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Getting Spiller on the edge will be key for the Bills

Steffen: The Vegas oddsmakers have the Green Bay Packers favored by how much again? 13.5 points?  There are plenty of folks out there who’d tell you that isn’t nearly enough.

Don’t count me among them. Like last week, this game will be much closer than it needs to be.

Obviously, the biggest question mark for Green Bay is how the offense will respond without running back Ryan Grant, who was lost for the season.

In my opinion, the offense has the potential to be more dynamic and versatile with Brandon Jackson as the featured back. He hasn’t shown the same hard-nosed running ability that made Grant one of the top rushers in the league, but he is shiftier and more mobile.

More importantly, Jackson is a superior pass blocker and a better receiver than Grant. The Buffalo Bills’ defense will be a good defense to get Jackson warmed up and fully integrated into the offense.

Miami didn’t exactly torch the Bills last week, but I expect the Packers offense to bounce back against a weak Bills defense after a somewhat disappointing performance against the Eagles.

So how will the Bills make this game interesting?

C.J. Spiller vs. A.J. Hawk.

Last week, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick exposed one of the few weaknesses in the Packers’ defense: Pursuit, especially on the outside, in open space.

Now the Packers will be adding gasoline to the fire, in the form of A.J. Hawk.

Hawk didn’t play at all last week because he isn’t good enough in coverage to play in the team’s nickel defense, which the Packers were forced to employ all day because of the Eagle’s three-plus receiver sets.

The Bills won’t be running the same formations, so Hawk is expected to see an increase in playing time in the Packers’ base 3-4. Look for the Bills to do whatever they can to get Spiller matched up on Hawk early and often. They will try to get him around the edge and in the flat, to take advantage of his open field running ability. Lots of pitch outs, screen passes, bubble screens and quick three-step drops for the oft sacked Trent Edwards.

One way or another, this will be a big game for Hawk — either to showcase his skills for a trade or to show Green Bay management he actually belongs.

Spiller had an awful game in week one, but make no mistake about it, he is a future star in this league. On Sunday, he will turn heads with a few big plays.

Unfortunately for the Bills, it won’t be enough to keep up with Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley.

Packers 35, Bills 24

Sarah: Things will get easier for the Packers in week two in their home opener against the lowly Buffalo Bills.

Even though the Bills were thought to have one of the better running games in the league with Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch and rookie C.J. Spiller in the backfield, the Bills running game was disappointing against the Dolphins in week one, when they totaled only 50 yards.

Charles Woodson and the Packers’ defense will dominate from the start against struggling Bills quarterback Trent Edwards, while Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense are sure to put up some astronomical numbers, even without Ryan Grant.

This should be a no-brainer. Let’s just hope the Packers can steer clear of anymore costly injuries.

Packers 31, Bills 16

Brady: This will be the perfect “get right” kind of game the Packers need before traveling to division rival Chicago, next week.

The Buffalo Bills are a team that does some things right, like special teams, but fail in a lot of areas. Today’s NFL is all about the quarterback and the Bills are still searching for their replacement for Hall of Famer Jim Kelly. While Trent Edwards career started with promise, he’s looked like a shell of his former self since battling concussions and a lot of that has to do with the Bills poor play on the offensive line.

To make matters worse for Buffalo, their star defensive player Paul Posluszny will miss a couple games with a knee injury.

Meanwhile, the Packers got off to a rocky start on offense yet still found a way to score 27 points to hold off a late charge by animal enthusiast Michael Vick in week one.

Clay Matthews was a force for the entire game and B.J Raji may of had his best game as a pro. They will have similar success against a sub-par Bills team.

It will be interesting to see how Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn fill the shoes of Ryan Grant in the running game and they will receive plenty of opportunities as the Packers get a lead early and salt away the clock.

Unless the Bills get a fluke big play, it’s hard to see them finding the end zone.

Packers 30, Bills 6


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. chitter September 18, 2010

    This is a young Packers team that has already experienced a lot together. They shared in the disappointment of losing to Tampa Bay last year and they know the danger of not coming mentally prepared for a team like Buffalo.

    If all the self-indulgent Packer talk of a Super Bowl is legit and these guys really believe it, then I expect a thorough and definite ass-whooping of the lowly Bills. The Packers will come out throwing, run up the score, and Matt Flynn will see time early in the 4th quarter. Brandon Jackson will end up with respectable numbers only because of 4th quarter mop up yards and the Pack will power…then coast to an easy win. There will come a time when not having Ryan Grant will bite us in the ass…but this is not that week.

    Packers 45 Bills 17

  2. Jay September 18, 2010

    Bills 21 Packers 17

    I know, I should be a comedian!

  3. Cade Lawson September 18, 2010

    Packers 38 Bills 10

  4. iltarion September 18, 2010

    People seem convinced the Bills will lay down once the Packers take the field. The Bills gave the Miami Dolphins a spirited battle last week, and I consider the Dolphins a contender to make the playoffs in the AFC. That all being said. I just don’t see how the Bills keep up with the Packers here. I think to isolate Spiller against Hawk here is ludicrous. Unfortunately for Spiller, every time he gets the ball, there will be 11 guys to contend with, not just AJ Hawk. I don’t see this Buffalo offense scoring more than 13 points, and I also don’t see the Buffalo defense holding the Packers to less points than they scored at Philly in a half-ass game. So, 27 Packer points, minimum.

    Packers 31 – Bills 10.

  5. MAD City Packer Fan September 19, 2010

    I see Rodgers being sharper in the passing game and Jackson making a name for himself today.

    Packers 21 – Bills 10

  6. jeremy September 19, 2010

    Packers 31 – Bills 13

    We do not yet know how good the Packers really are, or how bad the Bills really are.

    Personally I think it would be a more interesting match-up to see our f4th TE that Thompson can’t let go of duke it out against the Bills 3rd RB that Nix won’t trade duke it out MMA style.