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Talk some shit now you fucking ignorant assholes.

What did I tell you? A choker always chokes.

Good riddance.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Jeremy Brown January 25, 2010

    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I hope Favre comes back so Rodgers can kick his ass.

  2. S January 25, 2010

    My ribs hurt from laughing all night…

  3. chewsa January 25, 2010

    ahahaha!! fuck em!!

  4. shred January 25, 2010

    good times……good times……

  5. Darrel January 25, 2010

    I did feel sorry for him……………..
    hahahaha not so much what a jackass

  6. PackerFaninMN January 25, 2010

    As much as I hated Favre signing for the Vikes there was a bit of sympathy for Favre last night.
    Of all players on that team he wanted it more than any of them. He played he fucking ass off for that team.. Seeing him dejeted at the end of that game just had to feel for him.
    After listening to KFAN all morning long TONS of Favre bashing…Fucking typical fans…If it wasnt for Favre that team would have been mediocre at best….

    Hoever I was still laughing my ass off when they lost that game..God I bet TT was sweating out like a hooker on nickel night…


    PACK IS BACK 2010 BABY!!!

  7. Chitter January 25, 2010

    I have to say I went through a range of emotions watching that game. Seeing our former quarterback and hero getting pounded mercilessly, and watching in awe as he got up time and time again to make plays…I found myself having a real inner conflict. I suddenly found myself rooting for Brett.

    When I watched “Rocky IV” as a kid and the Russian crowd started cheering for Rocky…I thought it was really cool, but at the same time realized that such a thing could never happen. Well that’s kinda what happened for me yesterday.

    HOWEVER…When Brett rolled out of the pocket to the right and had all sorts of green in front of him and/or a receiver WIDE OPEN in the right flat, I saw it coming. He was throwing across his body into the middle of the field…and off his back foot. I’m fairly certain my chin hit the floor before I knew the result of the play. It was shocking.

    THEN suddenly everything changed. It felt so shocking when it happened and that was largely because Brett did not make those mistakes that he had made so often as a Packer. I had even commented to friends that, “He’s not the same guy as he was. He’s better this year than he ever was with us.”

    But for a moment after the pick…it was so baffling. But then….Why was this surprising and shocking? There was no reason for it to be. Did I feel bad for the old gunslinger? Yeah I did a little bit. He’s a fucking warrior and there’s no way you cannot respect that old timers grit.

    All that being said…IT WAS SUCH A VALIDATION of the Packers organization when he threw that INT. It felt right. It made sense. It verified what I already knew. That we have the better quarterback. We did last year. We did this year.

    I hope some day we all know what really happened behind the scenes and how this all went this way. But for now…all feels right in the world.

  8. Steffen January 25, 2010

    I’m with you Chitter. No one has spit more venom than me regarding Favre and I felt sort of bad. But, yes what a validation on all counts. Green Bay made the right call.

  9. jeremy January 25, 2010

    I don’t feel bad.

    In fact no sports moment ever felt so right as seeing the jackass in purple blow another championship.

  10. Melissa January 26, 2010

    Good sportmanship pussy. We swept your ass! Why are you sour? You guys didn’t want Bret! He only won you a few Super Bowls! You ungrateful fuck! You should have better respect for the best player to have ever played for your worthless ass team! Better luck next year cheesehead!!

  11. Chitter January 26, 2010

    Oh don’t get me wrong. I hate the Vikings and am SO effing happy they lost…but how does it feel being Brett Favre right now?

    You live by the sword…and I think he just died by it. He made the same horrible play in the final play of his last playoff game….that Aaron Rodgers made in the first play of his first playoff game.

    Here’s the difference…I bet our guy doesn’t do it again.

  12. Al Borland's Beard January 26, 2010

    He won us a few Superbowls? I remember several players (One of them being Favre) winning a Superbowl more than ten years ago. But yea, we’re ungrateful, we should all jump at the chance to handle his cock like you Minnesota fans have done, if anything he owes all of us for making him a very rich man, now kindly go fuck yourself.

  13. Jeff January 26, 2010

    oh Melissa,

    where to begin, you typical clueless, inbred Favre ball washing viking fan. He HELPED us win
    ONE SB and was there when we blew it in 97 as a 13 pt favorite. He is nowhere near the best player on our “worthless ass team” that has how many more trophies than your team? Reggie White, Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, the list of Packer greats goes on. And all the queens have is a former packer great for one year, who failed to get you over the hump and win a super bowl. So I wish YOU better luck next year, since we have a bona fide perrenial pro bowl QB and you get who? McNabb? Haha another teams reject. Fuck off Minnesota! GO PACK!!!



  14. Jeremy Brown January 27, 2010

    Wisconsin doesn’t owe Favre shit.

    If the people of Wisconsin offered to pay me over 10 million dollars a year, I’d sure as fuck say thank YOU and tell them in a timely fashion whether or not I planed on showing up.