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Stupid Vikings Fans Rent Stupid Billboard For Stupid Quarterback

The headline here pretty much says it all, don’t you think?

But in case you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan or just some idiot from Wisconsin’s inferior neighbor to the left who’s vaguely aware that there’s a sports team that tosses around a brown rock on certain Sunday’s throughout the year, let me explain further.

A bunch of Minnesota Vikings fans have come together kind of like that magical time that happens every year when Vikings fans get together to make love and procreate. Only this time it isn’t a family reunion.

No, these Vikings fans have come together to rent a billboard in Hattiesburg, Miss., home of none other than Lord Brett Favre, urging Favre to come back for one more season and professing their undying love. You know, just like they did when he was the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.

As you can see the billboard reads “Hey #4, do Minnesota fans love you and want you back next year? You Brettcha.”

Brettcha. That’s funny. Because his name is Brett. And also because they say betcha in Minnesota. Get it? Man, those Vikings fans and their sense of humor…

This was all spawned by the website Vikings Fans 4 Favre, which collected donations to rent the billboard.

It’s amazing when you think about it. Vikings fans can’t afford to buy tickets to most of their home games because they have to feed their 11 kids, maintain the trailer, pay for Junior’s bail, get the El Camino out of the impound and pay child support for their other three kids, but they can still band together to buy a billboard for Lord Favre.

It’s understandable, though. Favre has played for the Vikings for 16 seasons, he’s led them to Super Bowl glory, he and his wife Deanna have been active members of the community and they’ve seen him mature from a brash, young gunslinger to a wise old football sage.

Oh, wait…

What’s really important here is that Brett Favre just loves to play the game. That needs to be reiterated. I mean, he’s like a kid out there.


So, as I was saying, they love Brett Favre in Minnesota for all he’s done for them. Just look at this heartfelt passage from the Vikes Fans 4 Favre site.

The mission of vikesfans4favre is to thank Brett Favre, for the tremendous year he gave us in Minnesota, and to get him back as “OUR” quarterback for 1 more year. Brett gave a new perspective to the game of football, and a new sense of hope to Vikings fans, old, and new. He is a natural leader, great mentor, and a genuine guy. These traits are what make him the great person we all fell in love with. That is why this site has been created. For the fans, by the fans. This is where they can speak, and their voices will be heard. Our job is to make everyone aware of what is going on, and how we can show, and tell Brett that we REALLY, REALLY want him back in Minnesota for 2010.

That’s sweet.

It’s important that you understand these fans want Favre back as “THEIR” quarterback.

Scratch that.

They REALLY, REALLY want him back as “THEIR” quarterback.

I’m not exactly sure what the quotation marks mean, but then, I wasn’t learned in the Minnesota public school system.

I’m also unclear on how Brett Favre gave a new perspective to the game of football. Up until this time, I thought football was just the name of a game. I didn’t know football had any perspective, but it turns out football can think and feel.

We should really thank Favre for giving football a new perspective. Otherwise, football would be wondering aimlessly through this world engaging in its typical self-destructive behavior. Thank god football has a new perspective!

But I’m getting off topic here. This is about a billboard.

So, I am now calling on you, Green Bay Packers fans. Let’s rent a billboard of our own!

Let’s rent one in downtown Minneapolis. We’ll make it purple and yellow just like this billboard and on it, we can put the following message:

Congratulations to the Minnesota Vikings for almost winning a game that matters with “YOUR” quarterback.

If you like, you can donate towards the billboard here.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. zubi February 4, 2010

    I smell something burning.

  2. zubi February 4, 2010

  3. Nolan February 4, 2010

    your pretty much a huge bitch. Go drink some cheap beer and shoot your gun you backwoods fuck! How did your team do this year? Please rent a billboard in Minneapolis it would be awesome!

  4. davey 's baby February 4, 2010

    What is stupid is what so called Packer fans did to Brett; for example a burning memorabilia party that after all was said and done netted zippo, zero, nada for Goodwill which was to receive the anticipated “mountain of #4 shirts and stuff” that never were given up by fans, the “funeral”, the t-shirts sporting nasty slogans, and above all the “booing” at Lambeau when the Vikings whipped the Packers!

    Give it up — all this hate toward a great QB. Until “momma” got a new daddy and new daddy wanted his own boy to run the store, there was never any friction between Brett, the fans, and management. Call a spade a spade…only the last two years with TT as GM were there “problems”. All Packer fans should appreciate his accomplishments, his determination, and after the ridiculous refereeing at the Saints game, his stamina.

  5. Scott Jeffries February 4, 2010

    Gee Monte, why so bitter ???

  6. Linda February 4, 2010

    Monty, I think that billboard would be priceless….lmao!

  7. Koryeah February 4, 2010

    I would DEFINITELY donate as much money as I can to get this billboard up! I will also pass this along to my fellow Packer comrades who would also LOVE to help this cause get started. Where should I donate?

  8. Jurgens February 4, 2010

    BRETTCHA is the sound my ass makes after I eat lutefisk.

  9. John February 4, 2010

    The poster is a queer and needs to stop sleeping with his mom.

  10. Anthony February 4, 2010

    That Fan site for Favre is growing by about 5000 fans a day. What you are seeing is an unprecedented show of support for a NFL player period !!

    The Man is going out on TOP with Millions of fans wanting him back whether you like it or not !!!

    Way to Go Brett.

  11. Joe February 4, 2010

    Sounds like a bunch of Packers have issues…poor Packers, lost their Star quarterback, now they have Aaron Friggin Rogers…smashed like a peanut butter sandwich both times the Vikes played em’…I feel for you Packers…You are such a bunch of sore losers…you can’t even appreciate the years you had with one of the best quarterbacks of all time…you’re ruining your legacy…your heads are full of swiss cheese…nothin but holes

  12. Don February 4, 2010

    Any Stupid Packer Fan can write any idiotic thing he wants to if he has a web site or blog.

  13. 12meninthehuddle February 4, 2010

    wow, Vikings fan sites must be absolute piles of steaming dog turds to cause so many of you “Fair weather, Johnny Come lately, mercenary pieces of shit” (that isn’t just my opinion, it’s a fact that is supported by pie charts and official graphs…which is why i can say it) to be trolling this little Packers site. What gives? There is no way on Gods good earth that i would for a moment go into a Vikes site, let alone post on it. But anyway what i find hilarious about this Favre thingy is that even if he does come back next year, which he probably isn’t, what are you guys (who hated him for 18 yrs when he was w/ the Packers, who called him old and overrated for the last 2 of those years and who then did a complete 180 when you found he was coming to you backwater little team) gonna do when, a few years from now TT makes all nice, they retire his Jersey, put his name in the ring of honor and he enters the Hall of fame as a Packer. his one season as a Vike will all but be forgotten and what will Vike nation have?……..”he scrambles, he pumps……….intercepted by Porter”.

  14. Jurgens February 4, 2010

    Zubi, we can post youtube links too:

  15. Hans Thorborg February 4, 2010

    Don’t you speak to us Viking Fans this way. We have the right to speak or type on any blog space. The constitushun gives us this right. We are true fans of Favre and will stand beside HIM when he retires a Viking. He knows you packers don’t want him to be with you ever. So thanks for the present. You never diserved him anyway.

    Skol Vikings! Favre will be back!!!!

  16. zubi February 4, 2010


    what does your video of reaction to the interception has anytihng to do with what deon sanders is saying about packer fans in my linked video?

  17. TPS February 4, 2010

    Hans… you again. you spent more time on these boards than Packer fans. What’s your deal? Seriously, go back and read through all of your comments. You can barely formulate a sentence that makes any sense whatsoever. It’s so amusing that I’m beginning to like you. TotalPackers should recognize you as the Vikings Fanboy Spokesperson. Good to see you finally spelled FAVRE correctly, but you still have a ways to go.

  18. Kip Zellner February 4, 2010

    Real men form Wisconsin understand that Brett wanted to play here but felt he was being used and pushed out of Green Bay from the secnd Ted drafted Aaron Rodgers. Ted did nothing by draft a bunch of Average at best players to surround Brett with mediocrity. If I were Brett, I’d want to play somewhere else to. The problem is that Ted didn’t know if Aaron could make it through a full year. After all, he did break his foot on the one and only regular season game he played. I’m still not sold on his durability. So, he was positioning Brett to back up an unknown quantity and Brett thought he still gave the Pack the best chance to win as the 17 year starter for Green Bay. Didn’t we owe that to him, to let him start until he couldn’t or isn’t 14-4 a good enough record with a mediocre team without a running game until the ninth game of the year. Didn’t we owe the three time league MVP and NFC player of the year in 2007 the opportunity to win with a few free agents. I’m so sick of so called Green Bay fan that on this blog, I will commit to becoming a Viking fan next year if Brett comes back. Not because of Brett, but because of the huge assholes currently speaking on behalf of the Packer fan. The only thing I see coming out of these so called Packer fan assholes is diarea.

  19. Bearsnake February 4, 2010


    I don’t want to speak for Jurgens, but I think his post is incredibly timely and appropriate. Your post was a clear dig at the Packers feable performance against the Vikings this year. His was a clear dig pointing out that regardless of what happens in the regular season, your team will always choke when it matters.

    I’m a Packers fan, and although I hate to admit it, you were clearly the better team this year. But, it was one year and in the end you still have zero championships (never forget that 2nd place is actually 1st loser). Taking solace in these facts might make me a small person, but I’m completely okay with that.

    That said, do you realize that you are a fan of one of the worst franchises in all of professional sports? Just look at the numbers—4 Superbowl appearances, 4 Superbowl losses, 5 losses in the past 5 NFC Championahip games. Do you agree that there is a sufficient quantitative evidence that your team sucks on a historic level?

    How would Deon Sanders to translate that?

    Now I’d like to turn my attention to Joe.


    Initially I was inclined to call you a dirty word (“ignorant cunt” came to mind), but then I realized you’re probably just mildly retarded.

    If you honestly believe that the Vikings have a better QB situation for the next 10 years, I’d like to encourage you to participate in this year’s Special Olympics. You might actually win something—it would be good for you to learn what winning feels like. Sadly, the Vikings won’t be teaching you about this.

    Second, legacies haven’t been spoiled. Packers fans are thrilled that we won a championship with Favre. I am not thrilled, however, at how he conducted his business over the past two years. His selfish, me-first attitude is toxic and ultimately leads to a team’s failure (look no further than your loss to the Saints). I sincerely hope he plays several more seasons for the Vikings since he will surely dissapoint you on an ongoing basis.

    Last but not least—I’d like to address Hans.

    Hans- I’m with TPS—there are so many reasons that I want to hate what you have to say, but the more you write the more I like you. Keep it up!

  20. Jurgens February 4, 2010


    I admit, the video isn’t a direct response to Deion. I was pointing out how lame it is post videos of Deion Sanders making fun of Packer fans.

    You posted that video assuming Deion’s masturbatory schtick actually mattered. You posted that instead of actually having something to say yourself.

    Deion has made a career on and off the football field jumping on and off bandwagons, if you want to be associated with that piece of crap be my guest. Trust me, if we beat you guys next year he’ll be singing a different tune. Deion is fair weather scum… like Minnesota fans.

  21. Bearsnake February 4, 2010


    As a lifetime Packers fan, a proud Wisconsinite, and a Packers Season Ticket Holder, I’d like to be the first to wish you bon voyage!

    Sometimes I agree with what’s being said on this site and other times not so much. Regardless, that isn’t enough for me to question my allegiance to the Packers. I’m honestly a little shocked that a “real man from Wisconsin” could have his world view and loyalty altered by a few jerkoffs (me included) on the internet. That’s honestly sort of pathetic.

    I’m curious if you have ever had to make critical decisions for an organization? Based on the fact that you have the writing skills of a 2nd grader, I’m going to assume probably not.

    Let me explain some basic management theory: organizations and teams are comprised of many people so you can’t allow the needs of any individual to dictate the medium or long term strategy of an entire organization (unless that individual owns 100% of the organization—then you do have to—case in point Al Davis of the Raiders).

    Sure Favre was vital to the team—-and most of us genuinely loved the guy—but succession planning is a critical part of managing the long term success of any organization. To your point, after the 14-4 season we did owe him a chance to keep his job. But, the moment he held the tear-filled retirement press conference, he changed all of the rules and consequently the strategy for managing the team’s roster on a moving forward basis.

    There’s no doubt that Favre’s departure from the Packers came about the worst possible way (and hurt everyone involved), but if you would honestly ever renounce the Green and Gold by becoming a Vikings fan I wouldn’t waste the time or energy to walk across the street to piss on your face if it was on fire.

    So long Kip. Bet your boyfriend will think you look sexy in purple.

    Your pal,

  22. Tequila February 4, 2010

    What I especially appreciate is the Vikings fans that show up on this blog time and time again to prove the absolutely hilarious lampoon that Total Packers put forth: Vikings fans are classless, neck bearded, chili stained idiots. And then, just like magic, there you are! My favorite is probably how so many of you didn’t get the sarcastic Erick Sklogund post.

    Hey Kip:

    Real men from Wisconsin don’t ‘commit to becoming a Vikings fan next year if brett comes back’. You worthless piece of rat shit, we don’t need traitors, egomaniacs, fair weather fans that prefer a man over a team, and we sure and fuck don’t need you. Enjoy being a Vikings fan, because apparently they spend their entire day lurking around Packers sites.

  23. Andrew Murphy February 4, 2010

    What an asshole title for an article. How about you have a little respect you fucking douchebag.

  24. cozywins February 4, 2010

    Good lord bearsnake, so typical. As if championships are the only measure of a great team. That’s all you cheese dicks talk about. Brett fave made the vikings one of the most popular teams in all of sports and you’re just jealous. God bless these fans who bought the billboard. Classic viking pride.

  25. pkrbkr February 4, 2010


    Not quite sure what is going on here but I am no fan of TT nor am I of his holiness Brett. Dont like how Brett took every chance to shove it to the Pack which is similar to the way TT drafts. One thing is certain the Dikes have Brett now and have an excellent chance of winning it all next year as the dikes are the best Brett has ever played on while TT plays with himself. Brett has forgotten Green Bay and the fans which is why we should forget Brett.

  26. Doug February 5, 2010

    Might I suggest an alternate billboard? How about something like this this…picture of a right hand or fist with the words “Hey Brett, thanks for keeping Viking fingers ringless. Sincerely, Packer Fans”

    After all, their Super Bowl record is perfect…my favorite viking joke…Hold out fist, what’s this? A viking wearing all his super bowl rings.

  27. Matt1Up February 5, 2010

    I have lived in Minneapolis my whole life but I have spent a decent amount of time in Wisconsin. When you say things like – “Vikings fans can’t afford to buy tickets to most of their home games because they have to feed their 11 kids, maintain the trailer, pay for Junior’s bail, get the El Camino out of the impound and pay child support for their other three kids” – you make me laugh.

    I’m pretty sure you are mixing Minnesota up with Wisconsin buddy. Everything from the title of your article to the way you write like a second grader just about says it all.

  28. AS February 5, 2010

    I’m sure all the money spent on that monstrosity could have helped people in Haiti, but Hell….who wants to do that when you can suck on Brett’s nuts a little more? Bravo, Dingbats, bravo!

  29. Coon Dawg February 5, 2010

    Bearsnake probably runs a donut-hole factory in Platteville. :)

  30. Dj LOC February 5, 2010

    Bitter Ass Packer Fans..Ill laugh if he does come back and wins the superbowl. Then you really can be bitter. The only way you have a chance in hell to get anywhere in our division is if OUR quarterback retires. You know damn well that he has been wanting to come here after your stupid ass GM wouldnt sign him again. It was your bitch ass owner that wouldnt releae him to us because he knew what would happen. Look at what did happen, we absolutely killed you this year with “your” old quarterback.. Nothing like rubbing salt in the wounds huh. Quit cryin. Give Brett respect maybe you should complain about your owner.. You stupid 2nd grader.

  31. Steffen February 6, 2010

    DJ LOC,

    Who is the Packers’ owner?

  32. TPS February 6, 2010

    Dj LOC + words = Fail

  33. St Doggie February 6, 2010

    Okay, people, I think the main message of the article has been lost in green and gold hatred/envy and pretty purple attempts at feeling better than a Packerfan. The fact is, that for 16 years, not one true Viking fan ever watched Favre destroy your team, hopes, and dreams and said: “Now there goes the greatest quarterback to walk the land! I LOVE to watch him play!! Can’t wait until the next time we go to Lambeau just so I can watch him again!!!” No, the fact is that you truly despised him for his talent and abilities. You hated him, and I bet many of you also uttered death threats about him and how you wish he would have a hunting accident. Oh, how you loathed him.

    But now, the tables have turned. He is in the purple, and he is all of a sudden the best thing since the wheel, even beating out sliced bread. You all act as if you have been cheering for him from day one; as if you all loved him and followed him for the 16 prior years, watching him win and being glad he did. No, the fact of the matter is that you all had multiple vulgarities and cute sayings that only occur with borderwars. Trust me, Packerfans have their own fun sayings about Minnie fans and FIBs from down south.

    I am glad Brett went to you, and lived up to his legacy. He is one hell of a man, and his abilities are second to none at his age. But, with one season, you have seen what Packer fans have had to remember. Do I want to see Favre go out like that? No, I honestly wish that he would have retired the FIRST time he thought about it. Not because I was afraid that he would dominate the league in another team’s uniform, but because I did not want his legacy tarnished with a slight tint of purple, or light blue and silver, or dark blue and orange. I wanted Favre to go out as a Packer.

    Here, I would have liked to enter a famous Viking that you all revered and loved for multiple seasons that lead you to a superbowl victory, and ask how you would feel if that person were to come to the Packers and be successful. But, no such person exists. Sorry, I would ask you to put yourselves in our position, but it is impossible for you as a Viking fan. You have my true sympathy.

  34. JC February 6, 2010

    We’ll never forget you, Brent!

  35. BRETT4EVER February 8, 2010

    Envy get’s you no where. And you Swiss cheeseheads are obviously full of nothing but envy and bitterness. Get over it. It’s FOOTBALL and ANYTHING can happen. I truly hope Brett comes back to play for the Vikes so you have something to fill those empty holes in your heads!!

  36. PW February 9, 2010

    Listen to you dumb fuck packer fans!
    just because you swept you and kicked your ass doesn’t mean you need to be sad MY qb might come back!
    just suck it up, you guys fucking blow

  37. hanman February 18, 2010

    HAHAA… this is all funny as hell… if Favre was still in GB no one would care.. but here is the reality… look at how he played for that other team in between…. it was not favre it was our team and we did lose and always will when it matters… we know this..This is why most of us get drunk in the first 3 quarters… because no matter who is at the helm or what kind of plays are running we will always have a hard time in the late part of the game and season… I am sorry that brett wanted to beat every team in the NFL and that we had to help with that. Either way you still wear cheese on your head…. come on the only good cheeze is whiz and if you would like a whiz on your head i live at 1 Kirby pucket place minneapolis mn… they call me the Cheez Whizinator!

  38. symon284 February 22, 2010

    12meninthehuddle you’re about as worthless as a used rubber my friend why do u hate vikings fans so we didn’t make brett leave the gay bay packers if u should hate anybody hate TT for running an all time great out of that shit for brains state we call wisconsin and yea the packers may retire his number and everything like that blah blah blah he knows where his heart is he said so himself so if he decides to come back we’ll be waiting with open arms like real fans and we’ll be behind him and the vikings all the way to the superbowl.

  39. Lol May 15, 2010

    #25 written by cozywins
    02/04/2010 – 8:21 pm
    Quote Good lord bearsnake, so typical. As if championships are the only measure of a great team. That’s all you cheese dicks talk about. Brett fave made the vikings one of the most popular teams in all of sports and you’re just jealous. God bless these fans who bought the billboard. Classic viking pride.
    lmao…a 1 year bandwagon with no title is all you can take pride in your team for…
    we on the other hand, have …CHAMPIONSHIPS!…we can sell out our stadium, don’t need a washed-up division rival’s franchise player to make us popular, we’ve been popular since the 1920’s/30’s.

  40. Lol May 15, 2010

    #37 written by PW
    02/09/2010 – 3:26 pm
    Quote Listen to you dumb fuck packer fans!
    just because you swept you and kicked your ass doesn’t mean you need to be sad MY qb might come back!
    just suck it up, you guys fucking blow
    lmao, what a whiney little bitch….one regular season sweep….calling a has-been qb from Green Bay “your” qb….lol….have fun being the next decade’s version of the detriot lions.

    1. aaron spina July 4, 2010

      they most certainly will not be as bad as the lions, they’re too deep.. that being said, i have to say:

      yea, we blow alright, all because of rodgers too i expect? oh wait, it’s not he’s only been playing 2 years and has done things favre never did in 17 years.. except it’s exactly like that. let’s add that the pack is pretty popular in superbowl talk right now.. pull your head out of your ass

  41. IvoryCuff October 31, 2010

    Just thought I should take a second and say whats up to all the members. Looking forward to your forum and what everyone today has to talk about.

  42. mot7uman April 14, 2011

    Hack again?!