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Favre Will Play If Southern Miss Makes CWS… Right

Brett Favre manages to keep the media circus in town one more day.

This makes total and complete sense.

Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre visited with the Southern Miss baseball team on Thursday and told the team if they make it back to the College World Series for the second year in a row, he’ll play one more season.

Southern Miss is 31-20 and will need to win four games in regionals, which begin on June 4, and three in super regionals, which begin on June 11, to make the CWS. The team finishes the regular season this weekend and then goes to the Conference USA Tournament.

Anyway, none of this is to suggest I care about college baseball. And I’m sure the guys are on the Southern Miss team are thinking, “Boy, we better go out and win some ballgames so the wonderful and fantastic Brett Favre can play football this season.”

Brett Favre, master motivator.

Honestly, I also really don’t care about whether or not Brett Favre plays football in 2010.

I’m assuming he’ll play football in 2010 regardless of what some baseball team does or doesn’t do. I expect Lord Favre to stroll into training camp about a week before the season begins. You know, after all the hard work is done.

I also think the Green Bay Packers will take their revenge on Brett Favre this season. I think they’ll plant his pansy ass in the Lambeau Field turf like your mother plants daisies in her window box.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. S May 21, 2010

    what a tool. I hope we break his fucking ankle. We had to go easy on him last season because the whole world was watching, thinking we would “play dirty”. I guaranteed our guys were told not to touch him.

  2. PackerFanINFL May 21, 2010

    what a fucking hack..he’s coming back he wouldn’t make that bet if he wasn’t.

  3. bogmon May 21, 2010

    I hope they tenderize him in the first meeting….then fully break him the second game….Favre has been riding this high horse for so long that he’s lost grip of reality….Clay Matthews needs to bring him back to it!

  4. jeff ircink May 21, 2010

    “we were easy on him last year”? now, S…that’s the most God awful whining statement i think i’ve ever heard from any fan ever. yo

  5. jeff ircink May 21, 2010

    …you guys got shellac’d by Favre & Co. just admit like a man (or a woman, whichever is the case). and for all you GB fans hanging on ever bit of news on Favre, when he made the bet with So. Miss., he said to the coach, “just for fun, if you guys get back…”. JUST FOR FUN. come on, you’re smarter than the media on that one, aren’t you?

    and talk about classy – all you guys with the break his fucking ankle crap…nice.

  6. PackerFanINFL May 22, 2010

    hey jeff how much did you get for your jets jersey you selll out fuck!!

    p.s wipe that white shit off your chin.

  7. Matt Fox May 22, 2010

    Yeah, its Packrt fans like S and PackerFanINNFL that make me disgusted to be a Packer fan. You guys are literally the equivalent to or even worse than Vikings fans. You hope the Packers break Favre’s ankle? Yeah, the Packers said they were gonna try to do that to him last year and he KICKED THE LOVING SHIT out of you. I mean just fucking murdered the entire team. I mean I thought they were going to have to caution tape the entire city of Wisconsin after he came into Lambaugh and essentially raped each and every Packer fan personally. And you think the Packers were told not to touch him? Hahah, what fantasy world are you living in? Oh, right. The Ted Thompson world. Please, just go away, you give terrible names to good Packer fans, and I hope you run into Favre one day on the street and he breaks your ankle, spinal cord and skull. Because he could.

  8. Matt Fox May 22, 2010

    And btw, Favre was obviously making a joke because the media wont stop asking hi questions about it. I mean, cmon. Author of this article, are you this stupid? And you dont care whether Favre comes back this year or not? Yeah, right! You pussies are shaking in your boots because you know hes going to sweep you again. Theyll plant his pussy ass in Lambaugh turf? Yeah, I seem to recall stupid Packer fans saying things like that last year. Really worked out didnt it? Or wait, was it Favre that planted Ted Thompson and the Packers pussy ass into the turf like your mother plants daisies in a window box? Yeah, I think that was it. Enjoy second, or even third place in the conference again. I know I will.

  9. PackerFanINFL May 23, 2010

    Hey matt can you count to 12…your favorite team can’t. You and jeff should get a room

  10. jeff ircink May 23, 2010

    PackerFanINFL = did you stop beating your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend? hahahahahhahahhaha. ha.

    correction. what Favre actually said to the So. Miss. coach was, “Let’s make a (fun) bet….”

    get it right.

  11. jeff ircink May 23, 2010

    yeah. what matt fox said. i believe Packer fans said the same thing last year = about beating the Vikes. what happened? hey, next season, if Favre does come back…boo him again. louder though. it seemed to help – the Vikes. hahahahahahahaha.

    man oh man, i love this site.

  12. jeff ircink May 23, 2010

    oh, and PackersFanINFL…not a jersey guy like you. never had a Packer jersey or a Jets’ jersey. now a friend did purchase a Vikes’ jersey for me – which doesn’t count. cause i’ve never worn it.

    want it? it’s signed….the colors would blend well with your cheesehead.


  13. PackerFaninFL May 24, 2010

    Jeff we all know you have a taste in your mouth…its called flavo-favre.

  14. matt fox May 24, 2010

    PackerFaninFL, also, Ive reiterated many times that I’m a Packer fan. Unlike you. Who’s a Bears fan.

  15. PackerFanINFL May 27, 2010

    I must admit being called a “bears fan” is much more of an insult then begin called a douche-bag. But I’m not sure I understand your reasoning other then the lack of creativity to come up with something ‘fresh’. But then again when I examine your allegiances (to the vikings) I’m really not surprised.