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Clay Matthews Denies Steroid Use

Self-made man

Green Bay Packers’ linebacker Clay Matthews has been the subject of questions since USC teammate Brian Cushing, a linebacker for the Houston Texans, was suspended four games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

We were among those quick to wonder whether Matthews, who went from a walk-on at USC to a first-round NFL draft pick after starting only one season, might have followed Cushing’s lead in the doping department.

Matthews was quick to put the question to rest, this week.

“I’ve never taken steroids,” Matthews said. “I would never even touch a banned substance. I’ve never done drugs, never in my life.

“As you can see from my family, I think our history speaks for itself. We’ve got some talented people in my family in regards to football, and we do it the right way. I take that very serious, when people throw accusations my way, because I feel like I’ve done nothing but hard work. I’ve done everything I needed to do to put myself in this position. And if people want to try to bring me down, that’s fine. But I’m going to keep being myself.”

Matthews is right, of course. He hasn’t done anything wrong and his record indicates he’s done nothing but work hard, but his walk-on-to-Pro Bowler story and his close friendship with Cushing would make any reasonable person wonder.

Despite their friendship, Matthews says even he was surprised by Cushing’s suspension.

“I was very shocked,” Matthews said. “I obviously played for this guy for four years at SC. He’s a great friend of mine, I know the type of work ethic he has. It would give you no indication that he would partake in such actions. So for me, it’s very hard to believe.

“I really don’t know the full details on the story, but he’s one of the hardest-working guys I know, and he’s always been very cautious about what he puts in his body, and he’s very meticulous – as you can see with how he plays, how he trains, and how he approaches life. I’m rooting for him, I’m pulling for him. He’ll make it through this and I think he’ll have just as great a season this second year as he did his first.”

Now that that’s been cleared up, let’s get down to business and play some football.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. jeff ircink May 22, 2010

    yah right…like he’s gonna admit to it? too bad – outstanding player. maybe he shouldn’t hang around Jolly so much. steroid use..that explains why my friend’s cousin’s ex-wife’s underage daughter who dated Matthews complained about his teeny weenie.

    1. the Truth January 10, 2011

      Beating double and triple teams though the line?, come on it isn’t humanly possible without a lot of help (steriods). Look at his face he is starting to look like triple-H. I think daddy showed somebody the tricks of the trade!

    2. Casey February 13, 2011

      Jeff you’re an idiot. I’m a friend of Clay’s and I know for a FACT that he has never taken sterioids. The Matthew’s family is one of the greatest football families to every play the game, and his father and uncle, his younger brother Casey, all show that they are gifted with great genetics. So stop hating, you wish you could be as successful as Clay. Clay is the best defensive player in the NFL so get a life Jeff!

    3. Drew September 8, 2011

      Steroids don’t make your “weenie” “teeny.”

  2. PackerFanINFL May 22, 2010

    sure instead he should just take banned substances known for hiding steroids…al lah the williams cheaters…handle your own shit Jeff as you got nothing on clay

  3. jeff ircink May 23, 2010

    the Williams’ situation is a scam. even the judge admonished the NFL and Goodall. read the papers…

  4. PackerFanINFL May 24, 2010

    uh huh and OJ is innocent…pull that toothless gerbil out of your ass jeff..its sickening!!!!

  5. jeff ircink May 25, 2010

    shut up, PackerFanINFL. and i know for a fact OJ is guilty. his first lawyer he called after his arrest told me. douchebag.

  6. PackerFaninFL May 25, 2010

    So its been established your a favre blowhard..does that mean you extend your loyalties (loins) to the entire current favre team?

    I’ll never understand you bandwagon jumping fucks.

  7. poopoo September 27, 2010

    Packerfan.. you are an idiot. The williams Bros took starcaps to cover up weed not steroids. Mathews is a beast and I have no doubt he is all natural. His f***ing uncle is Bruce Mathews (19 seasons). Too bad Mathews, as amazing as he is, he will not be enough to be the VIKINGS!!!!!!! Get a life you obviously have too much time. Try applting half the work ethic of Mathews to your own life buddy

  8. Tree December 2, 2010

    Roid rage= USC linebackers all of them juiced cushing got bagged and the other two are masking it

  9. the Truth January 16, 2011

    Bench this guy, he will come up positive soon, and it will be a black eye on the team.

    1. Randomacity October 23, 2011

      Wouldn’t doubt it….

  10. Mickey Avalon December 10, 2011

    First off, excessive steroid use does make your “weenie teeny.”

    Secondly, he would not admit it if he were on them. Just look at Ryan Braun. Said he “would never touch them.”

    Also, in an analytical standpoint, Matthew’s isn’t putting up the numbers everyone wants. I do believe Jared Allen has the most sacks this season; if there’s any bandwagon jumping, it’s for Green Bay.

    I find it highly entertaining how engrossed and self absorbed fudgepacker fans are. It’s just a game.

    U mad bro?

  11. D-loc February 25, 2012

    i dnt know that much about steriods and really dnt know that much about football but i’ve been a green bay packer fan for 90% of my life, and dnt get me wrong, the minni-so gay viqueens are a good team to. but if one were to take steriods and if people had there sussppitions wouldnt they do a drug test? just sayin i know that if they did find out he was taking drugs he wouldnt still be playing football

  12. dmak February 25, 2012

    and besides matthews is a beast always will be and jared allen aint got shit on clay regaurdless if allen has more sacks i dnt remeber seeing him or the viqueens winning any of the 46 super bowls, let alone the 3 or 4 they did go to and they got there ass handed to them. every time packers went they won. wats that say?