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It's true. I'm the man.

Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Charles Woodson has made play after play this season, many of them game changing and game winning. But today, I submit to you what I believe to be the most impressive play Charles Woodson has made all season.

During the fourth quarter of the Baltimore Ravens game, Tramon Williams was flagged for a long pass interference penalty, giving the Ravens more momentum and more importantly, the ball on the Packers’ one-yard line with the opportunity to make it a three-point game.

With tough, dynamic running backs like Ray Rice and Willis McGahee, it should have been a cinch for the Ravens to punch it in, right?


Perhaps because it was overshadowed by Williams’ redeeming interception just moments later, or because the talking heads had grown weary of heaping praise on Charles Woodson – whatever the reason, Woodson’s tackle of McGahee on first-and-goal hasn’t received a lot of attention.

It should.

Because Charles Woodson’s ridiculous, flying-through-the-air tackle of McGahee for a three-yard loss was some straight up ninja shit.

We’d show you a replay here, but the cunts at the NFL keep pulling the video off YouTube, so you’ll just have to believe us when we say the play defied logic.

Woodson jumps from the one-yard line and connects with McGahee at the four. That’s nearly 10 feet. IN THE AIR.

What is this? Tecmo Bowl?

And it’s not like McGahee was standing still.

Shortly after that, Tramon Williams all but slammed the door shut with his pick of an errant throw by Joe Flacco.

Come on. Are we still arguing over who the defensive player of the year is?



Steffen grew up in Milwaukee, Bowler and Neenah Wisconsin. He is a UW-Stevens Point grad and currently works as a television producer in Los Angeles.



  1. Rocky December 10, 2009

    MVP, right? am i right?

  2. Chris December 10, 2009

    Sweet post! I (heart) Charles Woodson. Actually, I interviewed him once and he’s a great guy to boot.

    NFL Defensive Player of the Year, hands down.

  3. Ryan December 10, 2009

    And like all worthy MVPs, he acts like he’s been there before … next.

    Plus, he tackled him by grabbing his foot.