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Favre Readies For Return, Has Ankle Surgery

Whatever will I do?

We told you so.

Despite tying his return to the Minnesota Vikings to the fate of the Southern Miss baseball team earlier this week, Brett Favre went ahead and had ankle surgery on Friday. The surgery clears the way for Favre to play football in 2010.

While he hasn’t formally said he’ll do so, we expect Favre to play in 2010, just as we have since the end of last season. This, of course, is good news, since we’ll be able to enjoy the familiar site of watching Favre throw away another playoff game and again break the hearts of the worst fans in all the world.

Favre will now need four to six weeks to recover, meaning he’ll be available for the start of training camp or shortly thereafter.

Of course, Favre won’t bother to show up for the start of training camp even if he is ready to go. Favre will keep pretending he doesn’t know what he wants to do for a few weeks longer, so he can show up when training camp is nearly over.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. jeff ircink May 21, 2010

    wow…you’re already placing the Vikes in the playoffs for the 2010 season? that means you we must have a decent shot to finish ahead of the Pack again. i think the world would love to see GB get beat twice by Grandpa Brett & Co. course King says thinks GB’s the team to beat this year. we’ll see…

  2. PackerFanINFL May 22, 2010

    Gee it didn’t take long for the dailynorseman to arrive.

    No surprise same shit as last year insert word ‘ankle’ over ‘arm’.

    I welcome his return..were gonna fuck him up

  3. jeff ircink May 22, 2010

    a. where are the 3 comments that i responded to?

    b. didn’t take long for this Packer site to comment on a non-Packer (as usual), PackerFanINFL.

    c. PackerFanINFL…”gonna fuck him up?” like you did last season? i’d worry more about Rodgers not fumbling the ball directly into an opponent’s hands like the AZ game.

  4. jeff ircink May 22, 2010

    oh, and (d). you dumb Cheesefuck.

  5. PackerFanINFL May 22, 2010

    gee jeff that was insightful for a viking fan..funny thing is you cry, whine and moan about this site featuring articles on former packers. Yet you a VIKING fan hangs out on a Packer website..fucking hypocrite..seems if you truly belived the two shouldn’t be mixed you’d disappear for good!!.

  6. Jurgens May 22, 2010

    Jeff Ircink trolls this site. If anyone wants to have a blast, check out his spasm inducing blog. It takes a long time to load because he has so much going on there, but it’s so worth it.

  7. Matt Fox May 22, 2010

    I mean hey, Favre didnt seem to need OTAs to beat the shit out of the Packers last year, did he? TWICE! I mean when will you idiots ever shut the fuck up? Favre PROVE he could kick the shit out of the Packers and TT last year, and you STILL wont accept it. Its called reality people. And the reality is that Ted Thompson is one of the worst GMs and biggest pricks ever, and that Favre fairly and squarly took the shitty Vikings who were a mediocre team like the Pack and made them great. Get over it. Its what happened. The Thompson, after Favre Packers, on the other hand, as usual sucked it up until taking advantage of an easy ending schedule and then couldnt win a single playoff game.

  8. Matt Fox May 22, 2010

    But you know guys, Favre may give Packer fans one last victory yet. When Favre kicks the Packers ass twice AGAIN this year and leads the Viqueens to a 3rd straight NFC North Championship Ted Thompson will finally be fired after 5 fucking painful years. One can dream, can’t he? Maybe then we’ll hire Steve Marriuci or Sean Payton instead of the The Pillsbury fucking Doughboy.

    Thanks for nothing Brett, you Wisconsin loving, Cancer donating, Superbowl winning piece of shit! Am I right? Shut your idiotic, ungrateful fucking mouths.

  9. Al Borland's Beard May 23, 2010

    Steve fucking Mariucci? Are you kidding me? You just lost all credibility with that. There’s a reason he’s doing shit commentary on ESPN and that his phone isn’t blowing up with head coach offers, he fucking blows. Now it’s obvious your football knowledge extends to about what size of jock Favre is wearing, so please shut the fuck up while the grown ups are talking.

    Oh, and yea Brett is so adept at winning superbowls right? Just like last years and every other big playoff game for the last thirteen years, and we donated to cancer by buying his wife’s god awful fucking book, go fuck yourself.

  10. jeff ircink May 23, 2010

    blah blah blah. PackerFanINFL, i’ll stop trolling your site when you guys stop writing about Brett Favre. which means i’ll continue to troll ’cause you obviously don’t have enough to write about.

  11. PackerFanINFL May 23, 2010

    then Jeff you actually support these articles as your mere existence (a viking) and this site (packers) is the same thing.

  12. jeff ircink May 23, 2010

    then you actually support Brett Favre, PackerFanINFL, by commenting on him. same thing.

  13. jeff ircink May 23, 2010

    i’ve come to the conclusion that the average IQ of the posters here is a 10. the average was a 1 but that’s ’cause the non-Packer comments knock the average up a bit and i’ll give the authors of this site points for putting this blog together.

  14. matt fox May 24, 2010

    Oh, my comments are not non-packer comments. Being Pro-Favre and wanting Ted Thompson to be fired as the GM is what a real Packer fan should be. Secret anti-Packer fans/Fucking retarded individuals would be anti-favre and like Ted Thompson. Which this website is. Anti-Packer. Notice also how all the negative articles are about the Vikings. It’s run by secret Bear fans!

  15. jeff ircink May 24, 2010

    i concur, matt. you’re one of the smart ones on this blog…not attacking people with obscenity-laced comments unless provoked. fans like PackerFanINFL should be lobotomized.

  16. matt fox May 24, 2010

    Thank you Jeff. Go Favre!

  17. PackerFaninFL May 25, 2010

    Jeff I tried using kid gloves with you but you just couldn’t help showing your barney purple (vikings) colors!

    Bashing dumbass viking fans is a right of passage…what would you expect the packer fans would spread there butt cheeks and welcome you like Matt Fox does?…I think not

  18. jeff ircink May 25, 2010

    rite of passage? as is bashing crass, dumbass Packer fans, PackerFanINFL.

  19. jeff ircink May 25, 2010

    i’ll make a deal with you, PackerFanINFL and Borland’s Beard. get the authors of this blog to covering the shit out of Favre like he’s still a Packer and you won’t see me on this blog again (unless, of course, the posts are MN/Pack game-related). but the sheer amount of Favre coverage is way over the top. i mean, it’s getting to look like a Vikings’ blog.

    but that’ll never happen. until that day…i’ll always be hanging around.

  20. PackerFaninFL May 26, 2010

    Fine with me just another idiot fucking viking punching bag to knock around.

    Don’t think for a second jeff anyone truly gives a shit about you

  21. jeff ircink May 26, 2010

    i’m confused. you don’t want “trolls” on this site or you want me to hang around so you can “knock me around”? which is it? duhhhh!

    i never asked anyone to care about me, dumb fuck. let me repeat it one more time, douche. i said if you want one less Viking “troll” on this blog, then tell the administrators to stop blogging about Favre.

    did i spell it out a bit more simpler for your mind to grasp, PackerFanINFL?

  22. jeff ircink May 26, 2010

    and why did the administrators DELETE my post with the correction (like i asked them to) and leave the post with the error in?

    maybe you guys should hire some illegal immigrants to run this board so things get down right.

  23. PackerFanINFL May 26, 2010

    again you forget I don’t give a shit about anything other then the packers…so your status as troll is nothing more then me mind fucking you (easy tiger its a figure of speach)..I said if you don’t like it fucking leave…I could give two shits what you do…your a viking fan..no one fucking cares.

  24. jeff ircink May 26, 2010

    if you don’t care, douche bag, why are you addressing a comment to me, douche bag?

    you like that word, “mind fuck”, don’t you. and you called me, “Tiger”. hey douche bag, i’m not gay, sorry. i do have some friends who are gay…maybe they could help you out, douche bag.

  25. jeff ircink May 26, 2010

    and your comment #23 makes no sense at all. and i don’t care if anyone likes me, douche boy. i really think you’re a “slow person”. got oil in your ears, Douche bag PackerFanINFL?

  26. jeff ircink May 26, 2010

    and quit saying, “you forget”. i didn’t forget anything = you’re a douche bag. period. right? see, i remembered.

  27. PackerFanINFL May 27, 2010

    I’m slow huh..your the one that takes 3 posts to say what could of been said in one…cat got your tongue? I’m sure all your gay friends have at least one gay friend too (look in the mirror)

  28. jeff ircink June 1, 2010

    i’ve been banned from commenting. nice.

  29. jeff ircink June 1, 2010

    oops….guess i’ve been unbanned. “look in the mirror” HA! that’s not what your girlfriend told me. HAHAHAHAHA. what a douche you are, PackerFanINFL.