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Face It, Brett Favre Will Never Be A Green Bay Packer Again

May as well have been his rookie season.

I was holding out a small bit of hope that Brett Favre might again, at some point during my lifetime, be considered a member of the Green Bay Packers’ family.

It would be a magical time when we could all just pretend he never stabbed anyone in the back, wasn’t an egomaniacal, selfish prick only worried about himself and that he never played for those bottom-of-the-barrel scumbags known as the Minnesota Vikings.

But Brett Favre will never let that happen.

Favre has had every opportunity to treat Packers’ fans and the organization that made him with respect and he’s taken none of them. At the same time, he takes every opportunity he can to build up the Vikings’ organization, whether he’s calling the 2009 team the best he’s ever played with or uttering things like he did last week.

Favre appeared via satellite — because you know, Brett Favre is too important to appear at your pithy event — at a business conference at the Target Center in Minneapolis, last week. That’s where he told the assembled crowd his biggest achievement was winning over Minnesota Vikings’ fans.

That’s right. Forget about winning a Super Bowl or MVP awards in three consecutive seasons, Favre’s biggest achievement was winning over Vikings’ fans, who will pretty much take any castoff they can get.

“My biggest accomplishment was winning over the majority of Minnesota Vikings fans,” Favre said. “I never thought I’d say that.”

Hey, maybe I’m somehow taking that out of context. Maybe Favre meant his biggest accomplishment in 2009 was winning over Vikings’ fans, and if Favre hadn’t made another cunty statement, I may have overlooked it.

Favre went on to say the 2009 season “defines my career more than any other season.”

Again, a reasonable person might think 1996 was Favre’s defining moment. Not only did he win the only Super Bowl he’s ever going to win, but he collected his second-straight NFL MVP.

Everything Favre has said since joining the shitbag Vikings’ organization indicates his grudge is either so deep against the Packers that he can’t forgive the organization (have I used megalomaniacal as an adjective yet?) or he’s completely forgotten about the years he played in Green Bay.

Although he’s exhibited signs of senility in the past, we suspect Favre’s memory isn’t completely gone yet

One day, I’m sure the Packers’ organization will try to do the classy thing and retire Favre’s number.

If they do, I won’t give a shit.

Brett Favre is a Viking.

Brett Favre is a stupid twat.

Brett Favre can go ahead and pretend he played his entire NFL career in Minnesota.

And Brett Favre can stay the hell out of Green Bay.

He was never there, as far as I’m concerned.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. lebowski June 4, 2010

    I am going to print this out and put it on my office wall. Love it… especially the last 4 sentences.

  2. Anita June 4, 2010

    And people (primarily purple clad douchebags) wonder WHY Packer fans seem to obsess over him, even though he’s gone? Because he can’t seem to keep his fucking mouth shut. He insists on making inflamatory statements that he knows will irritate his former team. Except his former team could care less. They’ve moved on. It’s his former team’s FANS that his comments affect. The people that had NOTHING to do with whatever bad blood was spilled between Brett and the Packers in the summer of 2008.

    Hey Brett, how about letting some of that petty vindictiveness go and remember how you were treated when you played here? You were coddled, enabled, and worshipped. I dare say your off field partying, particularly in your younger days, was Roethelisberger-esque, minus the sexual assault charges, and the fans said nothing. Our current QB (you know him. The guy you were so threatened by that you refused to mentor) is so well behaved, that he simply talks to a female and it’s on TMZ. He’s a freaking choir boy in comparison. It’s kind of refreshing, actually, especially considering how some of his QB peers in other cities carry on.

    The fans you continue to needle are the ones who padded the coffers of your charities and stood behind you in during several serious family dramas, like death, illness and rehabilitation. A little self-awareness may be needed here, Brett. I know it’s never been a strong suit of yours, but grow-the-fuck up. Leave us with some fond memories to hold on to, instead of continuing to shit all over them every time you open your pie hole.

    Thanks. Carry on, Grampa. Can Parker throw a spiral yet?

  3. Matt Lambeau June 4, 2010

    Well Stated. I couldn’t agree more. As a Packer fan living in Minnesota next to the Wisconsin border, I think Favre’s selfish betrayal raped us border-battle fans the most.

    I have a news flash for Ego-boy. Your “biggest accomplishment” will be short lived. Viking fans only care about you because of the insult your treason directed at Packer fans. That is, Viking fans couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you as a person as long as you inflict pain on Packer fans.

    So, once again it’s not about you Brett. Viking fans are using you. Once you choke again (BTW… all of Packer Nation thanks you for your bone-head interception that cost the Viking’s a trip to the Super Bowl), Viking fans will cast you aside like true Packer fans have.

    Agreed. Stay away.

  4. greg June 4, 2010

    Boy will these whiners ever quit. Get over it the Packers didn’t want him so he moved on. Who are the Packers or the fans to dictate what he should do. What a bunch of whiners. Oh boo hoo he didin’t say the 96 was his greatest year.

  5. Pablo June 4, 2010

    Spot on.

  6. John Purple June 4, 2010

    Divorces are never pretty. Green Bay is like the ex-wife who says I’m divorcing you, and I’ll make sure you never date any one else again.
    Brett says “We’ll see about that!”

  7. Vikings Fan June 4, 2010

    Wow! Are you all bitter? Brett Favre is playing football because it’s fun and because he’s making money. He says things such as, “this is the most talented team I’ve played on,” because saying things like that encourage Vikings fans and increase his popularity in Minnesota. The Packers gave up on Brett, not vice-versa. Don’t you remember that they sent him packing, saying that Aaron Rodgers is the future of the organization? (Which, by the way, is true. Rodgers is an excellent QB.)
    Favre gave you years and years of good football, but he’s looking out for himself in the end. Don’t you do the same at work? Wouldn’t you take a new job if it paid more, even though you had to leave some people behind?
    Bottom line: He’s still a great QB, and he’s doing what any one of us would do if we were in his shoes. Stop whining about the lack of remorse. He’s not remorseful, and I wouldn’t be either!

  8. Lucas June 4, 2010

    get over it.

  9. PackerFanInFL June 4, 2010

    The number 4 should be retired at lambeau in a special way to honor brett favre in his defining moument. His Purple 4 should be stenciled onto all urinals so packer fans can piss on him just like he pissed on us!

    1. Linda Gygax June 5, 2010

      I agree that Favre’s number will be retired in Green Bay some day and I can just hope that I will be able to attend the happy event. I am glad that I will be getting double money’s worth from DirectTV this year since I can watch the Packers and Favre. Until the day that Brett leaves the game for the last time this Packer fan will contrinual to watch Brett since he was one of the greatest Packers ever.

  10. Jessica June 4, 2010

    The only reason that Brett Favre will never be a Packer again is because the Packers and their fans have to big of an ego to let it go that he played for the Vikings. If they were true fans of Brett Favre than they would just be happy at the fact that he is still playing football. He could have retired 2 years ago, but he didn’t, he came back to play the game that he loves.

    Brett Favre said that this was his best year and that was because it was. Look at his stats. They are the best in his career. This last year had a big impact on his career and it is going to impact his decision on if he is going to come back for another season or not. But I think he will come back for at least on more amazing season. If Brett does come back than he will make it back to the playoffs and than to the Super Bowl because he has such a great team. He also has a chance at another MVP. So don’t go saying that the 1996 Super Bowl was the only Super Bowl that he was going to win. He can and will win another one if he comes back for another season.

    The only reason that Brett would forget about the Packers is because the way they have treated him since he joined the Vikings. But he is not a jerk. He will never forget the years with the Packers. He played most of his career with the Packers. Do you really think that just because he is playing for the Vikings that he is going to forget all of the amazing years he had with the Packers. I don’t think so.

    I hope that the Packers do retire his number because it is the right thing to do. Considering the fact that he played most of his career with the Packers.

    So to all of you Packers fans and to the Packers organization, get over your ego and enjoy the rest of Brett Favre’s career. You cannot say that he has not changed the game of football and that he is not going to be a legacy. He has changed the game of football and he is going to be a legacy.

  11. Pablo June 4, 2010

    All the complete and utter morons who think Green Bay “divorced brett” or moved on “didn’t want him” are idiots. Favre told the Packers to move on. Toyed with them, then told them to move on again. I can see John Purple is either a non-football fan or knows nothing of this situation. It’s more like Favre divorcing the Packers, then toying with the idea he’d get back together, only to decide to remain divorced. The Packers move on to a second wife, and once the new kid is born and family created, Favre wants to move back in.
    He told them to move on. He’s a douche.

  12. Brian June 4, 2010

    First of all let me start by saying that I am a life long Packer fan, but also a life long Brett Favre fan. I have followed his career through Green Bay, New York and now on to Minnesota. I do have to agree with a couple of earlier statements: 1) Aaron Rodgers is the future of GB football, and 2) Green Bay, and more specifically Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy SCREWED Brett. I agree that he shouldn’t have retired in the first place, but when he expressed the desire to return, after all that he did for the team and the city of Green Bay – he should have been welcomed back with open arms. Let’s face it, Rodgers could have learned more by sitting another year behind a future hall of famer like Favre. I don’t like seeing Favre in a purple jersey any more than any other Packer fan in the country, but the fact of the matter is that last year was the best year of his career and at 40 years old he looked better than some 24 year olds in the league. The bottom line is that Favre is amazing, fun to watch and not matter what team you root for – he will always be a draw to a true football fan. I for one hope that he comes back for another year – he deserves the respect that he has earned throughout his career. Bottom line.

    1. Linda Gygax June 5, 2010

      Brett Favre will always have a great number of fans no matter what color jersey he wears. Brett is everything that the NFL should stand for. Viking fans please understand that not all Packer fans have turned their back on Brett becasue most of us love him as much today as when he was wearing the green and gold. Die Hard Packer Fan relocated in Ocala, FL.

  13. Vikes Fan in Chicago June 4, 2010

    Well, I must admit that your misery gives me a good laugh. By the way, how did the Packers do in the playoffs last season? Oh, wait….haha.
    GO VIKINGS! I love this rivalry.

  14. Sonny Crockett June 4, 2010

    Favre most DEFINATELY got booted out’ve Green Bay. And anyone who says differently has a distorted version of what went on. In the span of a few short years, Favre lost his Father, Father in law, brother in law and had his wife diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. So if he kept us fans waiting on whether or not he wanted to play…boo hoo, he earned that right. When the Packers wanted to go with Rodgers that was fine, it’s a business, but where they screwed up was not giving Favre is UNCONDITIONAL release like they did with Reggie White, shake his hand, say “thanks!” and let him do what he does for a living. In effect, the Packers said we don’t want you as our number one, but we know you’re still good enough to beat us. What this classless bunch did was tell him he had to hold a clipboard for a rookie, then offered him 20 million to be the face of the Packers, barred him from the locker room at Lambeau, THEN charged him with tampering with the Vikings on a cellphone he was never issued. Favre wasn’t blameless afterwards but he, I, the “english-major” who wrote the above garbage and most fans who know, expected more from the Three Stooges (Thompson, Murphy and McCarthy). THAT will be their legacy, letting Brett Favre walk. I was a Packers fan since 1961 and I wont root for that team till the Stooges are gone. And to all you haters who boo the guy who gave EVERYTHING he had year in and year out, you are a disgrace.
    As my son says: “Favre forever…WHEREVER!”
    Sonny Crockett
    PS: I have season tickets to Lambeau and flew to Minny to watch him play the Pack. Beat em’ up TWICE! That was sweet! Also, don’t bother responding, cause I wont lower myself to check back on you miserable lot have to say.
    To the swine you cannot throw a pearl.

  15. Packers and Favre fan June 4, 2010

    Someone ought to grow up and get over it. Whatever happened to, “it’s not who wins or loses, but how you play the game that counts?”
    Doesn’t anyone get it that whether Favre wins or loses, he’s still one of the most interesting players in the NFL precisely BECA– — USE he’s unpredictable. He began his career that way, and he’s ending it that way.
    For godsakes guys, insert Saddam Hussein’s name instead of Favre’s for all your rantings and it wouldn’t be as vitriolic. And then ask yourselves, “if I could play football for as long as I can, and someone appreciates that success and was willing to pay me millions for it, would I quit because someone else doesn’t like it?” Give it a rest. It’s been two years.
    P.S. If it were just Brett Favre who stuck it to the Packers and the Packers didn’t handle any of this divorce sloppily, how do you explain Ted Thompson firing Mike Sherman after another winning season and promising him a contract extension?
    Favre made the Packers higher ups and the team wealthy. I love this team and wish it all the success in the world, but some of its fans need a perspective check.

  16. Pablo June 4, 2010

    Don’t care if Sonny Crockett checks the replies. He’s a pathetic excuse for a sports fan. Flew to minny and season tickets to lambeau? You, sir, are a hoity toity, but not a sports fan. root for the man all you want. ill root for the team. you’re a waste of good tickets. All favre has to do is say he’s coming back and retire in july if he has second thoughts. not the other way around. You tool.

  17. Pablo June 4, 2010

    And Sonny…in my rage I wrote “you tool” concerning Favre. Not you. WHile I completely disagree with you concerning Favre, I wasn’t calling you a tool. But since you’re not checking the reponses, it doesn’t matter.

    Favre, however, is a tool.

  18. John Purple June 4, 2010

    @article author

    Way to use derogatory terms about women in your rant…REAL classy, and it adds so much substance to your article…

    1. Monty June 4, 2010

      fuck off. you’re a vikings’ fan and would know nothing about class.

  19. Now I’m not saying I in any way agree or approve of how Brett has premadonna’d himself about these last 2-3years, but I don’t take his glowing comments about his current team or the place certain accomplishments fall to heart. Yes, it’s a slap in the face to GBP fans everywhere, BUT if you recall he said similar things when he was in his final seasons with the Packers to pump up his team. He called our 2006 team the most talented he’d played on which everyone knew it was bull… although it will take a long-A$$ time for me to forgive him for being a Viking. I don’t take any of his comments about his current team or fanbase to heart. Its a business and he needs to have his players playing hard for him and fan$ buying hi$ $tuff!

    There’s a lot of emotion here, I get that…he was my idol for much of my adult life. Its hard to let all his BW go and I’m not quite ready to forgive (yet). I’m ticked as heck! But he will always say that his current team is the best he’s ever played with…whether its true or not.

  20. whiskey bottle fan June 4, 2010

    Look at the passion on both sides and the never ending media Favre attracts! I’m a long time Vikings fan and am glad to have Brett, but I do understand Packer fans angst over this. Hope this ends the question of which is the greater rivalry…Packers Bears? Packers Vikings?

    I really enjoy you guys hating us :-)

    The real story here with all the attention around Favre is how good for the game he is. All the passion on both sides, all the nedia hoopla.

  21. Kevin June 4, 2010

    I laugh at all you Favre haters, what you dip-shits don’t seem to comprehend is that professional football is a business first and foremost. You guys sound like a bunch of bitches whining about Favre being selfish and being some sort of primadonna, you’re bringing emotion in to this instead of plain logic. The packers want Brett back, not to play again but purely for the merchandising, Favre is still one of the top selling jerseys going and where there money to be made you can bet everyone wants in. As for Favre playing in Minnesota who cares, the Packers thought Rogers was the “guy” so they went with him even though Favre spanked the packers twice last year and will most likely do it again this year as well. When you think about it, what is Favres biggest perceived crime, should I or shouldnt I destroy my body for another year in the hopes of getting to the superbowl? With players/criminals like pacman jones and Michael Vick still able to play with almost zero criticism you want to constantly bash Favre for being indecisive? You people especially the author of this post are at best idiots.

  22. PackerFanInFL June 4, 2010

    I can understand “loving” the predicament GB fans are under…but honestly I can’t say I would ever want the vikings greatest player (that fucker that ran the wrong way?) to wear our colors…wouldn’t be worth it. As for bigest rvalry…lets be honest bears have not been relavant since the 80s (that SB was a fluke)

  23. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    i’m not gonna argue what’s said in this article cause it’s Monty’s opinion and he (and other’s) is entitled to it. i hate TT. so be it.

    but i’m curious to know if Monty (and others) think that Favre will retire a GB Packer (different issue than retiring his number) – or is that what this article was all about. i scanned it – maybe you addressed this already.

    1. PackerFanINFL June 4, 2010

      see #9….as for retire a packer I seriously hope not..I want him to retire a viking so packer fans like you can see what the worthless piece of shit he I believe he is..i doubt you would care as I’m sure some how its probably people like me’s fault as we didn’t follow him to the vikings..but I seriously can’t stand the guy for what he has done to the good people of Wisconsin ( and before you spout 16 years..remember he was paid very fucking well so that don’t count)..last I checked I pay $200 a year to watch the packers so in that sense I’m more loyal to the packers the favre ever has been.

      1. PackerFanINFL June 4, 2010

        Ironicaly I get to see the vikings at well..although its not what you think..I actually rooted for the cowboys last year..talk about hell freezing over?

  24. Jurgens June 4, 2010

    Honestly Jeff, he might not. Business wise, it makes sense for Green Bay to welcome him back into the family after he retires, but his grudge may be so deep that he won’t even consider it.

  25. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    i won’t second-guess that. perhaps he won’t…but my gut says he’ll retire a Packer. regardless of what some Packer fans think of him (which won’t figure into Packers management saying, ‘sign with us for a day, Brett, and yes, you’ll retire a Packer). 16 years is 16 years. even IF his grudge is that deep, his wife and handlers would, i’d think, disuade him of that.

  26. Mike H June 4, 2010

    Thank you Packers fans so much for casting off Brett Favre to us. It will get even better after he wins a Super Bowl for us this year. Then he can retire a Viking. I love it.

    1. PackerFanINFL June 4, 2010

      yah you said that last year

  27. Mullet Militia June 4, 2010

    You packers fans must be forgetting about how McCarthy and the packers organization didn’t want Favre back. He had a simple request, either start for the packers or be traded within the division, and the packers organization could not honor either term. Brett wanted the packers, they didn’t want him. So he continued to play, albeit for other teams -continued to do his JOB- and collect a paycheck. How can you fault him for that? Egomaniacal? No sir, not at all. He’s simply a businessman taking care of business and doing what he loves.

    The most hilarious part about all of this is that all you packers fans keep talking about how much of a douche Favre is, almost three years after the separation with the packers. Sure, he might say things that are pro-Vikings, who wouldn’t? Favre saying, “I like my current situation” is not saying that he hates the packers, even though the management essentially threw salt in his wounds. From the sound of you and most other packers fans, I’d think that you’re all 14 year old girls with a stalker’s crush on ol’ Brett. You’re all in denial.

    And finally, I would just like to remind you that the “bottom of the barrel scumbags” kicked your ass hard last season -twice- and will do it again come fall -twice. You’re in the middle of a defensive transition (without Kampman, I should note) and Rodgers may be good but he seems to have an incontinence problem when Jared Allen is on the field.

    But by all means, keep crying about Brett and hanging on every word he says about everything. YOUR TEARS TASTE DELICIOUS. Lambeau will burn this season, and the Vikings will bathe in its ashes.

    1. PackerFanINFL June 4, 2010

      Actually you fucking moron (viking fan)..it was the shit line minus-tausher/clifton plus allen barbre/darryn “olay” college that made the hillbilly fuck (the one hijacked from KC) that had problems with them…I doubt he will be an issue in fact if you ask me I think the fucker is gonna get hurt..he’s due

  28. Taryn June 4, 2010

    To all my Packer brothers and sisters,the credence you give to his “quotes” by ranting aloud the more you can expect to hear and more often.The diva is gone.LET IT BE!!!

  29. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    objectively (and this comes from someone who has boycotted the Packers in favor of Favre), part of me certainly understands the disdain for Favre by Packer fans. you can’t deny their (Packer fans) feelings. i’m not saying that to suck up – that’s just the way it is. i could care less.

    but you can’t have it both ways. Packer fans can’t really (well, they can but…) blame TT haters for their reactions either. my disdain for TT and the other 2 monkeys in Packer management runs deep. it seems that Packer fans wholly agree that their stance is justified while OUR stance isn’t. and that works the other way as well.

    i’m so used to swearing at Packer fans on this site that it was odd writing a non-obscenity filled comment on here. can the same be said for Packer fans?

    it works both ways

  30. PackerFanINFL June 4, 2010

    jeff ircink:

    objectively (and this comes from someone who has boycotted the Packers in favor of Favre), part of me certainly understands the disdain for Favre by Packer fans. you can’t deny their (Packer fans) feelings. i’m not saying that to suck up – that’s just the way it is. i could care less.
    but you can’t have it both ways. Packer fans can’t really (well, they can but…) blame TT haters for their reactions either. my disdain for TT and the other 2 monkeys in Packer management runs deep. it seems that Packer fans wholly agree that their stance is justified while OUR stance isn’t. and that works the other way as well.
    i’m so used to swearing at Packer fans on this site that it was odd writing a non-obscenity filled comment on here. can the same be said for Packer fans?
    it works both ways

    Does this mean were now best friends?

  31. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    no – cause that would be a lie, no? but we can differ on our opinion without calling each other fuckstick, fuckhead, fucker, cunt, asswipe, douche bag, cum head, etc. right. i respect you stance – i do. you think i liked rooting initially for the Vikes? a team i’ve hated for 45 years? but i made a choice. wrong choice by your opinion. fine. i don’t think you made the wrong choice – i can’t change the way you feel.

    you should cheer against Favre now – he’s the QB (should he come back) of a team you hate. i cheer against the Pack. but i don’t hate Rodgers. he’s a fine QB and should only get better.

    it’s semantics.

  32. Taryn June 4, 2010

    Jeff,so you clearly state you have a huge MAN-CRUSH on Favre and have turned your back on the team to enlighten your WET DREAMS of Favre and who knows how many other players.You have admitted you are a PLAYER lover and not a TEAM LOVER.You hit the jackpot with Favre going to Minn,they are all fans with MAN-CRUSHES.I ‘m happy the losers like you are gone.

  33. zubi June 4, 2010

  34. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    taryn. here am i having a friendly, mature discussion and you have to be a bitch and ruin it. shut the fuck up.

  35. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    and i never said i have a MAN CRUSH on Favre. those are your words. don’t speak for me, alright. i like Favre. i enjoy watching him play – like you once did. so, to repeat myself…shut-the-fuck-up.

  36. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    regarding #25, PackerFanINFL, what has Favre done to the good people of WI, exactly?

  37. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    where’s taryn? i just wanted to tell “it” (i don’t know if taryn’s a guy or girl) to shut up again….

  38. PackerFanINFL June 4, 2010

    see #9..or re-read the article monty posted as I pretty much feel the same way. I don’t really have a problem with those (such as you) who converted to viking fans…I just can’t stand the “packer fan in waiting” type as I just don’t understand that (and never will)

  39. jeff ircink June 4, 2010

    very few Packer fans understand the Packer-fan-in-waiting thing. i don’t blame you. i suppose it stems from the fact thar our hatred is more for TT, MM and MMurphy and NOT the Packers themselves. i have never wished ill will on any Packer, save beating them on game day. we don’t hate the TEAM, so why would we say unequivocally that we’d never follow them again…when Brett retires for good and TT is gone. my beef is with management. the other side’s beef is with Favre.

    it’s a vicious circle – the arguments. probably can’t resolve them.

  40. Chocolovit June 4, 2010

    I never expect him to return with the Packers. He is surely fits in the Vikings much better.

  41. Jorge-in-LosAngeles June 4, 2010

    Wow! I gotta tell you guys.

    Love all the hillbilly hate goin’ on with the Packers and Vi-queens! Its like the Hatfields and the McCoys!?!?

    Yes, its one of the better rivalries in sports too…

  42. Tim June 4, 2010

    I agree 100% with this article. I have even posted something very similar on message boards.

    And of course, as always, the classless Viqueen fans always have to troll the Packer blogs or news articles. Like others have said, the ONLY reason they like Favre is because of how Favre backstabbed the Packer fans. And continues to backstab the fans. He is a total scumbag.

  43. Taryn June 5, 2010

    Jeffie,wow! Just how big of a chink did I put in your false facade of manhood.Your retort( as limp as it was) proved again your MAN-CRUSH on the DIVA.You dumped the whole team for ONE GUY.If you stopped watching the Pack due to a woman and the “benefits ” men want from them fine,but you jumped for the DIVA.MAN-CRUSH with hopes of MORE? Also,not that I care what you call me,but I”m a woman and a PACKER TEAM fan.

  44. jeff ircink June 5, 2010

    taryn. no chink. and i’m all man, baby – if you wanna find out, i’m game.

  45. Taryn June 5, 2010

    No Thanks.My ego couldn’t survive your sceaming”OH BRETT,OH BRETT”!!!

  46. Anita June 5, 2010

    LOL. I always knew that Viking fans had an affinity for sheep. Look how they flock here in a gang to dispel any negative posts about their beloved Gramps (because God forbid, they have an original thought and come here to voice an opinion without being told to on some lame assed purple pansy message board).

    If a Viking legend like Fran Tarkenton or Alan Page had spitefully engineered a spot on the Packers or Bears, the sight of him in that uniform would have pissed your asses off, too, or are you just so used to ending every season by being shit on and never winning “the Big One” that you simply bend over and accept being screwed over blindly? Please. Better yet, how about Jared Allen coming over to the Packers or Bears? I’ll bet you all would be really nice and accommodating if THAT ever happened. Especially if Allen took a few verbal shots at the team, the fans and the organization on his way out of town. Riiiight. Hypocrites.

    As for “Vikes Fan in Chicago,” the Packers playoff season ended the same way the Vikings did. With a big fat L. But leave it to a Vikings fan to woof simply because “we made it one week farther than you did.” Whooo! BRAVO! Golf clap! You still fucking LOST! But y’all are probably used to that.

    As for the dipshit season ticket holder who goes over the border to that disgrace of a stadium and roots against the Packers, you need to have your tickets revoked and sold to an actual FAN of the team. Just because you still like Favre is NOT an excuse to go against the Family, Fredo.

  47. bob June 5, 2010

    nice comments. instead of retiring #4 they should burn it. or maybe give it to the place kicker.

  48. jeff ircink June 5, 2010

    anita: blah, blah, blah. what if, could’ve, should’ve. quiet your mouth. if i was never a Packer fan since boycotting them, then you and those like you were never Favre fans. hand over your Favre merchandise if you still have any left.

    taryn: i would never utter brett’s name if i were with you. i’m too respectful.

  49. jeff ircink June 5, 2010

    original thought: anita….shut your pie hole. there – i can be just as demeaning and crass as you can. it’s funny how you rip on Vikings’ fans (most are here simply to counter the plethora of articles featured here on an ex-player that none of you can seem to let go of), yet if you look at the majority of the Packer comments, they nothing but tirade, obscenity-filled rants. we Vikes’ fans simply have to bow to that level in order to be heard.

    though i am surprised to say that PackerFanINFl and i haven’t exchanged at obscenities recently. which i prefer….

    1. PackerFanINFL June 6, 2010

      Don’t worry Jeff…I’m sure there will be a few more “crowd pleaser’s” before its all said in done…enjoy the solitude it won’t last forever :)

  50. Taryn June 5, 2010

    Jeff,Too respectful for me or him? Geez,I can’t believe you even responded to that.

  51. jeff ircink June 5, 2010

    too respectful toward you. regardless what you think or read, away from Favre-talk i’m a complete gentleman.

    i responded to most everything…

  52. JMA June 5, 2010

    You nailed it…..You have just spoke for a majority of the Packer Nation! How could you not think of the FAMILY who made you WHO YOU ARE! Shame on you Favre

  53. jeff ircink June 6, 2010

    don’t forget JMA, it works both ways. Favre HELPED to bring the Pack out of a decades long doldrum…

  54. Lynn June 6, 2010

    WOW!!!! I just find it hard to believe you can talk that way about Favre. He brought the Packers out of toliet. He was forced into retirement so TedThompson could keep Aaron Rodgers. He really didn’t want to go. He was pushed. Go back and watch his retirement speech. It doesn’t take an idoit to see it.
    As far as I am concerned this is not different than any job that we hold, it’s business. If your current company don’t want you, you need to move on. Just what Farve did. Sadly it’s the Packers loss. Really grow up and get over it.
    I hope Farve comes back this year so we can enjoy watching him play again and oh by the way—-no all Packer fans feel the same way you do.

    1. PackerFanINFL June 6, 2010

      you said “farve”..that says about it all..packers rescued favre..he was shit for the first couple of years…as for his retirement..well then why the fuck did he show up? he’as 40 some years old come on he can handle his own shit…all packer fans DO think the way those who don’t are now viking fans (such as you) and WE are glad you are gone

  55. jeff ircink June 6, 2010

    heyyyy…another Favre fan (and a Packer fan to boot). welcome Lynn.

  56. matt fox June 6, 2010

    This is site is a joke, hahahahahahah. You’re all sooo dumb. Vikings fans are worth more than the Packer fans on this site.

  57. matt fox June 6, 2010

    Except you Lynn, you’re a “REAL” packers fan. And Jeff, you chill too

    1. PackerFanINFL June 7, 2010

      get a room

  58. Chris June 7, 2010

    The Packers dumped Favre, they wanted him out to begin with. Can’t be mad at Favre.

    1. PackerFanINFL June 7, 2010

      wrong chris I can and am..he’s a selfish prick

  59. RealPackerfanWI June 7, 2010

    I actually enjoyed the years Favre was a Packer. He retired and then changed his mind. The Packers moved on with Rodgers by then. Favre didn’t want to compete for the position that was previously his so he bolted. Went to the Jets and then to the Vikings. The problem the Vikings are going to have is that when they finally need to find a regular QB it could be a lot harder than they anticipated. Farve is a short term solution. The Packers are going to continue to progress in the long term. Favre can play for who ever he wants Packer nation has moved on and we are happy.

  60. jeff ircink June 7, 2010

    apparently, RealPackerfanWI, not all Packer fans are happy; thus, the incessant articles on him on this (and other) sites.

  61. jeff ircink June 7, 2010

    glad Brandon Underwood news is stealing away from Favre news on this site… ;)

  62. matt fox June 8, 2010

    Haha, whatever jeff, the people writing this site are secret Bear fans, remember? The goal of this site is to make Packer fans look REALLY stupid. And it succeeds. Just look at PackerfaninFL. That’s a bears fan if I’ve ever seen one.

  63. FORMER FAN June 8, 2010

    And I’ll never be a Packer fan again, either. Just like Favre, Reggie, Holmgren, even Lombardi and Lambeau finished their careers somewhere else too.

  64. PackerFanInFL June 9, 2010

    Yes folks that shit smell coming from matt’s mouth is actually shit…who’s only he and the minnesota vikings know…as for your beloved bears I enjoyed watching the packer thump them fucks twice last year.

  65. totbom July 12, 2010

    Temper, temper. You act like a spoiled child who had his favortie toy taken away. It’s funny that the Packers three biggest heroes – Lombardi, Reggie White and Favre all retired just to get away from Packer fans, only to come back with another team. Says something about Packer fans, doesn’t it?

  66. Mike Hunt September 27, 2010


  67. Bart Starr October 25, 2010

    What a horseshit website!

  68. retired not tired February 15, 2011

    AMEN–Favre, or should I say DIVA, is a Viking and who in the heck cares anyway. He likes it there-stay there. I know a few Vikings fans that wish he never came to Minnesota.

  69. toolkien April 1, 2011

    I realize this a cold-tag post at this point, but-

    “The Packers didn’t want him anymore” AFTER he was Grade-A prick. Did they ask his Lordship if he was coming back? Sure they did. Did he come back? No, because he was playing “retirement” games. Out of Favre’s own mouth he said the irreparable breach truly occured when “TT drafted two QB’s and closed the door on him”. So Favre hadn’t really “retired” in his own mind, he was just sulking because TT didn’t design the team FAVRE’s way, EVEN THOUGH THE TEAM HAD JUST MADE THE NFCCG! And HE threw the game away, but it was because the team didn’t land Moss, yeah THAT’S the reason.

    And from the time TT “closed the door” Favre has been doing everything he can to order the Packers around, contrive his way onto the Vikings, and doing his best to “stick it” to the Packers.

    So, sure, the Packers didn’t want him anymore so everything that came after has them as assholes and Favre clean a whistle.

    Favre was/is/and always will be a headcase thirteen year old girl having difficulties with the cramps. The Packers put up with it for a decade and a half, and two other teams found out quickly what dealing with Her Highness gets you. The last five years with the Packers was a big pain in the ass, culminating in 2008, and the Packers craftily dodged the bullet of Favre’s last two years. Two other coaches took the bullets instead.

    But let’s be clear, the Packers “not wanting him anymore” is ony due to the fact that Favre is a gaping anus, which found its true outlet in his trying to do harm to the team that made him who he was. He got off the train, screwed two other franchises with Favreball, while the Packers are now champions of FOOTBALL.

    One can only hope this is perfectly clear and etched in stone at this point, but being a Favre Lover is nearly a religion at this point. The Hype was built up so high on the nothingness that it was that there is no way to truly kill it. Favre Love isn’t rational, it’s based purely on emotion. Favre CAN be recognized as the best REGULAR SEASON QB to play the game. But all that gets for much of anyone is STATS for Favre. TEAM accomplishments were scarce, other than regular season W/L generated as a subsidiary consequence to Favre playing Favreball. When Favre had to play football things didn’t work out too well. Chilly (and Viking fans) learned that the hardway.

    The sooner the stake is driven through the heart that the “Packers owed Favre and they screwed him” instead of “Favre owed the Packers and he screwed them” the better. Favre owes who he is to the Packers. The Packers would have been fine, if not better, with a Brunell/Hasslebeck tag-team instead of King Favre. There was a REASON he played the game like a kid – his mental/emotional development was arrested at about thirteen.