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Surprise! Justin Harrell Gone For The Season

Justin Harrell

Harrell lasted longer this season than anyone expected

We all knew it was only a matter of time until Green Bay Packers defensive end Justin Harrell suffered his annual season-ending injury.

Somehow, Harrell managed to stay on the field throughout the preseason this year, but Sunday, Harrell had to be helped off with a knee injury. Today came confirmation that Harrell tore his ACL and will be put on injured reserve.

He won’t play another down for the Packers this season and may not play another down of football ever again.

Harrell, who was injured will blocking for a field goal, has managed to play a whopping 14 games in four seasons with the Packers. He didn’t play at all in 2009 and this will mark the fourth time in his four years he’s ended the season on injured reserve.

Previously, Harrell ended up on IR because of back problems.

Is the guy cursed?

Who knows, but I think it’s fair to crown Justin Harrell Ted Thompson’s worst draft pick ever.

Is it Harrell’s fault he keeps getting injured?

Not entirely. Some guys are just injury prone, but being able to stay on the field is often half the battle in the NFL. If you can’t do it, you’re simply not an NFL player.

If this is the end for Harrell, the former No. 16 pick in the 2007 NFL draft will go down with a stat line that looks like this: 28 tackles and zero sacks in four seasons.

The Packers are bringing back defensive end Jarius Wynn, who they released during final roster cuts, to take Harrell’s spot on the roster.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. martinez September 13, 2010

    I said the same thing when i saw him helped of the field yesterday. Offensive line looked really old and slow…. tauscher and clifton both gave up sacks and colledge was caught trying to put the trip on somebody… is this why we drafted bulaga? Lets give him a shot… and a younger T.J. Lang a shot.

  2. jeremy September 13, 2010

    I’m surprised that the Packers would dress Harrell as the only reserve lineman. We are just lucky that didn’t happen against the Vikings. They would have ran Peterson right over the Nickel defense.

  3. RayV#7 September 13, 2010

    Poor guy, just couldnt stay healthy. At least he gave it a try. As he will be cataloged as a bust, it wasnt entirely his fault. Maybe its a blessing in disguise for Wynn, CJ Wilson, and Mike Neal. But just because you move up the roster doesnt mean your a big gun just yet. Hope MM can insert any of these talent DLs and i hope they seize the opportunity. if another DL goes do, idk what we will do. And Mike Vick(Ron Mexico) rushed for over 100 yds on our defense. Whens the last time someone rushed for a 100 yds on our defense? probably Cedric Benson last year in that 31 to 24 loss to the Bengals. Although our DL are good, we cant afford to lose another one!

  4. Nick K September 13, 2010

    Ron Mexico??? LOL

  5. Nick K September 13, 2010

    Ok, googled it. Never knew that about Vick. Good trivia there.

    1. RayV#7 September 14, 2010

      Haha, thanks! lol i thought alot of people knew that about Vick. but anyways i like to call him Ron Mexico but i wasnt to sure that all of you knew what i was talking about so i just put his real name.

  6. Vijay September 13, 2010

    Thank GOD that Jarius Wynn was still available…I thought they should’ve kept Toribio because at least he can make plays in real game situations by remaining healthy enough to ACTUALLY Play. But then, what do I know compared to GM Ted Thompson. My top two draft picks this year for the Packers were Dexter McCluster in the 3nd round and Javier Arenas in the 3rd…OMG, they are making plays all over the field in K.C. now.

    1. Vijay September 13, 2010

      Scratch that…I meant McCluster in the 2nd instead of 3rd.