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Rod Woodson: No Respect For Favre

I still have this much respect for me.

Add Hall of Famer Rod Woodson to the growing list of people who have no respect for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

Woodson called out Favre and the Vikings on NFL Total Access, on Tuesday.

“This five-year saga, I think, is played out,” Woodson said. “I think a lot of veterans in the National Football League, even though I’ve been retired for seven years, are really tired of this.”

“He had a tremendous year last year. There’s no doubt that Brett Favre is a Hall of Fame quarterback,” Woodson continued. “But I’ve lost respect for Brett in what he’s done the last five years, and I’ve lost some respect to where an organization has to go to win a Super Bowl … and thinking that this is the only way to do it. So, here we go again. It’s win a Super Bowl (or bust) for the Vikings.”

Woodson is right about Super Bowl or bust for the Vikings, but we’ll have more on that later.

He’s also right in his opinion of Favre and we’re glad more people are starting to realize what a cunt Brett is.

In July, former Packers great LeRoy Butler said he pities Favre because he can’t do anything other than play football. True to form, Favre decided he couldn’t sit home and showed up to play football.

We don’t expect any current players to speak negatively about Favre, but it’s refreshing to see former players speak the truth.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. jeremy August 19, 2010


    You could keep a running list of those who have no respect for Favre. Give it it’s own page, a Favre Anti-fan Club.

  2. bastonal August 19, 2010

    “Why should Ron Woodson or anyone else care what Brett Farve does? So what if he changes his mind and it gets him psyched-up…..

    When Fave is ready he comes to PLAY!

    And NOBODY knows better than Brett Farve when Brett Farve will be ready….certainly not you or I nor the idiots envious sportscasting talking heads!

    Farve proves himself a tough, exciting & WINNING competitor every time he returns – Sounds like a lot of jealous athletes out there – GET A LIFE DUDES!”

    1. tequila August 19, 2010

      The only thing Favre has proven over the last 5 years is he is a selfish bitch. This site maintains its integrity as more people come to their senses and share this opinion.

    2. RayV#7 August 19, 2010

      Favre comes to PLAY? its more like he comes to get PAID.

      1. DRPSYCH October 2, 2010

        That is such a sack of shit. there are probably less than a handful of people outside of this page who believe that. Anyone who watches favre knows he doesn’t need the money he already has, let alone to subject himself to playing just for money. Favre plays because its what he has done his whole life. If someone wants to hire him and yes, pay him, what’s it to you? When was the last time ANYONE wanted your skills????

    3. PackerFanInFL August 20, 2010

      Hey Asshole, your idols name is “Favre” not “Farve”

      (god that annoys the shit out of me)

  3. chitter August 19, 2010

    Remember these comments bastonal….this year will be much different. He’s not going to survive the season.

  4. Nick August 19, 2010

    Amazing, Woodson–what a dumb ass.

    Let’s all guess why he retired? Anyone?

    Ah, yes, he was release after he failed his physical! His decision to “retire” was easy, he was old, out-of-shape, and couldn’t perform.

    I would be bitter too.

    1. Abe Frohman August 19, 2010

      Nick – I think you’re making our case for us. Woodson was forced to retire due to injuries. Favre is admittedly out of shape this year. I read somewhere he put on 14 pounds because he couldn’t train. But because of who he is and how desperate the Vikings are, do you really think he’s going to fail his physical? What about a conditioning test? Do you think he’ll even have to take one?

      Why is this a double standard? Because he can get away with it. If Rod Woodson could have gotten away with it, he would have. I’m sure there is some bitterness or jealousy in their comments. It doesn’t mean that it’s inaccurate.

      Maybe Favre produces this year. Maybe age finally catches up with him. All I can say is that he appears to be setting himself up for some kind of a injury retirement because he simply can’t walk away. You can say he loves the game. Call it what you will. It doesn’t mean he’s gone about it in a way that’s honorable or professional.

  5. jeff ircink August 19, 2010

    “he’s not gonna survive the season”. how many times have we heard that? maybe he won’t – maybe A LOT of guys won’t. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    and who gives a fuck what Rod Woodson or Teddy Fucksi has to say about Favre? apparently, the Favre-haters do. and that’s all. there a plenty of people who feel just the opposite. but a list of those names wouldn’t jive with the sentiments on this blog so…THAT’s not news.

    1. jeremy August 20, 2010

      Umm, Teddy Bruschi was the leader of a defense that won three Super Bowls. Three!

      Three is a lot more than the one that Favre has.

      And, way more than the Zero that the Vikings have won.

    2. captain jack August 21, 2010

      Rod is a hall of fame defensive player who won you know….a superbowl or so, while Teddy’s been to 5 superbowls(winning 3!), so they know a thing or two and have credibiality.

      1. DRPSYCH October 2, 2010

        Rod has enough brain damage that he can’t think beyond animal instincts. He knows Favre is still the Alpha male and he can’t stand it.

  6. jeff ircink August 19, 2010

    and the double standard is set by the Vikes or the Jets or whomever lets it happen. plenty of ex-NFlers have said if they didn’t have to go to training camp they might not have retired.

    think about it…if you’ve built of seniority at your place of employment and the boss says, “hey, we’ve got this corporate thing that everyone’s supposed to attend – but if you wanna skip it, go right ahead”…what would you do? you may attend, sure. but if you’ve got other things on your agenda, you may also skip it.

    Favre skipping training camp. Favre gets all the attention. Favre gets favors. Favre this and Favre that. blah, blah, fuckity blah. it’s like a woman’s baby shower around here.

    1. Al Borland's Beard August 19, 2010

      That was a terrible analogy. Also, I’m guessing people would still be pissed. Nobody likes it when people are given preferential treatment. Of course, everything is fine now because the season hasn’t started yet. But if it doesn’t start out great, expect things to take a turn fast and a lot more voices to get louder like they did in Green Bay and New York.

      Trust me, very few teammates like Favre (Save his hunting buddies Allen and Longwell, and possibly a few other veterans) They simply deal with his diva shit because they have to, as he is their best option for a superbowl.

      But in the end, Favre still won’t have his second ring. He’ll more than likely leave with a serious injury. He’ll have absolutely destroyed his legacy and lost a lot of fans; and in several years Peyton will have all of his career records. At least he’ll always have 96 and that interception record.

      1. DRPSYCH October 2, 2010

        Favre was not medically released by training camp. None of his receiving corps was in training camp because most of them were not Vikings yet. So what? Who cares what employers ask of their employees???

        Hey, Beard. Where do you get your info? Mine says Favre lights up the locker room and gives it a much better, winning mood than every day. Every player in there wants to be able to tell their kids and grandkids they played with the great Favre.

        So, Favre struggles with big decisions about playing. He doesn’t hesitate on the field like AR (sacked the most of any QB).

        Did I wander into an actual Packers site whose sole perpose is to bash one of the Legends of Lambeau? You guys are sick. If you are over him you would not bother to take time to hate him.

  7. jeff ircink August 19, 2010

    al – how do you KNOW few teammates like favre? from “unnamed sourced” articles? “won’t have his ring”? you seem to KNOW an awful lot. blah, blah, blah.

    my analogy was perfect by the way. it’s just that you’re a Favre-hater. and any positive spin you read about him is turned into a negative by you and those like you. and that’s fine. not everyone HAS to like Favre. but anything you or others like you say is always gonna be taken with a grain of salt – just like the shit i say about Favre. we all hear what we wanna hear.

    and you’re analogy about everything being fine when the team is winning is terrible. that’s true for any team.

    1. Abe Frohman August 19, 2010

      Why does everyone hate kickers? Because they’re not really part of the team. They practice all by themselves. They can win a game just as easily as they can lose it. And it seems like a waste of all your hard work to have some maroon who all he does is kick a freaking ball miss one wide right destroy all your hard work.

      Everything is fine when you’re winning – this is true. It doesn’t have to fall apart, but usually the guys that are “different” or the ones that others feel are responsible are the ones that become the goat – like a kicker. So, when you do things like skip mini camp and portions of training camp because you’re “undecided”, you sort of set yourself up to be a potential target. Those guys that are fine with this crap now may grow really tired of it if there are a few more interceptions thrown at inopportune times.

      Will it happen? Who knows? Vikings fans hope it doesn’t. Packers fans hope it does.

      yep….it’s all speculation. But what is the point of a site like this if that’s not what we’re here to do?

  8. jeff ircink August 19, 2010

    that’s where we differ. i deal in facts. no speculation.

  9. jeff ircink August 19, 2010

    and yes, i agree on “potential target” thing. so be it. that’s between the player and the coach. other guys need to worry about their own contracts and their own practice and performance.

    doesn’t mean Favre isn’t a team guy. i believe he is. am i delusional? not to those who agree with me. and there are many.

  10. MAD City Packer Fan August 19, 2010

    I have a feeling when Favre and Chilly kill each other for the head coach job we are going to hear a lot less from you Jeff.

    1. DRPSYCH October 2, 2010

      You mean like when Peyton Manning screams at his coach on the sidelines? or when favre shrugged when he did not agree with Childress? It’s a game. Elite players don’t agree with coaches. Big deal. favre never makes a specitical of it, unlike Peyton and Brady.

  11. Matt Fox August 20, 2010

    I have a feeling when Favre beats the packers again this year were going to be a hearing a lot less from most of you.

    1. jeremy August 20, 2010

      And what if they don’t? Are you going to stick around and own it?

    2. captain jack August 21, 2010

      gotta love the bitch that trolls around packer forums.

  12. jeff ircink August 20, 2010

    oh, OK MAD City Packer fan. whatever you say.

  13. Heather Krimmer August 20, 2010

    I have “no respect” for Rod Woodson to be saying this about Brett Favre. I personally don’t care what Rod Woodson says period!

    Favre has never been about the money, all its been about is playing football, the man loves the game period.

    There has only been one mistake that Brett has made and thats the first retirement because the Packers made him give them an answer before he was ready to and that BF will say himself. The rest of all this crap is the media. BF doesnt ask to be followed but he is why? Because BF is great news.

    I have been a BF fan since day one and I used to be a Packer fan, I was born and raised in WI. But am NO longer a Packer fan, I am a BF fan!! The man is a joy to watch and no one comes close to that IMO.

    Here’s to BF having a great season of play and health!! Rod Woodson can go such an egg,

    1. PackerFanInFL August 20, 2010


      We have a word for people like you around here..



    2. captain jack August 21, 2010

      have fun sucking on that banana duct taped to your favre poster.

  14. billyschwills August 20, 2010

    Quick show of hands…is there anyone here who values Jeff Ircink’s opinion or is interested in what he has to say? Personally I do not care what an actor/singer/playwright/secretary has to say about football, but if i ever need any pointers on ironing a bedskirt or getting jizz stains out of an ascot, you will be the first person i ask.

    If anyone is interested in his douche-chill-inducing thoughts, i highly recommend his blog. Wow. Just wow.

    Honestly though, Jeff, i know you think of yourself as a rogue, but why don’t you keep your ideas at your own blog and then whomever wants to hear your opinions can go there?

    1. jeremy August 20, 2010

      For those of you who have never wasted your part of your life looking at Jeff’s blog let me sum it up for you.




      1. billyschwills August 20, 2010

        Those are the three nicest things anyone could say about that blog. Self-absorbed. Douchey. Stomach-Turning.

        Not to mention he is so far in the closet, they should call him Narnia.

        1. jeremy August 20, 2010

          That’s true. Stomach-turning is pretty accurate. When I saw it I asked myself, who gave this pussy a crack copy of Dreamweaver?

      2. DRPSYCH October 2, 2010

        written at at least five grade levels above any one here’s reading level.

  15. PackerFanInFL August 20, 2010

    Hey billy is it me or did it seem to take long ass time to load he lost me after the first “mash rerun” post as I didn’t have the patience or time to follow up on the prequal (probably the ironing bit you mentioned).

    Oh BTW in case you had not known Jeff Ircink also sportwriter and writes a prestigious coulmn at bleacherreport.com.


    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more of a public rim job devoted to Brett Favre.

    His most popular article being

    I Hate Brett Favre. (No I Don’t.) 1200+ Views

    Where he publicly waffles about his man-love for Brett Favre, he publicly brags that

    ” I’ve written 2,252 posts – 374 of which are either solely about Brett Favre, mention his name or concern the teams Brett has played on”

    Ironicly,he was giving Monty shit a few weeks back about writing ratio: BF vs EverythingElse funny his ratio wasn’t anywhere near the public internet stalking ratio jeff has undertaken.

    I had a hard time reading his EPIC ‘piece’ on BleacherReport, as it basicly a re-run of the sterotype good all boy country gunglsinger horseshit all the BF lovers preach. I tried to read some of the other work by the astound ‘sports writer’ but honestly its all just more of the same just reworded, adding some meaningless character (some poor smuck from portage) to re-hash the ‘wag the dog’ version of Favre.

    I spent the last few month blasting Jeff with Homoerotic slurrs..and had great fun doing so, but I’m kind of over that (for now). and come to the conclusion that Jeff is a product of someone who drank the ‘purple’ koolaid (not to be confused with shit Johnny Jolly & Jmarcus got busterd for)

    I’m sure he’s gonna call me “PackerDousheInFL” or some other lame insult..but I’m being nice and just posting the facts. He’s taken the level of a “favre fan” to an unseen level.

    1. jeremy August 20, 2010

      All I have to say is DAMN, that is the most unbelievable pile of tripe I’ve ever read.

      Note in the comments, Jeff recommends Pat Boot take his dissenting comments else were. Ah the hypocrisy.

  16. matt fox August 21, 2010

    I mean, seeing as you guys just like to ignore that Brett Favre beat the Packers both times last year, even though you were talking a lot of shit before the games I’m sure, I don’t know why you’d ask me if ID take it like a man, when you obviously wouldnt and dont.

    1. jeremy August 21, 2010

      What are you talking about? I’m here. And Abe, Borland, and FL have been here the whole time too listening to your turn coat bullshit.

      So no matter what happens this season your are going to stick around and own it, right? Every time McMahon posts Favre, just like you so now.

  17. ezenk August 21, 2010

    Matt Fox as well as others who think the Vikings are going to beat the Packers both times AGAIN in 2010 are basing their assumptions of another great season on faulty facts;

    1. Favre equals of surpasses his 2009 performance.
    2. The Vikings offensive line performs on the same level or better than 2009.
    3. Rice, Harvin, Shancoe and others have better seasons due to their playing time with Favre in 2009.
    4. The defense fixes it’s secondary problems and continues to get 15+ sacks from Allen and others.

    1. Favre has not put together back-to-back terrific statistical seasons since the 1997-1998 season.
    2. The Vikings have done nothing to address the problems they faced with sacks and QB pressures during the NFC Championship Game. McKinnie, Herrera, Sullivan and Loadholt and Hutchinson are a good group whose strengths are run blocking not passing blocking. The Vikings lost valuable swing man Artis Hicks to the Redskins and have not replaced him or drafted anyone. What happens if any of these guys miss time with injuries? They face the same musical chair senario the Packers did in 2009 and that worked out real well for the Packers to the tune of 50+ sacks with 40 of those in the first 8 games of the season. And remember Favre is not Rodgers, he can’t run away from anyone now.
    4. Jared Allen had 15+ plus sacks in 2009. He won’t get 12 of those sacks AGAIN from the Packers because they drafted Bulaga (who will back-up Clinton at left tackle) and Newhouse who will provide depth at the guard position. The Packers have depth at the other tackle position as well with TJ Lang backing up Mark Tauscher. Both Tausher and Clifton did not play in the first Vikings and Packers game in 2009. And in the rematch Clifton did not play. Each time Allen has faced Clifton, Clifton has blanked Allen in most of those games.

    The Packer fans (myself included) have their assumptions as well:

    1. Packers offensive line plays much better with old veterans returning and new rookies to provide depth they did not have in 2009.
    2. Aaron Rodgers continues his upward assent as one of the best QBs in the NFL.
    3. The defense fixes its problems with a lack of a pass rush.
    4. The special teams become (at a minimum) respectable versus an embarrassment.

    Another way to look at this is the Vikings (despite very few long term injuries, and miracle wins, Niners and Ravens victories) still only went 12-4 in 2009 and now face a much more difficult schedule. The Packers (despite all their problems with the offensive line and lack of a pass rush and terrible special teams play) finished 11-5 and their schedule is a bit easier than the Vikings in 2010.

    Good luck to both teams except when the Vikings play the Packers, (the Packers will beat the Vikings in Lambeau this year).

  18. jeff ircink August 21, 2010

    PackerFanINFL…hahaha. now that was funny. haha. and no i’m not gonna resort to namecalling. i’m bored with that as well (for now).

    couple things. i wrote 4 articles on Favre for Bleacher Report. no big whoop. and i’ve never apologized for lovin’ the guy. there’s no magic formula to the content of the articles. it’s just my thoughts. I enjoy watching him play. he makes football and the NFL exciting. thousands of people agree with those comments (remember, there are others out there who adore Favre, not just the Favre-haters and those who — — USED to like Favre).

    and the shit i was giving Monty about the post ration between AR and BF isn’t even comparable to the number of Favre posts i wrote. i’m a Favre fan so i write Favre posts. Total Packers is a Packer site with more articles on Favre than AR. i don’t see how you can make the comparison as you did.

    1. PackerFanInFL August 21, 2010

      you own “NFL: Favre 4 Ever” on DVD don’t ya I can almost swear part of that second paragraph was word for word….Billy Bob is that you?

      As for the average ratio thing I’m just saying “glass houses”…thats all!

  19. jeff ircink August 21, 2010

    jeremy and billyschwills – how pathetically jealous you two idiots are. neither of you could write your way out of a condom. of course my blog is self-important..all blogs are, you dipshits. you don’t think TotalPackers is self-important? give me fucking break.

    and once again, WHY are you both on my blog if you could give a shit? ????

    keep my opinions to my own blog? neither of you know anything about blogging so why would i listen to anything either of YOU have to say about the subject?

    1. jeremy August 22, 2010

      I thought you weren’t going to resort to name calling?

    2. billyschwills August 23, 2010

      Jeff Ircink, you petulant bag of jizz, please read and respond to this.

      Since you seem to think of yourself as a “writer” and have claimed that I cannot “write my way out of a condom” (good one by the way), I would like to personally challenge you to a writing contest.

      You pick the stakes, you pick the topic, fuck…you even pick the judges, however I would like to request that they are somewhat unbiased, and somewhat scholarly so that we do not have retards judging this.

      Honestly, if you do believe what you posted, let me challenge you do a duel of words, and I will even let you choose all the criteria within the contest.

      YOU make the rules, and let us both see who can truly write, and who cannot “write their way out of a condom”.

      Again, I do not claim to be a writer for a hobby or a profession, but I am 110 % certain that i have a better ability to craft our language than you do.

      Challenge accepted? Or challenge declined?

  20. jeff ircink August 21, 2010

    PFINFL…my admiration of Favre is nothing out of the ordinary. come on, you seriously think i’m the only person who feels that way?

    1. PackerFanInFL August 21, 2010

      Find me another blog of someone that gloats as much you,and takes it as a personal vendetta to defend his honor on an opposing site, and writes a sports article and I will take it back.

      Passion = Truth (and whole lot of brett favre butt kissing)

      1. DRPSYCH October 2, 2010

        Find me another blog as foul as this and I’ll show you raider fans. You guys aren’t Green bay fans. You are too hateful and stupid.

  21. jeff ircink August 21, 2010

    you’re on, PFINFL. can’t argue though that it’s MY passion and MY truth…. ;)

    and it’s not about defending Favre’s honor on this site as much as it’s me questioning why this site seems to spend more time on posts featuring Favre. i told you that i really can’t defend him on this site cause it ain’t gonna change anyone’s minds. i mean, are there more posts covering AR that i’m missing? i wasn’t here at the beginning and i know someone actually counted the AR versus BF posts a few days ago.
    maybe i’m wrong.

  22. jeff ircink August 21, 2010

    http://letterstobrettfavre.com/ – not a blog but it’s a website


    (6 of kristin’s last 24 articles for BR were on Favre. huge Favre fan. that’s 25% of her articles devoted to BF)

  23. jeff ircink August 21, 2010

    and if i were the only blogger to devote such a high percentage of posts to Favre, so what. there’s fan sites that devout 100% of their blogs and websites to Favre.

    1. PackerFanInFL August 22, 2010

      thats 1 of 3 parts of the criteria I defined come on now.

  24. jeff ircink August 21, 2010

    Favre 4 Ever? own it but – no, all off the top of my head, PFINFL. course everyone says that so it’s not really a novel outlook on BF.

    did you own it or did you burn it?

    1. PackerFanInFL August 22, 2010

      They run it on NFL network over and over every time he ‘retires’ so needless to say there have been ample opportunities to view it.

  25. jeff ircink August 25, 2010

    billyschwills. i accept. I PICK the criteria? wouldn’t that be unfair? shouldn’t it be random? i could say, write a short, funny play on anything you want. you men you’d agree to that?

    wait – you know what. stop with bag of jizz bullshit, ok. you wanna accept a challenge to write, then the first criteria is no namecalling. not that i can’t take, it’s just getting overdone and i’m sick of it, ok?

    criteria. anything? you really want ME to pick anything?

    1. billyschwills August 25, 2010

      I would like you to pick the rules, the criteria, the JUDGES, and name the stakes. Mostly what I am trying to protect against is any sour grapes after the fact.

      I guess a play isn’t something I have written before, so I would prefer anything else, but I am giving you free reign to decide the stakes, make the rules, pick the judges, and then follow through. I don’t think either of us wants to commit hundreds of hours to an internet argument/bet, so let’s make this doable.

      I would say the stakes could be something like: Loser never comments on Total Packers blog again, with a gentleman’s agreement that we do not make up a second profile to use in the future. Again though, you pick the stakes, make the rules, and let me know. If you are so confident that I cannot “write my way out of a condom”, I look forward to smoking you like last week’s hashish.

      Since you are a professional and a literary hobbyist, this should be a piece of cake for you, and I look forward to this.

  26. jeff ircink August 25, 2010

    alright. let me think about it. i’ve got a staged play reading coming up at the end of Sept that i’m prepping for so i will say this won’t happen until after Oct. 1.

    also, i will NOT agree to, let’s say i’m the “winner”, is you never commenting on TotalPackers.com. you’re a Packer fan. i won’t be responsible for forcing you off this site just cause of some contest. i don’t know what the stakes will be – but not that.

  27. DRPSYCH October 2, 2010

    This is a real class organization. You guys are homophobic, misogynistic haters.

    You like to use butt sex as an insult, references to female anatomy, can you even think above the waist?

    You further sicken die hard Packer fans (like the ones who knew Vince Lombardi) with your excessive need to bash a man whose big mistake was having trouble deciding about his future.

    You ought to be able to express your THOUGHTS without sexual references, these don’t count as worthy of publication. I am still stunned you have a moderater. What? If you don’t bash Favre and his fans with sexual, hate crime phrases, you can’t get published? What a joke!