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Nick Barnett

Will Barnett be the latest Packer to go on the shelf?

When Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy said linebacker Nick Barnett could miss an extended period with a wrist injury, we didn’t anticipate “extended period” meant “the rest of the year.”

However, that appears to be a real possibility.

Multiple sources have confirmed Barnett’s initial diagnosis — that he will need surgery to repair his wrist injury. The question is when?

There’s a possibility the procedure could be put off until after the season, but if it’s determined the linebacker needs surgery immediately, it would end his season. Barnett is scheduled to get a second opinion this week and a timetable will be established after that.

However — and I am really starting to hate this twerp — Adam Schefter says Barnett is already gone.

Packers LB Nick Barnett is out for season after suffering a wrist injury similar to one that ended Brian Urlacher’s season last year.

Barnett continued to play after injuring the wrist in the first half of the Detroit game. After, he said x-rays hadn’t revealed a fracture and suggested he could tape the wrist and play if it wasn’t broken.

Urlacher, of course, injured his wrist in the Bears first game last season. He had surgery the next day and didn’t play another down in 2009. Brad Biggs says the injury is one that affects the nerves in the hand.

Urlacher suffered a dislocated wrist at Green Bay in the season opener and the Chicago Bears middle linebacker underwent surgery the next morning that ended his season. The injury was sensitive to nerves in his hand and therefore he simply couldn’t put a cast on the wrist and play. Doctors said the injury is most commonly suffered in car accidents.

Barnett has 24 tackles on the season, but his real value is in calling the defensive plays and making adjustments on the field for the unit.

Desmond Bishop will step into Barnett’s starting spot this week, with Brandon Chillar battling a shoulder injury.

If Barnett is lost, he would join starting safety Morgan Burnett and running back Ryan Grant, as well as backup defensive end Justin Harrell, on injured reserve.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Mike October 6, 2010

    well, shit!

  2. Johnny Appleseed October 6, 2010

    This is just getting ridiculous.

  3. Cade Lawson October 6, 2010

    ……. *sigh* Again? What’s new?

  4. Vijay October 6, 2010

    Does anyone else see a theme here? The reason why we have so many defensive injuries is because our D starters see extended periods of time on the field and more snaps than any of us would like. The best and simplest way to negate that is to alter time of possession on the offensive side of the ball. And the best way to improve time of possession? YOU GOT IT! An effective RUN GAME.
    Nuff said! Thanks Ted!!

    1. Kyle October 7, 2010

      A little overly simplistic, as by that logic, teams that lead ToP would never see defensive injuries which is simply not true.

      However, part of your point IS true in that the Packers are 19th in the NFL in ToP, and 23rd in # of offensive plays from scrimmage.

      However, the Steelers, Jets, Chiefs and Pats are all also near us in the bottom half of the league in time of posession as well. It’s simply intellectually irresponsible to point to a single stat and say that that is why anything is happening.

  5. RayV#7 October 7, 2010