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At Least Packers New Throwback Uniforms Aren’t Blaze Orange

At Friday night’s opening of the Green Bay Packers annual Fan Fest, the team unveiled their highly-anticipated alternate throwback uniforms.

They’re totally nuts. And I love them.

But I’m easy to please. I like throwbacks – the more interesting and out there the better. The NFL’s fashion police are generally buttoned up, so it’s nice to shake things up now and then. I loved the Broncos wacky pinstriped ensemble last year and I love the Packers look this season.

Now, I don’t see eye to eye with the rest of the Total Packers team. There are plenty of critics when it comes to the NFL’s throwback trend. Many see it as a cash grab, an effort to sell even more licensed jerseys and apparel… and it is. Other critics just think that they are ugly and others just seem really uncomfortable talking about any type of clothing – as if someone will call their sexuality into question if they have a fashion-related opinion on anything.

Licensed apparel is big business in pro sports. The throwback trend is really no longer a trend. It’s here to stay. It has become a big part of the NBA and while it went a little overboard last season, it has also become a fixture in the NFL.

So, I think we should just embrace it. At least most of these alternate uniforms are true throwbacks, a look back into the history of the team. So called traditionalists should take comfort in that. I’m not a big fan of stripes and these unis are simple and minimalist. And most of these looks are fairly subdued, using classic, regal colors. Navy blue and khaki just looks classy.

What, like pro sports needs more teal and turquoise?



Steffen grew up in Milwaukee, Bowler and Neenah Wisconsin. He is a UW-Stevens Point grad and currently works as a television producer in Los Angeles.



  1. Nick March 13, 2010

    Ugly. Shoulda stayed in the 1920’s. The alternate shoulda been kept the design we have now but in black, or even the navy and khaki. But the yellow circle in front looks ridiculous. Its like a bullseye for opposing teams to hit. I looked back at the jerseys of old and didnt see one with a yellow yield light on the front!

  2. ryan March 13, 2010

    1929 the started these jerseys with a small circle

  3. Jurgens March 13, 2010

    Ryan is correct, the design is taken from the 1929 uniform, the first year the Packers won an NFL championship. In the original version, the circle was much smaller. They had to enlarge it for this version to meet the league’s current number size requirements.

  4. Jeremy March 13, 2010

    I liked the previous throw back jersey’s better, the one’s with the gold shoulders and navy torsos. That circle isn’t the greatest.

  5. Rick September 8, 2010

    Some of the throwbacks are hideous (see Broncos white and brown pukebacks) however embracing the past is really what’s important.

  6. Eli December 5, 2010

    I’m actually a Cowboys fan. But I’m gonna be honest… I disagree with ALL of you. I am shocked you guys don’t like this. These are probably the coolest throwback uniforms I’ve ever seen. You cannot go farther BACK than this. The helmets and shoes are brown to imitate the leather equipment back in the 1920’s. The numbers suit the era. One thing i would change though just to compromise with the present day uniforms: change whatever is navy blue to (jersey and socks) to green, the current team green. Then they would be recognized as the Packers but still have a cool throwback element. Then these uniforms would be absolutely perfect.