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Do you think it was hard for me to find a photo of Jarrett Bush missing a tackle?

The Green Bay Packers love them some Jarrett Bush.

And what’s not to love? It’s like inserting your favorite slapstick comedy right into an NFL game!

Jarrett Bush is the Lt. Frank Drebin of the Green Bay Packers. Despite bungling just about everything imaginable, he still manages to live and catch the bad guy, or in Bush’s case, not get cut and get playing time.

So, the Packers have decided to move cornerback Will Blackmon to safety. Meanwhile, Bush was at cornerback during the start of OTAs, after supposedly being a combo cornerback/safety last season.

The Packers’ cornerback depth now apparently consists of (in order) Charles Woodson, Al Harris (coming off a torn ACL), Tramon Williams (doesn’t have a contract), Jarrett Bush, Brandon Underwood, Pat Lee, Josh Bell and some guys who probably won’t make an NFL roster.

Do you see what I see?

I see a couple uncertainties ahead of Bush. What if Al Harris doesn’t return to form? What if Tramon Williams holds out? What if both of those things happen?

Sure, it’s a worse-case scenario and unlikely to come true, but it scares the living shit out of me.

Behind Bush, there’s some potential.

Underwood improved throughout his rookie campaign and we expect him to continue to do so in his second year. He may be ready for an expanded role in the defense this season.


Lee, on the other hand, has done nothing but get injured since being a second-round pick in 2008. Maybe he’ll stay healthy and live up to his potential.


Like Harris, Blackmon is coming off a torn ACL and isn’t at full strength yet. His move to safety theoretically gives the Packers some additional depth at the position, which is definitely needed.

However, the move also seems to signal the distinct possibility that Bush again, somehow has a decent chance to stick on the Packers’ roster, despite being a worse cornerback than Mark “Toast” Lee was at 5 years old.

It’s great to be a Packers’ fan under the Ted Thompson/Mike McCarthy regime because you’re never short on amusing anecdotes of stupidity.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. matt fox May 20, 2010

    But… Jarrett Bush fucking sucks. And so does Will Blackman for that matter. That’s okay. We like taking positions we don’t need to stack up for that nuclear winter instead of getting players we actually do need. As long as Ted Thompson keeps getting richer and the Packers remain mediocre everyone in Wisconsin’s happy. So yay!

  2. Ted Thompson May 20, 2010

    Hey Matt, relax son, I’m building this team for the future dont’cha know?

    And for the fucking last time please stop asking me to “use free agency” to fill-in positions of “need”.

    Free agency (or pulling the trigger on a big trade) is not an alternative that we (I/Me) will ever use to better this team!

    So quit’cher bitchin’ kay?

  3. joe May 20, 2010

    i think you are underestimating the depth we have at corner…. ted thompson has gilbert brown on retainer in case we need someone with the same skill set as bush…. alls good in cheese land folks!

  4. eric May 20, 2010

    it’s ota’s you fools. they are just learning all the secondary position playbooks. jarrett bush is a stud on special teams. we are truely a super bowl team with better special teams.

  5. Jim Rarick May 20, 2010

    Are you a closet Viking fan or just an idiot. I am so sorry I follow your idiotic posts. What a joke. Outa here.

  6. matt fox May 21, 2010

    Oh, I mean, obviously were a Superbowl team. The media is saying we’re one so we must be. Just like last year. And the year before. We went to the superbowl both those years, right? Or, we havent won one single playoff game in two years with two supposed superbowl teams? Oh. Right. Lame. That’s what happens when in his 6th year TT is still building for the future. Biggest piece of shit to ever work for the Packers.

  7. PackerFaninFL May 21, 2010

    coulnd’t stop laughing after “Lt. Frank Drebin” quote.

  8. shawn May 23, 2010

    ‘and it scares the living shit out of me’…..the greatest quote i have ever read hahah..if you think jarrett bush is good for the packers you are a fucking idiot..special teams stud..right cuz the pack special teams is awesome..he is a complete liability in pass coverage yet he seems to get lined up against a slot reciever like 50 times a year and gets burnt about 30…I dont know what we have that is better but i cannot believe we didnt let this bum fuck the titans over when they wanted him to….i have been preaching against bush for the past three years and every time he comes through to make me want to break his knees to keep him from playing in the nfl..because that is apparently all that will keep thompson from giving him playing time…the thing ive yelled too many times in my live on sundays…FUCK JARRETT BUSH

  9. shawn May 23, 2010

    in my life* on sundays