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A Third Roethlisberger Accuser?

Because chicks dig dyed fauxhawk mullets

Things are going from bad to worse for scumbag Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

On Friday, ABC News reported a third woman has told police that Roethlisberger sexually accosted her while drunk, according to a police report.

The new accusation comes as the National Football League considers disciplinary actions against the two-time Super Bowl champion. ESPN reports the Steelers organization could also face a six-figure fine if, and when, its star QB is punished.

Big Ben dodged prosecution earlier this week on allegations he sexually assaulted a 20-year-old college student in the bathroom of a Georgia nightclub in early March. The district attorney said there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Roethlisberger, and the accuser no longer wanted to prosecute.

Roethlisberger is also being sued by a woman who claims he raped her at a Nevada casino in 2008.

Because of news coverage of the most recent incident, ABC News reports that word was passed to Georgia investigators of prior incidents involving a young woman who worked at the golf course near Roethlisberger’s home on Lake Oconee in Georgia.

Those alleged incidents were reported to  Milledgeville police by Linc Boyer, who works with the department’s Explorer Program, according to the police report.

Police contacted the woman, but she declined to press charges and asked that her name not be released. Her name was blacked out in department documents.

According to the police report, the woman said she drove an inebriated Roethlisberger home from a party and helped him into his bedroom. When she tried to leave, he slammed the door shut and pulled down his pants, the police report stated.

The report does not state when the alleged incident occurred.

A week later, Roethlisberger invited the woman to a party at his home, according to the police document. He showed her his new bed and asked her to lie down on it, the report stated.

“During this, Roethlisberger was allegedly forceful with … and put his hand up …. skirt. Eventually … was able to push Roethlisberger’s hand away and … went to leave the residence. As she left, Roethlisberger allegedly became angry with …. ,” the police report stated.

Like the other Georgia incident, the woman and her family declined to press charges.

League officials have signaled that action will likely be taken against Roethlisberger following the NFL Draft next week. Sources have told ESPN that Roethlisberger will probably be suspended for up to four games.

That, however, was before this latest accusation emerged.

The question now is, how much lower can this guy go?



Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.



  1. PackerFanINFL April 16, 2010

    Send this sonofabitch to the jets and be done with it.