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Who’s Happier Brett Favre Came Back This Year, Me Or Brett Favre?

Huh? What? Me?

I’ll tell you who’s happier Brett Favre came back this season. Me.

The most despicable franchise in the history of anything, the Minnesota Vikings, are 0-2, two games behind the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North and seemingly ready to implode.

I know Favre certainly isn’t happy about that and neither is the rest of the Vikings organization. I, on the other hand, am fucking ecstatic, not only because I hate the Vikings more than mass genocide, but because the Lord and Master Brett Favre has looked like the old man he is while sucking it up this season.

Through two games Favre is 37-of-63 for 396 yards. That’s decent, but certainly not the Favre of a year ago, and it gets worse… or better, if you’re me.

Favre is sporting a 6.3 yards per pass average, which would tie for the lowest of his career if he keeps it up. And… wait for it… Favre has tossed four interceptions compared to only one touchdown this season. Favre threw seven interceptions all of last season.

All of this Favre awesomeness adds up to a 56.1 quarterback rating. That’s good for 28th in the league.

Favre, in classic form, pretty much guaranteed the Vikings were destined to lose to the Dolphins on Sunday by throwing three picks and fumbling in his own end zone. The Dolphins recovered and ended up winning 14-10, despite 145 yards on the ground by Adrian Peterson.

So, what’s wrong?

Who cares!

Favre looks lost, confused and not into the game. Sounds like… an old man.

Unfortunately, my dream of an 0-16 Vikings season probably won’t come true this year, but the Vikings being the laughingstock I’ve always known and professed they are is a pretty damn good consolation prize, especially when The Savior Brett Favre himself is playing quarterback.

Favre is the Vikings’ biggest problem right now, according to former Redskins linebacker LaVarr Arrington.

And after an 0-2 start, I’m wondering whether the Vikings still think it was wise for them to beg Favre not to retire? Was it worthwhile to offer him more money and send their best players and coaches to visit him during training camp to plead with him to play? Please.

This could turn out to be the worst off-season decision of the year. Honestly, what do you believe these Viking players are thinking? I’ll tell you. They are wondering the same thing they wondered last year: How the heck does an NFL franchise allow so much indecision? How does an NFL franchise allow a single player to dictate what happens and what doesn’t? And here’s the most detrimental thought of all: Teammates now say to themselves, ‘if he can get away with it, then why shouldn’t I be able to do the same’?

The Vikings do not have a clear direction at this point, and although they were a pass away from playing in the Super Bowl last season, this team seems disjointed and dangerously close to a meltdown. And we all know the reason why. Sad, but true, we all know that Brett Favre’s shenanigans are the main reason why.

Ohhhhhh… that’s gold LaVarr! Gold!

It’s true, the Vikings allowed Favre to have his way — the exact opposite approach the Packers took with Favre and his prima donna bullshit — and that may come back to haunt them.

What’s more surprising, perhaps, is the organization’s complete ignorance.

I mean, really, if anyone in the Vikings organization thought Favre was going to duplicate last season’s magic, well, then they’re stupider than even I suspected. Last year was Favre’s all-around best season primarily because he threw so few interceptions. He didn’t give games away like he did in Green Bay (at least until that joyous occasion in New Orleans) and put up prolific numbers.

In fact, last season was the first in Favre’s career as a starter he threw less than 13 interceptions. Now, in a season where he’ll turn 41, everyone wonders what’s wrong. Some will say Favre misses Sidney Rice, who’s out for the first six weeks of the season, but this is a guy who used to make guys named Kitrick Taylor and Jeff Query look good.

You can’t tell me Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian aren’t decent receivers. No, Favre is just reverting back to his pre-Vikings days AND he’s showing his age.

Shutdown Corner’s Shane Bacon wonders if Favre isn’t headed for the bench or maybe even the ranch.

It isn’t a pretty picture in Minnesota right now, and a lot of the unrest lies with their star quarterback, that seems to always make things a bit more interesting than they need to be. If he gets pulled, should we expect him to pout his way out of another organization and into a different one, like he did with Green Bay and New York?

If he’s pulled for another play caller, it would be an interesting end to a career that has never truly been that normal.

I think that would be a fitting end to Favre’s career, now that we all know what kind of guy King Brett really is.

Whether Brett gets benched, quits or none of the above really doesn’t matter, though. Favre is not on the same page as his receivers. It’s doubtful he’s on the same page as Childress.

If this continue, the Vikings aren’t going to turn things around anytime soon.

Winning covered up a lot of internal issues for the Vikings, last season. If the losses continue to mount, this team is going to start bickering, pointing fingers and every problem is going to be magnified, which is totally cool with me.

More so than Prince Brett going out as a whiner or a quitter, it would really be more fitting if he went out an epic loser. He’s a Minnesota Viking and the shoe most certainly fits.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Daniel Smith September 21, 2010


  2. chitter September 21, 2010

    Please let Chilly try to pull him mid game. That would be so awesome.

  3. PackerFanInFL September 21, 2010

    Yah after Brett is ousted from Minnesota he will be a Bastard Child without a home…nobody will claim this cunt as their own when it come HOF time..which is fine by me.

    I’m enjoying his twirling downward spiral down the toilet..YA PIECE OF SHIT BRETT!!

    1. Abe Frohman September 21, 2010

      unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, PFIFL.

  4. Ernest Tee September 21, 2010

    So funny because we told the loser Viqueens just how it would turn out for them. I love every minute of it.

  5. MAD City Packer Fan September 21, 2010

    Great! Here comes the tardo Vikqueen fans to defend their beloved senior citizen. Does Wrangler make walkers to?

  6. Abe Frohman September 21, 2010

    this post gives me a “feel good” feeling. In the words of Nelson Muntz – “Ha Ha”

  7. Tracy Chapman September 21, 2010

    Why don’t you just stick to covering our beloved Pack. He’s not on your team so your perpetual fascination in covering stories on him is unwarranted at this time.. unless you still got a hard on for him.

  8. Randi September 21, 2010

    You people need to get a life. What the hell do you know about Brett Favre and the Minnesotta Vikings? You are a bunch of pathetic pucks. How can you put someone down like that, when they can’t defend themselves?

    1. jeremy September 21, 2010

      At least we’re not trolls.

    2. Abe Frohman September 22, 2010

      What do you mean what do we know about Brett Favre and the Vikings? He was OUR quarterback for 16 years. I’d bet we know a whole hell of a lot more than you do – which is why we gave him the boot a few years back.

      Assuming by the spelling of your name that you’re female? Well, let it never be said that a woman didn’t gossip about another woman. So, unless you claim to be perfect on that score, let us have our entertainment.

  9. jeremy September 21, 2010

    If you all want to feel even better go look at the Posts by Queens fans regarding Favre on startribune.com. It made me all warn and fuzzy inside!

  10. Abe Frohman September 21, 2010

    Anyone catch Jason Whitlock’s column? He suggests that if the Vikings lose to Detroit this week, and that’s entirely possible, that Favre quits on the team in the middle of the season because they’re mathematically eliminated for all intents and purposes. The argument being that if he hates pre-season, he must hate playing in meaningless games even more (so much for the ‘love of the game’ crap we always hear). So, why risk his health even further. Put T-Jack in and let him see if he can salvage the season. Favre already has the built in excuse of his ankle and doesn’t want to lose to the Jets and the Packers (twice).

    1. jeremy September 21, 2010

      That’s just Brett Favre having fun. He’s like a kid out there…

    2. Al Borland's Beard September 21, 2010

      If so, then that will be the most pathetic way that anyone of Brett’s caliber has ended their career.

  11. jeremy September 22, 2010

    So were are Jeff and Matt. It only took them two bad Favre games to disappear?

  12. jeff ircink September 23, 2010

    it’s a long season, jeremy. could be very long for the Vikes if they continue their winless ways. or – like two seasons ago – the Vikes could start out 0-2 and then win the division.

    lots of football to be played…and, i’m busy with other things.

  13. jeff ircink September 23, 2010

    besides, you don’t want guys like me and matt “trolling” on here anyway so why do you care if we’re posting or not?

  14. PackerFanInFL September 24, 2010

    jumping off that bandwagon so soon jeff..you stated countless times how you won’t stand for teh belitting of BrINT Favre..but now the vikings are sucking it up ..you out of here..I expected more out of you then again you are a viking fan..so nevermind

  15. Cade Lawson September 25, 2010

    Because all you two could do last year was talk SO much shit now that farve blows its always nice to watch someone like you eat crow.

  16. jeff ircink September 27, 2010

    what in the fuck are you guys talking about? “jumping off the bandwagon”? “eat crow”? just cause i’m not commenting regularly here i’ve lost my fervor for favre and the vikes? ha. no. “eat crow”? why am i eating crow, cade? what did i say? did i say Favre was going to kick ass this year? no. did i ever say the Vikings are going to the SB? no. i don’t make predictions about anything or anyone so i can’t eat crow, dumbfuck.

  17. jeff ircink September 27, 2010

    and PFINFL – Favre’s not playing well so how can i jump in and defend him against any comments. He’s struggling. So is the TEAM. Greg Camarrillo missed training camp. So did Harvin. Berrian ain’t worth shit. Loadholt and McKinney keep missing blocks.

    Favre ain’t God. He’s not perfect. never said he was. I enjoy watching him play. period.