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Harrell will get a shot with the Packers.

We told you last week the Green Bay Packers were planning on working out former Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell. Today, the team not only worked out, but signed Harrell.

Harrell, who was a Heisman Trophy finalist in 2008, has never really gotten a shot in the NFL after throwing for 5,111 yards and 45 touchdowns in his senior season. He went undrafted and attended the Cleveland Browns rookie camp in 2009, but wasn’t signed. Harrell wound up playing for the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2009 and the team released him in April.

With the Packers, Harrell will join a quarterback group of Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, Chris Pizzotti and Noah Shepard. The latter two were also undrafted free agents and according to Greg Bedard, Shepard in particular hasn’t looked very good during OTAs.

We don’t expect Harrell to set the world on fire, but his talents are suited for the West Coast offense and it’s nice to see he’s getting a chance in the league.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Marilyn Hamner May 19, 2010

    Way to go Graham – and yes, if they give you a chance you will set the team on fire. Anyone that has seen you play knows that!!!!

  2. Betty May 19, 2010

    Going to be watching some Packers this season!!! I love Harrell!

  3. gotech! May 19, 2010

    As aTexas Tech fan, we had exciting football seasons when Graham Harrell led the team. Good luck, Graham! I’ll watch the Green Bay games just in case I might get to see him quarterback again. I’m anxious to see how his
    fantastic college career translates to the professional level. Good move, Packers, and good luck!

  4. Laura May 19, 2010

    About time someone gave him a look. You will find out what we have always known here in Texas….he is a work horse!

  5. Joneze May 19, 2010

    Wreck ‘Em Graham! Best of Luck!

  6. Debbie May 19, 2010

    Football is going to be FUN again! Our family has always checked on the Packers, but now they are our team!! You guys want the quality men on your team! ( Graham, my youngest is not married yet!) “Find your inner Pirate”

  7. Red Raider Fan May 19, 2010

    Way to go, Graham! I’m so happy to see that someone has seen what a talented player you are and that you will benefit their team in many ways! Keep up the great work! Make Texas and Texas Tech even prouder!! I am and forever will be a Pats fan, but I will certainly be watching Green Bay football this season…hopefully watching you do them some good! Best wishes to you, your family, and the team! May God continue to bless you with good health and talent!

  8. TTechWeb May 19, 2010

    You have a gem Packers! Develop him and move him on up. When he learns the play book – he WILL see and deliver. Smart and talented, he will make you proud like he made all Red Raider fans proud.

    Congrats to all Green Bay Packers fans and team! Support him and in a very short time you will know that this decision is the beginning of something very special for a very unique team and all the owners! Make sure he has your support and time will show what an excellent decision was made here.

  9. GUNS UP! May 20, 2010

    My husband is a huge Packers fan and a huge Graham Harrell fan! How exciting-hope we get to see some games(we are stuck with Dallas games!) Classy move Packers!

  10. Sean May 20, 2010

    Awesome! I’m already a Pac fan, and now i’ll be even more of a fan since I grad from TTU!!!!! Wreck Em’ Graham!

  11. Miss_Miriams May 20, 2010

    GREAT!!! so looking forward to watching him play again!! and with the packers!! Best of luck Graham!! (even though you won’t need it!)

  12. chitter May 20, 2010

    I know nothing about this guy at all but I sure like what people are saying about him.

  13. Kyle May 20, 2010

    Just updating, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette, Chris Pizzotti was released after this move, despite the fact that no one *needed* to be released as the Packers were under the 80-man limit.

  14. Pamela Stroud May 20, 2010

    Graham Harrell was a GREAT college football player, a quick thinker on his feet. You ought to view the 60 Minutes episode about Coach Leach and the explanation of how to execute Leach’s style of playing! Not only is Graham a great player, but he is a wonderful human being and helped lead his TexasTech Team to victory many times, especially the HUGE win against Texas in ’08. That BIG play at the end of the game became BSPN’s play of the year!!! I will be following the Packers for the first time just because of Graham being a part of the team. I need SOMEONE to cheer on since I’m not able to cheer for Texas Tech until they do right by Coach Leach!!! Swords up, mates, and you go, Graham!!!

  15. goldenhawk81 May 20, 2010

    I watched him play in high school and he is a power house!! Comes from a class act family. hard worker and a leader.
    I have been a Packer fan since Bart Starr played. Great move Green Bay. GREAT MOVE !!!!!

  16. bryan May 20, 2010

    Graham Harrell is a fine quarterback and a fine young man. Green Bay made a great move in signing him, and I believe that if they hold onto him and let him develop, they will have a great dividend on their investment. I am biased-I am a Texas Tech fan and appreciate his great leadership and work ethic that he showed here.

  17. Nicole May 20, 2010

    I am so ecstatic to find out that Graham Harrell is going to the Packers!!! It has given me an even bigger reason to get super pumped for this coming football season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be watching the Packers this year.

    WRECK EM’ GRAHAM!!!!!!

  18. PackerFaninFL May 21, 2010

    Seems the packer line reaches to texas:) My only question is why wasn’t he drafted or picked up by other teams…is he the next doug flutie?

  19. Taryn May 21, 2010

    Welcome to the Packers Graham!You are smart.talented and young and those are great assets.I only hope you watch and learn as Aaron has done behind Favre,but Aaron WILL at least talk to you which the Diva didn’t do.The future is open to you,perhaps not as a starter in Gb,but a very well groomed one for another team someday.Be ready if and when we ever need you.Besy of Luck and smart move TT and MM.

  20. tequila May 24, 2010

    Wow, lots of support for the man. As a die hard Packers fan I can only hope that he does extremely well…welcome to the team.

  21. Alpo Boy September 7, 2010

    He is too relaxed in the pocket for words….
    To watch him go thru his progressions and checkdowns is poetry… And no one mentioned that he broke every Texas high school passing record there was… and a class act…
    Good Luck Pac Fans… You’re in for a treat… Only wish he was in Dallas…