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How much longer can Favre keep on ticking?

Now that we all know Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre has had ankle surgery and we know where he’s vulnerable, some players have taken note.

New Orleans’ Saints safety Darren Sharper has publicly stated what a lot of defenders around the NFC North have to be thinking.

Well y’all seen Brett had surgery on that ankle we got after in the championship game. Come Thursday night 1st game. X marks the spot.

Sharper and the Saints will open the season at home against the Vikings on Sept. 9, in a rematch of the NFC Championship game. In their last meeting, the Saints terrorized Favre by blitzing him from all angles.

On a third-quarter play, Saints’ defensive end Bobby McCrary ripped Favre down by his injured ankle after a pass. McCrary was fined $20,000 for the play and the NFL said he should have been penalized for it, but it helped get the Saints to the Super Bowl.

If Favre plays the entire 2010 season, his consecutive games started streak will reach 300.

So, my question is this. What’s the over/under on the number of games Brett Favre starts this season with players knowing just where he’s vulnerable?

We all know Favre is an iron man from his days with the Green Bay Packers, but his body isn’t holding up like it once was and defenders obviously know where to strike. We’re setting the over/under at 13 games.

Any takers?


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PackerFaninFL May 24, 2010

    LOL well said time for the resident viking trolls (Matt & Jeff aka suck & fuck) to call foul..as Sharper (ironcially a former packer icon) calls it like it is. Like I said ..break his fucking ankle.

  2. Nate May 24, 2010

    wishing for injury? Real football fan you are!

  3. tequila May 24, 2010

    Let me preempt the commentators here: Matt Fox and jeff ircink shut your girlish mouths and let the grown folks talk.

  4. Al Borland's Beard May 24, 2010

    If Allen said this about Brees, every Viking fan would get an erection, but when another team says it about their guy, they whine and moan. Don’t forget how you all were firmly attached to Sharper’s sack just a few years ago.

  5. Freckles May 24, 2010

    What Al said. Times 57.

  6. Al Borland's Beard May 24, 2010

    Oh, and anyone who takes this seriously is gullible. Sharper and Favre are friends and everyone knows Sharper likes to run his mouth. He did it when he was with the Vikings and played Favre and the Packers and he’ll do it now when they’re opponents again.

  7. matt fox May 24, 2010

    ANOTHER Favre article? You guys just keep churning these out, don’t you? I know the authors of this site are Bear’s fans, but Jesus christ. Give it a rest already. I know you guys were actually able to beat Favre once, unlike the Packers, but this obsession with someone you “SUPPOSEDLY” hate is just getting sad.

  8. matt fox May 24, 2010

    And, I’m sorry, I didn’t know being a caring Packer fan made me a Viking troll. Again, being Pro-Favre and wanting Ted Thompson to get fired is what a real Packers fan would want. Wanting an ex-player and possibly greatest Packer ever, to get hurt because he and the team made a mutual parting of ways is just fucking stupid. Again, Favre could break each of your necks in real life. But he wouldnt cause hes a nice guy. You guys are either secret bear fans, or just plain stupid Midwesterners. No offense to all people from the Midwest, I love most of you, but some of you, like these specific Packer fans, are just retarded. Just shut up and go eat your fried cheese balls. Maybe having a heart attack will teach you not to wish bad things on other people for stupid reasons. Assholes.

    1. Lol May 29, 2010

      Yeah, Let’s fire Ted for getting us Matthews/Raji/Rodgers/Jennings/Finley/etc. and then helping the team balance out it’s salary cap….Retard!
      A Real Packer/Football Fan supports Ted for having the balls to push for Rodgers over Favre…..A Favre fangirl is the only one that wants Ted fired.

  9. Al Borland's Beard May 24, 2010

    You criticize us for wishing harm on others then you do it yourself twice with Favre “breaking our necks” (Jesus, now I understand your posts, your obviously suffering from a lack of oxygen due to your head being so far lodged in his ass) and then a heart attack.

    Here’s a grand idea you ignorant twat, if you don’t like the site then stop fucking visiting it, it’s actually a pretty simple concept, you just stop coming, can you handle that? Or would you prefer to sit on your pedestal and lecture us like the hypocritical asshole you apparently are.

  10. tequila May 24, 2010

    Matt, if you are pro-Favre you are a vikings fan. Please explain as concisely as possible the logic if you are not. It’s honestly very simple. Also, see comment number #3.

  11. Al Borland's Beard May 24, 2010

    I don’t think you can’t be both pro Favre and a Packers fan, but if you put Favre ahead of the Packers then yes, you are not a Packers fan.

  12. Jurgens May 24, 2010

    Easy, easy. Matt Fox is just stressed out because Lost is over.

  13. jeff ircink May 24, 2010

    fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. the only language spoken by commenters on this site. if your mother’s only knew…

  14. Al Borland's Beard May 24, 2010

    Go fuck yourself

  15. Rodger Dat May 24, 2010

    im a die hard lakers fan, i loved shaq but when he left I said fuck shaq im a laker fan. if kobe were to leave the lakers and play for a rival like the spurs, suns, nuggets or jazz… i would say fuck kobe im a lakers fan.

    I assume most of you can agree with that. now.
    im a die hard packers fan and favre went to the piece of scum rival vikings… now, i say fuck favre, IM A PACKERS FAN.

    how are the two any different?

  16. Rodger Dat May 24, 2010

    and if kobe left for direct revenge just like favre, i would want the lakers to break his ankle, legs whatever…
    just like what i hope happens to favre.

  17. PackerFanINFL May 25, 2010

    Plus One for Rodger Dat

  18. jeff ircink May 25, 2010

    Borland’s Beard….only if you fuck yourself first, douchebag.

  19. Al Borland's Beard May 25, 2010

    Even your comebacks are sad….

  20. PackerFaninFL May 25, 2010

    Matt..afraid you are a viking fan. During the NFC conference game they put up a “pulse” graphic of which states are rooting for what team. 76% of ‘fake’ packer fans were rooting for the saints! Seems the minority ‘real’ packer fans (rolls eyes) were rooting for vikings.

    So if your a real american (since you’ve appointed your ‘self’ creator of standards you undoubtabley are)..you would see that most packer fans hate the fucking hick (favre).

    I’ll beat this dead horse again (just because I’m bored)…you root for favre…favre = vikings…which means you root for the vikings.

    Fuck your proclaimed status ‘packer fan in waiting’…unlike Jeff asshole you can’t have your cake and eat it to!!

  21. Taryn May 25, 2010

    I’m a Packer fan and when Favre left I didn’t need to see a fucking head doctor to understand he isn’t a Packer any more.It’s a simple process which for some is still to hard to grasp.Any Packer fan who still wishes Favre well simply isn’t a Packer fan.There are absolutely no,none,nada,zilch,zero reasons acceptable for still doing so period.It’s called being a fan of a team and those that”play on it” now,and when a player leaves he is no longer a teammate and you should want to see him get his traitorous,ego-filled,self absorbed,lieing ass beat into the fucking ground no matter who he is playing.I applauded him for everything he did with us and now I applaud everything the other teams do to him,and he deserves every beating he gets.I say this even though I still love him as a player and have since his first game with us.Those that want to protect him must have liked living in bondage the last 3 years we had him.

  22. chitter May 25, 2010

    Personally I’m a little hurt I wasn’t brought in as a consultant on this piece. Ha! I’ll take the over.

  23. jeff ircink May 25, 2010

    shut up, Al. my comebacks will always be better than your’s or PackerFanINFL’s obscenity-laced tribble. bitch.

  24. jeff ircink May 25, 2010

    i can have my cake and eat it too anytime i want, PackerFanINFL. douche bag.

  25. Matt Fox May 26, 2010

    First of all, Al Borland, obviously I was doing to you guys what you were doing originally, it’s called being purposefully ironic. I know a lot of people on this site are borderline retarded, but I was hoping you could at least understand satire. I was wrong.

    And second of all, Taryn, thats retarded, just because someone’s not on your team anymore doesn’t mean u cant root for them to do well. However, how you feel about him(Favre) just stems from a differing opinion of how people believe Favre left; the one you five year olds believe because it was spoon fed to you by Ari Fleischer and Foxnews (two great and reliable information sources I might add) and what actually happened. Side note for Al Borland, what I said before about Ari Fleischer and Foxnews is what’s referred to as sarcasm. Just wanted to make sure you understood.

    Guys, if you can understand this, which I doubt, I don’t not root for the Packers because favre is gone. I, actually, agree, that would be stupid. i dont root for them because of Ted fucking Thompson. And it’s not just because he’s an awful GM, I could root, and would root, for a GM that was not good or made bad decisions to support my team. Losing is a part of the game and I understand that. No, i hate Ted Thompson because he is really, and truly, an awful human being. And to root for a team, even the Packers, run by that fuck just doesn’t work for me. And, I must admit, it makes it easier knowing that under him the Packers will always be mediocre and never actually win anything. Because teddy is just interested in one thing, making money, and could give a shit whether we actually win. So, as the innocent, fun loving Packer fan I grew up to be under Ron Wolfe and Brett Favre, sorry if I cant support the now souless and mediocre Packers of today, and cant wait for the day Ted Thompson finally gets fired, and we can get back to actually having a chance of making it a superbowl. Even if it means rooting against the team I love for now. But if you want to keep drinking the kool-aid, that’s fine. Blind faith is always the logical route.

  26. Taryn May 26, 2010

    Matt Fox,look in the mirror and you will see the definition of retarded.You are not a team fan your a GM fan and root for who you feel is the better GM.Do you still send love notes Ron Wolfe promising him intimate trysts to come on,sorry I mean back to you.LOSER

  27. PackerFaninFL May 26, 2010

    Matt Fox:

    Even if it means rooting against the team I love for now.

    Gentelmen, Matt Fox just came out (the other kind we already knew he was a fag) as he not only admitted he is “loving” viking fan, but also he is a fair weather fucker! I speak for all packer fans when I say “Good Riddance”.

  28. vikingintexas May 26, 2010

    Fuck all you hater packer and saints fans i hope favre gets a chance to throw a crackback block on sharper and fuck him up like he did to the texans

  29. PackerFaninFL May 26, 2010

    lol..I forgot about “Eugene Wilson” seems favre thinks that kind of hit is acceptable..so game on.

    thanks for stopping by :)

  30. dUDE May 26, 2010

    I have to agree with Matt Fox. Ari Fleischer and Fox News do spew.

    am new to this site, but it’s immediately apparent there are no censors, and no limits of any kind, so I’d like to put this out there…

    …I hate the fucking Cowboys more than I hate the Vikes or Da Bearsss. They are Mexico’s fucking team!

  31. matt fox May 26, 2010

    Taryn, you voted for Sarah Palin, didnt you? Did you read what i just fucking wrote? i said if he was JUST a bad GM, that wouldnt be an issue. Although it should be, but apparently you like losing so whatever.

    And PackerDaninFlL, Yeah, I’d rather be a tolerant, open-mineded California “fag,” than a piece of shit intolerant, discriminatory middle of the country bigot. The truth finally comes out, you all like Thompson because your all douchebags too! Was Favre too nice to the black players for you guys? Or maybe you think he’s a faggot too. Learning that some Packer fans are worse than Viqueen fans isnt helping me like the packers either. Pricks.

  32. PackerFanINFL May 26, 2010

    Who said we wanted to help you? we laugh at you..and I called you a faggot..not favre. as for the black/white thing..um..yah your the bigot..wtf are you talking about.

    Trade thompson 4 matt millen I don’t give a shit I’m still a fan…its that simple.

  33. zubi May 26, 2010

  34. jeff ircink May 26, 2010

    nice video, Zubi. at least when Favre threw his INT in OT, he TRIED. AR just handed the ball to the AZ defender who ran it in for a TD. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. that was a good one, right Doucher PackerFanINFL???

  35. PackerFanINFL May 27, 2010

    actually AR screwed up when he missed Jennings a couple plays before that..as for the “hand off” I love how everyone forgets the blatant uncalled facemask.

    But, I support my QB through thick and thin…same was for Brett when he was in GB..its called team loyalty..something you will never understand ya team skippin flavor of the the month fuck

  36. jeff ircink May 27, 2010

    and i support my QB. WHOO! once again, i didn’t forget. calls are missed in every game (did you watch the NFC Championship game?), PackerFanINFLDouche. you’re not gonna whine now, are you?

  37. PackerFanINFL May 27, 2010

    yah 12 men in the huddle!!..LOL I bet you missed that one…sorry favre got the “regular” treatment for a change..you would think the ironman could handle it.

  38. PackerFanINFL May 27, 2010

    BTW why are you watching packer games..you realize by tuning in you are adding to the ratings and making Ted Thompson all that more relevant right?

  39. jeff ircink May 27, 2010

    i don’t generally watch Packer games. but the AZ-Pack game was on at a club where we were pheasant hunting with bow & arrow and we had no choice. i’ve watched one game with me father as he getting up there in age and we haven’t watched many Packer games as i was in CA for 11 years.

    why am i telling you this? you don’t care. ratings? i’m only adding to the ratings if i have a Nielson box so my watching habits can actually be measured.

  40. jeff ircink May 27, 2010

    besides, there are a ton of GB fans who watch still support the team but hate TT. i wouldn’t refer to that as “making TT relevant”.

  41. matt fox May 27, 2010

    PackerfaninFL, you really are stupid arent you? I know you called me a faggot, THATS why I said you were a closeminded intolerant prick. What does sexual orientation have to do with anything? And why is it negative? Lol, dude youre just too stupid, maybe its best if you just dont speak anymore.

  42. matt fox May 27, 2010

    And, again, I’d be more fine with Matt Millen. he didnt lie to the public, his players, and think he was God in human form when hes never actually won anything. Matt Millen actually took responsiblity for his mistakes, a word thats not even in Teddys vocabulary

  43. PackerFanINFL May 28, 2010

    So what now your a lions fan too? I’m confused…nice logic there obviously I’m a packer fan and you think its “best you don’t speak anymore” WTF? stupid fucking viking fans! So your only defense is “SHUTUP”..LOL at you

    As for your sexual preference if you like declining vagina that your business…faggot!!

  44. matt fox May 28, 2010

    You continue to prove my point. Shhhhhhhh.

    1. Lol May 29, 2010

      matt fox:

      You continue to prove my point. Shhhhhhhh.

      that you’re a trollin’ queer that’s digging himself a bigger hole here?

  45. PackerFanINFL May 28, 2010

    your a defeated man!

  46. PACKATTACKINMN May 28, 2010

    Who wants to arm wrestle???

  47. PACKATTACKINMN May 28, 2010

    Favre just told me that last year was his most rewarding year as a professional football player….