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Green Bay Under Consideration For NFL Draft

Bryan Bulaga

Imagine this in Green Bay.

The NFL is considering moving the NFL Draft next year.

The league’s deal with Radio City Music Hall, which has hosted the draft for the past two years, is up. The owners of Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater, which sits across from the Staples Center, seem to be leading the push. The NFL is clearly open to a move and commissioner Roger Goodell said the league is considering that, as well as doing a multiple-city draft.

“We have talked about whether you move to a location, or maybe you move one day of the draft,” Goodell said. “If we are successful doing the draft on three days, that may be one alternative, to take one of those days and move it to a different location.”

To me it makes no sense, but our friends at Cheesehead TV say the NFL is seriously considering Green Bay as a location if they do a multiple-city draft.

I say it makes no sense because Green Bay is such a small market and while I’m sure Green Bay Packers’ fans would turn out in force, having the draft in a major city like New York or Los Angeles makes the event more accessible to fans of all NFL teams – something that’s better for the league. Of course, Canton, Ohio, home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is also on the list, so who knows?


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheesybrat April 27, 2010

    Are you even a Packer fan? Or for that matter a football fan? Seriously, maybe Green Bay is only a small market team, but how would this not be good for all of football to go to a multiple city format. Think of the history and tradition that Green Bay brings to the NFL. And not to mention it may enlighten players about the culture of playing in such smaller markets rather than judging them for the stigma they carry. Just another perspective to think about.

  2. Freckles April 27, 2010

    If it’s a multiple-city draft, then I think it would be great to have Green Bay as one of several draft locations. It is a small market, so I definitely don’t think it could hold its own as the ONLY draft location, but as one of several different markets, particularly if they’re all of different sizes/backgrounds, would be great.

  3. slimjim April 27, 2010

    One third of the nfl cities are within 500 miles of Green Bay.

  4. GB3Pack4 April 29, 2010

    GB would be an awesome pick for one or all 3 of the draft days. Just having a bigger population doesn’t guarantee that NYC is better -sick & tired of that mindset. GB not only has a team that is historically one of the best in the League, always a draw, but is in the center of a raft of teams & travel-wise easy to get to. The stadium alone is made to order for the fans of such an event.