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Deanna Favre Will Not Be Supporting Her Man This Week

Deanna Favre

Will not be taking your cock-related questions.

I’ve been wondering where Deanna Favre has been hiding while this whole Brett Favre Cockgate saga unfolds.

The answer: not in plain view.

No, Deanna has been silent and predictably so, since her husband has said absolutely nothing about his text-related dalliance with Jenn Sterger. Some would say Favre’s silence is essentially an admission of guilt. If he weren’t guilty, why wouldn’t he just say the incident never happened?

So, you might also surmise Deanna thinks the same thing. Or, if Brett is indeed guilty and he admitted as much to her, you might figure she isn’t too happy.

Well, unless this is all an obvious coincidence, you might be right and the latest bit of evidence seems to support that potential conclusion.

Per Titletown Tickets & Tours, Deanna will not be attending this Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings/Green Bay Packers game. The following message appeared on their Facebook page Tuesday evening.

Deanna Favre has decided not to attend the game in Green Bay. Thus, we have access to a 30 yard-line suite for the Packers – Vikings game at a ridiculously LOW PRICE.

For those of you who might suggest Deanna doesn’t want to walk into a venue where her husband is hated, I’d point out that she did just that, last season, when anti-Favre fever was at its highest point. She was given her own security escort by the Packers and even mentioned how she enjoyed attending the game because she had so many old friends in Green Bay.

Unless she’s since lost all of her old Green Bay friends, you might correctly assume something else is going on.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. jeff ircink October 19, 2010

    this – from Titletown Tickets’ FB page – posted after the initial post on the suite Deanna is not using:

    Titletown Tickets & Tours Regarding the last post, I was contacted by Andy Benoit from CBS Sports. He had no interest in purchasing the suite. His only interest was to know why Deanna Favre wasn’t coming to Green Bay – as if I knew or cared. Why is it that some people need to create a story where none exists and stick their nose in where it doesn’t belong??? Get a life!

    Seems not all Packer affiliated groups or organizations are interested in this story.

    1. Jurgens October 20, 2010

      Jeff, Titletown Tickets and Tours isn’t exactly a blog. They’re a ticket vendor. Genius. And if they’re weren’t looking for the attention, why not just announce that the suite was available? Nope, they had to drop her name.

      Hopefully Favre notices how much effort you have put into defending his honor and rewards you with a selection of special texts of your very own.

    2. jeremy October 20, 2010

      “and stick their nose in where it doesn’t belong??? Get a life!”

      Is that kinda like a Viking fan trolling a Packer website?

  2. Vijay October 19, 2010

    “I told Percy I’d do this…”

  3. Matt October 20, 2010

    hahahaha!!! good one Vijay!! yep….if i was Brett thats what i’d tell Deanna, blame it on Percy.

    On a side note, i really do hope deanna divorces favre and takes him for all he’s worth. I hate that son of a bitch with a passion, yet, for some reason, Deanna just holds a special place in all true Packer fans hearts….

  4. Bess October 20, 2010

    Thank Goodness! someone that doesn’t believe he is just being a man or he’s just human; these statements kill me!!! Or the fact this woman posed for Playboy; so what!! This doesn’t mean she would sleep w/ anyone or that she is a whore. Brett Favre was wrong,so wrong; his behavior crossed a line. I WAS a huge fan of Brett but now I can’t stand to watch him. Plus Deanna deserves better than this. I hope he just retires soon!!

    1. jon October 20, 2010

      Funny Bess how you are so quick to judge Favre when no formal complaint was ever initiated by Jenn “the money tramp” Sterger. He playboy pictures are average btw.

  5. iltarion October 20, 2010

    Nice picture of Deanna.

    I feel bad for her. Not so much because of Brent’s actions, which being married to him she is probably aware of, but because he was stupid enough to send something in recordable form, leading to massive embarrassment for her and her family.

    Deanna would certainly not miss a trip to Lambeau if not for this.

    Jenn getting a lawyer at least means this is continuing to move forward. The only question is- Is she lawyering up in anticipation of a counter-suit by Brent? or Is she doing it to possibly protect herself from the NFL?

  6. jeff ircink October 20, 2010

    jeremy – shhhhh.

  7. jeff ircink October 20, 2010

    jurgens, so i take it by your comment that you’re firmly convinced the v/m and text are, in fact, Favre’s?

  8. jeff ircink October 20, 2010

    and bess too. you’re proof positive that Favre is guilty of the alleged v/m and texts?

  9. jeff ircink October 20, 2010

    by the way, Jurgens…where did i write or say anything about “defending Brett’s honor”? all i said was the Titletown site wasn’t interested in this story. please clarify.