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Honestly, this list could probably contain several hundred entries, but I decided to whittle it down to 10. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 reasons we hate the scum of the NFL — the Minnesota Vikings fan.

10. Worst. Stadium. Ever.
Now that County Stadium is no more, I can easily say the Metrodome is the worst stadium in pro sports. It’s so bad, it annually helps make the Vikings one of the poorest franchises in the NFL. So, what are you going to do about it, Vikings fan? You’re going to go out in public and complain, demand the state finance a new stadium and make a mockery of yourself, even though your state is in major debt and faced with cutting funding for things like… education. Brilliant! You sure as hell don’t need MORE education, do you? Nope. A fifth-grade reading level is just fine for a Vikings fan.

9. You’re in love with shitheels like Jared Allen
Jared Allen is a hillbilly and an ignorant, look-at-me loudmouth dick. He is not funny, even in an ironic way. His act is tired, just like his haircut and his sack celebration. Yet, you want to have his children or you want your children to grow up to be like him, Vikings fans. It’s sad, although not unpredictable. You are, after all, a bunch of backwards-ass hillbilly wannabes whose state has only given the world one noteworthy thing — Prince. Well done!

8. You think Brett Favre is your quarterback
It’s true. Brett Favre is the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, but that’s because the Green Bay Packers gave him to you. You’ve conveniently erased the memories of the 16 years he played for the Green Bay Packers as if they never happened. If you talk to a Vikings fan, they pretend like Favre has been their quarterback for the past 20 years and he’s a Vikings legend. Favre has played in Minnesota for a little over one season. When he finally retires, he’ll be remembered as a member of the Green Bay Packers. The only reason you even have him is because we didn’t want him anymore. I’d tell you to wise up and face reality, but I know that’s impossible for a Vikings fan.

7. You’ve never won a Super Bowl
Teams who win are given respect. Their fans are given respect. The Vikings… are 0-4 in Super Bowls. You get no fucking respect because you and your shitty team haven’t earned any. The Vikings don’t just lose in the Super Bowl, they do it spectacularly — they’ve been outscored 95-34, which is a total of 61 points. The Vikings are one of 14 NFL teams who have never won the big game, joining such prestigious franchises as the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills. Losers…

6. You dress up like this on game day
Vikings fanVikings fan

5. You don’t even go to the damn games
Do you know the last time a Green Bay Packers game was blacked out? No, you don’t, because it’s never happened. Do you know how long the Packers season-ticket waiting list is? Decades. On the other hand, you have the Minnesota Vikings, where anyone can buy season tickets because they’re never sold out. In fact, the Vikings couldn’t even sell out their season tickets when Favre arrived in the Twin Cities. As for blackouts, the Vikings were facing one as recently as Jan. 4, 2009 — a playoff game with the Eagles. A playoff game! After the NFL gave the team three extensions, they finally sold all the tickets to that game. Way to get behind your shit team, Minnesota.

4. There are people like this among your ranks

Really? Are you 12 years old or do you just have the mentality of one?

Diggz here is one of Todd Glocke’s boys. You’ll remember Glocke as the idiot who rode his Vikings motorcycle to Mississippi this summer to visit the home of Brett Favre and got tons of media coverage, like no Packers fan had ever made such a trek. You’ll also remember these two turds as the guys who sent their followers — all three of them — over to this blog after we put up a post trying to help a Packers fan win a contest Glocke was competing in. They got all bent out of shape, did their usual troll shit and then pouted and stormed off. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, this is the typical Vikings fan mentality.

3. You’re just class acts
Actually, you’re the furthest thing from class acts I can think of. Not only are you constantly running your stupid mouths, but the verbal vomit that comes out is always pure, unadulterated nonsensical bullshit. Whether it’s taunting other fans (after all, your team has won so many significant games), throwing beer at someone for wearing a green hat on or teaching your children ignorance and hatred at a young age, you continue to set the bar high, Minnesota Vikings fans.

2. You make us hate the Chicago Bears less
Twenty-five years ago I couldn’t imagine hating a team and their fans more than the Chicago Bears, but somehow, Minnesota Vikings fans, you’ve managed to pull off the impossible. You don’t know shit about the game. You have no sense of history or tradition. Your team is filled with a bunch of sheepfuckers and child molesters. They’re among the all-time greatest choke artists. And still, you run your mouths like you know it all and the Minnesota Vikings are the greatest thing since sliced bread, you mouth-breathing fucks. For making us hate the Chicago Bears less, I say fuck you Minnesota Vikings fans.

1. You have an inferiority complex
In many cases, an inferiority complex results from an imagined feeling of inferiority, rather than an actual one. That certainly isn’t the case here. You are inferior, Minnesota Vikings fans. You know it and it shows. And let me tell you this, it’s not sexy, cool or even tolerable, for that matter. Your inferiority complex, which rightfully has something to do with that Super Bowl drought, causes you to make overly bold predictions, think the Vikings are better than they really are, act like a prick to all other NFL fans and gloat incessantly when something actually goes right for your beloved team. That’s not to mention you don’t have even an ounce of humility when the Vikings get their ass beat. I’ve never once heard a Vikings fan congratulate an opposing team’s fans on a win. I’ve never once heard a Vikings fan empathize with opposing fans after they lose to the Vikings. Obviously, you’re better than everyone else Vikings fans… oh, wait… no you’re not. You’re a bunch of fucking losers, you know it and this is how you compensate.

On that note, Skol this, motherfuckers!


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. *84*PerfectRandy*84* October 21, 2010

    Hahah way to go you just proved how much you don’t know about football!!! and the NFL. Minnesota is the most popular team in the NFC North FACT. Deal with it because you turned your back on the greatest legend and now he’s ours and your just jealous because all of those 16 years he gave to you are gone. He is ours now deal WITH it!!! And this sunday Randy and Jared and Brett are going to make Aaron cry

    1. Buddy October 27, 2010

      You suck Randy Moss’s cock while Childress fucks you in the ass and Brett Favre takes pictures to text your sister to make her jealous! Fuckin’ Viqueen peice of shit. Shut the fuck up and get the hell off of our website douchebag! I don’t like you whipping out your shit covered fagotty dick and pissing on my door step. FUCK OFF!

      1. JoDeeAnnn January 18, 2011

        What was the comment about VIKING fans being class acts…?? Is this class?

    2. purplekoolaiddrinkers November 11, 2010

      lol vikings fans are among the most pathetic in the league you fucking douchebags wont finish in front of the lions because your team and everything about it is weak you fanbase sucks ass and this is your superbowl case ( ) its fucking empty cause of your godamn pissant organizations failure to ever accomplish anything meaningful 0-4 0-4 0-4 in superbowls youll never get the vince lombardi trophey you fucking dipshits goodbye go to LA you fucking douchebags

    3. jeremy March 20, 2011

      hahaha what a moron.most popular from what only 2009.and it was because of farve(a packer).you can have him but guess which team he will represent when he retires.not the vikings.and randy who?where did he go.and jared is going to do what?get burned.did you see both games.the vikings rushers just gave up.they couldn’t get to a-rod so all they did was push the line throw their hands up and watch a-rod light them up.and whos the superbowl champs.thats right bitch 4-1 and 29-16 highest winning percentage.vikings 19-26 one of the worst.what a coincidence both packers and vikings have been their 45 times.oh and how many superbowls do vikings have 0.they are 0-4.vikings are so popular they can’t even sell out all their games,get a stadium that doesn’t falls apart.viking fans =parasites.

    4. LombardisGhost April 25, 2011

      So when exactly did Aaron Rodgers cry? Oh I remeber… He did shed some tears of joy while hoisting the Lombardi Trophy over his head in Dallas last February, but it wasn’t because of anything the Queens did to him. If you REALLY think the Vikes are the most popular team in the NFC North you need mental help. You are PATHETIC man!

  2. lebowski October 21, 2010

    I find it very amusing that every single Viking fan plays the ‘hick trailer trash’ card when attempting to belittle Packer fans, and then they fall in love with the biggest annoying trailer trash hick football player ever.

  3. Randomacity October 21, 2010

    Hahahaha. This is great. I’ve been to a packer game, there’s tons of drinking, but unlike vikes fans, they aren’t too obnoxious. I’ve seen drunktards congratulate the winning team (Dolphins in this case), while vikes would hate on them, like you said. Although much of this is true, your very stereotypical, I have met plenty of nice viking fans, and bears fans.

  4. Vestie October 21, 2010

    Irony is fun. If you think half the shit you posted could be derived as class you’re basically as retarded as you claim we are. Honestly look at any report regarding the education level of the twin cities and tell me we’re retarded. The fact of the matter is green bay literally has NOTHING besides the packers. And they fucking suck. So I understand your frustration. And of course you don’t think northern Wisconsin is full of hicks. Similar to how homeless people get so used to themselves they forget they smell like shit.

  5. Sidney Rice October 21, 2010

    Your mom sucks my dreadlocked meatstick

    1. Jurgens October 21, 2010

      You have dreadlocks on your penis? This doesn’t make any sense.

    2. Buddy October 27, 2010

      More like your genital wart covered meat curtains. You should have gotten surgery douchebag, now your not playing and your asshole Viqueens are suffering. Stupid Asshole!

  6. Jurgens October 21, 2010


    Indeed, irony is funny.

    I love how you tout the education level of your white bread cities with a series of grammatical errors and sentence fragments.

    In case you plan on responding by reminding us that Minneapolis has a larger population than Green Bay, keep in mind that this blog is based in Los Angeles, where there are many, many Packer fans.

  7. Dustin Olsgard October 21, 2010

    I would hate jared allen too if I was a packers fan. He only sacked aaron rodgers seven times in two games. Its pretty hilarious that our inferior vikings team took care of you twice last year. Oh and who won the division the last two years in a row. Oh and who barely beat the Lions two weeks ago.

    1. Jurgens October 21, 2010

      He must be saving up for this game then, huh? What does he have so far this year? One? WOOOOWWWWWW!

  8. Tkhelland October 21, 2010

    And a of the queens fans come out of the woodwork. Go figure

  9. Sarah October 21, 2010

    OMG YES. Thank you for making my week.

  10. Bogmon October 21, 2010

    Vikings Fans are such trolls.

    Minnesota doesn’t even have a sincere enough fanbase to get their own online identity established so they always have to come to Packers based sites and rant and rave.

    It’s simply another example of the inferiority complex; the coat tail riding; and the overall “slummy” mentality that is pervasive throughout the vikings community.

    I can’t wait ’til the team moves to LA and we can play the Rams twice a year instead. Their fans don’t make queefy sounds when they speak.

    1. clown killer October 31, 2010

      Vikings Fans are such trolls.
      Minnesota doesn’t even have a sincere enough fanbase to get their own online identity established so they always have to come to Packers based sites and rant and rave.
      It’s simply another example of the inferiority complex; the coat tail riding; and the overall “slummy” mentality that is pervasive throughout the vikings community. online identity? That is ironic, isn’t it. And whoever wrote this, you are a fan. That’s it. Just a fan of a football team. Now quit beating up your children, driving stupid, and doing cocaine. It’s disgusting.
      I can’t wait ’til the team moves to LA and we can play the Rams twice a year instead. Their fans don’t make queefy sounds when they speak.

  11. Madcity Packer Fan October 21, 2010


  12. matt fox October 22, 2010

    Im confused by this post. So you guys WANT Brett Favre? Cause all ive been hearing is how u guys hate him and wish he never existed and quarterbacks who have zero playoff wins are better than him. But the truth comes out. You guys cant have it both ways.

    Oh and by the way, you forgot a few reasons, like they took your qb and beat the shit out of you with him twice.

    1. jeremy October 22, 2010

      I don’t know if we all wish he never existed. We just wish he hadn’t become such a selfish asshole.

  13. billyschwills October 22, 2010

    Wow. Just Wow. Well played sir.

    I think the four super bowls without a win speaks volumes. That and their gay hero with a woman’s name. Go ahead Fran, lose a couple super bowls after you get done baking some tea biscuits…then sew your cranky vagina shut and suck a 10″ black dick.

    I also appreciate that you pointed out the blackouts. Yes, the vikings and their fans truly are world class, when no one gives a shit to even show up for a playoff game. They were probably all too busy sucking each other off and speaking in platitudes about the divide in class and education in the Twin Cities. Well guess what? They are all whiny mama’s boys who need to ween themselves from their mother’s fat, droopy, stretch-marked, Minnesota tits.

    Hopefully we can knock Old Man Cocksucker on his ass this week, and hopefully Jared Allen finally asphyxiates on a puddle of Clay Mathews love batter. Maybe that child molester of a coach will also finally get locked up and get his ring piece stretched out like so many of the toddlers in the back of his van.

    Fuck these purple expansion team pussies.

    1. PackerFanInFL October 22, 2010

      Thats the worst scouting report I’ve ever read …seriously they are a good 2 weeks behind…and have no clue as of the current packer pulse

      Don’t ever post that fucking viking garbage here again.

  14. VIKESON3 October 22, 2010

    This is the worst list ever. The points are invalid and ridiculous. If we are such sore losers, how come the domestic violence rate in Wisconsin increases when the Packers lose a game? I’d say that is worse than a Viking fan yelling obscenities at a Packer fan after a loss. You just hate Jared Allen because he sacks Aaron Rodgers at a historical rate. I can’t wait to see Aaron Rodgers planted to the ground on Sunday. Your only mad we have Brett Favre because Aaron Rodgers can’t win in big spots, hence his two losses to the Vikings last year. I could go on and on. Just when I thought Packer fans couldn’t get any dumber, you release this list. Thanks for the laugh! Hahahaha!!!

    1. PackerFanInFL October 23, 2010

      Yah and the Purple Peeter Texter did so well for you in the clutch of the NFC championship…go back to fucking goats you piece of shit

    2. WolvesKnights October 23, 2010

      What? Where did you get that bullshit fact about the domestic violence? If you don’t provide proof then your a fucktard. Packers fans don’t yell obscenities after a loss, we merely complain to our friends after a loss, thats what I’ve heard after going to a game at Lambeaue during a loss.

  15. iltarion October 22, 2010

    I don’t blame them for not selling out. What do you think happens after 40 years of losing every big game, usually in catastrophic fashion? The only fans left are the drunk and the delusional. Posts on here are perfect case in point.

  16. limburgherleap October 23, 2010

    10. Packers in last 60 home games…32-28. yeah, thats something to be proud of.
    9. He is not funny? Who the hell cares??? He’s a football player not a comedian. His haircut is tired? Maybe you should suggest that Matthews try GETTING ONE!!! On a side note, I can’t blame you for being tired of his sack celebration, you’ve had to watch it plenty of times against your pathetic team.
    8. And you conveniently forgot Atlanta gave him to you. What’s your point moron.
    7. And your pathetic team has won ONE superbowl in 40+ years. ONE!!!! WOW, all hail the packers fans they are soooo lucky to be rooting for such a dominant team…..fucktard.
    6. Yeah, the blaze orange coveralls and cheese on your heads is so much better. But I suppose the women in the stands have to stay warm somehow, after all, the fans in the stands can only produce so many beer farts.
    5. There hasn’t been a blackout in over 12 seasons. Wow, great point you made. And, I will be at the packers game Nov. 21 to watch your lame team get their asses handed to them again.
    4. Let’s see, you follow up “way to get behind your shit team Minnesota” with criticizing someone who does so. Shows exactly what kind of hypocritical moron you really are.
    3. See previous sentence.
    2. See number 3. BTW, I remember hearing on the news about a guy screwing a dead deer in a ditch. Where did that happen again? oh yeah….WISCONSIN. I guess that doesn’t say much for the women in wisconsin.
    1. Feeling inferior to YOU!? LOL- I especially like the part about making bold predictions and thinking that their team is better than they really are! HAHAHAHA!

    THE TIME FOR HONORING YOURSELF WILL SOON COME TO AN END-Maximus The 3-3 packers, soon to be the 3-4 packers.

    Skol that bitch.

  17. Johnny Appleseed October 23, 2010

    Let’s fucking kick there ass.

  18. Nick K October 23, 2010

    Really Vikinings fans whose trash? Look in the mirror.

    Skol fuck off

    1. purplekoolaiddrinkers November 11, 2010

      shut up you fucking douchebags you all are pathetic loser vikings fans. your teams color is purple because they fucking choke in any meaninful game and although we may only have 1 superbowl in 40 years we still have won 3 more than your fucking pathetic team has so fuck off vikings fans

  19. Max Factor December 16, 2010

    The fact is, MN fans in general are bandwagon jumpers, they bail at the first sign of a loss and jump on if the team wins a couple games, this goes for the Vikes and the Wild/Stars, the Twins fans aren’t too bad I can stomach them. But MN fans in general are weak as water…They elected Al “freaking” Franken for heaven’s sake…

  20. Jake January 15, 2011

    Wow. You all are sad human beings. Fighting on the internet and calling each other names over stupid sports teams. You all fail.

  21. Kevin January 30, 2011

    After Green Bay wins its 13th championship next Sunday,Vikings fans can look at each other and say huh..only 13 more and we will be tied with Green Bay!!!!! The Metrodome is the biggest dump in the N.F.L. Maybe they will build a new stadium when the Minnesota Vikings get a trophy case!!!! hehehe!!! The Minnesota Vikings fans are the biggest hipocrites and band wagon jumpers I have ever seen!!!! You want to see a real stadium and what a full trophy case looks like come to Lambeau. The winningest franchise in the N.F.L. If Minnesota had 12 championships and a real stadium and the Packers played in an inflated dumpyass oversized marshmallow,I would be hearing that constantly from Vikings fans!! So all you Vikings fans can kiss my ass!!!! You are losers and hipocrites!!!

  22. b March 4, 2011

    HAHAH!!! Only read number 1. You fucking idiot! Your stupid ass governor is cutting more in education then our state has ever cut. Not to mention “lame”bo field is not that friken great you just have “die hard” fans. These same “die hard” fans are drunken hicks that can’t seem to keep a job. So screw you. I’ll take the metrodome anyday. BTW, your crappy ass state is in further debt then mn. Get your facts straight before you talk big dumbass.

  23. b March 4, 2011

    What has WI given us? Brats, beer and fat ugly women. yay?!? Who the fuck cares about your useless opinion ya fucking retard!

  24. Robert McGlinchey June 11, 2011

    SKOL=Sending (VI)Kings On to Los Angeles!

  25. Tim July 13, 2011

    i am a mn vikings fan and i respect the green bay packers and there fans i think that despite the vikings never winning a superbowl the vikings and the packers are one of the greatest rivalries in NFL history are two teams have had some of the greatest games ever played and packer fans congradulations on another superbowl title i know one day my mn vikings will get theres packers and packer fans i love you all and cant wait tell our next game god bless you all

  26. fanforlife September 19, 2011

    Like you can even begin to make fun of how we dress up for games? YOU WEAR CHEESE ON YOUR HEADS?????????????

  27. always entertaining reading this before a packers-viqueens game.
    it’s funny ’cause it’s true!

  28. JohnCharles November 2, 2011

    God you’re fucking stupid. Jared Allen is the fucking defensive player of the month and we haven’t heard Clay Matthews name once, you cocksmoker. Fuck your cheese heads, and fuck the fact that every fucking one of you MOVES TO MINNESOTE IF YOU HAVE ANY TALENT OR INTELLIGENCE. Go fuck your mother.

  29. colinrowe7 November 30, 2011

    10 Reasons this Article is a Crock of Shit

    10) the HHH Metrodome is admittedly one of the worst stadiums in the NFL, but for a minnesotan born and raised there; it is always a thrilling experience to go to. Many of us Minnesotans have extremely fond memories of our childhood. And out of all of the stadiums in the NFL today there is not one who is privately owned; so there are many teams that “bitch” to state legislature for a new stadium.

    9) You are right we are in love with Jared Allen. His lifestyle as somewhat of a hillbilly has no concern whatsoever about football or how he plays it. I think we can all agree that the fact that Jared Allen is reeking havoc to all NFL quarterbacks, let alone inside the division, causes fans of said quarterbacks to hate him with a passion. This is understandable. His celebration is probably very annoying for other people, kinda like Aaron Rodgers belt thing when he runs fora touchdown, but it’s simple block him and you won’t have to see it.

    8) First of all, I’m not sure what Vikings fans you have been talking to who think Brett Favre is ours. Vikings Fans are well aware that he is yours. But to say the Vikings have him because the packers gave him to us is just, well, ignorant because mike and friends made damn well sure he did not resurface in the division, which is why he played a year in New York, come on man, you should know this.

    7) fine fair enough. we have not one a superbowl that is correct. But you have also mentioned that 14 other teams have not either. A superbowl is extremely hard to come by and the fact that we have appeared in 4 of them cannot go without some credit. I for one believe this makes true vikings fans more credible for sticking with them.

    6) yeah its called pride, I don’t see anything wrong with this at all. All football teams have their extreme fans; including the packers. On a side note, I would like to see you say anything to these fine gentlemen’s faces, these men are what you call “real” minnesotan’s meaning we will tear the faces off you wisconsin-wannabe-minnesotan pussies. There is nothing you can do in wisconsin, aside from the dells, that you cannot do in minnesota better and for cheaper and that’s the truth.

    5) Not much I can say here. I will not lie to you, the attendance is lacking. I won’t try to argue this.

    4) This man is obviously an extreme situation, but there are these superfans everywhere. To say that he has the mind of a twelve year old is pure immaturity and rudeness, who the fuck are you to comment on how this man lives his life. shame on you. The very fact that he is minding his own business and showing pride for his team that he loves. whereas you are writing a pointless rant on how much you hate a team to some how prove you are a good packer fan? hmm alright then sir.

    3) this is just laughable, first off even if you’re allegations had any truth to them you would be the most hypocritical person i’ve ever had the misfortune of listening too. You in fact show very little class with you’re post sir. With regard to you’re point I have been to many games and made friends with countless bears, lions, and even cheesehead fans. Minnesota as a state population is known for it’s hospitality and kindness, especially to outsiders, and that kindness spills inside the metrodome on sundays. This kindness, however, does not cover wisconsinites. When I say this I am not referring to packer fans, I for one, am a viking fan that can readily admit to the fact that i respect packers and their fans. I do not however respect people from wisconsin they are for the most part whining wimpy pussy ass bitches that should have never been allowed over the st. croix, stay out of minnesota, we don’t want you.

    2) sheep fuckers and child molesters?? interesting critique. not sure where it came from but you know wouldn’t expect a dumb shit from wisconsin to have quality insults. I will say this again, a good fan WILL think their team is the greatest thing since sliced bread regardless of their success…that’s what a good fan does. By saying we are awful people or whatever because we are still fans through the dark times, implies that if you’re packers weren’t successful you wouldn’t be a fan?? gosh i hope you aren’t a bandwagon fan. That would be awful.

    1) are us fans inferior or is the team? Secondly I just don’t get what vikings fans you are hanging out with, cause first of all if they were minnesotan they should kick you’re teeth in for speaking this way about our beloved state and secondly they should hang up their peterson jersey for being such poor sports, because frankly most vikings fans are upset when we lose but we give that team credit. every time. and yeah we are happy when we win…fuck us right?

    I am very glad that I stumbled over this article, because who knows how long you would be living in this dream world you seem to be in, because out of you’re ten reasons you hate vikings fans…One was true.

    so on that note fuck off wisconsin trash

  30. Queers for Packers June 18, 2012

    It’s amazing how brutal Viking fans are. Me and my partner were kissing before kickoff, when Vikings fan threw beer and yelled homophobic insults at us.

    We have about 100 Gay Packer fans that attend games, the Viking fans always insult us.

  31. G IS FOR GAY June 18, 2012

    Me and my partner like to wear our Gay ‘G’ shirts to the games. Viking fans are simply bullies.

  32. packing fudge since 83 August 13, 2012

    Vacuums, vampires, mosquitos, gb packers… What do all of these have in common?…… They all SUCK!!!!!

  33. Jim Jacobs October 12, 2012

    Chances are the folks that wrote this did not graduate from eighth grade and makes less than $10.00/hr. Get a life. Hello 2-4 come next Monday

  34. Vikings December 13, 2012

    So Vikings fans are the ones who arn’t classy when all the comments are either Vikings fans defending themselves or Packers fans throwing the F- Bombs at them? And yes I do know this is all old, but I just found it by looking up info on Vikings vs Packers history with my friend who’s a Packers fan. Yeah, I wonder if you guys would even try to make friends with a Viking fan.

  35. Terry January 5, 2013

    Get a few things straight: 1. You didn’t give Farve to the Vikings, you tried your best to make it impossible for it to happen, because you knew when we got him he would kick your ass–and did. Other teams, like the 49ers w/Monrtana and the Jets w/Pennington, had enough class to thank a player for their service and allow him to go to a Division rival to finish his career. The Packers lack class.

    2. What’s the difference between using tax dollars to build a new stadium, or issuing worthless pieces of paper telling a rube they’re part owner of a team for contributing their money to finance an outdated stadium like the Packers did? The Metrodome is horrible, and needed to be replaced. At least our new stadium won’t have bleachers with each person’s seating space the with of a Subway sandwich!

    3. Before you go calling the Vikings child molesters, maybe you’d better look your selves in the mirror, and remember Mark Chmura!

    Choke on your cheese, cheddarhead!

  36. jake January 4, 2014

    so what they dress up on game day? it’s called passion. learn something dumbass. the Seahawks, bears, raiders, packers, steelers, chiefs, etc all dress up in there intimidating gear for game day! it’s because they have passionate fan bases like the Vikings! go ahead & bash the Vikings all you want but they have great fans. they have traveling fans as well. so learn your shit before you post garbage like this. they love their football team. so what? gosh. & this is coming from a packer fan…

  37. Christian May 5, 2014

    If your getting so upset over a certain fan base or sports team there’s something severely wrong with you.