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This Brett Favre Bullshit Is Far From Over

Favre on the practice field this morning.

We should have known better and we probably did, but both Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Jay Glazer of Fox Sports are typically pretty reliable guys. So, when they said Brett Favre told people within the Minnesota Vikings organization he was retiring, we leaned towards believing them.

Of course, in the back of our mind, we also know what a duplicitous cunt Brett Favre is. Frankly, it looks like we’ve all been had again.

Word out of Minnesota is Favre did indeed tell people within the organization he planned to retire — something confirmed by Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.

And yet, every sign points to him not retiring and instead using the Vikings for his own purposes.

First, there was the report out of Hattiesburg, Miss. where a member of Favre’s family said the quarterback hadn’t made a decision.

“Brett has not made a commitment to play or a decision to return at this point,” the family source said.

That lead to speculation Favre was using the retirement ploy to get more money out of the Vikings and/or to get them to give him more time to sit around at home during the preseason.

Since Favre himself has remained silent, and since we believe the reports that he has advised team officials and teammates that he’s retiring, this whole thing could be a power play aimed at getting more money for Favre or, more likely, getting the team off his ass about showing up for the third preseason game.

Indeed, we’ve got a feeling that the organization had been pressuring him to show up for the preseason home opener, and that Favre finally decided to make it known that he simply won’t show up at all. By never acknowledging it himself, he’ll never look like he was lying.

Favre, of course, has been mum on the whole situation just like he was… hmmm… when was that? When he unretired from the New York Jets to stick it to the Green Bay Packers by signing with the Minnesota Vikings? Oh yeah. Just like that time.

Enter Favre’s former quarterback coach with the Packers, Steve Mariucci, who then offered this glimpse of hope for the Vikings.

Mariucci has been texting back-and-forth with Favre on Tuesday, and delivered this message: “Everyone needs to calm down a little bit.”

According to Mariucci, Favre told him he’s simply trying to get healthy and has no timetable from the Vikings to report to training camp. Not only that, the Vikings would prefer if Favre waited until he was fully healed and then show up to Eden Prairie, similar to what he did last year.

“Right now his ankle is improving,” Mariucci told NFL Network. “It’s not where it needs to be yet. Obviously that probably can affect your conditioning level, if he can’t run as he could last year, with just the shoulder injury. So really, he hasn’t retired officially yet. He’s trying to see where his ankle goes, still.”

Well, that’s fucking convenient for Brett, isn’t it? Favre had ankle surgery earlier this offseason and it appears to be the only obstacle to him coming back for the 2010 season.

The Vikings, who would have to go into the season with Tarvaris Jackson as their starting quarterback if Favre did retire, are obviously in panic mode.

The team reportedly offered Favre an additional $7 million to play this season. That would bring his total salary to $20 million, $16 million of which would be guaranteed, with the other $4 million coming in incentives.

If that isn’t enough, Zulgad also suggested Favre may be able to skip all of training camp and the preseason and show up before the beginning of the regular season.

That’s a real team guy, that Brett Favre. A real stand-up individual.

Finally, the AP is reporting this morning that Favre was on the practice field at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg. He made no comments to reporters.

Go figure.

I’m so glad Brett Favre is your fucking problem, Minnesota.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. mike i August 4, 2010

    hear hear

  2. Brett Favre August 4, 2010

    How many people thought they would ever say good riddance to Favre? The second best and soon to be third best QB in Packers History.

  3. jeff ircink August 4, 2010

    cunt. funny. told you…cunts.

    1. Abe Frohman August 4, 2010

      who disagreed with you?

  4. matt fox August 4, 2010

  5. matt fox August 4, 2010

    aaron rodgers is gonna be better because he wins zero playoff games! yay!

    1. Al Borland's Beard August 4, 2010

      Still beating that dead horse eh?

  6. jeff ircink August 4, 2010

    why? the BF topic is beat dead daily on this site, Al Borland. why shouldn’t we beat a dead horse or two once in a while. hell, matt mentions YOUR QB more than this site does. you should thank him, doucher.

  7. matt fox August 5, 2010

    why is this site talking about Brett Favre for now about 75% of the articles? This site should be called TotalFavreObsession.com, rather than totalpackers.com I mean really guys, all u do is talk shit about Brett Favre. Youre not really that into winning or football from what uve told me. I mean, at least i actually like football.

  8. matt fox August 5, 2010

    And yes, IM beating the dead horse. You guys dont repeatedly over and over and over and over and over and over talk shit and say the same exact things over and over and over about Favre. I mean, cmon guys, at a point u have to realize that youre just being retarded.

  9. matt fox August 5, 2010

    Its actually true, I do mention Arod more than you guys. Further proof you guys dont really care about the packers more than y u care about talking about Favre. lol

  10. jeff ircink August 5, 2010

    retarded. now that’s funny.

  11. Kyle August 5, 2010

    8 of 12 comments by Matt Fox (5) or Jeff Ircink (3). I hope the two of you are enjoying your circle jerk.

  12. jeff ircink August 5, 2010

    another intelligent comment by another Packer poster….thanks, kyle, for proving me right.

    by the way, matt and i didn’t write the original post.

  13. jeff ircink August 5, 2010

    also…wayyyy too many Packer commenter have a preoccupation with circle jerks, gays, and homosexual activity. why is that, i wonder?

  14. jeff ircink August 5, 2010

    that’s “commenters”, for those unfortunates preoccupied with my grammar….

  15. jeff ircink August 5, 2010

    that’s 4 more comments, kyle, as long as you’re keeping count. dip.

  16. matt fox August 6, 2010

    You know guys, for people who seem so happy to be done with all the favre offseason drama, you sure do waste a lot of time talking about and dealing with it. Its almost if *gasp* you cant live without talking about Brett Favre. Crazy.

  17. Kyle August 6, 2010

    Reposting from another Ircink/Fox dominated troll-fest:


    matt fox:A large percentage of the articles arent about favre? More than half of the past 10 articles have been about favre, the one were on being about his penis.

    Only 5 of the 20 posts on the first page about (Favre). Counting back to July 1st (3 pages) I found 12 of 60 articles that had to do with Favre. And even one of those was vuvuzela related silliness reposted from Cheesehead TV.
    12 of 60.
    Given the spectacle he tends to make of himself in the offseason and Minnesota’s status as a MAJOR division rival, I’d say some coverage is warranted but your claims are ludicrous at best, outright lies at worst.

  18. matt fox August 6, 2010

    Again Kyle, I’m just trying to be more like you guys.

  19. jeff ircink August 14, 2010

    i understand “Favre” is news to a point. whether he creates drama (which i don’t agree with on the whole) or the media creates the drama (or feeds it, which i believe is the case), all matt and i are saying is that, particularly when it concerns a Packers’ blog, i would think a Packers’ blog would eschew ANY Favre news. period. if you hate him so much, why feed into his “drama queen” persona?