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Rodgers Calls Bashing Of ESPN Inappropriate

Rodgers still doesn't think much of Kornheiser.

A lot of things we do are inappropriate, like telling the driver that just cut you off exactly what you think of him.

That doesn’t necessarily make them wrong. Said driver may indeed lack intelligence, as you pointed out, but maybe that’s something that isn’t appropriate to note.

So, when Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked about the negative comments he made about ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser and Ron Jaworski on the radio earlier this week, he termed them inappropriate, but he didn’t back off.

“Unfortunately the message of really in jest talking about that, it was probably inappropriate for that setting and I didn’t mean to offend anybody personally,” Rodgers said today. “I have a lot of respect for those guys and what they do. It’s something that I know is more difficult than it looks at times and I meant no personal disrespect to anybody and I apologize if any of them took offense to what I said. Unfortunately the translation is often lost when it’s on radio, not on TV.”

Earlier in the week, Rodgers described Kornheiser as terrible and said he didn’t know anything about sports. Rodgers said Jaworski gave him a bad review coming out of college and now kisses his ass every time he sees him.

Both Kornheiser and Jaworski were teamed on Monday Night Football during the 2008 season, but Kornheiser has since been replaced by Jon Gruden.

In response to Rodgers’ comments, Kornheiser took the high road.

“My guess is that his comments had to do with the fact that during his first season, I was publicly critical of the Packers, which had a 13-3 team, and got rid of [Brett] Favre for an untested player,” Kornheiser said. “Jaws and I went back and forth on this 1,000 times on TV and with Wilbon 1,000 times on TV. But if he thinks I’m no good, he wouldn’t be the first. Or the last.”

That’s true, Tony.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. yes-sirr June 10, 2010

    Rodgers never apologized for saying what he said but instead regretted( which is the key word here) the way it was said. He doesn’t have to feel sorry because he was 100% correct. Like he said in his tweet, it’s his 1st amendment right. A critic, Tony, has been vocal about him since I can remember and that goes without comment of being OK because he’s in the media. However, the moment Rodgers criticizes the critic, people take issue. What the h*ll kinda world do we live in?

    I’ve read other blogs about his comments and it’s quite bogus how he’s been viewed. PFT quoted Rodgers saying he thought Tony was “stupid” which is not even close to what was said. What people will do to make a d*mn buck is pathetic.

  2. jeremy June 11, 2010

    Not that it was in Rodgers long term interest to say what he said, but all of it is true. Those MNF fucks discuss almost nothing that’s actually relevant to the game. Tony Kornheiser is a scab on sports broadcasting that badly needs to be picked off and flicked away into the dirt, only Imus is worse. Sports news has become a rumor driven soap opera who’s main concern is the flaky and cheap drama of self important overpaid bratty athlete’s. Another Farve article anyone?

  3. matt fox June 12, 2010

    He just realized QBs who havent won anything prob shouldnt critisize others…

  4. Sandy Collins June 14, 2010

    You should say the QB who haven’t won anything yet!!!

  5. matt fox June 15, 2010

    As long as Ted Thompson is the Packers GM the packers are winning as many superbowls as the lions.

    1. Sheegan February 9, 2011


  6. chitter June 15, 2010

    It certainly wasn’t classy. Despite the fact that Kornheuser was and is awful, it was pretty aggressive and it did get personal.

    I don’t begrudge a guy speaking his mind, but it just doesn’t seem like something you’d hear a Joe Montana, John Elway, or Peyton Manning say.

    Water off a duck’s back, Aaron. None of this shit matters. Be pissed off privately.