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Favre Gives Vikings Wranglers, No Answers

Hot damn...I can't feel my sack!

He hasn’t decided if he’ll return for a second season, but Brett Favre did let his Minnesota Vikings’ teammates know one thing this week — he’s a cheap ass mofo.

Players participating in offseason workouts — obviously, this wouldn’t include Favre — returned to team headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn., to find a pair of Wranglers in their lockers. Favre has been a paid endorser of the world’s stiffest, highest riding jeans for years, and apparently figured his teammates would like to share in that sack-pinching pain.

“I need to break them in a little bit, they are kind of stiff,” punter Chris Kluwe told the Star Tribune’s Judd Zulgad.

Quite the understatement, Chris. There’s a reason cowboys walk bow-legged, and it’s not because of their horses.

Whether Favre will come to Minnesota and see how those jeans fit in person is still in question. As has become tradition in recent years, Lord Favre is keeping everyone guessing as to whether he’ll come back for another season, although Brad Childress and the Vikings say they’re content to wait on the 40-year-old QB for a decision.

The Wranglers are a convenient way for Favre to get his name back in the news after an uncharacteristic dearth of headlines in recent weeks.

But isn’t it almost like he’s taunting his teammates? “Hey guys!! I know you’re all up there sweating it out in offseason conditioning workouts while I sip mint juleps and mow my lawn for the thousandth time, but I’m thinkin’ of ya! Enjoy this pair of crap jeans you’ll never wear while I relax down here in Mississippi and keep the team’s future up in the air another few months!! xoxo Brett”

And Vikings players have to be a little disappointed. Favre’s also a spokesman for Sears, but you don’t see flat-screen TVs in everyone’s lockers, do you? I can see the T-shirts now: “I went to Vikings’ offseason workouts and all I got were these crap Wranglers.”

Fake. Egocentric. Prima Donna.



Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.



  1. tequila April 16, 2010

    Dick move. I can just see the retard’s smile on Brent’s face when Bus Cook came up with the idea.

  2. eric April 16, 2010

    Again i dont understand how all you dumb ass packer fans can forget so soon the reason you are all packer fans. Before he came in 1992 the Packers sucked for 20 years. I am the type of fan who is loyal to my Favorite players not what color jersey he is wearing. The reason for this is you never know when your favorite team will bring in some ego maniac GM like Ted Thompson who wants to win with his guys. We would have won the Superbowl in 07 if we gave up one of the 2 fourth round picks we held for Randy Moss. Rodgers is a great QB but lets not forget why we love the Packers FAVRE !

  3. Elizabeth April 16, 2010

    I completely concur with you Eric. Not sure of the point of this article other than another sophomoric demonstration of a hurt Packer fan. I love the Packers…always will…it was Favre who made me love them…I will never understand the animosity…never.

    1. Monty April 16, 2010

      Actually, the point is to humorize the “news,” but then, being one of the worst professional sports fans in the history of fandom for one of the worst organizations in the history of mankind, that would be lost on you. Also, Wrangler Jeans suck, but I guess people in Minnesota actually wear them, don’t they?

  4. Elizabeth April 16, 2010

    I suppose the actual humor was delivering a pair of jeans to your teammates…which I assume yielded at least a chuckle…maybe not by you. Being born and raised in Southern California myself and having never visited Minnesota and, frankly, I’m not sure the precise demographics for the “Wrangler”. Its nice someone like you keeps track of the style trends.

  5. Kevin April 16, 2010

    WOW Packer fans are something. Favre is a player, players change teams. It is not about you.Move on.

  6. PackerFanInFL April 16, 2010


    Before he came in 1992 the Packers sucked for 20 years. I am the type of fan who is loyal to my Favorite players not what color jersey he is wearing.

    So eric your a bandwagon jumper..I’m thankfull for favre for ridding us with all you fair weather fuckers. I just hope you stay with the vikings (which you undoubtably won’t) when favre retires for good (hopefully on a stretcher). I’m loyal to jersey colors win loss doesn’t matter. I don’t like everything about the packers (a la ted thompson) but I support the team no matter what.


    Rodgers is a great QB but lets not forget why we love the Packers FAVRE !

    Agree (partly) Rodgers is a great QB..but Favre ain’t the reason most people love the packers. I loved the pack when he was in college getting drunk knocking up Deana back in Missisipi. In fact I turned the TV off (breifly) when Majkowski went down in 1992 (not that you notice as I’d bet you were bandwagonin with the 49ers back then) and he came in. The truth is if Rodgers ever pull the shit favre did (he won’t) he can fuck off as well for all I care.

  7. Pack Morris April 16, 2010

    “The truth is if Rodgers ever pull the shit favre did (he won’t) he can fuck off as well for all I care.”

    Amen to that.

  8. John Krueger April 16, 2010

    People, it’s a publicity stunt for Wranglers. Favre probably made a million$$ doing it. The only thing worse than an old whore, is an old whore in Wranglers.

  9. tequila April 16, 2010

    Wowsa, have you imbeciles no moral compass? To somehow insist we are Packers fans because of one player is to showcase how poorly you understand sports and humankind in general. What’s the humor in: 1) attempting to stay in the news cycle with a stunt 2) taunting your teammates that you don’t need to be in training camp 3) Favre is a SPOKESPERSON for Wranglers and clearly got paid for this BS. Ha Ha good fun (for the Jeff Foxworthy crowd).

    Elizabeth, please understand that you are a welcome as a Packers fan (mostly because you didn’t jump to the Queens) but also know you are a different kind of fan (not necessarily better or worse). Most of the contributors and comments on this website are from Packers Fans in SoCal and WI, but we are Packers fans because it is the culture we were born into, not because of one douche.

  10. Brett Favre April 16, 2010

    Come on guys…. I loved GB when I was there, and I loved NY while I was there… BUT I am having so much more fun in Minnesota than I ever did in GB. I just can’t help it, heck, I might play for 2 or 3 more years. Gotta love those Wranglers, and if you got time, stop by Sears.

    I love all my Fans, (especially the ones in MN) ;)


  11. jeremy April 16, 2010

    I love it how Queens fans wittle fewlings get awl huwurt when we pick on Favre.

  12. Jurgens April 16, 2010

    Amen, Tequila. Amen.

  13. Jurgens April 16, 2010

    Also, giving a bunch of millionaires Wrangler jeans as a gift is like:

    – Giving a 1gb flash drive to Bill Gates
    – Giving a shot of O’Douls NA beer to Keifer Sutherland
    – Giving a cookbook to Chef Ramsey

    “Oh. Um. Thanks. I’ll put this over here in the uh… trash.”

  14. PackerBacker April 16, 2010

    If you guys are so happy with Aaron Rodgers, then why so much hate towards Brett Favre? So he found a new home after the Packers didn’t want him anymore, what is so wrong with that? Also, giving a gift to his teammates in MN (even if it is just a pair of jeans) doesn’t really have anything to do with the Packers or the Packer fans, so why even post it on a Packer blog?

  15. PackerFanINFL April 16, 2010

    “PackerBacker”…because the asshole is part of our history (16 years as he constantly reminds us) and it is our right to bitch about it as much as it was his right to pull his bullshit.

  16. eric April 16, 2010

    They’re just mad because he kicked the Packers ass twice last year. Oh yeah you guys are right I have no moral compass, I used to love the 49ers before the Packers, and I am the one who is bandwagon fan. Every one on this blog who is a Favre hater is a hypocrite. You know you all used to love him when he played for the Packers. I just don’t understand how people can love a player and love the way he plays, but then when he gets traded from our favorite team you all find new terms of endearment for him like “Fake. Egocentric. Prima Donna.” I don’t understand why Packer’s fans just can’t respect all of the great things he did for the franchise in the 16 years that he played there and quit trying to demonize him now because he wanted to keep playing football and the Packer’s decided to go in a different direction.

  17. PackerFanINFL April 16, 2010

    Eric at least you admit it and come clean more then I can say for your beloved “current” player.

    BTW have fun rooting for the L.A vikings next year.

    16 years = 1 Superbowl..and he’s the greatest?..horseshit. His legacy will be his epic conference game failures…he’s one step away from being the same level as 90’s Bills.

  18. eric April 16, 2010

    You keep changing the subject. Were you or were you not ever a Brett Favre fan when he played with the Packers?

    I think he accomplished a lot more than just one Superbowl in 16 seasons. In his time in Green Bay, he won more games than any other starting quarterback in NFL history.

    You are trying to say he will only be remembered for championship game losses, that must mean that all John Elway will only be remembered for is his 3 Superbowl losses, Dan Marino for the fact that he never won a Superbowl, and Peyton Manning must suck too since he has only won one Superbowl in his career and will only be remembered for that interception he threw in last year’s Superbowl.

    I will not try to convince you anymore that Brett Favre is great. All of his accomplishments are in plain black and white in the NFL record books.

  19. PackerFanINFL April 17, 2010

    He is overrated lost more big games then he has won. Is he better then most QBs…yes but the all time interception king has a lot of baggage

  20. PackerFanINFL April 17, 2010

    Oh BTW..to answer your question I was a BF fan up until he quit on me (teary eyed press release) and if you think he’s “just wants to play” think again the devious fuck could of played for the Jets and he lied to them so he could go join the vikings. You can polish a turd but it still smells like shit.

  21. Pat McAllister April 17, 2010

    Whoever wrote this article has a small mind, a jealous heart and is weilding an ax, i.e., trying to chop down one of the trees in the forest that is taller than he is… right? Poor thing–obviously your mama forgot to teach you that sarcasm is a tool used by ultimate sissies. I hope you have laid in a sufficient supply of TUMS and Kleenex, poor baby.

  22. Al Borland's Beard April 17, 2010

    All of Brett Favre’s records are based on the law of averages. Of course, if someone plays every single game for an eighteen year career they’re gonna break records. (Too bad Manning is going to break all of them in less time, but rest easy Brett, you’ll always have the INT record)

    I’m not gonna deny Favre was a great player. But he is vastly overrated. He is not a top five all time, he barely cracks the top ten. Quite simply, he is far too inconsistent. For every great moment he has, he has several others of complete stupidity.

    Now some of you may say, look at the great years he had in 2007 and 2009. Well, that’s great and all but look at the bad years of 2005 and 2008. Brett has proven he can still be a great player but only when he’s in the perfect situation surrounded by talent.

    Oh, and anyone who buys this little Wranglers stunt for anything other than what it is, a sad marketing attempt by Favre and Wranglers, is as naive as the people who still don’t think we’ll see another year of Favre hamming it up in purple next year. Cue the phony team camaraderie from a player who makes his team wait all offseason and skips training camp.

  23. PackerBacker April 17, 2010

    Please keep in mind that at the end of the day football is just a game. Some of you on this blog sound like very bitter, angry ex-lovers of Brett Favre. Since most of you (if not all) have never met him, you really don’t know what his feelings are toward the Packers Organization. He has said that he will always charish the time he was in GB and will always have fond memories to look back on. He is just a player that the packers didn’t want anymore so he went to a team that did want him. That’s it.

  24. tequila April 19, 2010

    PackerBacker: I’m from GB and used to be one of the kids who let the players ride my bike down to the practice field during training camp. I’ve met Brett Favre on multiple occasions as a child and adult and can honestly say he was a guy easy to like but not very smart. Years of not winning superbowls, money, and lacking the intellectual capacity to handle celebrity and the concept of retirement has taken a toll on him.

    Unfortunately for Vikings and Favre fans, we happen to be content area experts. If you even paid a small amount of attention to his attitude towards the Packers and Green Bay since he left the team, it would be hard to be anything but pissed at him. He has handled his retirement(s) and subsequent team changes in an unprofessional manner and has gone out of his way to create scorn. I’d like someone to share with us an interview with any of his ex-teammates backing him at this point, especially the guys who are supposed to be the most loyal.

    So to say that we are simply bitter is naive. To say that we are ill informed is incorrect. To say we don’t know what his feelings are is not paying attention. It comes down to the simple facts: We hate the Vikings because they are scumbags. Brett went out of his way (NY) to become the quarterback of our rival, therefore he is the enemy. It’s not hard to understand why we treat him like a scumbag. We owe the quarterback of the Vikings nothing. Simple.

    Besides, it is apparent that Total Packers folks are a minority in hating on Favre, so we feel the need to enlighten. Commenting that a Packers site should not mention Favre is just, well, kinda stupid.

  25. John from Wisconsin April 20, 2010

    Living near the Wisconsin – Minnesota border I see this whole scenario played out over and over nearly on a daily basis. Actually I am quite entertained by it. One of my favorite things to do is to wear my Packer Jersey to Viking affairs and my Viking Jersey to Packer backed games. being from Minnesota – I have a Packer License plate – get the picture??

    I am a Packer fan and a bit more of a Viking fan – I stand proudly on the fence watching idiots from both sides spew hatred and BS.

    In that – I think the Demographic for Wrangler Jeans is the type of person that wouldn’t mind getting a little HorseShat on your boots and perhaps relegate a portion of Bullshat from the mouth – just like us here on the border.

    Farve is the man – I think he is great – as do many Viking Fans. Hell I’m willing to give the Packers Tarvaris Jackson if that would make you feel better.

  26. jeff ircink April 22, 2010

    still the bitter, bitter, anti-Favre-ites…