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Aaron Rodgers: Cover Boy

Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been anointed a fantasy stud by ESPN, which put Rodgers on the cover of their July 26 edition of ESPN The Magazine.

Perhaps more interesting is the cover story itself, which paints Rodgers as a cool, charismatic character, but one who has overcome quite a bit of disappointment. Rodgers wasn’t recruited out of high school, attended junior college (where he again found few suitors at major college programs), slipped in the draft and then had to sit behind Brett Favre, who wanted no part of mentoring him.

“I see so many silver-spoon guys, and I don’t think the mental toughness is always there,” Rodgers said. “I’ve dealt with adversity. I’ve dealt with disappointment. I’ve dealt with not being picked and not being one of the guys. When I see adversity now, I look forward to it. When I see opportunity, I make the most of it.”

There’s plenty more I could talk about, but you should read the story for yourself, because it’s one that will make you like Aaron Rodgers even more.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. captain jack July 20, 2010

    why’s he standing on top of the avatar mountains?

  2. PackerFanInFL July 20, 2010

    If AR doesn’t stays healthy..he is the QB that will someday have statue in front of lambeau.

    Very inspiring, I like my QB .

  3. PackerFanInFL July 20, 2010

    does say healthy thats is

  4. Katy Jane July 20, 2010

    After reading this article I have to say I am an even greater admirer of Aaron Rodgers than I already was. His humble attitude and dedication proves that Ted Thompson knew what he was doing all along and the fans just needed a little time to catch up. His interview shed even more light on Aaron Rodgers relationship with Brett Favre and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. As a die hard Packer fan who had only ever watched Brett Favre lead them onto the field I had come to respect him very much. After reading interviews with the people who had to work with him and watching the way he interacts with the public I lose a little bit of that respect everyday. I’m just glad that the Packers now have a quaterback whose dedicated not only to the game and himself but to his team as well. That bodes well for the coming years.

  5. joe July 20, 2010

    What a great read. Rodgers is a real class act and you can really see it. I have so much more respect for rodgers then that asshole shit bag in purple.

    Rodgers > brent

  6. jeremy July 20, 2010

    How great it is that McCarthy and Thompson don’t have to fly down Mississippi every year to find out if they have a QB or not.

    1. Abe Frohman July 20, 2010

      and one that doesn’t approach training camp like it’s going to give him an STD

  7. Pablo July 20, 2010

    As a former apostle of Favre, I can’t believe how much of a d-bag he has become. Rodgers is the man!

  8. vonSchnellenstein July 20, 2010

    I agree with the above sentiments on Favre. He has become like a bug to me. I’m very happy with my quarterback! :)

  9. john mayer July 20, 2010

    Does anyone know what Aaron calls his celebration… you know the one… he slides his hands around his hips… My friends and i call it the Championship Belt move but i’d be interested in knowing what he calls it.

    1. Abe Frohman July 21, 2010

      I think it comes from the WWE

  10. matt fox July 20, 2010

    Aaron Rodgers is totally sweet. 17-15 record, zero playoff wins, DA MAAAAAAAN!!!

  11. matt fox July 20, 2010

    A-rod’s also better than Favre because he’s lost to him twice. Because in Packer methodology being mediocre for two years apparently means you’re going to be better than a top 5 all time qb. MMMMMMHMMMMMMMM! No bitterness on this site at all, lol. AARON RODGERS IS BETTER THAN BRETT FAVRE. AARON RODGERS IS BETTER THAN BRETT FAVRE. AARON RODGERS IS BETTER THAN BRETT FAVRE. Apprently you guys think if you keep saying that over and over you’ll force yourself to believe its true. haha, you guys are sad.

    1. Kyle July 21, 2010

      Yeah. How dare Aaron Rodgers play such shoddy pass defense and tackle so poorly? How dare he throw those mediocre blocks. To say that Rodgers is without fault is sheer lunacy, but likely even worse to somehow imply–as you have repeatedly–that the team’s record during his tenure is somehow his fault. That’s what we call a false equivalency.

      But, hey, I’ve got a slow day at work, so let’s play your game. Let’s compare stat lines just for fun.

      Aaron Rodgers’ first 32 games as a starter: 17-15. 691/1077 (64.1%), 8,472 yds (12.26 yds/completion), 58 TDs, 20 INTs, 84 sacks, 20 fumbles (7 lost).

      Brett Favre’s first 32 games as a starter: 18-14. 665/1072 (62%), 6,995 yds (10.52 yds/completion), 39 TDs, 39 INTs, 68 sacks, 25 fumbles, 8 lost.

      If you include Favre’s playoff games in his first 32 as a starter, it becomes: 19-13. 653/1047 (62.3%), 6,888 yds (10.55 yds/completion), 41 TDs, 39 INTs, 60 sacks, 25 fumbles, 8 lost.

      Does this say that Rodgers is better than Favre? No. That type of comparison is way too subjective in too many ways to be born out by a simple stat analysis. There are enough variables to make that difficult including era, scheme, etc. etc. However, it does kind of shoot holes through your “mediocre for 2 years” claim, stated as though Favre didn’t start slow. I’d say the records alone flesh that out.

  12. PackerFanINFL July 21, 2010


  13. Al Borland's Beard July 21, 2010

    Whether he’s better or not doesn’t really matter, because regardless of stats or even skill, Rodgers has the most important thing and that’s time. Soon, whether it’s this season or next, Favre will be forced to retire (When no teams are willing to pick him up) and afterthought, the only time he’ll appear will be in the wet dreams of John Madden.

    Rodgers is the future and not even in his prime, Favre will eventually fade into obscurity, only appearing every now and then in wranglers and sketchers commercials.

    Oh, and one other thing, this isn’t tennis, QB’s don’t lose to one another because they are never actually on the field together and in direct competition so please go fuck yourself.

  14. Cody Adams July 21, 2010

    Matt Fox please SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  15. matt fox July 21, 2010

    Kyle, you’re aboslutely right. A simple stat analysis would be too subjective (especially since Brett Favre started his 2nd year in the league on a new team, while Aaron Rodgers started his fourth year in the league on the same team, while learning under Brett Favre) to determine who the better qb is. I wish there was some way we could really measure which of the two qbs is better, like, oh I dont know, a game where these two quartbacks could play each other with similarly talented teams. For good measure we could even have two games to make sure the first game wasnt a fluke, and give both qbs home field advantage. I wonder who would win those games? Very intriguing.

    Abe! Still upset about the vikings games i see. Well, no worries, eventually that Favre man you despie so much will retire and you wont have to worry about him kicking your ass anymore. Then you’ll have all the time in the world to just focus on how you’re not winning because you have George Bush and Dick Chenney as your Head Coach and GM. Although, I hope to fucking god by then they still wont be here by the time Favre retires, but you people are just stupid enough to keep them around that much longer. So you never know. Cheers Cody!

    1. Kyle July 22, 2010

      Your argument is awfully fluid. First it’s because Aaron’s first two years haven’t been successful enough in the W-L column. After proving that Favre wasn’t too hot in his first two years as a starter either–and if anything, he was slightly worse–it shifts to “well, Favre beat Rodgers,” completely ignoring, might I add, what someone else pointed out. QBs DO NOT lose to each other. TEAMS do. Minnesota defeating Green Bay was not the direct result of QB play on either side, because both QBs played exceptional football. Favre may have played slightly better, but no one worth their salt believes he was the deciding factor. Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson likely were, moreso.

      As I said, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t missing tackles or blowing coverages. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t throwing shoddy blocks or dropping 4th down touchdown passes. Likewise, Brett Favre wasn’t sacking Rodgers. Favre’s supporting cast was better in 2009, Green Bay’s secondary struggled when the front 7 was unable to put on a consistent pass rush and the O-Line had issues, especially early. No Packer fan denies this. Why is this hard to understand?

  16. Abe Frohman July 22, 2010

    Matt – I never said I despise Favre. Why is it you get so upset when someone puts words in your mouth, but then you go ahead and do the same thing? You call everyone else a hypocrite, but look in a mirror.

    I said he’s lost credibility. I said he’s a prima donna. I said he loves the attention. I also said he’s tough as hell.

    You never answered my question, either: why is it you can’t stand to hear ANYTHING negative about your idol? Surely you don’t think he’s perfect? I have fun pointing out his flaws because it gets you so pissed off.

    You come to this site proclaiming to be a Packer fan but hate everything about the organization, its roster, and attempt to annoy everyone here. I’m simply returning the favor.

  17. matt fox July 22, 2010

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait….wait. Kyle. Am i hearing you correctly? Qb’s dont win/ lose games? So ALLLLL that bullshit i was hearing about how Favre lost all those playoff games for us by your friends on this site is null and void? Fantastic! And you’re also admitting that the Minnesota Vikings are a better team than the green bay packers? Wow. Interesting. And youre saying that no one believes Favre was the deciding factor in those games? Hmmm. Okay. Suuuure buddy. Yeah, favre didnt do too much in that game, youre totally right. i dont know what planet youre living on, but it must be fun. And yes, Rodgers wasnt throwing blocks or missing tackles, but he was holding the ball too long, making bad reads, and failing to win the game. Unlike favre. Who did win the game. Twice. The Packers secondary, “one of the best secondary in the league” was struggling because Favre picked them apart. I dont agree that favre had a better supporting cast. The packers were ranked 1st in the league on d, and had better recieving core. Favre just destroyed it.

    And abe, obviously I dont think Favre is a pefect person, and i will admit to some of his faults, but you guys are just completely crazy when it comes to insulting him and take it way to far and never stop.

    Favre did not handle everything in the Packers saga well. His biggest fault was talking or trying to explain things when he should have just kept his mouth shut. However, I, unlike you, dont see it as favre being a prima dona or attention whore. Obviously Favre has an ego, to be a successful qb in the NFL you have to have a huge one, and obviously he does being Brett Favre. But Favre through his career has shown what kind of guy and player and teammate he was on the Pack. Playing through every injury imaginable, after his father died, while his wife who he’s been with since highschool had cancer, and while going through pain killer addicted rehab. He offered to take pay cuts, and did, multiple times for the team. Every player who ever played with him loved him, minus Thomas Jones, but hes a bear so who cares. He gave so much money to wisconsin and charities and does so much work with make a wish foundation and putting his fame to help others. And up until the Thompson Favre fiasco everyone else loved the motherfucking shit out of him because of just how great he is and his passion for the game and how hes like a little kid just playin footbal, but no one more than the state of wisconsin. And then this one thing happens where its basically thompsons word vs favres and you all just take Thompson’s side and its bullshit. Thompson is a GM. All GM’s suck. But hesa real P.O.S.

    Has Favre marketed himself like Petyon Manning or Tom Brady? No. Has favre had problems like Ochocinco or those other knuckleheads? No. Yet you guys act like just because he retired and realized he made a mistake that hes the anti-christ or something. And hes not. So hell yeah im going to defend him. Favre’s a little immature, that’s obvious, but hes not a bad guy, and never has been. Yet I have to hear shit hoping terrible things happen to him when hes done so much for the packers. And its bull shit. And you guys sound like ungrateful babies. You guys chucked him to the curb, not the other way around.

  18. PackerFanINFL July 22, 2010

    LOL..get a job kid..like anyone is gonna read your crybaby sob story


  19. matt fox July 22, 2010

    PackerfaninFL, lol, like you have a job. Who would hire a mentally retarded kid?

  20. PackerFanINFL July 22, 2010

    Brad Childress

    1. Abe Frohman July 23, 2010

      that’s funny!

  21. RayV#7 July 22, 2010

    fucked up, repugnant, shitty ass comment by jeff ircest in 3…..2……1……

  22. matt fox July 23, 2010

    Hey you know, that is true, you guys should thank Brett for getting Brad Childress an extention.

  23. Matt Fox July 24, 2010

    And ESPN is right, Aaron Rodgers is a FANTASY stud. Do i even need to finish the joke?

  24. jeff ircink July 26, 2010

    abe – regarding your comment #20, i’ll be the first to admit that #4 isn’t perfect. he certainly had a part to play in his departure from GB. QB’s, probably more than any other player on a football team, have egos. AR has an ego. if he didn’t, he wouldn’t do that dumbass shtick in the endzone when he scores a TD (that thing with the belt around his waist). we all have egos. now put yourself in the shoes of a guy like BF and maybe your ego gets a tad bigger. so what. aside from his waffling on retirement and his apparent ‘love’ for attention in the media, what has he done to make him the scorn of Packer fans….wait….aside from leaving GB and playing for the Vikes?

  25. matt fox July 26, 2010

    Aaron Rodgers = Favre’s bitch

  26. Josh L. July 28, 2010

    First off I find it a wee bit strange that some folks are posting comments on this website at 2:32 am. Then again I suppose I would to if I had a sweet D and D command center set up in my parents basement…..anyway.

    There are some valid points listed but there is one huge fact that everyone has missed. This is that Brett Favre wasn’t turned away completely by the Packers, they told that he could come out of retirement and that he would just simply have to win his job back from Rodgers. Shouldn’t be to tough a task for a Top 5 all time QB right Fox???? Right?? Wait a minute! Brett Favre avoided a QB battle with A-Rod like it was fucking HIV. He wanted nothing to do with it, at all.

    In future who is the better QB arguements A-Rod fans need to say only one thing. And that is that the supposed greatest QB in GBP history was scared to compete with him. I don’t know about you all but that tells me all I need to know about Mr Rodgers, and that Favre let a young QB with zero NFL starts run him out of town….and he didn’t even have to take a single snap while doing it. Took Steve Young a few years and some good starts to get Montana out of the way as I recall.

    Whose the bitch now?

  27. matt fox July 30, 2010

    Youre still the bitch seeing as you cant get facts straight. Yes, they told Favre that, but he said okay, bring it on, and flew into training camp. This caused Thompson to shit his pants cause favre called his bluff and they pulled Favre into a 4 hour meeting, telling him that he wont start and they’re basically going to trade him, but not to a team he wants, and never let him took the practice field. So Thompson was actually the pussy. I mean, I could make up facts or conviently forget imformation all day, but the real fact is your still a bitch. :) And, seeing as he STILL has no playoff wins, so is A-rod.

  28. Chargers Fan August 18, 2010

    Off topic but whatever, Packers and Chargers Super Bowl XLV, Philip Rivers and the Chargers get their first of five Super Bowl rings, just thought i should share with packer nation, your welcome, see you guys in February

  29. mike klementovich February 8, 2011

    Well to tell you the truth I love them both and now we have 2 more SUper Bowl rings because of these two great athletic guys. 4 Super Bowls and 9 NFL championships…that make 13 and the next closest is DA BEARS with 9…..Just keep bringing home those Lombardi Trophies boys…TITLETOWN is the place

  30. Mike R April 14, 2011

    This was pretty enjoyable to read. Even without A-Rodge bringing home the trophy this year, how can Vikings fans ever talk shit. They are the Cubs of the NFL. A joke of an organization. Even the years where they manage to put good teams together, they manage to choke it away when it matters the most. I imagine we won’t be hearing too much from Vikings fans this year, or the next 5.