”.

    ***posts not qoutes*** my apologies my mind was elsewhere.

  10. matt fox October 24, 2010

    I’m confused, how is it obvious Brett sent the pictures?

    First of all, who actually thinks that Brett Favre uses myspace? Under the name “the silver fox”? Yeah, okay. And then he uses myspace to try to get with a girl? And then leaves her voicemails? Do you actually think a married and famous person of his stature is that stupid? Especially after the serious trouble he saw his old party buddy Chimara get into? Remember how much Favre distanced himself from Chimara after that happened? I find it hard to believe he’d do this to himself.

    Also, don’t you all find it kind of weird that Stergers’ allegations have Favre only trying to get with her through everything but human to human contact? Myspace, a Jets employee, voicemails. She never once says Favre ever said anything to her in person. That’s pretty odd.

    Especially since this is Brett Favre were talking about. Who honestly believes Brett Favre needs to use third parties and the internet to get with a girl? I know you guys are angry with him, but lets be real. How hard do you really think it would be for Brett fucking Favre to get with a random girl? Oh, but she says he was old and married and she wouldnt do that. Give me a fucking break, he was 39 at the time and she was 26. And I guess she’d be the first girl in the world in her mid-twenties to date a guy who’s in his late thirties. Not to mention Sterger was in playboy and got famous for being a florida state fan with a boob job, but, no, of course she wouldn’t have sex with a famous married guy. That sounds too out of character.

    Do you people understand how ridiculous this is?!?! Did any of America even listen to the freakin voicemails? The dude even breaks into a texas accent at times! What is wrong with you people?

    1. jeremy October 24, 2010

      Surprise, surprise Brett has admitted to the voice mails.

      1. Jurgens October 24, 2010

        Matt, you are pathetic.

        1. Jurgens October 24, 2010

          You’re so in love with the guy that they could show video of Brett Favre, shot from seven different angles, with him directly addressing each camera saying “Hey ya’ll watch this. I am Brett Lorenzo Favre and I’m about to text my junk to Jenn Sterger” and you’d still be crying conspiracy.

          The same multi angle indisputable evidence could be posted by Brett Favre himself on his official site and you’d still say that it was all a set up.

          As more and more comes out, the more and more you Favre sycophants look like complete buffoons.

          1. Jurgens October 25, 2010

            Matt, did you watch the game?

  11. jeff ircink October 24, 2010

    ‘they could show video of Brett Favre, shot from seven different angles, with him directly addressing each camera saying “Hey ya’ll watch this. I am Brett Lorenzo Favre and I’m about to text my junk to Jenn Sterger” and you’d still be crying conspiracy.”

    well, that would be proof positive now, wouldn’t it, jurgens?

    1. Steffen October 24, 2010

      Nope. You’d claim that it was CGI.

      By the way, I hope you enjoyed watching your hero blow it again tonight.

  12. Greg October 24, 2010

    It didn’t look very tiny to me.

  13. Greg October 24, 2010

    It seems to be a clear case of someone who is greedy for Favre’s money and that is really a scum bag. It shows the truth that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” The love of money is destroying America, just like every previous nation.

  14. Rik October 24, 2010

    Once again, Packer fans are so quick to trample a Legend. Whatever happened to due process? The world would be such a better place if all of Wisconsin just fell into a sinkhole…

  15. iltarion October 24, 2010

    I didn’t think I was painting an “angelic” picture of Jenn at all. I thought it was realistic.

    People are calling her a “prostitute”, a “whore”, and a “scum bag” when she says she never released the texts and now insists she never asked for money, though I already explained it is within her rights. How exactly could she make this story go away? She can’t. The media will grow this story regardless of what she says.

    Lastly, it is REALLY simple. I am a lifelong Packer fan. The QB that won a Super Bowl for the Packers and is arguably our greatest player of all time, his name is Brett Favre. This selfish, primadonna, lying prick that plays for the effin POS Vikings, his name is Brent. Simple equation. I could just call him Joe Bob, but then all the clueless, “Brett Favre fans” otherwise known as Viking fans wouldn’t know who I was talking about.