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Johnny Jolly Suspended Indefinitely

Won't be seeing this anytime soon.

Word via the AP is Green Bay Packers defensive end Johnny Jolly has been suspended without pay by the NFL indefinitely for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

The suspension begins immediately and will last throughout the 2010 season.

Jolly is eligible to apply for reinstatement after the Super Bowl, if he isn’t in prison.

Jolly is awaiting trial for felony drug possession. He was arrested in 2008 for illegally possessing 200 grams of codeine.

The Packers released the following statement.

“Johnny is a good player that loves everything about the game of football. We appreciate the contributions he has made to the Packers the past four seasons. His focus and priorities now lie elsewhere – our thoughts are with him during this difficult personal time.”


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. jeremy July 16, 2010

    He better find himself a Williams Wall Lawyer.

  2. RayV#7 July 16, 2010

    hahaha, lmao yea he needs one of those lawyers that helped the fat fucks. well idk but maybe Jolly will get released to open up a roster spot for another player. or will the packers save him the roster spot?

  3. Taryn July 16, 2010

    For the good of the team overall,let him go.

  4. abe frohman July 16, 2010

    I think Jolly is an idiot and probably deserves a decent punishment, but how many times has Brandon Marshall been arrested? He’s been suspended a grand total of 1 game. There’s no consistency to the penalties of the Goodell system.

  5. Monty July 16, 2010

    i’m not sure it will come out, but it would be interesting to know what, exactly, he was suspended for. typically, anyone suspended under the substance abuse policy gets four games for a first offense. jolly has no reported offenses in the program. the penalty is a harsh one, so the nfl must know something the rest of us don’t.

  6. eric July 16, 2010

    he got suspended the season as an example. this whole ‘purple drank’ shit. ESPN Outside the Lines had the big show about how bad and big of a deal it is, and JJ is the first player to be the example after that. fucking bullshit. Jolly was SO fucking good. entering his prime. I know we can move on, but he was a really fucking good player.

  7. eric July 16, 2010

    did i mention he played the last two seasons without missing a start. we would have been just that much better with him. but i’m sure he wouldn’t have been the best role model for the young guys, and who knows how his chemistry was with the veterans

  8. PackerFanINFL July 17, 2010

    JaMarcus Russell might be fucked (even more then the lazy SOB already is)

  9. jeremy July 17, 2010

    This codeine stuff is funny to me because I was prescribed a bottle of it once and it made me feel like total shit so I threw it away. I can’t imagine anyone breaking the law to get it.

  10. jeff ircink July 17, 2010

    hahahaha. ha. SKOL FOR THE WILLIAMS’ WALL!

    1. PackerFanINFL July 18, 2010


      Matt Fox & Jeff ircink…2 straws a bottle of laxitives and viking milkshakes for life.

    2. jeremy July 18, 2010

      I think it’s funny that while self-righteously claiming to be encouraging us to mind our own business, you demand this blog write stories on only Packers and their issues. Yet you show up Troll Packers stories too. In Wisconsin, someone who has that kind of double standard is called a hypocrite, in Minn I guess you are called a Vikings fan.

      1. jeremy July 18, 2010

        Comment #12 was meant for Jeff, in case it confusing.

  11. jeff ircink July 18, 2010


  12. jeff ircink July 18, 2010

    that’s right jeremy. if this blog continues to write the shit outta Favre, i will comment on all the woes that beset the Packers.

    you’re smart!