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The Vikings – They Really Don’t Get It


This = not happening anytime soon

The Minnesota Vikings organization is plowing ahead with its fruitless efforts at getting a new publicly-funded stadium.

The team now has 10 lobbyists working at the state Capitol on its behalf as it seeks the public’s help to pay for a Metrodome replacement. Seven of them registered with the state this month alone.

Team official Lester Bagley said the Vikings haven’t had as big a Capitol presence since the 2006 session. One of the new lobbyists, John Knapp, said the team needed “some more arms and legs” to make the rounds in case the stadium debate moves ahead.

This despite the fact that there’s no formal plan in play for a new stadium, and lawmakers have said they’re focused on fixing the budget and getting Minnesota out of a $1.2 billion projected deficit. Gov. Tim Pawlenty has also nixed the idea of public funding, saying there will be no money for a new Vikings stadium in this year’s budget proposal, while later admitting the Vikings are a valuable asset to Minnesota.

So what the hell are the Wilfs doing here?

All signs are pointing to another big fat NO on a new Vikings stadium. The team is currently under lease at the Metrodome through the 2011 season, but team officials are adamant they won’t consider renewing that lease because the Metrodome makes Minnesota one of the lowest revenue-producing teams in the NFL.

So instead of spending those hard-earned dollars on, oh I don’t know, a long-term solution at quarterback or some other pressing personnel need, the team is throwing away possibly millions of dollars on high-priced lobbyists who are pitching a lost cause.

Yes, a new stadium will pump more revenue into this shit franchise than doing nothing to the Metrodome or even renovating it. But the team can’t pay for a new stadium itself — at least not right now — and it doesn’t look like the state or the public will be pitching in anytime soon, given the recent recession and continued economic instability.

So why not just sit on it another year and see what plays out? If you invest in some more quality players and make another run at a Super Bowl, maybe the support needed for a new stadium will begin to fall into place. The economy will likely be a lot healthier then, too.

I just don’t see the point in banging your head against a wall that isn’t moving.



Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.



  1. Al Borland's Beard February 24, 2010

    Being a Minnesota resident, I’m so fucking tired of hearing about this stadium. Yes, there some positives for a new stadium and having an NFL team and despite my hate for the Vikings, I don’t wanna see them leave. But for fuck’s sake, we’re in a huge deficit. Cops and firefighters are being laid off, schools are being closed, many of our roads are complete shit, and not too long ago a major bridge collapsed.

    But hey, forget all those problems as long as we have a place to get drunk on Sundays. Fuck Zygi Wilf and fuck the Vikings for trying so hard to suggest that the public owes it to them to publicly fund a privatized stadium which we’ll then need to pay $120 every time we wanna go there.

  2. Steffen February 24, 2010


    No one has been able to adequately explain this to me – why can’t they play in the Gophers brand new stadium? Why wasn’t that stadium built with the Vikings in mind as well?

  3. Al Borland's Beard February 24, 2010

    I’m not entirely sure, but for one the seating capacity is relatively small for an NFL team with only about 50,000. But I know it can be expanded as well. But I’m not sure either why they both can’t use it.

  4. Sarah February 24, 2010

    Still pretty positive it’s because the people who funded/backed the UM stadium don’t want it used for any other team. It’s dumb.

  5. Josh February 24, 2010

    Leave Minnesota politics to Minnesotans.

  6. Dieter February 25, 2010

    S*&t franchise eh? F&%k you.

  7. jbork88 February 25, 2010

    wow, totalpackers saying the vikings don’t get it, you will excuse me when i say this site is biased as anything can fucking be

  8. Aaron February 26, 2010

    Your right jbork, i am ashamed to call myself a packer fan because of the idiots that run this site.

  9. Jason r. February 26, 2010

    i’m sure it was a real genius of the economy who wrote this article. NOT!!!, it was probably, no WAS, some stupid packer fan hoping the vikings move to LA so they have to play an expansion team so they can win the division gaurenteed.

  10. Jason r. February 26, 2010

    By the way I am a Packer fan, but FUCK EVERYONE WHO WANTS THE VIKINGS TO MOVE. I don’t want the pack to be in a crappy division now since the bears and lions are sucking and the Vikings are finally getting good again.

  11. Eric February 26, 2010

    hahahahaahahah, go jason

  12. Al Borland's Beard February 26, 2010

    Wow, two guys complaining about a website that they continue to visit and a guy who still thinks saying something then following it with “NOT!” is clever.

    Hey Jason, nobody here has said they hope the Vikings move, I just don’t feel like paying any money to a stadium I’ll never fucking use when we’re in a shit economy.

  13. jeremy February 26, 2010

    I hope the Vikings move.

    Sorry Beard.

  14. jbork88 February 26, 2010

    you would, maybe you’ll win the division then eh????

  15. The Truth February 26, 2010

    FUCK the Wilfs. I promise to do everything I can to stop any politician from giving one dime of public money to the Vikings. If Ziggy wants a stadium, let him buy the land, build the stadium and develop around it. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less where the Vikings go. I’m tired of welfare, for ANYONE, especially the rich. Let the market rule, period.

  16. jeremy February 27, 2010

    Maybe then the Vikings will win a Super Bowl, eh????

  17. Rich Friday February 27, 2010

    The Vikings are focusing on the most important thing conceivable: building their case for moving out to California due to lack of a decent stadium, so that home games will have fewer idiots at them dressed with ancient cheese hats. It’s not the Vikings’ fault that Minnesotan’s were too foolish to invest in timely and adequate bridge repairs. Heck, went Ventura was governor, they had a surplus and still didn’t upgrade their stadium. Let Minnesotans find out how much suction there is on their state treasury when the best thing going down at the Metrodome is some lame monster truck rallies.

  18. BradS March 3, 2010

    Hey, I just want to let all y’all vikes fans know and remember the Houston Oilers they are now the Tennessee Titans because of Mayor now Governor Phil Bredesen building them a fancy new stadium! This will happen to your vikes if you all continue to deny them the funds. Packers fans should not demean the Vikes because what would be your division without them because if they go say hello to the St. Louis Rams. Give the darn Vikes a stadium for the man up stairs sakes. I don’t want to have to say this old country song, which is “I told you, so!”

  19. jbork88 March 12, 2010

    the vikes will get a new stadium and you dumbfucks will gasp in awe when it is complete